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49.36% A Rattling Monster [Completed] (Editing in Progress) / Chapter 78: Blood Flooding the Streets

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Chapter 78: Blood Flooding the Streets

The worry that I can hear hidden inside the voice of Oslo is truly terrifying. Even if he was weak the first time we met each other, he was boastful and proud, like a god. Now he is even begging me to attack the follower of Krieg. Those interplanetary wars are truly something eye-opening. Gods fighting on multiple worlds, all for the pleasure of the Nive Heavens if I recall correctly. I really wonder what it takes to enter that closed circle. I guess power, but how much power, how much before you are considered as something that can't be killed? Apparently, he told me that a Freya, a goddess, was the lowest god inside the Nine Heavens but she only had a thousand world. Only a thousand. Truly a small number.

As for now, even if I am coming near the real base of those green hooded men, it is not the end of my massacre. The help of Oslo is really useful to find out rat hiding nearby. I split all my skeleton warriors except number one, tasking them to find the outlaws nearby. And with the help of Oslo, it is really easy. I can already hear many screams, and then silence. Before I only killed those in front of me, but now, I need to provoke a bloodbath so big, that my spell will finally be upgraded.

As I walk on the streets that are now red, every living being abandon their houses when they see me. They have learned the truth, that the shadow of death will even come to their houses to behead them. Right in front of me, I can see number three kicking a weak door and enter the house, shortly after, he exits with his sword where I can see blood leaking. For the next minutes, the same thing happens over and over again. Doors being broken, peaceful citizens slaughtered, blood dirtying the clothes of my undead servants. But that allowed me to finally see the end of my problem.

More than a hundred humans were needed to eventually allow my [Raise Undead] to gain a level. He is now level 4. But that's not enough.

(You are right; it is just the beginning. I need that spell to be level 5 at least. It is only my assumption, but when you will reach this level, you can probably begin to create skeleton magicians, or at least something alike. That way, you will be able to take that fortress inside the desert and kill every follower of Krieg, even his prideful men in armors. And so his Prophet will fall. Hahaha. I really want to see his face after he discovers that it is my Hero that has done that. And we will be able to see the reward of the System.)

Like you say, it will be good. But The number of victims for the next level will be at least near 3 thousand. That's a very huge number, especially near the capital. Even if hundred died inside the slums, no one will take notice, except a few that will be happy. But thousand? At this point, even the Church will react, because even if they are not really believing in Aria, they can still be converted. Like the presence of the nearby church, they haven't given up on those criminals and madmen. So I have to kill that number before the end of the day. Tomorrow, the reports about my actions will end up on the desk of some ministers and everything will be over.

As for my skeletons, I bring number one inside the closest house. Inside, I can see the dead boy of an old man. He was resting on his bed, maybe he was lucky and was asleep. I order number one to remove his clothes, to see the difference. The third upgrade gave them a soul while the fourth was like the second, granting them more strength and resistance. I ask him to punch me with only 1/4 of his strength, I am not a madman. I remember the last time I did this, it was only half and I ended up with some injuries. This time I am prepared an…



(Oh don't be such a baby, flesh grows back. Except, in your case, I think you broke one of your ribs. And they don't.)

Yes, that hurts. Seriously, he is extremely strong now. Probably at the level of the guardians of the lich, inside the desert. Smart, strong, and with proper equipment, a force to be reckoned with. So what do you say Oslo, good enough?

(Not at all, you have never really encountered and especially feel the strength of your opponents. Even that barbarian that you killed, he could have just hit you with his fists and you will end up dead. Don't forget that you are really weak, you have nothing for your defense, no shield, no hard shell, not even some scales that can prevent some damages. If you are hit by something, you will die. Never forget that you are just a fleeing ratman that will run away and hide. That's you. And that's very good for me. That way, you won't be bound by honor or some stupid things that we teach our Hero to think about. And won't be traped because of it.)

Thank you for the compliment, I guess? But that still hurt me a lot. I lost a third of my life with the punch of my servant. But that means the skeletons automatically upgrade after the gain of a level. I order number one to put on his clothes and to keep following me. The previous efficient work of my skeleton warriors is now even quicker. They don't even have to knock multiple times on the door to broke it, just one kick is enough. But they are too close to each other. OSLO.

(I will never miss the sound of your voice. Yes, I will make them cover more terrain and kill their way even to the North if they have to.)

Thank you. As for me, I will follow the direction that you told me. I have a small thing to deal before I leave this city. Just a small gang to destroy. And I think that just number one is enough now, nobody can sustain a fight against him. And my new comprehension of [Nightfall] will allow me to make four doppelgangers of him. Because he is bigger than me, so I can't make more. The only thing that never changes with my skeleton warriors is their height. Probably because I think about them this way, so they can be improved, but without me making them bigger, they won't. That's why I have to think of a way to create some magicians.

Because it is up to me, I know that I can create some animals or even insects, but create something that can manipulate mana? For example, a lich will be able, and I have seen enough lich to mentally have an image of this undead. But skeleton magician? Besides creating a normal skeleton and giving him the dress of Gandalf, I don't know. Maybe a staff, or a black grimoire. Such a shame I never found anything like that on my enemies.

Maybe I forget, let's see, did any of the magicians had a staff? Or a wand? So Ronta, no, the adventurers, she had a, not really, maybe, it was the night and I couldn't really see, not that excuse it won't work. No, she just sang something, and then she created the magic shield. Not a wand, just her voice, I guess. And those exiled magicians inside the slums don't have anything at all. Just their robes that make them stand out, but except that, nothing that improves the magic. So, how am I supposed to visualize a skeleton magician?


Oh, I stomp on a head, sorry. I really have to be careful. I was thinking and just followed number one, while he was killing anyone in sight. And by now, I think we have arrived. Yes, there is a lot of green around me. A lot of trees. But not a single hooded man. So Oslo was wrong?

(No, it is here, the base that you want to raze. Just, how do I say that they have all fled? When they heard that you were coming here with only one swordsman, they debated for a few seconds before unanimously voted to leave. So the base is empty, you can't do anything at all.)

Seriously? They can do that, run away, without even fighting to protect anything?

(They have of course take all the gold and silver inside, with an important stock of potions. And some miscellaneous items, but they are without importance.)

So what should I do? How is the massacre with the remaining undead?

(Pretty good, I think that in the last hour, we have killed more than a thousand humans. But it is getting more and more difficult, everyone has fled toward the ramparts or even have left the city and ran in the plains.)


What is this? That's the sound of a horn? The Gondor is calling for help?

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