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56.96% A Rattling Monster [Completed] (Editing in Progress) / Chapter 90: [Veil of Darkness]

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Chapter 90: [Veil of Darkness]

At the same time, I create once again a spell, and since I have decided to use the reward granted by the System to get a utility spell, I have to finally create my defensive spell. But for this, I will have to wait a bit, I need to have my entire MP pool to do it. Around me, only melted armors and destroyed bodies. While the arena made by Krieg didn't disturb the armors of the Chosen, it looks like time was not suspended. What really happened Oslo?

(Like I said, it's a battlefield out of time and space itself. Sometimes, it turns month into minutes, sometimes the opposite, hours into a day. But most of the time, it just slows down, meaning days turn into hours for example. Here I think, remembering the state of Daryl, your nine days turned into one day I think. For example, the battle between my Hero and the Hero of Aria during the Portal War lasted five days and on my world, it was a month, and on her world just a minute. It is completely random.)

And is it possible to notice it and encircle that thing? For example, let's say we use that peculiar oath to bind the Hero of an unknown God, a new-born one. Is it possible, without seeing the dispersion that is provoked, to know that a special arena was created?

(No, it is truly impossible, even with direct sight from a Hero and his God watching behind him. If you provoke a massacre right before and they surround the place because of the bodies, it is possible to be in the same situation as Daryl, where you see a random creature appearing right in front of you. But you can't expect it, that's the point.)

Great, so since I managed to kill that Prophet, that means I should be stronger than most of Heroes in this world. Except maybe the one serving Salazar, but for all the heretics one, that would be a piece of cake to slaughter them. And I have now even a way to trap them in a duel against me. A duel or no matter the destruction that I provoked, I will be able to get away without alerting the holy kingdom and his Church.

After a few hours, I finally reach the point where I can create my long awaited shield. I think of him surrounding my very body, not expanding in the air like the rest. Because doing it like that can protect my nearby skeletons, but I don't really care about them. I mean, they can already protect themselves, so I don't need to protect them myself. No, I need something to defend only me, and especially against assassins. And a big shield floating around me is useless against a dagger planted in my neck. The proof was my assault with my skeleton warriors, back in the lair of Shadow. My undead managed to go through the magic shield and slew the magicians.

And since I don't really know how number one managed to create his magic shield, I think of mine dark, black, filled with the aura of dead and devastation. I have no idea if this is the way to do it, but I have to try. A shield that repels the bolts, destroy the spells coming at me, prevent my dear back to be stabbed. Now, create this perfect means of defense. Create, my, SHIELD!

"Congratulation to the user for creating a new spell. Please say its name."

-Veil of Darkness

"System acknowledges the choice of the user, the spell: [Veil of Darkness] has been created."

I can see surrounding me a feeble and nearly transparent dark skin. I watch my MP pool and see no change. That's weird, the spell is currently active, oh it has gone down 496/497 so it still has a cost. No wait, 497/497, I have recovered the missing mana. I keep watching it for a few minutes and finally conclude that I have enough regeneration to sustain a permanent use of my [Veil of Darkness]. That's really good, except for the fact that I am certain that just a small little pebble can break it. I invoke number one as a skeleton magician and ask him to throw any small thing around him. I immediately cancel that order when I see him pick the axe of a Chosen.

Thank god, if he had thrown that, I am certain that I would have died. And the axe is huge, why does he think it is small? Never mind, just a skeleton spirit, the biggest enigma of this world. I find a very small rock, give it to number one and ask him to throw at me.


As expected, the shield has been broken. And it doesn't reappear without me casting it again. So I cast again my spell, and since I have no enough mana to create anything else, I ask number to throw again the pebble.


Ouch, he threw it to my face. More precisely, my nose. That is extremely sensitive, I have to ask him to only throw on my body. I keep doing that for a few minutes before my spell finally reaches level 2. The previous near transparent magic shield turn into an opaquer skin. That's why I named it that way, in the final level, I hope that this spell will turn me into a very dark silhouette, improving, even more, my hiding capability during the night. As for the day, well, I was not really that invisible anyway, so that's not a huge loss. And inside my [Nightfall], a dark shield is better than a light shield.

When I ask number one to throw the exact same rock, this time, it doesn't break my magic spell. Instead, he gets repelled and falls to the ground, doing no damage. It is time to get a bigger stone. Thanks to the environment, it is not really hard to find a big rock, it is just that I need to find one not that big. Otherwise, with the strength of number one, I will get killed by my undead servant. That would be the biggest joke. I finally find something that is barely smaller than my hand and gives it to number one. I specify to only target my stomach and absolutely not my …


OUCH. Eh… [Self-Healing] has improved. Does that mean I have turned into a masochist? No, it is only for science. And if my shield can't even stand against a rock, what can I expect against an arrow, a bolt or a sword? This is the only time where I will have to hurt my precious me, I have to be strong. Come on number one, do your worst, I will …


NOT THAT WORST! We kept doing this, for hours, this time the shield was very hard to improve. At one point, we had to stop because I only had a third of my life. During that short break, I manage to see the effect of multiple spells. First, my HP regeneration. Each level grants me 10HP recovery each hour, so level 2 means 20 HP. That's both good and too little. But at least, I don't have to eat a body, eat a body, eat a body? I still have a body. Daryl, I am coming. After eating him, I have gained nothing but I have recovered nearly all of my life. That's a shame the rest was all melted by me.

Then my regeneration of mana, it has gone to a huge number, 85MP for each hour. But the drawback of my magic shield can be felt. After many calculations, I have arrived at a number, it's 50MP of consumption by an hour. That means, if he is permanently cast, it reduces my regeneration of mana to only a third of what it is. Yes, a big third, but still not half. That's why even after a few hours, I still can't create a skeleton magician.

But after eating the mummified Daryl, the nearby useless Chosen armors give me an idea. I still need a vanguard for my army, and those armors would be extremely useful. Of course, most are partially destroyed, but even if all have melted a bit, because of my aura, they are still extremely powerful. They managed to bear the firepower of my army for a very long time. It is potentially the best armors that I have seen, besides the one of the dwarf. But the dwarf armor was not tested, I only fled when I saw him. So I can't judge.

After removing some of the parts that were truly destroyed, I manage to recover nine sets of armors. I have more than fifteen axes in good shape, but with no armors, it would make my skeletons visible. So I will have to make my undead servants carry them until I can create more warriors. You can resume the training number one.

The only thing displeasing me is to let some normal skeletons wear this powerful equipment. I have managed to create some magicians, and even if they were costly, they were extremely efficient. So why I can't create some specials skeletons or undead and make them wear the Chosen armors? That would be interest…


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