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10.38% A Returnee Wants to Play VRMMO / Chapter 8: First Boss

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Chapter 8: First Boss

"Well, I sure hope that he will receive those cores instead of the ones I need to give," sighed Nex as he throws the 30th [Big Slime core] into his inventory.

For the last two hours, Nex hunted Big Slimes till he "fulfilled" the demand of the quest he was supposed to do, thanks of all of that hunting he Leveled to Level 3,12% and earned a grand total of 9 silver, now he there is only one thing he wanted to do before going back to the city.

"Let's hope that the large one over there will drop something else besides core and money, Rare rank my a*s!"

Since he was disappointed in the capability of the so-called "Rare-rank monsters", Nex decided to now challenge the boss of the area, the King Slime!

Instead of making the monster attack and then kill with a counter like usual, this time Nex charged directly at the monster with the intent to attack it head-on.

And instead of rush at it attacker like a Big Slime, the King Slime stayed in place without moving, a thing which Nex reacted to like he was expecting that and continued his rush without showing sign of stopping.

But suddenly in the minute that Nex entered the 4-meter radius of the monster, the slime shot out of him at blinding speed tentacles which attacked Nex from various angles.

All while still advancing forward, Nex dodged and parried back in a speed that shouldn't be possible for someone with his stats. And as he reached less than 1.5-meters from the slime he swung his sword diagonally.

"[Partial Enchantment]"

[Congrtulations! You've created a skill]

As these words left his mouth, the sword edge shined and for a split of a second seemed to look not like it made of plain wood but of searing steel.

But, immediately after the sword passed through the King Slime body, the gap made by the sword seemed to regenerate back to its former state as it seems that the attack didn't reach the core.

After being healed of the attack the slime began to shake as if it is angry, and countless of tentacles came out of it with the intent to kill Nex.

But instead of being worried about this situation, Nex just strapped his sword back and crossed his hands as if waiting for something.

"Maybe I should find something more threatening than a slime."

The moment he finished to say these words, just before he was hit from the tentacles, the King Slimed froze. And slowly a thin line was stretched across the slime and the slime-along with its core was separated into two equal half.


You are the first one to both kill and solo a Rare-rank Boss!

You have received 10 Gold!

You have received 100 Fame!

You have received The Title "Who Said I Can't?"

Would you like to announce your name? (you can put a nickname)]

"A nickname huh?"*Smirk*


[World Announcement: The player "Everyone else is a Noob" is the first to both kill and solo a Rare-rank Boss, Congratulation!]

[World Announcement: The player "Everyone else is a Noob" is the first to both kill and solo a Rare-rank Boss, Congratulation!]

[World Announcement: The player "Everyone else is a Noob" is the first to both kill and solo a Rare-rank Boss, Congratulation!]

Few seconds after this announcement was released, players all over the game became shocked.

"Soloing a Rare Boss just a few hours after the start of the game!? And what the hell is this nickname!? He is asking for a beating!?"

"Hurry and find who it is! Our guild can't give up on this kind of player!"

"He must be cheating! I couldn't defeat a normal monster that is Rare rank!"

"Dude from above maybe it is because you are too weak(LOL)."


Not caring about the mess commotion he just caused, Nex took a look at his loot and new title he just earned.

["Who Said I Can't?"(Excellent-Higher)


10% in all stats if against a Boss that is at Rare rank.

An additional 5% for every rank above Rare.

Another 10% if the Boss is at least 5 levels higher.

Note: for all those who said it is impossible, what about now?]

"Quite useful if I was going to mainly fight in this game," after saying that he passed his gaze to his loot.

+3 Silver


[King Slime Core(Excellent-Higher)


"Well that is expected," said Nex, he then looked at the ring that was dropped.

[King Slime Ring(Excellent-Higher)

Level: 5

All Stats + 3

Mana + 4

Regenerate 1 MP every 3 seconds]

"Not too shabby, too bad I can't wear it now."

