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Chapter 31: Damn My Luck!


Except for certain subspecies, all of their kin is a vile group that thirsts for nothing but destruction and conquest without any possibility for negotiation as similar to the Demons on Earth.

Everywhere they went, chaos goes with them. Everyone they meet ends up being annihilated. Only very few beings are exempted to this kind of treatment or had the means to survive such ordeal. It only takes a very short time to be at odds with them and that usually results to disasters and lives being at stake.

It could be said that these beings are the greatest enemies of most species.

They mainly live in demonic realms that usually have a connection to a world that they consider as their prey. They would conquer this world with all their power and make it their new home. Thanks to their great might, many worlds and even dimensions succumb to their rule.

In fact, one of the reasons that Nex was summoned to Perias dimension was because a small world there was about to be destroyed by demons and he was tasked to help in the fight.

It all started from that task and Nex, throughout the many years he spent in Perias, have found himself fighting and killing an absurd amount of Demon-kin.

From the lowest ranked Demons to their ruling species of Devils and finally, the one standing at the top, the Devil King, they have all been seen and fought with by Nex.

'I didn't think that I would have to fight with these annoying things again so soon. They sure have missed me so much.'

Nex cursed his bad luck as he entered the battlefield with amazing speed and chopped off the heads of two demons that were about to kill a Dwarf.

'I mean, come on! The chance of meeting demon-kin in low-level areas is miniscule. About point zero, zero, zero, zero, one chance, I think. And that's just a humble estimate. It should be in the negatives, to be totally honest.'

He moved through the battlefield and easily killed any demon that he passed by. These demons were luckily in their mid-First Awakening with most of them being Normal or Rare ranked, thereby posing no challenge to Nex at all.

'I need to find some Luck increasing items. Maybe that will do some help and let me avoid these ugly creatures. Oh, and scammers too. Yeah. I desperately need luck to avoid those especially.'

He aimed his hand at a zone where a large number of Demons were congregated at and issued a chant.

"[Mana Art : Spreading Shots]"

Numerous spinning bullets made of mana were shot from Nex's gloved-hand and accurately pierced through each of the Demons' foreheads. They were all dead in an instant.

Just like that, Nex easily killed over half of the demons in just a few short moments.

But he wasn't done yet.

'[Intermediate Enchantment]'

Turning around and swinging his sword, he was able to not only block a sword attack from an Elite ranked Demon but also cut through the Demon's sword and head. It was dead with just a single move.

Its falling body was totally ignored by Nex as he had already moved on to his next target which was another Elite ranked demon that was slain in no time.

The entire battlefield had been going on and Nex's intrusion was initially not noticed by either side. It was after he had obliterated half of the Demon's population that they were able to see him and recognize the impact of his addition to the battle.

Demons and Dwarves alike were shocked and for a while they were like on auto and were just brandishing their swords at the opponents they were facing. It wasn't until Nex had disposed of his second Elite ranked that they were able to wake up from their stupor.

The two remaining Elite ranked Demons started fleeing upon realizing that they would face their doom if they didn't make a run for it. They even dropped their weapons as if their speed would be hindered if they continue to hold on to them.

This made their subordinates terrified and they too started going back to where they came from. The Dwarves cheered when they saw the tides were turned and their supposed demise would not happen.

Strangely enough, Nex didn't chase after the demons and just waited until they were distanced from the Dwarves. When this happened, he strengthened his legs with mana and like a cannonball, he flew from the ground and went right above the escaping Demons. Once there, he aimed his hand and activated the power from his earring.

'[Earth Manipulation]'

Countless of sharp and long spikes came out of the ground and pierced through all of the Demons. They were as if aimed at each Demon's vitals that resulted to their instantaneous deaths.

It was a scene that was cut from any hell.

The Dwarves could only stare with their mouths agape. This kind of massacre was so mind-blowing that they were stunned and only their eyes can make movements as they follow the silver-haired man.

He jumped in mid-air and landed in front of them. He then brought the bag on his back in front of him, presenting it to them.

