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Chapter 103: Fourth Evolution

Ahhhhh, finally, those sweets words that I was waiting for. Hehe, previously, I was only a rat, battling against everything, my environment was a threat. Any animals could threaten my life with ease, from the birds to the predators like cats. Then, a chance, an opportunity, the will of this world letting me live. A better life, a stronger life, a life as a ratman. And I am proud, but now, what is next?

"Congratulation to the user, you have met the requirements to evolve. Please choose the evolution:

1- Harbinger of Plague

2- Manifestation of Death

3- Avatar of Blood"

Oh my bloody lord, what the hell does that means? One thing for sure, my System totally ditch the whole ratman thing, one way or another. I guess that's logical too, like I said at first, I was an animal, a rat. Then I evolved into an intelligent creature, a ratman, capable of walking on its two legs, speak and think, cast some spells. And finally, I will evolve into … into … something? I mean, all the three options are clearly related to at least one of my spells. But in what will I turn?

(Oh, you evolved, great news, we have to celebrate this by taking the right choice. So what are your options? Because you are clearly perturbed right now.)

Well, let me tell you all my choices, I have the Harbinger of Plague, the Manifestation of Death, and the Avatar of Blood. Since you are older than me by a huge margin, maybe you have heard of one of them, the best case would be the three choices, but I won't hope for that much.

(All those three names are familiar to me, in a sense that I have heard them at least once. But I don't have reliable information about them, I mean, not information gathered directly by either me or my believers. But at least, the three are as powerful as possible, and quite balanced if I have to guess. For example, the Avatar, it has managed to slay a god. Hold on, not a powerful god, just a new-born one. But he managed to slay his Hero, and by a weird ritual involving the very blood of the deceased Hero, attack the god related to him. It caused a lot of discussions about that, but shortly after, the god responsible of this Avatar of Blood get hunted by Salazar and Krieg. They were both really mad at the possibility of death, and put all their efforts to prevent anything similar to happen again.)

Wow, so that's some really, really, REALLY, powerful stuff that I can become. But at the same time, that will make me become a target to a lot of gods.

(Don't worry about that, whatever you choose, you will be hunted. At that point, you will be more powerful and stronger than any Hero. The reason is we kind of take our Heroes as expendables, throwing them just to conquer or defend a world. And it is always better to strengthen your entire race than just an individual. Like my sorcerer-king, I had to sacrifice him just to stop the ritual created by Salazar. We are all doing this, so for a god to prioritize his Hero and make him become as powerful as the Avatar of Blood, it is truly bad. Because, what prevents the situation where they destroy all of your other weak believers, meaning that, in the end, only your Hero will still be able to fight. Because that is what happened to that god I was talking about.)

Ok, ok, I get it with the Avatar, but what about the other two? Something less terrifying that killing a god just by turning the blood of his Hero against him?

(Manifestation of Death, I have a huge doubt if it was that name. I think it was not Manifestation but Incarnation of Death, so I will speak about what I know about the other form. Can't be that different, but who knows how your System truly works. It was the Hero of a god that managed to become part of the Nine Heavens. And it was truly because of this. The fact that, the Hero couldn't really die, but each time he was slain, he could find another body to host his soul. Shortly after, like in less than a week, he already recovered and was ready to fight. Meaning, for some drawn-out battle and conquest, it was incredibly powerful. A hero, that, no matter what you do, even if you kill him, can be reborn inside a random believer and come back at full strength.)

Hum hum, with this, I would be able to survive to whatever will happen to me? Even an assassination from the ratmen? A holy prayer from the high ranked priests of Aria? I will always be able to just resurrect in a nearby body?

(Calm down, I said that was the Incarnation of Death. And it was only possible because the god was monitoring the soul, there was a huge concentration of believers nearby, multiple things that we don't have. But, for him, it allowed a near immortality to his Hero and a quick conquest of many worlds. Coupled to the fact that he was the God of Death himself, I am certain it was easier to pull off with that additional power. That's why now he is part of the Nine Heavens.)

Ok, so you have some good information on the Avatar of Blood, something that is potentially related to the Manifestation of Death. What about the last one, the Harbinger of Plague? Any news, random stuff that may or may not be that thing?

(Hey, there are countless gods, types of representatives, Sorcerer-king, Great Demon King, Hero, Apostle, Prophet, Oracle, Wraith-King, Dark Seer, Sand King, and thousands more words to describe them. They have countless forms, countless spells at their dispositions. Some can form black hole, destroying space around them. Others can turn back in time, to undo their mistakes. There is even on that could steal your mana from you, and blow up your empty reserves, killing you in the process. Just imagine of all that, and it is only the one that I have encounter or talk about.)

I get it, you are still not a greater god, you can't know everything. But please, just answer the question, we don't have the enti… ok, actually we have the entire night to do this. Never mind, keep going.

(So, we were talking about the Harbinger of Plague. Quite frankly, that would have been a great name for the Apostle of Salazar. Or his Prophet, him and Krieg really like those two words. I have no idea why.)

Yes, it is puzzling me too. I mean, they should choose something like Great Demon King, or maybe, Sorcerer-King, it would have been so much better.

(Sarcasm, but I still think my names were better. About the plague part, I have no clue. Don't look at the sky with those angry eyes, I know some Harbinger, but none were of Plague. I know a Harbinger of Life, that was a nightmare to deal with apparently. Permanently healing himself, healing everything around him, curing any poisons and plagues nearby. But I heard that he was baited in a fight, and while the god controlling him was busy with the fight, they created a huge ritual, just to destroy everything near him. Of course, that was very costly, they lost people during the ritual and the battle, but the Harbinger was dead in the end. And the enemy Hero was still alive, the god above him that told me this story was bragging about his superior intellect. It is just the other that was stupid.)

So, you are saying that I will turn into the element attached to that title?

(Oh no, that's for everyone. Basically, whatever you choose, you will be turned into an immaterial spirit or form that is composed by that element. Meaning, near invincibility against any physical attack, only harmed because of elements capable of destroying the one you are. For example, like an elemental of ice that is fearing fire. So you have to choose what road you will take. Plaguing everyone in a very wide area, not like you are doing currently. Maybe being reborn, but still will have increased control of your undead, that's for sure. Be able to survive as long as there is blood around you, and maybe being able to use your [Blood Touch] offensively. In the end, whatever you choose, you will be able to destroy Atria, for sure. Without the full force of the Holy Kingdom, they have no chance against you.)

Thank you for all your advice, that was pretty useful. But now, what should I do? The less powerful against my future foes would be the plague one, since I assume a lot of Heroes or even gods are immune to any poisons and diseases. At those words, Oslo is lightly humming, meaning that I am right. After that you have the Death and Blood. One can kill a god, but need blood; the other can potentially grant me immortality. And that's only if the two are the same thing. I keep thinking for a few minutes, thinking how bad could things go. Seeing no bad scenario in sight, I finally decide of my next evolution. System be prepared, and give me the best shot you have. I choose …

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