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18.07% A Place without Heaven(Remake) / Chapter 15: Chapter 15: Rumors are everywhere (Part 2)

Chapter 15: Rumors are everywhere (Part 2) - A Place without Heaven(Remake) - Chapter 15 by Yuuki_Toshima full book limited free

Chapter 15: Chapter 15: Rumors are everywhere (Part 2)

"Hey, what do you fear the most?" I asked the boy beside me, who had black hair with some white strands. "Me? I guess it is dying" He answered.

"Why is that?" I asked.

"Isn't it normal? Plus, if I die I won't be able to spend time with her and you anymore, and I don't want that" He stated, as he looked at the girl who was picking flowers behind us.

"I see. Normal, huh..?" I mumbled, as I looked at the sky above.

"How about you, what do you fear the most?" He asked me, as he looked at me. "Hmm…" I mumbled.

"Is it living?" He asked, as he reminisced about the things I told him about my life. "Would I fear living? Me, who loves living" I snorted.

He looked at me, as if he was asking me, "Then what is it?"

"You know, it's neither living nor dying… the thing I fear the most. It is being forgotten after I die" I stated.

"Well, I would hate that too…" He agreed, as he looked down.

"But, if you think about it. Isn't the fact that one can forget the bad memories, the most beautiful thing?" I stated. "Maybe, it is" he nodded.

"So, I was thinking" I spoke. He looked at me. "Isn't that the best contradiction?" I grinned, as I looked at him.

"Ed! Ed, Wake up!" Russell tried to wake me up. "Let me wake him up…" A familiar voice came, interrupting Russell.

"Wake up, Sleepy-Ed!" Reina spoke, as she pulled me out of the bed. "Ouch!" I shouted, as some birds taking a rest on the tree nearby, flew away.

"It hurts..! Can't you wake me up normally!" I complained. "Can you wake up if I did?" Reina asked.

It frustrates me that I can't answer back to her.

I had been getting along well with Gino, Kirt and Russell. But, I just can't get along nor want to, with this girl.

"Sheesh…" I sighed, as I rubbed my back while walking to the cafeteria. "E-Ed kun!" Anna called out to me, from behind.

"Hmm?" I mumbled, as I looked at her.

"I will apologize to you on behalf of Reina-chan" She stated. "She didn't mean it. I am sure. She's just… you know, not well with others"

She's shivering.

I'm not surprised. Since, Anna is bad with others, especially with boys.

"It is fine. I know that she's just embarrassed" I spoke, as I unconsciously patted her head. Anna quickly panicked. "Ah!" I gasped.

I guess she and Reina are alike, if it is about being bad at interacting with others.

"What are you doing to Anna you, Ed-iot!" Reina scolded me.

I was wrong with that, and with saying the two of you are a bit alike. But just why the hell is she making puns with my name, like that?

"Hahahah!!!" Gino laughed. "To think that such thing happened with us out of the scene, how frustrating" Kirt stated. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Don't tell me you're frustrated because you didn't get to see it?" I spoke. "Exactly!" Kirt nodded. I sighed, instead of scolding him.

After Reina scolded me for (unconsciously) patting Anna's head, we were scolded by the Leader of the First-years' Dorm.

Haah, what a tiring morning…

Since, all of the students here live in the dorms.

During the weekends we are free to do anything we want to. We are free to go to the libraries and more.

Of course, except for the places only professors are allowed to go.

"So, we'll be going tonight. Are you guys ready?" Gino asked, as he talked to us in a very quiet tone. "Is there anything we need to prepare?" Russell asked.

"Of course, like a way to catch the girl and more…" Gino stated.

Catch? The ghost isn't an animal. It is practically a person, you know?

"Let's put the strategy aside for now, is there anything else we need?" Kirt asked.

It's kinda surprising that you're seriously joining, Kirt.

"Hmm, what do you think Ed?" Gino asked. "Eh, Me?!" Due to the sudden call of Gino, I unconsciously let out a loud tone.

"Shhhh!" The three told me, as some students in the cafeteria looked at us. "S-sorry…" I apologized, as I changed my tone.

"So, what do you think Ed?" Gino asked.

You're really shoving that topic to me…

"Well, isn't it about a way to avoid the suspicions of the professors and a way to go to the woods without being noticed?" I stated. "That's it!" Gino shouted.

The students looked at us again. "I-I mean that's it!" He tried to come up with an excuse.

What do you mean by that?

"Hmm. A way to go to the woods without being noticed, huh..?" Gino mumbled, as he crossed his arms.

"The teacher that patrols at night is very workaholic that he even checks if we're really in the bed. So, I doubt putting some sheets won't work" Kirt stated.

Isn't that too old Kirt?

"Can't we just put that aside for now?" Gino complained, as he can't think of anything. "You can just put that aside. I have an idea already" I stated, with a grin.

"Eh? What is it?" Gino asked, as he approached me. "I-I'll tell you later…" I stated, as I shoved him.

"What the heck are you guys whispering there?" Reina appeared, with Anna who is hiding behind her. "Ah, Reina!" Gino gasped.

"Is this seat taken?" Reina asked Russell, as if she purposely ignored Gino. "Nope, you can take it" Russell answered. "Thanks" She spoke.

Wait a minute, did you just honestly thanked Russell?

"What? Is there something on my face?" She asked, as I stared at her. "Nope, there's nothing" I stated. She remained silent.

So she can be a bit honest sometimes.

"So, what were you guys whispering about?" Reina asked. "Ah, right!" Gino clasped his hands together.

"Why don't you two come with us?" Gino asked. "To where?" Reina asked.

Gino explained everything to the two of them.

"I see…" Reina mumbled. She slowly looked at Anna.

She smiled softly. "I'll be going" Reina added, before taking a sip of her tea. Anna put on a face saying "Eh?", as she looked at Reina.

"How about you, Anna?" Gino asked. Anna gasped. "I-if Reina-chan is going, I'll go too…" Anna answered, as she slowly looked down.

"Yay!!" Gino cheered.

Reina smiled softly, once again. It looked a bit like a smirk, more than just a soft smile, this time.

Did she notice that Anna wanted to go, but knew that She surely wouldn't say that herself. So, she decided to be the way for Anna?

I smiled.

Isn't she kind?

"What are you smiling there?" Reina stated. "Nothing" I answered, as I giggled, quietly. "You creepy…" She mumbled.

I'll correct that. She's only kind to Anna.

"Nevermind, Ed's creepiness. How' bout you Forth, won't you join?" Gino stated.


"Me?" Forth jolted. "Yes you!" Gino nodded.

"I-I don't have any choice. But don't misunderstand, I will only be going to make sure you guys don't do anything wrong!" Forth tilted his glasses, twice.

So, he also wanted to join…

And so, the page was turned. Our small adventure is about to begin.

I'm still kinda worried about it. Well, I would find out whether it is true or not, tomorrow night.

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