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Chapter 82: Mana Problems

Yes, I can see them now. Barely visible with their machinegun. I can only see the weapon and the man carrying the ammunition. I wonder what will happen if a fireball touches those deadly monster cores? Well, I can still try to make it happen. Now that I have a clear sight on the target, I order all my skeleton magicians to cast a fireball at the Chosen. Like I said, they are naked skeletons, so, to think that in fact, they are really capable of manipulating mana, it is near impossible. At best, they will think that I will use them to protect myself and use them as a meat shield. Very far from the truth.

The rain of fire that is provoked after my order is truly a beautiful sight. Fireball after fireball, they keep throwing them and quite accurately. Most of them manage to enter the building and only a few hit the wall. The previous confident Chosen, are now fleeing, but it is too late. The spell cast by my magician is fast enough to reach them in a little more than a second. And that time match the slow reaction of the humans, due to their surprise. And finally, the first fireballs hit the cores.


WAOW! That was powerful! Previously, only a few holes were made on the wall, because of my acid orbs. Now, the entire façade is destroyed, and the building is crumbling. A very big hole has appeared and every human near the explosion has vanished, turned into ashes or even disappear completely. The weapon has the same fate. I knew that it was dangerous, but that dangerous? Well, it was apparently a lot of cores, so a chain reaction provoking the release of all their energies is possible. And therefore boom, no more Chosen.

(You don't have to worry about anything outside the underground, everyone is dead, even the two sentries on top of it. Well, they are not exactly dead, but they have at least five different energies in their bodies now. And that is not good for any races, except a few. So, three, two, one, one … one?)

What do you mean one?

Pchuit Pshuit

(There you go, they exploded. That was what I was waiting. Even you, actually, no, I have no idea. A normal ratman would die like those humans, but you, with your System, I can't know, just don't try it. You are absolutely fine as you are, don't need to risk everything just for something we don't even know if it is good for you.)

So you are saying that I should now go inside the underground base, any suggestion? Because while I beat their most powerful weapon, Krieg should have granted them something good.

(Well, like I said, watch out for the strange mutation and augmentation that every soldier have. But if you are at a good distance from them, you probably won't risk anything. And that's the problem, you will enter a real maze down there. So, I suggest that you put two skeleton magicians in the front, that way, if there is an ambush, they will face it first. And you, just stay with the main group behind.)

Ok, in the meantime, use spirit number one to check the different rooms where you can't see, you know those rooms where you supposed the Prophet was located. And if you find something dangerous, just a little warning.

(As usual.)

I order my skeletons to follow me inside the ruins. Following the indication of Oslo, I find the entrance to the basement. Unfortunately, it is blocked by many rocks. That explosion was too powerful, destroying the foundation of the base. I ask my undead servants to dig up and remove all the obstacles. But that takes time, so for nearly 30 minutes, I have to wait outside. By now, the effect of surprise is already over. For the followers of Krieg, those stones were the best thing that could happen. And I don't know why, but the skeletons seem a little weak? I don't know, but I think that the previous number one back in Atria could have work faster. Maybe when I created them I was thinking about a mage and not a strong warrior. It's my best guess.

Finally, the way is clear, but in the process, one of my skeletons died. He was pierced by dozens of bolts, and since he didn't have a shield or an armor, he was killed. That's not good. But that was expected, I should have just put a [Nightfall] in front of them. My bad, sorry number, seven, I think. Yes, it was number seven. I still have a little army in front of me, with a lot of Chosen and even strange hybrids. I should not take it easy like I am doing.

I can see the bottom of the stairs, without anything in sight. I, therefore, cast a wall of shadows to help us descend. The servants of Krieg keep firing once in a while, wasting ammo but preventing us from really advancing. I still don't have a magic shield, and my skeletons really only know fireball. Or do they? Number one, try to create something around you that can protect you from the bolt.

-Yes, master.

I see him concentrating and doing some weird hand gestures. Shortly after, I see one of those particles, meaning that he succeeds. It can cover the entire corridor, that's good. The next second two bolts go through my wall. The first is blocked by the shield, but the second breakthrough. Well, only stopping just one bolt is a little weak. Number one, create a smaller shield, but a stronger one.

-As you wish, master.

I see him create a very small shield around him, only 1 meter around him. That should be better than the previous large magic shield. I ask him to go near the bottom of the stairs, where a bolt can hit him. After that, we wait, not long. One bolt, nothing, two, nothing. More and more come crashing on his shield, and only at the 14th bolt do the shield disappear. That's very good, number one.

-Thank you, master.

Ok, listen up everyone, number one to five, you create the same shield that number one did. For the rest, you go in front of them, and when you are at the bottom, you cast fireball indefinitely. You just have to fire, not aim. A barrage will make some victims anyway.

After listening to my instructions, I can see them take the position. The good thing is, even if the followers of Krieg manage to break a shield, my skeletons will have enough time to cast it again before all the magic shields are down. So that's a perfect defense, coupled with a superior attack. I am very proud of you my skeleton magicians.

At the first rain of fireball, I can already hear some screams. But the counter-attack happens instantly. Dozens of bolts, flying toward my troop. Two shields are destroyed, but the rest is enough to prevent any casualty. And even if after each volley of the fireballs, my wall of darkness is destroyed, I just have to create it again. It costs me nothing, and the perfect synchronization of my undead servants means that the vision is always obstructed.

The situation remains the same for a few minutes. My side launching fireballs, their side firing bolts. But we have not a single injured, while I can always hear some screams from the other side of the wall. And the rate of fire of those crossbows is slowing down. A lot. After waiting for a minute without seeing anything leaving the darkness, I order my skeletons to stop. I remove the wall of darkness, only seeing an empty hall, filled with burn marks.

Laying on the ground, shields, weapons, and armors, all pretty much melted by the intense heat of the fireball. So we are victorious in this battle. But it was the first wave, with only some hunters, not the real deal. No berserker warriors, no Chosen, no hybrids. But I will stop right now, let's charge my numerous undead.


Yes, number one, what is it? I hope there are no problems?

-I have discussed with number ten and the others, and we are fearing that we are low in mana. We can't fight anymore. Especially battles like that, when we have to constantly use our spells.

So, you don't have infinite mana? Damn. I forget about that part. So ok, we will wait. That makes sense, I mean, I asked you a lot today. And you probably don't have a huge mana pool like me, or maybe you have a bigger. You don't have some numbers to give me right?

-No, master. I am sorry.

That's not a big deal. And for how long do we need to wait?

-Not a lot master, just three days.


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