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Chapter 81: Assault in the Desert

After some discussion with Oslo, we figure out that with ten skeleton magicians, the assault in the desert will be a success. So we waited a few more days, to obtain that number. Unfortunately, I have tried to create some equipment for them to wear, but I failed. I can create them, and even give them abilities, but they will always end up naked at the end. Good thing I am only creating skeletons. I tried to raise some zombies, but I have a hard time dealing with living flesh. The zombie always turns into a skeleton at the end. But Oslo thought of something very smart and his idea worked.

So now, I have spirit number one. Actually, he can't do anything at all and is barely visible. It cost me the same amount of mana that the skeleton magician. We test a few things and besides his ability to fly through the nearby trees, he is pretty much useless. But that way, it can theoretically allow Oslo to search a bigger area, and from far away. For example, if I had created some of them when I was in Atria, he could have been able to scout and gather vital information. Another pair of flying eyes is still important in the end.

As for trying to grant some poison to skeleton spiders, well, we have not the time to do that. Later. Oslo is immensely curious about that limit of my spell. He told me that he only saw two or three elder lich do the same thing that my [Raise Undead] can do. Of course, he reminded me that they were experimenting on skeleton dragons or some big creatures, not on some mere rats and spiders.

(Ok, so you see that big tree over there, if you climb it, you can see the base. It is right behind it.)

Great, finally, I will be able to accept the third surrender of that old man. I really remember him; I mean he fooled us quite easily. I will never forget the shame brought on us by Daryl MaimedFoot.

(Daryl MaimedHand, not the foot it is the hand. How many times did you mess up names when I was gone?)

Hey, that's my mind, I can think of whatever I want. And I still have his name right, it's just that weird title, who calls himself like that? Anyway, how is the entrance toward the base, still above the ground?

(Yes, unfortunately. They have built some stairs, but it is still hard to enter by the front door. So, do as you did last time, blast one of the walls and let your army burn everything inside. With a little bit of luck, that will produce enough smoke to kill them inside.)

Yes, because someone that can kill a drake will die because he breathes some smoke? First of all, if that really happens, I will humbly apologize for everything that I have said about you, God of Prediction. And after that, I will be baffled by the stupidity of that death. The order of my actions will probably not be like that.

I launch spirit number one into the sky and above the base, to see something. After that, I ask him to show his surroundings. He can't, that's too bad, like the skeletons, he will only be able to telepathically report the enemy movements but not be able to record and transmit it to me. Like a live camera. Why every time I try to think of something that can be great, the System prevent me to do so. Yes, I complain, I asked for a broken System, and I got it, but it was the other type of broken I meant.

Anyway, thanks to the cover of the forest that probably appeared shortly after we left, no one manages to notice our presence. But they have done a great job, clearing anything around their base. It is a true plain, not even a little bush to hide something. Of course, the sentries are checking the ground, not the sky above them, where my spirit is located. If it was a bird, he would have probably been spotted, but like I said, my spirit is really transparent. When there are no clouds, he is impossible to differentiate from the sky, even I wouldn't know where he is exactly if I haven't the mental connection.

But now, even if it is the middle of the day, it is time for the battle. I cast [Nightfall] on the top of the building where the sentries are positioned. I am too far to hear their screams, but apparently, for my spirit, they are alerting everyone. When they ask what is the problem, they are saying that they can't see anymore. That's not really the truth, but they are not far from it either.

I use the time where they are still confused to get closer. When I said that they have cleared everything around the base, it was literal. All around it on at least 300 meters. And my mages are not capable of firing at more than 150 meters, so we have to get closer. By the time we arrive close enough, spirit one informs me of the appearance of the armored men. And we finally learn their name, they are called the Chosen of Krieg. Well, we will just say Chosen, it was kind of stupid to only call them armor or statue. But we had no idea, I mean, yes, Chosen is a possibility, but like anything else. Knights, death knights, warlord, whatever sounds good.

But spirit says that they are asking some of the Chosen to go to the armory and search for the relic. I am not an expert, but the relic sounds a good name for that ratman weapon.

(Yes, they are taking the same way they took last time. They are definitely going for that damn thing. The good thing this time is, instead of just one orb of acid that will probably not hurt them, they will face ten fireballs additional. That will prevent them to fire the weapon.)

I really hope you are right about that. Now that we are close, I fire three orbs of acid at the wall. Honestly, only one was necessary, but that way, there are more holes, so more probability of a fireball entering the building. I can see some soldiers already dead, half of their body melted by me. For the rest, they are watching me and my skeletons, all shocked. Some are already running toward something, probably to go deeper inside the base.

(Yes, that thing you see right in front of you is just a small part of their hideout. Most of it is underground, a huge cave with multiple floors and rooms. It bears a huge resemblance with the style of the Agorians, but yet, I have no memory of such a building here. Maybe the memories that I absorbed where not enough. Anyway, after you will conquer the outside, be extremely careful, I see a little army inside. There are 500 hundred men. I guess previously, some were sent away to search for something. Now, you have the full force of Krieg on Astria, let make him pay for his insolence. He will learn that the fight we had 700 years ago was not a fluke.)

What happened at that time? Did he invade another world of yours?

(No, this time it was me that managed to snatch a world away from him. He was so mad about that; the bad part was when I discovered the presence of seven different gods on that planet. That was the moment I decided to stop caring about it and just make my people survive, not fight for the control of that world.)

That's what you were talking about, the multiple worlds where you are installed but still don't rule it. Even after hearing so much about it, it is still strange for me to imagine thousands of gods fighting for the control of even more worlds, and all of that, just to entertain someone. The universe is truly mad.

(Not mad enough if you ask me. The moment the universe will be mad; no one will be spared. Gods, Heroes, Humans, Elves, Demons, Undead, every race. All fighting, without any control, without any restrictions. Portal connecting all the worlds together, only to serve the greed and pride of a handful. Even if I blame the current system, some worlds are still spared. Do you think that your Earth will be that peaceful without the protection of the Nine Heavens? No, and gods like me, would have already been dead a long time ago. But enough of this nonsense. Just kill this bunch of madmen.)

You know they won't escape, so sparing them for a few seconds won't change anything. And I need to wait for the Chosen carrying the weapon. I can't allow my first volley of fireball to only hit some vermin. No, it has to hit hard, to hit directly the Chosen, take them by surprise. Only after that, I will allow my skeleton magicians to create a rain of fire.

(Well, I can say that your wish is granted. At the hole on the left, they are near it.)

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