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Chapter 5: The Star from Heaven


Justice rushes over to Agiel, killing any lesser-Demons that were getting in the way. Once he reaches her, they clash swords and begin slashing at each other. Unfortunately, the attacks from either party were either blocked or parried off.

"Heh. So it seems like he's leaving the small fry to us, while he takes on their Leader."

"It would appear so."

"But, Kaname, was it? There's one problem for us."

"And that would be?"

Sakaki points at Tenma, who was standing behind them.

"Protecting your guys' kid."

Kaname blushes.

"She's . . . not . . . our . . ."

"You don't need to hide it. She looks almost exactly like the both of you two combined, it's really easy to tell."

Kaname and Sakaki start attacking the Demons. Even with their numbers the lesser-Demons still appears to be losing. That did not mean that they were at a complete disadvantage, though. They tried to attack or grab Tenma several times, which proved to be a burden many times for the Mage and the Ninja.

"Justice, we need to stop fighting and escape! The numbers are too much for us!"

"Yeah, protecting the kid is proving to be difficult too!"

"You guys leave, I'm not going t—"

"Justice, please!"

"What? I just got here, and you guys are already leaving? In that case——"

Agiel's sword gets shrouded with black Aura. The black Aura was actually her Demonic power.

"Take thi—"


A blinding light stuns all of the Demons, including Agiel, but, it didn't have any effect on the humans. It was a Ninjutsu skill that Sakaki had learned to repel Demons.

"Justice, this is the perfect chance to escape!"

"He's right, let's go, Justice!"

Sakaki picks up Tenma and starts running with Kaname to the exit of the cave. They pass through all the Demons while they're still stunned. But, Justice, on the other hand, was waiting for them to leave, so he could fight to the death will Agiel and the other Demons.

"I'll miss you guys——! "

"No, you're coming with us!"

"Sakaki . . ."

"None of us will ever forgive ourselves if we just deserted you!"

"Kaname . . ."

"Papa, please come with us!"

"Tenma . . ."

Everybody's screams started circling in Justice's head. Should he go with them and live, or stay in the cave and fight to the death? That was what he was thinking. Just as he's about to take a step backward, it feels like time pauses, and everything becomes black and white. He turns around and finds a completely black silhouette walking towards him. When the figure comes closer, it becomes clearer and clearer who he was.


"Hello, Justice."

It wasn't really his father, but a delusion that Justice was seeing. Even though Justice saw his father's lifeless body, he couldn't help but believe that this was his father.

"You're . . . alive. . ."

"Not really. I'm just a delusion that you're seeing."

"Why did you appear now out of all times . . ?"

"Hmm. Good question."


"But anyway, I'm here to tell you that you should leave with them."

"What? Why?"

"Would you rather live with the people you love in a new home, or die alone in the place full of all your regret? I personally would choose the former, and I know that you would too."



He puts both of his hands onto Justice's shoulders. He gripped them as hard as he could, but since he was just an illusion, it didn't seem to have any physical effect on Justice.

"Stop trying to hide it. Go with them. I'm not going to blame you if you did."


"Because I know I would've done the same thing."

He comes back to reality. Kaname, Tenma, and Sakaki's screams were still continuing, it truly showed that Justice's love for them wasn't one-sided in the least. He takes a step towards them,

"I'm sorry . . . father. . ."

And then starts running. When Justice he reaches them

he and the others begin running away from the cave.

"Not so fast!"

Agiel fires a beam of Demonic energy at all of them. It wasn't any regular beam, it was slowly destroying everything around it.

"Everyone stand back."

Kaname walks stands in front of everyone, she holds her staff high, so it passes her head. She closes her eyes. Millions of blue specs of light appear around her, and she begins an incantation. The beauty of the scene made Justice blush.

"O Gods that live in the pure and precious heavens, I ask of you to descend your almighty power unto my weak and frail body. I ask of you to protect me with your Divine Thaumaturgy and protect me with your Shield made out of Heaven's light! I ask you to rescue me with your holy sword that can crush evil! I ask you to bless my body with your luminous and righteous power — Aria Mesamerga, the Star from Heaven!"

She said that very fast. The aforementioned blue specs start forming a shield. She put strength into both her hands and gripped the staff as hard as she could. As soon as the pillar of black energy hit the Magical shield, Kaname was pushed back. Right now, Kaname's staff is their only lifeline, so they couldn't afford for her to get pushed back anymore. Everyone grabs onto Kaname and holds her so they could help her stand straight and endure the beam with the shield. Then, the attack finally comes to an end and slowly dissipates.

The attack had absolutely decimated everything around it. The attack wasn't fully powered, yet, it was able to completely destroy the cave. The cave was no longer a cave, but a field. Additionally, the Demonic Energy beam had also killed many of the lesser-Demons, and Demons that remained on the battlefield. The power of the attack was absolutely amazing. It was understandable why Agiel was a direct subordinate of Yaldabaoth.

——But even with that stupendous destructive power, neither Justice, nor Kaname, nor Tenma, nor Sakaki were injured. Which showed the true power of Angelic Magic users. When the light settled down, Kaname sighed with relief and turned around. With a brilliant and shining smile, she let out another sigh of relief and—

". . . Thank goodness that none of you are hurt."

Tears fall down from her eyes.

Mugenf Mugenf

I’m trying to make every chapter pass 1000 words, but at the same time, I’m trying to keep things succinct, so the story isn’t superfluous. :(

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