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12.98% A Returnee Wants to Play VRMMO / Chapter 10: Getting Ambushed

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Chapter 10: Getting Ambushed

Contrary to his earlier walk to the village that only took a bit more than 15 minutes, his return to the forest is taking Nex over 20 minutes and he is only half way there.

The reason for this was that instead of going straight like before, Nex now goes through a more complicated and twisted road. This routine continues for a few more minutes until Nex stopped at a small area where only low-leveled monsters like level 2 [Horned Rabbit] are present. After pretending to look around to check that no one is there, Nex begins to hunt a monster in a clumsy-like manner as if it is his first time using a sword.


Staring with contempt at this scene from the shadows, DarkBlade sneered and turned back to his leader with annoyance, "Leader why did we have to follow this noob for so long? We could have just ambushed him when he leaves the village and then force him to give up his ring and tell us where he got it."

The leader, DarkCaptain, shook his head and said, "And if he doesn't say? It will take too much time to force him to tell us. By then, the value of what we could earn will decrease. Other than that, the reason why I insisted on following him was that he would lead us to the secret that he is hiding but now..?"

He then stared once again at the player who swung his weapon at the monster like a 3-year-old and snorted, "Hhmph! It seems that I overestimated him. He is just an idiot who doesn't know the limits of his capacity. Judging by his amateurish movements that are very much contradictory to his decision of selecting the Master mode, he is nothing but a fool. Let's take his ring and whatever other things he has and get back to leveling. The last thing I want is to fall back too much."

Hearing his words, DarkBlade and the rest of the gang grinned with evil intent and began to spread around the area of the oblivious player.


After a minute of struggling against the small monster, Nex finally manage to land a hit that killed it.

While he was ducking to pick-up the loot, he suddenly heard a whistling sound and immediately rolled to the side, avoiding an arrow that hit where he was just at.

"Oh? You actually managed to dodge that?" The ridicule in the voice could be heard clearly.

Standing up, Nex looked at the direction of the voice and saw a man holding a large sword. Behind him was an archer who was using a longbow. He looked around and saw 2 more people. Another warrior and a mage, both at his rear. This warrior just crossed his arms and had an air of dignified arrogance around him. 'So, that's the leader.'

Smiling, Nex started to dust off his pants, "Honestly, I didn't think I would attract that many people at once. But oh well.." He leaned to the side, dodging and doing a motion as if catching something in front of him.


Suddenly a dagger-wielding thief appeared at the side of Nex that had his wrist held by him. Just as the thief began to react, Nex swung his wooden sword that was surrounded by a glowing aura, and at the next moment, the thief's head fell to the ground.

"Luckily, five is my favorite number."

The group was stunned into silence for a second. It took another one for them to wake up from their stupor.

"You bastard!"

"How did he do that!?"

"Quickly attack him!"

Upon hearing the command which probably came from their leader, the group began to move. The two warriors started to charge at Nex from both his back and the front; the archer began to aim his bow while the mage started to chant.



The warrior who was charging at the front of Nex saw him flick his hand. Afterwards, he then heard strange voices coming from behind him where the archer was. Turning around, he froze as he saw the archer holding his own neck while a hunting knife stuck deep inside his jugular. He turned to stare at Nex with shock, 'Oi oi, first decapitating using a wooden sword and now this!? What's the deal with this dude!?' He hastily shook those thoughts out as he saw his leader was about to clash with Nex and resumed charging.

The second warrior from the rear arrived where Nex was at and swung his weapon diagonally at him. "Oh? So that's the so-called swordsmanship skill of the system? Slightly better than I thought.." As he said those words, Nex easily dodged the warrior's attack although there was a clear difference in stats, "But," he swung his sword at the warrior's wrist. Once again, it glowed at its edges and the wrist was cut off cleanly from the warrior's body.

"It's still too early to be counted as something."


"A Professional player, I see. Don't worry I will take care of you after I finish with the other two."

