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8.22% A Rattling Monster [Completed] (Editing in Progress) / Chapter 13: The underworld threat

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Chapter 13: The underworld threat

We are currently in an ancient time, compared to my life on Earth. That means cat and dogs can be tamed because they are useful. The first is the bane of all rodents and prevent disease spread by the rat or the mouse. The second is a guardian for home, one thief would think before sneaking into a house with a dog. So their presence was explained. But a domesticated bird at that time was a luxury that only rich, powerful and noble people could afford. And even if I am really small, infiltrate a castle and hoping that the owner is fond of birds is an absurdity.

Like in the forest, I couldn't really attack the birds and I had to redirect my frustration toward the eggs, who were defenseless. But I cannot just guard an egg and raise my own bloody bird. I have noticed only some pigeons, and they are really concentred near my observation point, or commonly called the church. Think, think, think. They are stupid and moronic pigeons. They think about two things, eating garbage and target an innocent bystander with their excrements. So I can bait them with food but what food? Probably bread, they love bread. At least they loved the elderly that gave them bread. So I have to find a baker. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Near the mansion, there was one. Still night, I can make it, dig a hole and return here before the sun is rising. And if during my travel I find a poor rat and I will gladly direct him toward the heaven. I hope there is a rat heaven. But I don't think that we have such luck. The baker is at 300 meters from the grid of the sewers. That distance would have taken me dozens of minutes before. Now in less than 5, I make it. I really want to know what is my speed attribute. No patrol in sight. This time it will be hard to transport the stolen bread. Before the blacksmith was directly near the sewers. Here, I have to walk in the moonlight and on the main street. But first, let's dig that hole.

As easy as the blacksmith one. Even if it takes some time, I make the hole a little bit bigger to allow more bread. Now, where are the waste? Even if he is really successful, there is always some unsold products. And there it is. How many should I take? Let's say, one loaf of bread is worth 10 pigeons. I would probably need at least 5 pigeons to experiment. That means I multiply this number by ten since I am not sure right now how will I capture those pigeons. That makes 5 pieces of bread.

I should carry them one by one. It's safer that way. Let's see if there is a patrol and no nothing. First bread is a success. The second one here i… STOP! Guards. If we can call those snails, a guard. Speed up please, not everyone has all night. They turned around the corner and I can finally carry the second. The third was a breeze. Fourth didn't pose any problem at all. I just need my final bread and …

Stomp stomp

What is this? Is a troll walking?

Heavier stomp

That comes from the baker bedroom. He sleeps at his working place. I didn't know that. But oh my god! That man is a beast. He is tall, like more than 2 meters in height. And that face, an ogre would be more beautiful. I did not regret saying that a troll was walking. Just seeing this man could make an army root. And he is just a baker. He looks perplexed like he is searching something. Maybe he heard me? No, I was silent how could he heard me.

"Whoever is here, just show yourself, if you didn't steal anything yet I will let you leave!"

Ok, he definitely heard me. Well farewell fifth bread, this rat has business far away from that monster. I hope the troll will not cause me problems. I only stole some defects anyway; I wonder what his face will be when he will understand that nothing was stolen. But because of him, there is one loaf of bread missing in my perfect plan. Well maybe I only need one bread but since I don't know my hunting capabilities, better be sure than sorry.

Now that I have carried my bait from the store to the sewer, I have to carry it again across the sewers toward the church. And this time I have to take everything with me. That was a miracle that during my thief, no rat has stolen something. That is really hard to carry. It's not heavy but it's too big to transport. What I wouldn't do for myself.

(As usual, such a weird scene could be seen near our hero. A rat was nearly juggling with four loaves of bread. If it was in a circus, the public would be conquered by this wonderful service. Maybe he can still convert himself into a circus freak. The intelligent rat, that would make a lot of sales.)

Finally, I am at the church, or under it. And the good news is, the sun is still not rising. I can see the sky turning blue but the humans are not awake. The pigeons should be asleep. So I can choose a spot and train myself. First, I have to use my iron stock to protect the 3 remaining bread while I hunt. I just bury the food under it and that should be sufficient. Now, bread number one, let's practice medicine. And for that, I need to go on the roof of the church. If I am on the ground, I could be spotted by an enemy. Then, I have to disperse the breadcrumbs around me. Yes, that's good. And finally, I need to be patient and don't move, like a statue.

I can see the sun now. The prey is getting closer. They have walked around me but didn't dare to approach before. And with each new pigeon joining the group, they are getting bolder and bolder. Their doubts are vanishing. Their stupidity amuses me. They should clearly see and understand that I am not a statue, that I am a living being. But they nonetheless keep approaching, for a little more food. They are now in the range of my arm. But I am more patient than them. Why attack for one, when you can wait for two. Shortly after, some unconscious birds are eating at my feet. I don't even need to jump. They thought that I was not a threat. But they were all wrong.

Quieeeek Quieeeek Qeik

The flock has fled, leaving two of his past members at my mercy. I took great care of not killing them, just stunning them. My original prediction crumble in front of the truth. It was a great underestimation of me and my power. I am clearly designed to accomplish great things in this world. And it starts with a simple objective. Understand how much damage I can inflict on a huge city like Ronta.

I take the two test subject with me and retreat to my hideout. Inside it, I gather around me something that can be used as restraints, like pieces of leathers, and put them on my two prisoners. After restraining both their claws and their wings, I separate them to avoid the contamination of both of them. To be sure and since the threat of rat seems to have been resolved, the distance between the two of them is one hectometer. On the first, I use [Create Poison]. When the first drop touches the unfortunate one, his all body begins to react. He shakes so much that his wings will break up. I probably squeeze the restraint too hard. Oh, he finally wakes up. It looks like he wants to scream but no sound leaves his beak. After a minute or two of intense pain, he stops moving. I think that he got a heart attack. But the experiment was a complete success. The most basic level can inflict terrible damage against weak bodies. Now, it is time to see the power of the disease.

Funny that the second pigeon didn't wake up. I should probably wake him. Since I don't know what symptoms will appear I won't understand everything if he dies in his sleep. I slap the poor prisoner on the face and that manages to wake him. He begins to scream like someone is slaughtering him. He is not wrong. I use [Create Disease] and like last time nothing happens. Even after waiting ten minutes, the bird looks fine. I begin to think that my power has limits. But, looking at the pigeon again, I notice that his once clear eyes are beginning to look dull and obscure. He is blind now. After his eyes, his tongue begins to change. It already has three times the volume of a normal one. And its color is turning dark. Blue veins are appearing on his all body. His feathers are falling. His respiration is getting shorter, jerky. He has a hard time breathing at this point. I don't even have to look at time to know that he will die in less than a minute. One moment he is still breathing, the next his body is convulsing and he is desperately trying to catch the surrounding air. But it is already too late, the disease has done its job.

Two experiments and two wonderful successes. One is a brutal and quick killing machine while the second is targeting the senses in the first place. So if I plan a delayed attack I can create a wind of disease that no one will notice. And in the middle of the fight, when the bodies are already tainted by this sorcery and the first symptoms are visible, then I spread my poison. For this, I need more test subjects. I still have 3 more bread. Maybe I can level up the two spells before I run out of it.

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