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22.89% A Place without Heaven(Remake) / Chapter 19: Chapter 19: If everything was just a Dream...

Chapter 19: If everything was just a Dream... - A Place without Heaven(Remake) - Chapter 19 by Yuuki_Toshima full book limited free

Chapter 19: Chapter 19: If everything was just a Dream...

"What would you do… if everything you see, feel and experience right now is all just a part of a dream, and everyone you've met didn't exist from the start?"

Elia's words shoot through my heart, as the wind passed by us.

"W-well…" I mumbled, as I looked at her.

I wanted to answer her, "I would be sad" Yet, those 4 words wouldn't come out from my mouth.

I was paralyzed, with the sound of the rustling wind covering me.

That night, I dreamt of the usual boy with his black hair having white strands.

In that dream, the boy asked me the same question Elia asked me. I answered him something. But as I woke up, I wasn't able to remember it.

I sighed in grieve. "Just, why the hell was I unable to answer her?" I mumbled to myself, as I sighed once again.

The next day, I was on my way to the library to bring the box of books the teacher asked me to. "Edward!" Someone called me from behind.

This voice and the casualness of calling my name, it's too familiar. Ah, I don't want to turn back..!

I turned back, "Good day to you, President" There in front of me was the student council president, Alicia Claes.

"I was looking for you, you know!" She stated. "Looking for me, why?" I asked. She sighed, and approached me.

"This paper!" She spoke, as she shoved a paper to my face. The paper was the permission we got from her for Elicia. "What about it?" I asked again.

"What is this paper for? It is written here that you are getting permission for someone to stay with you, but that someone's name isn't written anywhere" Alicia stated.

"Huh?" I mumbled.

"Ah!" I uttered, as I bumped to Elia on the way to the library.

Right, she was permitted to stay on the school grounds. So, it isn't strange to see her walking around the academy.

Permission, huh?

"What's that, Ed?" She asked. "It's the books the teacher told me to take to the library" I stated, as I showed her the books.

"Aren't you a prince? Why are you asked to do things like that?" Elia asked.

"I maybe a prince, but at places like this such status doesn't matter. Everyone here is of an equal status called students" I proudly stated.

"Hmm…" Elia mumbled, as she grabbed some of the books on my hand. "Eh?" I uttered. "I'll help you, let's go!" Elia smiled. "Okay" I nodded.

"This one's the last!" Elia spoke, as she put the last book in one of the shelves. "Thanks for helping me, Elia" I stated. "You're welcome!" She grinned.

I looked at her back, as we started heading back to the dorm.

Out of a sudden, I saw some tracks beneath my feet. There was a distance between me and Elia.

When I was about to reach her with my right hand, I was reminded about the day I tried to catch the butterfly-like fleeting light I had seen and died.

I grabbed my chest, as I shivered. "Hmm, what's wrong, Ed?" She asked, as she turned back to me and approached me.

"Hey, Elia why did you asked me that question, last night?" I asked her. "You can say, that I was confirming things" Elia stated, as she turned her back to me.

"There was a thing that kept bothering me, about your existence" I spoke. "What is it?" She asked, as I locked eyes with her.

"Elia, when I first met you I was confused by your existence. I wasn't sure if you were really a human like how my hand told me, when I grabbed your shoulder.

Up to this day, I was bothered by it, to the point that I can't spend a night not thinking of you, Elia.

Can you listen to it? To my speculation about you..?" I stated. I was waiting for her answer, but all she gave me was a smile which was seen wavering a bit.

"Go ahead" Elia nodded, before looking down with a face that was about to cry.

"There were few points that lead me to this speculation…First of all, the rumors" I mumbled.

"A ghost girl possessing others' body to look for her brother"

The first thing I thought, when I heard that rumor was the story about the twin Gods, Ghart and Exelia. It really resembled that story.

But, if the fact that ghost girl is truly possessing others' body, of course this is said with the assumptions that the ghost girl really existed.

If that fact was true, then normally there wouldn't be any way for the others' to know the ghost's purpose.

Since, they would have been already possessed before they could even get a gist of it. Yet, it was specifically said in the rumors.

But, there weren't any proof that someone was possessed by the said ghost girl. Even though, there were some who saw the girl.

Isn't that strange? Normally, ghosts are vague to the fact that there are times you can't distinguish their gender, yet the girl was perfectly descripted.

This girl has a light blonde hair that shines beautifully like the moon and has blue eyes as pretty as the sky.

I explained to Elia. Her smile disappeared from her face. She was now showing a serious face.

"Second, is the climate…It was spring, yet it was as hot as summer" I stated.

"It might be normal because the summer is close, but the heat was much hotter than a normal spring or summer" I added.

"And lastly, this was the main reason how I manage to come up with the answer" I spoke, as I showed her the paper Alicia shoved to me earlier.

"This is the proof that we got the permission from the student council president and it was announced to the professors and students.

But, earlier when I passed by the president she asked me, "What is this permission for?" with the paper in hand. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

The permission we got for you didn't have your name when it was supposed to" I stated.

"So, where would all of the points you've found lead to?" Elia asked.

"I don't know" I mumbled. Elia's composed face broke into a dumb looking one.

I took a deep breath in and out. "These points will only lead me into a never ending spiral of thoughts. But, thanks to those points I've finally found the right question to ask you" I stated.

"The right question…" She mumbled, as she fixed her dumb looking face. I took another deep breath in and out, as I grabbed my shirt to stop my shivers.

"Elia…" I spoke. "Just, why did you appear before me?"

Yuuki_Toshima Yuuki_Toshima

What would you do… if everything you see, feel and experience right now is all just a part of a dream, and everyone you've met didn't exist from the start?

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