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Chapter 139: An Assassin in the Room?

It is already the second day of battle, but I am still confined in this room. All my wraiths are out, except one, standing near me. The King of the Mountain, Thongril, Bori, the human general and the Great Magus are also protected by my wraiths. The two humans are not really comfortable with this, but the dwarves don't care. My wraiths are one of the best defenses against assassins. As for me, I just listen to all the reports coming from either my undead or Oslo. I feel like a Halfling, that knocked his head on a stone, missed the entire battle, but hear at the end that 3 of his friends died, the king included. Well, I have the radio to pass the time, but it is still boring.

(The first wall is still strong and not breached at all. Your zombies and weird creations are doing an amazing job at holding back the ratmen. The volley of projectiles never ends, and more and more ratmen are dead in front of it. Of course, that provokes some towers of corpses, but when that happens, a flamethrower is used to burn it to the ground. With all the ratmen still climbing on it. As for the rest, it's good, they haven't found the secret tunnels yet.)

Do you see the king or Thongril? What are they doing right now?

(Thongril smashes skulls and the king is just staying on the ramparts, chilling. I mean, the battle is still under control, no need for him to personally act. Just his presence is enough to make the dwarves stronger and less tired. They have good rotations, and always have fresh warriors to hold their ground against the ratmen that bypass your undead. As for the humans, they are dying more than the dwarves, but are still fighting well. But what do you expect when everything capable of destroying the wall is broken and in pieces.)

I really wanted to see those gyro-copters in action. I mean, I would have song the Ride of the Valkyries at the same time. No, you don't know that, but on my planet, it is mainly used to fight barely armed fighters with overpowered explosives. And it is a good music. As for the sniper rifles and the sorcerers?

(Well, it is either your wraiths or the human magicians. I have to admit, that woman is pretty much on par with you, at destroying things. Well, she doesn't have the same mana capacity or regeneration and doesn't have your legions of undead, but she has things that your [Purple Moon] can barely match. As for the rest, some are at the same level but only two or three humans. The rest are like the magicians that you saw at Ronta, capable of destruction, but not mass destruction. And your wraiths, well, you get the idea. Most of the time, when it is out of reach, it is your wraiths.)

Good to know that they are more useful than me. Here, another lich. 1/1800 MP and no more blood bottles. I think that I drank too much in those last few days. Be a shame if a …

(If a what? Why are you not finishing your sentence?)

No, just a premonition. If I finish my sentence, bad things will happen. And with that mana, I can't cast anything. So, I won't say anything. Better be safe than sorry.

(You know the world doesn't work that way. It is not because you say that an assassin will come after you that he will. How can he manage to reach this, he has to pass through thousands of dwarves, and your spirits, with me seeing anything and …)

No, don't tell me that. That's bullshit. I told you, you shouldn't have said that.

(Ok, maybe there is something coming towards you. Something shaped like a shadow. Not a hundred percent sure that it is a ratman, ok, no, I will be honest, it is an assassin. Just hide, he can't see you underground.)

Of course, I will. But why is he here, he can't know my presence in this room? So, he is searching for something else, like the thing you talked about in the throne.

(THAT? NO WAY! First, it is near impossible to extract it. And I don't see anything capable of doing it. Next point, destroying is even harder. No, I think he is just waiting here in ambush for the king of the dwarves. Nothing else would make sense. Look.)

I can see the shadow moving on the ceiling. And by shadow, I really mean it, I can't see the shape of a ratman behind it, even with my vision. That should be the big boss of the assassin. Maybe the one that killed the Hero, no, that means he would have lived for more than a century. Well, maybe ratmen live for a long time. After that, I see him approaching the throne, and like me, get stuck far away from it. He tries to approach it from the back, but nothing works. I know that feeling, but he loses his curiosity quickly and hides on top of a pillar supporting the room.

It is time for my wraith to act. Number one, kill him. I can see my faithful and powerful undead approaching the assassin. And then, he attacks with his scythe … empty air. Right before the attack, the assassin already jumped out of his hiding spot. Well, you can run but you can't hide, while we are capable of moving through the environment. Number one try again a few times, but each is a complete failure. He can't even touch the shadow surrounding the ratman. On the other hand, the assassin is incapable of hurting my wraith.

However, this strange dance ends abruptly. The shadow just walks away, since it can't do anything. And my wraith doesn't follow it since he can't do anything either. I just tell that to Meldun, the king, that says that I don't have to worry. Well, it is not me that has an assassin in my audience room. Following that short moment of action, I am still stuck here doing nothing. And I have to show myself to the dwarves continuously walking in and out of the room. The sad truth about being on top of the food chain. You lose your liberty and freedom.

(Ok, time to tell you the latest news. We are officially still winning. This news was brought to you by Oslo, with Oslo, the chance of dying is very low.)

Don't you have anything better? It is tiring to hear such a thing. With your eons of existence, you don't have anything better.

(Well, actually, nearly all my heroes are the serious type, so I can't joke like that with them. I try to be as respectful and sage that they think I am. Only with you, who are not really the same kind of Hero, I can do stupid things, like taunting Aria and insulting her. Otherwise, we are still doing a very serious business, like allowing me or you to survive. But you are the most cowardly Hero I ever saw. It has been so much fun seeing you just run away when something was even remotely dangerous.)

Hahaha, very funny, we are all very amused. It is my life that you are talking about, I know you don't really care that much, but I do. Like here, we are winning, and oh, a level. Great. Level 17/35. Barely below half of what I need.

(Nothing else, like a skill being improved? Can you cast [Death Ray]?)

"Not enough mana."

Nope, as for the rest, I will tell you one more time. Since otherwise, you can't know how strong I am.



Race: Elemental

Class: Manifestation of Death

Level 17/35

HP: 520/520

MP: 1850/1850

Strength: 25.6

Agility: 53.6

Vitality: 52.0

Wisdom: 135.0

Intelligence: 135.0

Active skills:

[Create Acid lvl Max] [Create Plague lvl Max] [Deadly Shadows lvl Max] [Domain of Mayhem lvl Max] [Nightfall lvl 9] [Magical Orb lvl Max] [Cursed Winds lvl Max] [Raise Undead* lvl 7] [Blood Touch lvl Max] [Veil of Darkness lvl 8] [Death Ray lvl 1] [Purple Moon lvl 1]

Passive Abilities:

[Language of Aria lvl Max] [Ethereal Vision lvl 5] [Status resistance lvl 4] [Magical resistance lvl 1] [Physical resistance lvl Max] [??? Resistance lvl 1] [Ethereal Body lvl Max] [Self-Healing lvl Max] [Magical Restoration lvl 9] [Magical Efficiency lvl 9] [Magical Handling lvl 9] [Cause Terror lvl Max] [Essence of mana lvl 5]


[Forsaken of Aria (Marked by the goddess Aria to be invisible for all the divinities)] [Blessed by Oslo] [Butcher (have killed more than 10000 living beings)] [Nemesis of Krieg] [Followed by Hades]"

Let me see, no nothing changed. I really want all those things related to magic to be improved, at least one more time. That way, maybe I will finally be able to cast that [Death Ray]. Otherwise, nothing changed. Hello God of Death. Just in case he is listening. Well, he should have probably fled after my first mental monologue. Why am I doing this? To not lose my sanity, being alone, lonely, I'm mister lonely, I'm so lonely.

(Stop, please, your mental voice is giving me a nightmare. Especially the weird thing you are doing with your voice, why are you singing like that?)

You wouldn't understand, that's the song. Never mind, just keep telling me what is happening during this battle where I can fight.

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