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Chapter 143: ???????? ?? ????

I killed her, hehehe, I killed her! FINALLY! HEHEHE, MWAHAHAHA! That was good, a good old evil laugh to start a new life. As for my choices, no matter what I take, I will only choose between less "?" or more "?". So let's take it randomly. For example, the first choice is three words, with the middle looking like an of, with only two letter, not a lot of words are matching it. The second choice is two words and the last is only in one world. As for what they are saying, no clues. Now, let's take th…


Big voice, threatening tongue, coming from nowhere. My guess? The mighty God of Death in person. What a nice surprise, do you really need to do that much just for the poor and weak me?

(Don't try to reduce the threat you are representing. What was given to you should never have been created in the first place. It was a mistake, made by a newly born goddess, and she paid the price for it. As for you, we have our way to see what happened. You were a true victim, something that no one could have predicted. Well, the usage of the [Mirror of God] was a mistake, and you had every right to be reborn as a compensation. But what you asked was far too much. Now, know your place, and don't you dare to evolve. Otherwise, you will be at war with us, the Nine Heavens.)

Is it supposed to scare me into submission? Or maybe you will need to threaten me more to do that? Because honestly, I have no grudges with you. You could have just let me walk, and I wouldn't even have bothered you. I only attacked those that were attacking me or Oslo, why do you need to put your noses into our business.

(Kekek, fine, your choice. Oh, by the way, don't expect to see Oslo anymore. He survived too long, he is not as respectable as he used to be. Allying with something like you, he truly disappointed us. We can't do anything to you in that arena, even us can't do anything. So it is your final choice since you are so adamant at attacking us. You can stay here, patiently, and in a few thousand years, if we see that you are cooperating, we will allow you to live under certain conditions. Or, you can evolve, but at this time, the moment you leave this arena is the moment of your death.)

Well, Hades, looks like we have nothing more to talk about.

-Marc Cassidy chooses: ???????? ?? ????!

"Systef bioqdkfsjdif …"

Damn, still broken. Let me see my attributes?

???????? ?? ????



Race: Elemental

Class: Manifestation of Death"

Wait, it didn't work. Let me try that again.

-Marc Cassidy chooses: ???????? ?? ????!

"Sijfsf sikfdji,fsk,f…"

YES! I FEEL IT! I AM TRANSFORMING! I leave the form of a ratman and turn into, something really disgusting. I can feel my arms and legs disappearing, turning into just a single entity. I am still partially ethereal, but at the same time, I exist in the real world. It's like the scythe of my wraiths, something that I never managed to be. I don't think I have a face anymore. I don't think what I am can be called a body. I am just looking like a slime, would be the best representation. A pile of a living organism. I can create tentacles, feet, legs, arms everything that I want. I can be shaped as I order. I try to turn back into my previous form and I succeed.

I will stay like that for now. Just for the fact that I am comfortable with it. But I can be suddenly three times bigger or four times smaller in less than a second. Turn into anything, a sword, a giant shield. But what are the purposes of that? I try to grab a stone broken in front of me. A tentacle leaves my body and grabs it, but the stone is instantly destroyed. Melted or just turned in to dust? I don't know. But I can still order my undead, meaning that my System is working.


Naif: Ndfs"

Ok never mind. Let's forget about it, shall we? I have turned into something, that I don't know what is it. I try to cast a [Death Ray], it worked. Even better than previously. Damn, the hole is now big, at least 50 meters in size. I try to cast another [Death Ray] working again. At the fourth, I stopped, wondering if I gained unlimited mana. I mean, I am something that even the Nine Heavens are fearing. Just wondering about something, I look at my titles.

"Titzqp :

[Jeifjci] [Ifisjfi sdi qsijkdijf] [Djfsjfij Okj Husdfn Heajsqiujd] "

Just three titles? I mean, the first is gone because of the death of Aria. The second was Oslo, I guess he is gone too. Or Hades is no longer following me. But the fact that the System is crumbling in front of me is a huge problem. I can't access to anything; it is worse than when I first arrived on this planet. At least, back then, I knew that when I evolved, I gained access to more things. Now, I have no idea if it will work again in the future.

As for now, I try to get close to the barrier. Previously, I was incapable of destroying it. But now, when I get close, I can see something leaking from the invisible wall. My sight has been improved apparently. I touch the barrier, and I can feel that I absorb its power. I create more and more tentacles, to suck dry anything coming from that wall. After a minute, I can see the barrier beginning to crumble and be destroyed. I am strong enough to leech the power stored inside. So, I am now a close combat fighter?

In truth, I have no idea, but what I know is the fact that after I leave this place, the gods will come after me. I have to escape. Think of something, maybe I can create a portal. But I have no idea how to do this. And no idea where to go, think, think. I touch my immaterial head and scratch my forehead. And then I remember, I begin to examine it and I feel a connection to a place far away. But no matter what I try, I can't manage to approach it. Maybe the barrier is preventing it?

The moment the arena is opened; I feel thousands of death sentences coming after me. Myriads of spells are flying, and the only thing I think is that place supposed destroyed thousands of years ago. Please don't be that destroyed. I instantly activate the spell and warp towards this desolated planet.

I look at my body and see no damages. On it is shining a dark skin and another one under it, more black than the first. One is my [Veil of Darkness] but which one? I look around me and see nothing but death and destruction. The planet is just one giant desert, nothing is alive. I float above the ground, to see if there is a sign of civilization, but nothing is appearing. Pashkat, the former planet of both Oslo and the Agorians. Maybe it is far enough to let me breathe a little. I don't think that the gods hunting me expected a teleportation to work. I have to thank you again, sorcerer-king. You guys are really the best friends possible.

I keep manipulating the System for hours, before realizing the truth about its fate. I am incapable of making it work. Nothing, the creation of spells, I tried to create a light, I can already do that, but I tried to create it with a specification. The System tried to register this action, but never acknowledged it. And therefore, I still have no ideas about what I gained.

What I know is. I have a new body, capable of eating pure energy like it is water. I have at least two types of shield, my [Veil of Darkness] and something else. I am capable of casting [Death Ray] and creating undead. I have a huge mana pool, a really big one. And I am capable of teleporting across the universe or maybe farther. However, I don't know if I need to know the location of the place, or need a beacon, like the dark gem in my mind.

As for Pashkat, I roamed the planet for a bit. I discovered the impact of the meteorite. And it is huge, probably bigger than the one that destroyed the dinosaurs on Earth. Yes, I think more about the asteroid than the potential volcanoes. My opinion not that anyone cares about it. I am still talking like that, even when no one is listening. No sarcastically sentences from a bored god, no stalker coming from the graveyard. I am all al…


Not anymore apparently.

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