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17.07% A Place without Heaven(Remake) / Chapter 14: Chapter 14: Rumors are everywhere (Part 1)

Chapter 14: Rumors are everywhere (Part 1) - A Place without Heaven(Remake) - Chapter 14 by Yuuki_Toshima full book limited free

Chapter 14: Chapter 14: Rumors are everywhere (Part 1)

It has been weeks, since the first day of school.

We slept on a bunk bed and I've gotten used with sleeping at it.

It seems like the girls have two separated beds, while we boys have bunk bed. What's with this gender inequality?

Well, I am sleeping below, while Russell is sleeping above. At first, I was the one above, but soon Russell gave me the spot below.

Do I have a bad sleeping habit? Is that why he suggested that I sleep below?

Enough of the dorm talks…

Lately, there is a rumor that has spread around the whole school.

"Have you heard of the rumor about the ghost girl who is possessing people to find her older brother?"

"This girl has a light blonde hair that shines beautifully like the moon and has blue eyes as pretty as the sky." That's how they define her.

But, as I know, no one has ever seen this girl yet. So, who the hell is spreading this so called appearance of her?

"Did you noticed, the whole school is filled with that rumor that has been going around, now" Gino stated. "Don't tell me you're the one spreading it?" Kirt asked.

Right now, I am eating lunch with Kirt, Gino and Russell.

"Why would I do that?" Gino stated. "There are plenty of reasons for you to do so. Do you want me to point it all out?" Kirt stated. "N-no thanks…" Gino spoke.

"What's wrong Ed?" Gino asked, as he changed his attention from Kirt to me. "Hmm, it's nothing" I stated, with a slight smile.

"Kinda creepy" Kirt spoke. "Y-yeah…" Gino agreed, as both of them shivered. "Aren't you two rude?" I complained. I sighed.

For some reason, I have been getting along with these 2 problem children.

Well, since I also made the teacher cough that day. And the fact that I am a prince, kinda made others ignores me, more or less fear me.

I am also considered as a problem child, like these guys.

Normally, a prince is often approached by many people, whether it is for friendship or for power.

But, since my father, the Emperor is someone who is very scary enough for others to fear him and be very loyal to him. I am ignored.

He isn't like the person you guys are thinking he is, though. Me, his son can successfully point that out.

About these guys I kinda notice that they aren't trying to get along with me for power, but instead it is for sincere friendship.

Plus, I don't expect such thoughts about power from these carefree guys…

And the two of them are the sons of powerful men, as well.

"So, what do you think Ed?" Gino asked. "About what?" I asked back. "You weren't listening were you?" Gino stated.

"Sorry, I was kinda spacing out a bit" I chuckled. "I was talking about the rumor" Gino answered. "What about it?" I asked.

"You see, they say that "that" girl seems to be in the forest" Gino stated. "So..?" I mumbled. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"I was saying that if the rumor is true then she's there, right? So, I'm thinking of checking her out!" Gino grinned, as his face became a bit closer to mine.

"You're close!" I shouted, as I shoved him. "Check her out and do what?" Russell asked.

Nice one Russell!

"Well, of course we'll be checking out if she's really a ghost and has possessed others. Plus, wouldn't it be amazing if we really meet a ghost?" He stated. "Is it?" Russell mumbled.

"B-but, it is also great if is she's a human…" Gino mumbled.

So, it's okay?

"What would you do if she really was a ghost and suddenly possessed you?" I asked. Gino gulped. "W-well…" he fidgeted.

"You won't be able to do anything if you were possessed, you know?" I added.

Though, I'm kinda interested on what would happen to a person's soul if some other soul were to possess his body.

Will it go out of its body or stay there?

"I-in that case!" Gino spoke, interrupting my thoughts. "In that case, I will have you help me" Gino grinned.

Have me help you? Pfft..!

I laughed. "Alright! If you were possessed, I'll run away and call for a professor to help you" I chuckled. "You're the one who's supposed to help me!" Gino retorted.

"I'm just kidding" I stated. "I'll help you"

Gino's eyes widened. "Yay! Thank you, Ed!" Gino exclaimed, as he tried to hug me. I shoved him quickly.