Item grades divided into 9 ranks, Normal, Excellent, Superior, Unique, Legend, Epic, Mythical, Demigod, and Divine. In addition, items can have "Higher" in their grade which means their quality is almost at the level of a rank above it, but, these items cannot be gotten from a normal monster. In addition, to drop brand new Items the monster has to be a Boss monster so that you can't get a perfect-condition Item from any monster you hunt.

After Nex put the loot into his inventory, he turned back to the village.

"It's time to go back for now."


Arriving back to the village Nex walked to the alchemy shop where(through a recommendation of Dorothy) he got the quest to hunt and get 30 [Small Slime cores].

*Doorbell Ringing*

"We do not sell health potions-, Oh It's you, did you bring the cores?"

At the shop stood a slightly-disheveled middle-aged that was busy examining a strange herb, it was the owner of the store and the one who gave Nex the quest.

Hearing the question Nex smiled wryly.


The middle-aged man brows furrowed, "what do you mean by "kinda"?"

"Well," Nex scratched the back of his head, "there were too many people hunting the small ones, so I instead hunted the bigger ones." as he said this he passed a [Big Slime core] to the man.

"This is… a [Big Slime core]! and how it is perfectly cut into two pieces! None of its essences has vanished! Even with special tools, I have a low chance of doing that!"

The moment the alchemist saw the core his eyes lit up and he immediately snatched it from Nex hands and begun to examine it with a zealous gaze.

Seeing the reaction of the man, Nex smiled and said, "if you want, I have more of those."

Hearing Nex words, the alchemist whipped his head at his direction, "more?"

*Smirk* "Yes, including the one in your hands I have about 30 cores like that. And in addition, this little thing." said Nex as he pulled a certain item from his inventory and showed it to the man.

*gasp* "A [King Slime core]"

But before the alchemist reach it, Nex put the core away, "so what do you say do you receive these cores instead of the ones that I was supposed to bring, or I should go to another-"

"I do! I do!"

*Smile get thicker* "Just what I wanted to hear."

[Quest update!

Old Quest: Bring 30 [Small Slime cores]

New Quest: Bring 30 [Big Slime cores] and 1 [King Slime core]

Quest completed! Please give the items to the quest giver!


15 Silver coins

A medium amount of EXP

For more reward talk with Bruno(the alchemist)]

"So, Bruno, don't you think 15 Silver is too cheap compared to what I'm about to give you?" Nex asked while playing with a much larger core than the one he gave to Bruno.

"T-t-the [King Slime core]!!" Bruno stuttered while staring at the core in a trance.

Seeing that he didn't hear, Nex spoke again, this time louder, "so? Do you have something to give or…" he moved his hand to put the core back.

"Yes! Yes! I have something!" said Bruno and ran to the back of the store.

After a few noises of doors opening and things falling, the alchemist came back while holding a small and ominous looking potion bottle, "although its side effect is a little severe, it can prove to save lives at a crucial moment and can be worth quite a lot."

"Hmm, let's see," Nex took the bottle and inspected its details.

[OverBurst(Excellent - Higher)

Restore all wounds and MP and for five minutes all stats doubled and 2% MP will regenerate every 3 seconds.

Side Effects: for the 3 hours after, all stats are halved and the player will experience extreme pain if the player is playing in Professional and Master modes. If the player is in beginner mode then he will have difficulty moving his limbs.

(Useable until level 10 only)]

"It should indeed sell for quite some money, especially at this stage of the game." Nex nodded and then passed the cores to Bruno, "here you go."

Without even waiting for Nex to extend his hand, Bruno immediately took the core and studying them one by one as if they're jewels.

[Quest Completed!


+15 Silver coins

A medium amount of EXP

1XOverBurst(Excellent - Higher).]

[Level Up!]


"T-this! All of them really are without having their essences leaking or damaged! Just how did you..." he then turned his head to Nex who was already on his way to the exit of the store, he finally was noticed the weapon that was strapped to Nex's waist, "don't tell you did that with a wooden sword!?"

Without turning around Nex said while exiting the store, "I long since stopped to cut using just a weapon."

matanman matanman

open to any review and will be open to questions on my di*cord channel:

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