The first warrior from the front immediately launched an attack as soon as he arrived at the spot where Nex and his Leader clashed. Coincidentally, the mage from the rear had just finished chanting his spell and coordinated his attack with the warrior.



Seeing the sword about to hit him and the fireball coming from above, Nex just sighed, "Sheesh, so disorganized." He lightly stepped to the side effortlessly, dodging the warrior sword. He then kicked him in the back of the knee, throwing him off balance.


Ignoring the warrior's surprise, Nex grabbed him by the nape and threw him upwards, where the fireball was rapidly descending.



Seeing his comrade exploding like that and realizing that he was next, the mage turned and run as fast as he could. Before he managed to get far, he heard a voice in his ears and his vision began to darken as something went down his throat.

"They expect the mage to be the strongest, but they don't teach them how to use their power properly."

Nex pulled his sword out of the mage's throat. It gradually stopped glowing that when he swung it to the side to shake off the blood, it reverted back to its original modest wooden state.

The moment the warrior was thrown into the air, Nex had already began moving towards the mage. And because of the obvious difference in physical stats, Nex caught up to him after a few seconds and stabbed his throat.

He then looked at the corpse that slowly began to turn into light particles. Players in the game will be like this when they die and will continue to be in this state for 10 minutes. If the player didn't revive during this time, they could only respawn back at the city after they lose some EXP and their equipment will drop. In addition, they will get a 12-hour real-time ban.

"Well, now that we are done with that, let's go to the less fun part," Nex began dragging the mage's corpse back to the clearing where the fight was originally at. There is still someone waiting for an interrogation.


Arriving at the clearing after a few minutes, Nex threw the corpse of the mage to where the thief's corpse was and then stared at whom he guessed to be the leader of the party.

The warrior from the rear who got his hand cut off is now lying pitifully on the ground, groaning in pain while blood constantly flowed out from the stump.

"Well, I can't ask questions with you like that," Nex crouched and pressed a few pressure points with mana-covered fingers.

Gradually, the bleeding halted and he also stopped making wretched sounds. It appeared as though he had fainted but color could be seen returning to his face after just a few moments.

Seeing this Nex lightly slapped his face, "Don't pretend, I know that you're awake."

Knowing that he has no other choices, the man opened his eyes, "What are your questions?"

Without kicking around the bush, Nex opened his mouth, "Why did you come after me?"

Hearing his question the man snorted, "You seriously don't know? It is obviously because of the ring that you're wearing!"

Nex looked at his ring confused, "Because of this cheap thing? You just need to hunt a Boss to get this thing."

Hearing Nex's words the man became incensed, "Cheap thing? Just hunt a Boss!? Don't tell me…! You're the one who soloed the Rare Boss!?"

Nex nodded, "Yes, why?"

The man turned even angrier, "Joking with me huh? Never mind, even if you are so strong, because of what you just did, our guild will turn your life to hell-"

"No longer useful words I see? Then off you go." Not letting the man finish his words, Nex swung his sword lightly and cut the man's head off.

After finishing with that, Nex looked around.

"Now, for the loot."


"Damn it!"


DarkCaptain threw the game helmet on the ground. Never was he and his team got defeated by a single man like that. The shame and anger almost made him go crazy! That man has toyed with them as if they had no way to retaliate.

Despite the rage he felt, he took a deep breath and tried to calm himself as much as he can. He then picked up his phone and dialed a number. After a few beeps, the call got picked up.

"Hello? Leader? I found the player "Everyone Else is a Noob", he is in my Village."

"Oh? Tell me everything."

After telling his leader his version of the events, DarkCaptain hung up the phone and looked outside and said grimly.

"It doesn't matter if you are him or not, you did a grave mistake by offending me and my guild."

matanman matanman

Author: matanman Proofreader: bet2z.


open to any review and will be open to questions on my di*cord channel:

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