"Excuse me. I came to deliver the magic stones that you have ordered."

Yes. Just like a normal pizza delivery guy, he presented the goods as though he hadn't committed mass murder just a few moments ago.


"Here, the proof for the completion of the mission."

An old Dwarf handed Nex a signed letter with a wry face.

"Now, can we please talk about the crisis that my home is currently facing?"


Nex took the letter and examined it closely. He spent a few more minutes perusing the document before he nodded and hid it in his inventory.

"Yeah, sure. What is the problem?"

'Finally, he is willing to listen!'

The old Dwarf sighed and then started talking about the situation.

"It all started yesterday. While we were mining in the mountains nearby, we found a cave and suddenly Demons started flooding out of it. At first, we were able to fend them off and call for help. But as time passed by, the Demons got stronger and their numbers grew that we were forced back to the entrance of the Settlement."

"And about getting help?"

This should be the logical step the Dwarves should have taken and Nex is curious about it.

The old Dwarf shook his head.

"We couldn't succeed in doing that. They have some sort of device that blocks communication signals in the area. When we found out about it, we sent a messenger to call for help. It was only a few hours ago and at the pace that the messenger is going; we won't be getting any help for the next few hours."

Nex closed his eyes shortly after getting his answers.

'Communication blocker? Although weak, there is indeed something that blocks signals from going in and out of this area.'

He sighed as he opened his eyes.

"I understand the situation now. Very well. Tell me the direction of the mine so I can go there and take a look. Seeing the level of the Demons, I should be able to hold them off until the help arrives."

The old Dwarf looked at him with eyes sparkling with hope.

"Really? You would do it for us?"

"Sure. Why not?"

He sighed again and his thoughts run off again.

'Now that I think about it, I ran into situations like this one all the time back in Perias.'

Although he was a little depressed about this line of events, he still wasn't cold-hearted enough to decline the Dwarves' request for help; even more so now that his emotions are unsealed once again.

"Thank you very much! As the head of this Settlement, I will remember your kindness. I and my race will forever be thankful for such a kind-hearted human as you."

The old Dwarf bowed his head in gratitude.

"Fine. Fine. Stop saying it like I am about to die and just give me the directions of the mines already!"


"Head, are you sure it's okay to allow this man to go on his own?"

One of the young Dwarves asked the old Dwarf as Nex's back was seen disappearing towards the way to the mine. This question was in every Dwarf's mind.

"You are still young. Did you not see the badge he showed to prove his identity?"

The young Dwarf remembered but it only strengthened his hesitance towards Nex.

"It was a single star badge of the Adventures Guild, wasn't it? But that only means that he has the strength of First Awakening! Even though he showed great strength for his level, he couldn't possibly hold all of those Demons off! There were even signs of Boss ranked there!"

"I see that you didn't look close enough. What was the star color?"

"It was silver but so what? That probably means that he is a special member and most likely related to someone with status, judging by his looks and number of magic equipment. Besides, I heard him say that the mission he came here to do was his first mission! Can he really handle it on his own?"

He was resolute with his reasoning that the rest of the Dwarves were showing signs of agreeing with him. This Dwarf's argument was reasonable too so some of them were even nodding their heads.

"You fools! Did mining and crafting all day clog your brains?! The Adventures Guild was never a biased place and never will it be! There is only one way to get silver grading straight on registration and that is by showing battle capability and experience surpassing one's current awakening."

The usually calm old Head suddenly became furious and berated the young ignorant Dwarf.


"People like that truly exist?!"

"Furthermore, a Traveler! Didn't he start from being an Unawakened just a few days ago?!"

Incredulous whisperings ran throughout the place. They were all in disbelief upon hearing their Head's explanation. The old Dwarf can only shake his head with regards to the naiveté of his populace.

"Now you understand why I allowed him to go on by himself?"

The old Head explained and looked towards the mines and murmured in a voice that only he could hear.

"Although he shouldn't have a problem dealing with those levels of Demons, why do I keep on having a bad feeling?"


