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Chapter 107: Anock?

The hot but still not that hot air in this world is truly wonderful. Even after all this time, besides the horrible experience with the desert of the djinns, I never needed other clothes that the on provided by the System. And I haven't seen a lot of heavy clothes in the different houses, to protect the humans from the cold. So I guess winter is not really coming at all. As for the guards and priests facing me, I guess that their current outfit is the same as they wear during the entire year. About that, how do they count the day and the year?

(Do you really want to know or is it just a rhetoric question?)

No, I don't want to know, just an idea I got in the moment. I ask once more if everything ready. My six ghouls are prepared to climb the wall far away from us, to create more chaos. My lich are still in the back, in a hidden location. Recovering slowly their mana, allowing me future assault if this one is a failure. But I highly doubt it, just looking at my zombies near me, they are not being destroyed by the power of the Church anymore. Even my spirits are resistant to that, so it is time to end this parody.

Now that I am in an ethereal form, I just want to test something funny. I approach the gate, alone, without any shadows covering me, without even my Chosen following me. Reducing the distance, the original 500 meters are now only two hundred meters. Right now, I can see the faces of the guard clearly, they are all scared, ready to fire at me anytime. And then, someone really does it, and a bolt pierces the air, with his deadly speed, and reach its target. The bad news for the guard is, instead of piercing the flesh of a living creature, the bolt just crash on the ground and get broken.

The hundred additional bolts fired right after that change nothing about the result. I didn't feel anything, not even that something was theoretically inside me. That's good, I won't feel weird in the future thanks to this. However, the humans facing me are definitely feeling weird, seeing all their attacks doing nothing. While I keep approaching, I can see all of them frenetically reloading, and firing at will, without any order. I can even hear them shout that I am really the shadow of death, reincarnated in a ratman.

Finally, I see my true enemy coming on the ramparts, the magicians. Only five of them, truly not enough. They all cast different things, magic arrow, fireball, ice spike, rock boulder. This time, I activate my shield, since it can hurt me. But even that magnificent usage of mana is reduced to the same result as the bolt. I am totally unharmed; my shield isn't broken. Barely anything can be seen on the surface, as expected, the full force of my Chosen is clearly stronger than the majority of the world. But while the mages are baffled by my protection, they don't give up. Casting more and more spells, to the point where they are out of mana.

When the smoke surrounding me fade away, the humans can see me, standing right next to their door. That's what I wanted, drawing the attention away, now, I order my ghouls to begin their attacks. By now, a major movement of troops should have been ordered, and by the time they realize there are more than just one assailant, it will be too late. But now, I just knock on the big door facing me.

Ok, I tried, but my hands just disappeared in the wood, it truly prevents anything from me. Well, whatever, [Domain of Mayhem]. I use it with my acid, to tear apart the ramparts. It only takes me a little more than five seconds, and by the end of that time, only silence is king. No sounds could be heard coming from the humans since they are all too shocked to say anything. The previous magicians were not spared from it, their magic shields not strong enough to survive the assault of my acid coming from everywhere.

Right now, a huge hole can be seen surrounding me, and everything else is gone. No corpse, no bodies, no weapons laying on the ground, just an empty surface. Following this, my Chosen and zombies start their work and rush toward the petrified guards. Even after the first died, they are still incapable of moving, whether they are guards or priests, they can't do anything. I should put that on my [Cause Terror] maybe, that should be right.

Finally, after dozens of silent death, some are awakening from their terror and start to run. Those are targeted by my magicians, in a very interesting manner. By now, they know that I want the more blood possible, and burning a body is slightly wasteful. So, they created a strange spell, creating hands under the feet of the coward guards. That way, they are immobilized, and the nearby zombies are capable of catching up and slaughter them.

I too test my spell related to death, and anyone that touches my deadly shadows is immediately slain. I just see them turning white in less than a second and drop dead, probably a heart attack. The report from my numerous ghouls says that they are not encountering any resistance and that they have dealt with any magicians in the first place. That's a smart move, good job my ghouls.

I absorb all the blood surrounding me and try to create a lich from a priest, it is a complete failure. Not a failure meaning I couldn't create it, just a failure because it has the same cost. I try to do it on a guard, and the same thing happens. That's really too bad, but that makes sense too. Probably only the corpse of someone manipulating magic can be used to do this. At the same time, creating a normal zombie cost me only 10MP for each body of a guard. I am talking about the most basic one, without any improvement, great speed, thick skin. Just a normal dead body rising and hungry for brains.

Of course, I create hundreds of them, the blood contained in one body can allow me to create 5 zombies, that's a very good trade. I order my Chosen to split up and kill everyone on the ramparts while I spread my zombies inside the city, creating confusion and chaos. The news about me breaking the door is still not known by the rest of the capital, I killed everyone before they could leave. Only the commoners have watched this gruesome sight and are running away, but they are not that fast. More and more people are leaving their houses, only to find out a zombie right in front of the door, waiting for them.

I keep doing that without any problems, sometimes my zombies meet a group of magicians or holy knights and die, but that's nothing at all. My new body allows me to float very quickly some huge distance. I am at least three times quicker than in my physical ratman form. And I don't have to care about any obstacles in my way. Meaning, that by the end of the day, I have managed to do the full size of the wall, collect all the blood on it and create more than 30 lich.

Of course, the downside is the fact that all my thousands of zombies were all killed in the end. They are far too weak, but they have managed to slaughter a good part of the commoners inside the inner city. Now, no one is alive in that part of the city, only those that are sheltered beyond the third wall are safe. I spend the duration of the night collecting more blood, only creating lich, not wasting any mana on some useless zombies.

With the number of undead under my command growing, I feel that my power is increasing. I am already level 8, but, I still have managed to destroy more than three-quarters of the capital. The only downside is my [Raise Undead*], the amount of kill needed for the next upgrade. I think I need to kill 20% of the population of the entire planet, just to gain one more level. That will take a long time. Thinking about that, I decided to order my lich to create one hundred zombies and launch them in the countryside. That way, any small kill, like a group of adventurers, some farmers, some merchants, will contribute greatly to the undead cause.

I try one more time to cast [Death Ray] with my new mana pool of 1500Mp, but it is still a failure. The moment I have this spell; it will be so good.

"The user has successfully slain the representative of a god; the god is: Anock."

Oh, I killed some heretics apparently, he was most likely hiding in the basement and my ghouls found him. So what is the reward … Nothing. Well, I guess that is just a small god, the reward can't be that good.

"The user has successfully slain all the believers of a god; the god is: Anock."

"The user can choose between zero different spells that the representative possessed. Those zero spells will be randomly chosen among all the spells available."

"Please choose the spell: "

"System acknowledge the choice of the user, the spell: has been chosen."

Wow, System are you alright?

(What happened?)

Nothing, just the System being weird, I killed a complete cult and the reward was … nothing. Nothing at all. I guess he was far too weak as a god to offer anything. Well, that was just a small incident, let's start this day with something big.

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