"How about Russell?" I asked. "Hmm, me..? It seems fun, so I'll be going" Russell stated, with a smile.

You're a guy who seems to be interested in this kind of thing, after all.

"Then, we'll go at Sunday night!" Gino stated.

"Am I already counted on that "we"?" Kirt asked, as he raised his right hand. "Of course!!" Gino quickly nodded.

"Ugh…Well, I don't mind otherwise, though" Kirt mumbled, before he ate the piece of carrot he took with his fork.

So you don't mind…

"Ed! Don't forget, this Sunday night!" Gino stated, as I was about to leave the cafeteria with Russell. "Yeah, I know" I answered, as Russell giggled.

I'll be joining them.

I personally think that rumors are just lies, and I don't believe them. But, even if I don't believe in them, Gino does.

Let's just say that I got pulled by his enthusiasm rather than by my curiosity.

I do think that besides his intention of seeing a ghost, he has some ulterior motives. And I can't doubt myself about that being true.

The next day.

"For what reason, are we gathering today?" I asked Gino. "To discuss the information I've gathered about the rumor" Gino stated, with a grin.

You really are eager to go, aren't you?

"You see, the rumor has been getting bigger, lately" Gino stated. "What do you mean?" Russell asked.

"Remember the news about the deer found dead, with some trees broken?" Gino asked. "That was the thing that happened the other day, right?" I stated.

Gino nodded. "When some teachers investigated it, they found out some traces of magic used to cut the trees and to kill the deer" Gino stated.

"And some students connected that news to the rumored girl?" Kirt asked. Gino nodded, "It seems that there is a wind magic like thing surrounding the girl"

"So, you're saying that they are thinking the girl was the one behind that news?" I asked. Gino nodded.

"Wait a minute. If they're saying that there is wind magic around the girl, means they have seen the girl?" I added.

"Probably…" Gino answered, with a bit hesitation "You aren't sure?" I asked. "I don't know that much" Gino stated, honestly. I sighed.

"But, I guess that is prolly true" Kirt stated. "Why so?" Gino asked. "Remember the thing the professors tell us? Don't go to the woods of the school, late at night" Kirt stated.

"Isn't that normal? Because there is a possibility of monsters appearing in the woods, aren't I right?" Russell spoke. We remained silent. "Eh? Was I wrong?" Russell asked.

"It wouldn't be strange if it is a wild animal, but we're inside the academy. Plus, the academy is in the middle of the Capital" Kirt stated.

Russell spoke, "Then it can be a monster"

"Russell" Gino called. "There is no way for a monster to appear in the woods, nor wherever in this human realm" Gino stated. "Eh?" Russell mumbled.

"The 9 realms are connected to the roots of the Yggdrassil. Previously, all inhabitants of each realm are free to go to other realms" Gino stated.

"But due to a certain accident, the Gods put a barrier on each realm. It caused the other inhabitants' inability to travel to the other realms" Gino explained.

"I didn't expect for Gino to know that and for Russell to not know that" Kirt stated.

I also think so.

"Aren't you rude to me?" Gino complained.

It might be unexpected of Gino, but he is right.

Normally, one would think that "that" barrier is already broken.

Since, the root connected to the human realm was broken 28 years ago. But, it was directly casted to the human realm, so it is still here.

"Then, that will mean that the teachers have already seen the girl?" Russell pointed out. "That is another possibility…" Gino spoke.

"If that is another possibility… Then, a teacher being possessed, and the girl is now inside that teacher's body is another possibility, right?" Kirt smirked.

"Don't let out such baseless things, easily!" I stated as I hit his head slightly.

He might be right, but…

"Nevertheless, whether she's true or not, we'll found out tomorrow night, right?" I stated as I looked at Gino. "Ah, YUP!" He nodded, with a grin.

"It's kinda tiring today…" I sighed, as I laid down my bed. "I should sleep" I mumbled to myself.

This rumor had become too much of a threat, more than I thought.

Now that I think of it, a girl possessing others to find her brother. It kinda resembled the story of the twin Gods.

The twins that have been separated for eternity…

Yuuki_Toshima Yuuki_Toshima

"There are times when you should believe rumors and when you shouldn't"

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