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Chapter 25: Purification

I really thought that the drake would make it hard. I mean that's a cousin of a dragon and a dragon is supposed to be strong. Like supposed to be so strong that they can force dwarves out of their mountains or even burn entire villages. This, this one's a one-sided massacre. Besides the 2 or three death at the beginning the moment he entered the trap he was instantly slain. They destroyed his wings, he fell, he got immobilized, one human in armor split his brain in two with one swing of his axe. Done.

I mistook them for just really trained bandits but they are clearly more than just that. They are at least on the level of a special force. But what puzzled me is, were they here just for the drake? Because they took nearly everything inside, his heart, his lungs, huge vials of his blood but left the heavy scales and most of his skeleton. They even left their equipment, I can still see all the siege weapons, shields and grappling hooks. So they need to travel very quickly or will encounter something they can't deal with, with both the spoils of the drake kill and their equipment. That's a possibility since they came on foot, I didn't see any horses so they had to carry all of it on their shoulders. It was already heavy so leaving with it will slow them down.

Now that I thought how the hell they were carrying that. They are supermen. So I guess my failed attack last night was really a blessing. Because if they can do that, the chances that they are highly resistant to a lot of things like poisons or even diseases are too high for me. But they left the drake body so I can probably eat it. At least the rest of it.

They did a clean job; he only has his scales left. They even took a part of his tail and his damaged brain. What am I supposed to eat, not the thing that is supposed to block arrows easily I hope? I try to eat it, but damn the wood back in front of the undead cave was better. And it is hard to chew. It doesn't break. Ah, yes something is breaking, wait, no. I think that my teeth are breaking. No, better spit it out. Maybe I can try to recover a little bit of flesh on them. So yes, I can but, am I that pitiful to do it? I don't even know if my ability will work with that much. Better try it.

It worked, in grand total, I won 0.1 strength. But the good part is the fact that I am full HP once again. I knew that quantity is really important since I nearly needed to eat the all body of the lich to have the maximum effect. And I have evolved quite a lot, my strength is low compared to the other attributes but it is not that low. It's life sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. And I didn't lose anything here, at least I know that there is really a lot of very powerful organizations roaming around.

Maybe I can explore the fairy town, see if there is something still standing. And after walking for a bit, I see that they didn't go with just a diversion on those explosives. Everywhere I look, there is nothing not burned or torn apart. As for the fairies, I think they vanished because of the flames. I see none of them. The only thing not completely destroyed was the home of the drake. And probably because he protected it with his body. So let's do a little searching.

Ok, absolutely no gold so I am disappointed. But the ground is filled with small crystals. They even emit some kind of light and energy. That's probably the compensation of the fairies. They can probably be sold anywhere in the world for a hefty sum of gold. I supposed since even the drakes want a lot of it. But none of those previous bandits rushed to even grab one of them. And that's very strange. The only possible reason could be that those crystals are a local production. Maybe only there could they be harvested. And since one location has the monopoly, if someone sells it, he will be marked as a thief. Well, I don't mind that, let's harvest a little. Not a lot to prevent everyone from finding that some are missing, but enough to let me see what are they capable of doing.

After walking for nearly an hour toward the East again, I rest a little to analyze the crystals. First of all, they are blue with a little light inside. That light is of a lighter blue than the rest, I would say cyan-blue. Now let's hold on in my hand and try to see what it does. Nothing, and after 2 or 3 minutes? Still nothing. I check my attributes or even my skills and no changes. And If I try to absorb it. Since I am a mage, I think, I should be able to do that. Let's say the light is the mana inside, try to make go toward your hand and inside you. Absorption. Power. Infinite Power. No, doesn't look like it is working. So I have a bunch of useless rocks. Great.

I won't even try to eat it. Let an unknown thing enter your stomach is the best way to make it explode. Last thing possible I [Create Poison] on one of them. And there is finally a reaction. The crystal, from blue turn green and the light is now black. So it can contain the magic that I create. And what if I throw it? I target a tree with my crystal and manage to touch it. The spell is released with a much bigger effect than I thought. It looks like this crystal amplifies the spell inside. So what if I break one of the untouched crystals on a tree?

I try it and the tree doesn't look really changed at all. Still has leaves, not a single change of color. Guess the spell is not related to trees. Wait, now that I look closely, the tree looks better. Just better. More robust, stronger, healthier. That's it, it was probably used to heal the drake and improve them. That's why such a mighty being makes a deal with the fairies. So what about me?

I throw a crystal at my feet and instantly regret it. My all body begins to hurt me and the only thing that is working to prevent that pain is to activate my aura. After 10 seconds of intense pain, I look at my attributes, it got to be worth it. But no changes at all, so what happened? It is only after looking at my passive abilities that I realize the stupidity of myself. My previous [Plague Bearer lvl 6] [Poisonous Being lvl 6] are both level 4 now. But [Pain resistance] is level 7, great. Trying to purify a being that is entirely based on poison and disease. Nice thinking myself. It's like carrying a snowman in front of a fire.

But the good thing is, I now have a ranged weapon. Only twenty of it but more would have been suspect. With all the kills in the forest, both my [Create Poison] and [Create Disease] are level 10. So I infused equally my spell into the crystals. That way, if I am in a pickle, I can throw it like a smoke grenade. A deadly smoke grenade. After this strange incident, let's keep going, I really want to exit that forest.

(Too bad he quickly changed the essence of those crystals. If he had waited one more day, a fine spectacle could have been seen. And I think he just saved those Krieg's servants. About him, let's talk a little since it is quite boring recently.

There is 3 type of gods, in fact, there is a lot of types but they can be regrouped into 3. The ones in charge of the Nine Heavens, they are the boss, the kings of the kings. They totally deserve it.

After that, you have the lesser god like Aria, in charge of a world. If by a miracle, somewhere, a cult is formed and have enough followers, even if it is not the main religion of the world, a god would be created. For him to have the approbation and help of the Nine Heavens, he needs to overthrow the current god in charge by destroying his religion. When one god neither have a world given by the higher up or a religion, he disappears. It is the only reliable way to kill a god. If you lose your world but the Nine Heaven think highly of you, they can still give you a new world. But if you failed them repeatedly, you will be fired and left dying.

The final type of god is the one like that bastard Krieg. They are here to spice things a little. Their job is to try to destroy the religion inside the world their followers are. It looks like the job of a newly born god but in fact, Krieg and the other are tasked by the Nine Heaven for that. The answer of why they allow that and reward peace and security inside all the worlds at the same time. Well, the public reason is to promote and train the lesser gods. As for the not so public reason, it's is to ...)

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