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56.32% A Rattling Monster [Completed] (Editing in Progress) / Chapter 89: Daryl MaimedTwoHands

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Chapter 89: Daryl MaimedTwoHands

I ignore the scream of the human since I see that it is only Daryl MaimedTwoHands. I name it that way because he has lost his right arm completely and his left arm is melted at the elbow. So the threat coming from him is minimal, except a head-butt, or maybe some kick, he won't be able to hit me. They are two very important flesh wounds, but he is not insensible to pain, so I can see him barely to maintain consciousness.

No, I focus on the important part, the big, juicy, and promised reward! Come on System, shower me with your gifts and presents.

"The user has successfully slain the representative of a god; the god is: Krieg."

"The user can choose between four different spells that the representative possessed. Those four spells will be randomly chosen among all the spells available."

"Please choose the spell:

1- Blood Rite

2- Blood Blade

3- Blood Form

4- Blood Touch"

Great, that is great. That allows me to bypass the cooldown of the spell creation and directly gives me a new spell. And that's a spell created by the System, so I will have the description, the natural progression, maybe even an evolution. And the other good part is my affinity with the spell. I guess that I will be able to create an enormous fireball or some stuff like that if I manage to slay the representative of the God of Fire. Because otherwise, I am not even able to create something bigger than a really small flame. Since it's a spell by the System, it will be perfect in every way.

Now I just need to choose, that will be the hard part. So let's check everything, can I see the description of all?

"[Blood Rite]: create a tornado made of blood around the user. The consumption to maintain the spell is either the MP of the user, or a source of fresh blood around the user. "

"[Blood Blade]: create a crescent-shaped blade of blood to attack the enemies. The consumption to use this spell is either the MP of the user, or a source of fresh blood around the user."

"[Blood Form]: turn the user into a monstrous form, capable of sustaining heavy damage. This form has the ability to permanently absorb the living force around it, sustaining it. The consumption to maintain the spell is either the MP of the user, or a source of fresh blood around the user."

"[Blood Touch]: allow the user to absorb on contact or at a very small distance, the blood of a living being. This skill doesn't consume any MP but regenerate the mana pool of the user depending on the volume of blood absorbed."

For the first time in my new life, the System decided to be friendly and gives me exactly what I want. That's really a brand new day, slaying a Hero, having the System serves my every need. I really want it to keep going like that. But now, it's time to choose and decide.

First, the Blood Rite, that's the first spell he has used. I don't know the consumption of such a thing, but it should be a lot bigger than my aura. Just the range, even at fifty meters, there were still some blood attacks coming at me, even without a real aim. So, to prevent someone from coming near me, it is excellent, and even if an assassin breaches this spell and get too close, BOOM, an aura of acid. The only drawback would be the mana cost, but I can't know it, right? Let me search, name, no, MP, MP, MP? HAHA, no wait, that's not it. Damn. Ok, let's see the next spell.

Well, Blood Blade isn't really appealing. I mean, yes it can cut multiple trees in a row and can probably pierce a lot of things. Maybe it is even better than my orbs. But the slow speed is really too bad, I could dodge a lot of those without any real problems and it is still a single target spell. My orb can touch a lot of people at the same time, even if it is weaker against armored and heavy targets like the Chosen. Compared to the Blood Rite who would destroy anything near me, it is not that useful.

Then, the Blood Form. I guess that the monstrous form of the Prophet. During nine days he survived against my constant attacks with that spell. And it is really powerful, I mean, the multiple tentacles can defend from all direction, the numerous maws can eat and absorb the blood of the fallen victims. It can serve as the defensive spell that I was looking for, not a single assassin can destroy this thing quickly enough. That would allow me to escape and survive. The only unknown variable is my capacity to run. It is really slow, but was the monster slow because the Prophet was just a human, or is the spell slowing the caster? I keep searching for an answer but I don't know, and probably won't.

Finally, the Blood Touch. My guess, it is the spell that the Prophet used when he called his Chosen near him. And apparently, it can solve my mana issues, since I already know that my skeleton army can turn the streets into rivers of blood, it is extremely useful. But the part where the recovery of mana depends on the volume of blood is a little scary. Does it depend on the quality of the blood? Or just the quantity? I would guess it is both since he called his Chosen and that allowed him nine days of fighting in the monster form. But another thing, it can be used offensively. That means, if an assassin is too close, I can maybe temporarily root him, and use this to draw his blood out. The drawback would be against some undead or elementals that don't have blood in the first place.

But all the spells are like that anyway, all depend on either my MP or the blood surrounding me. That means, against humans, for example, those spells would be terrifying. But against anything that doesn't create blood, it would be nearly useless. Hard choices, hard choices.

(Honestly, I would consider either the Blood Form or the Blood Touch. By now, the cooldown for creating a new spell is over, so you can create your dark shield that will protect you for assassination. The Blood Form will allow you to battle against a huge army without fearing to die or prevent your death in case your magic shield is broken. The Blood Touch will allow you to create a bigger undead army a lot quicker, simply return to the slums, massacre hundreds of humans again, and you can possibly have dozens of skeletons in exchange. As for the two other spells, the blade is not strong enough for you to discard your orbs, and the tornado is not capable of protecting you against ambushes. As you saw, it takes time to really create the tornado, during that short moment, you will be killed thousands of times. That's my choices.)

Yes, you are right, I check inside the System and in the same dark and remote corner, the clock has stopped at 0:00:00. So I can finally create my dark shield. If I do that, I don't really need that monster form that much, since I will have a defensive mechanism. So I guess I will take the Blood Touch.

-Marc Cassidy chooses: Blood Touch!

"System acknowledge the choice of the user, the spell: Blood Touch has been chosen."

Now that I look at my attributes, I see that I gained two additional levels, meaning I am at 21/30. The [Blood Touch] appears, and it is directly level Max. That means the amount of Mana I will recover will always be the same and will never improve. Well, that's a little bad, but that's alright I guess. If I could at the end recover 1000 MP from a drop of blood, that would have been really powerful. The other really, really, really bad part is something unpredictable. It is my [Create Acid], it has leveled up, and instead of showing me lvl 10, it shows lvl Max. So I will not be able to improve that. And since my plague is level 9 too, I fear the moment I will have both of my primary abilities stuck forever.

I am only at 213/497 MP, something a little low. But wait, there is someone else near me. Someone alive. I turn toward the nearly dead white-haired human. I can see that he will probably die in a few days, at the maximum. So instead of doing something useless, you will be the first to face the spell of your very God. I approach him, and he doesn't even wake up. I can see blood leaking from his wounds, such a waste. The moment I am standing right on top of it, I activate [Blood Touch]. It takes nearly five seconds to gather all the blood on him, in him and around him. By the end of the cast, I only see a mummy in front of me. I watch my MP pool, 264/497. Fifty for an adult human that have lost some blood, that's not that bad.

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