"Weird, there should have been more Demon-kin."

Nex scanned his surroundings as he made his way towards the mines. Luckily, there was only a single road in and out of the mine and the rest was blocked by high mountains. If he should meet Demons, it is only through this road but strangely enough, he met none.

"They are probably planning something that will bring me headaches. Why is everyone fond of doing that? Don't they realize how annoying it can be?"

He furrowed his brows, sighed and increased his pace.

Soon enough, he heard several sounds of steps along with raspy and slightly deep voices that are common for most low and mid-ranked Demons coming from behind the corner of the road. Although these voices were talking in Superbia Demon Language, Nex has no troubles in discerning them.

"What is taking those bastards so long?"

"Those weak Dwarves couldn't possibly stand against them. Those fools probably stayed to have a meal."

"Those idiots! Couldn't they control themselves? The captain's orders were to kill the Dwarves and immediately return! They will be lucky if they don't get tortured for that!"

"Enough! We should increase our pace and get those weaklings back before they get out of the device range and attract unwanted attention."

The last statement was voiced out with authority and strength. It wasn't like the three previous ones who spoke casually.

"Yes Sir!"

'What a bunch of gossipy ladies. So they are only a group that came to call back the attackers of the Settlement. But there seems to be someone with capability among them. I should get some information.'

At the next moment, he moved from where he was and ran to where the voices came from at a speed that didn't allow the Demons to react. Before they knew it, he was in front of them.

[One-Horned Imp(Elite) LV : 18]

[One-Horned Imp(Elite) LV : 19]

[One-Horned Imp(Elite) LV : 20]

They were surrounding someone large.

[Two-Horned Imp(Elite - Boss) LV : 21]

"What! How did this human get---"

Without letting him talk any further, Nex chopped the head of the One-Horned Imp that was standing at the front.

Almost immediately, he moved his head to the side and dodged a fist that came from the Two-Horned Imp.

"Now, it's my turn."

Nex streamed mana to his fist and punched back at him.

'[Advanced Enchantment]'



The Demon was blasted back a few meters.

Without letting the other two Imps recover from the shock of their leader being hit like that, Nex quickly disposed both of them in one swift motion.

And just like that, in a few short seconds, Nex was done with the One-Horned Imps and managed to cause injury to the Two-Horned one.

But even though it took a strong attack, the Two-Horned Boss still stood up and charged at Nex.

With an indolent expression, Nex swiped his leg the moment the Imp got close enough and threw it off balance, causing it to fall on its back. Before it can even hit the ground, Nex stabbed his sword through its right chest and nailed it to the ground.


Nex disregarded the Demon's cry and with one leg stepping on its left hand, he came closer and asked in a language that made the Imp terrified.

"What are the goals that your superiors hope to achieve here?"

"H-how does a human know the Devil's Innate Language?"

The Imp shook in terror as Nex's voice caused a primal fear in him to raise. It was the language that only Devils can use! Itself was a Demon but dares not use such language! And yet, a normal human is using it fluently!

"I won't ask again so you better tell me what you are doing in those mines."

"I-I can't say!"

"Is that so?"

The Imp was frightened to stuttering while Nex's tone was cold. He then said a chant.


The blade of Nex's sword began to turn white from heat and scorched the flesh that surrounded it. It made the Demon that supposedly had superior healing and durability scream in pain.

"Argh! Okay! I'll tell! I'll tell!"

The agony it felt caused the Demon to give up in just a short time.

"Good. Now talk."

Recovering for a moment, the Imp dared to not delay any further and opened his mouth.

"Our plan is to open a gate for---"

He suddenly froze in place.


Nex pulled his sword and jumped back. The Imp's body began to combust and burn in black flames.

"[Soul Seal] huh?"

Seeing the black flames, Nex didn't need to know the rest of the Imp's words to know what their plan is.

The ability to put a seal like this one on a Demon can assure what kind of being is behind it.

Nex couldn't stop himself from frowning and complaining.

"Damn my luck! They are planning on summoning a Devil."

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