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100% A Saiyan in the Fairy Tail Guild / Chapter 4: A Serious Talk, Subjugation, And A Date!!

Read A Saiyan in the Fairy Tail Guild - Chapter 4 online

Chapter 4: A Serious Talk, Subjugation, And A Date!!

Master: Alright let's talk.

Ryu: What do you want to talk about?.

Master: It is about your magic, i do not understand, how can you use magic when i can't sense magic within you ?

Ryu: Oh that is what you wanted to know!?, sure let me explain I don't use magic I use Ki, Ki is the life force that is within everyone and everything I am able to harness that energy and be able to create attacks called Ki blast as you have seen.

Master: But how are you able to harness this energy?

Ryu(inner thoughts): should I tell him the truth?. I know he is a person I can trust, so think it will be.

Ryu: It is because I am not human. I am a different species but very similar I am called a saiyan, the main difference between humans and saiyan's is that a Saiyan has a tail like this-

* I Unwrap my tail from my waist and begin to wave it around*

Master:Ahhh- I-I see, this is quite a shock to think there is a whole different sub species of humans that exist.

Ryu: Don't worry I am the only one left in this world, there are no others I have confirmed this.

Master: Oh I am sorry to hear that.

Ryu: Don't worry it's not like it's your fault besides I think it is for the best to only have one we are too dangerous, and we are too strong this is for the best.

Master: I see so that Is why you are able to control this power, this is something humans can't do like how you can't do magic nor have a origin.

Ryu: Yes I am glad you understand me and what I am and I think you understand to not tell anyone right?.

Master: Of course I will not tell anyone else this is a private matter between us two.

Ryu: Thank you master, please do not tell anyone unless I give you permission.

Master: Don't worry so much you can trust me.

Ryu: Is there anything else you would like to ask ?

Master: No that is all I needed to know my boy you are free to go

Ryu: Uhh master I have nowhere to stay do you know where I can stay for the night, I plan to get my own place tomorrow.

Master: Yes you can spend the night in the infirmary

Ryu: Thank you master have a good Night

Master: You too Ryu Good Night

* I walk over to the infirmary and go to sleep*

*The next day*

Ryu:*hraaaaaaaaarrhh* Ok I guess it is time to get a request so I can get enough money for a house today let's go see the board.

*leaves the infirmary and walks over to the request board* Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href="!!_37627065297591311">!!_37627065297591311</a> for visiting.

Ryu:Hmmm what request to take?

Mira: Hey Ryu how are you this morning?

Ryu:My morning is good and what a pleasant surprise seeing a beauty this early in the morning.

Mira(blushing):Umm- what are you planning on doing today ?

Ryu: Go on a request then maybe take up your offer to see the tailor, it that is ok with you ?

Mira(Even darker red blush):Sure I would like to take you out, also since I am also looking for a request how about you and me do a request together?.

Ryu: Sure I am fine with that so which one do you think we should do you ?

Mira: How about this one, monster subjugation for 2 million Jewels ?

Ryu: Sounds good to me let's get it registered by the master.


Ryu: Master! Me and Mira Are going to take this quest ok?

Master: Sounds good see you both soon!

Ryu: Mira are you ready?

Mira: Yes I am!

Ryu: Alright I am going to teleport us to the location! so give me your hand.

Mira(blushing): A-Alright!

I then teleport me and Mira to the person who made the request front door.


Ryu: Hello we are from the Fairy tail guild and we came for the monster subjugation mission.

*Door Opens*

???: Pleasure to meet you both I am the one who made the request please come on in I shall give you inform you about it.

Ryu so what can you tell us about the monster?

Requester: Yes it is a underwater beast that we recently found when me and my family whent for a swim in a nearby lake.

Ryu: I see can you take us to that lake?

Requester: Yes of course!

*He then guides us to the lake*

Requester:And here we are!

Ryu: Alright Mira I am going to launch it out of the water and when it comes up can you finish it off?

Mira: Alright sounds like a plan!

Ryu: Alright here we go!

*Ryu then dove underwater to find the beast*

Ryu(thinking):Their it is!

*The beast was a giant Hydra*

Ryu(thinking): Alright let's get rid of you!

*Ryu then uses his ability to fly to increase his speed in the water and goes underneath*

Ryu: GALIC GUN!!!!

*The purple energy beam hits the hydra in the center of it's body launching out of the water seriously injuring it*

*Ryu than follows the beast out of the water*

Ryu: Mira Finish it off!!!

Mira: I got this, Takeover Magic! Satan Soul!

*Mira then transform into her satan soul form*

Mira:Soul extinction!

A dark ball of magic appears in her hand and launches it at the Hydra instantly killing it with nothing left of it to remain.

Ryu: Nice one Mira! We make a good team!

Mira(Blush): Ya we do make a good team we should do this again some time!

Ryu: Agreed!

Requester:Thank you for getting rid of that beast and here is your reward 2 million jewel just as promised.

Ryu: Here you go Mira 1 million for you and 1 Million for me even split!

Mira: What you should get more you did most of the work!

Ryu:No because you are the one who killed it, and I want you to have it ok?

Mira(blushing):When you put it like that how can I say no!

Ryu: Good, Now how about you take me to the tailor that we talked about before?

Mira: Sure let's go back to Magnolia.

*I then teleport us back to the front of the guild*

Ryu: Alright where is this tailor you where talking about at?

Mira:Right let me show you the way!

*I then grab Mira's hand*

Ryu:Alright let's go!

Mira(Blushing):Yes let's go!

*She then took me a couple of blocks away from the guild*

Villager1: Isn't that Mira the demon?

Villager2: Who is that guy with her?

Villager3: Do you think that is her boyfriend?

Villager4: They look so cute together!

As this is all happening Mira is just standing there with her blush getting redder and redder as each comment is said, And with the last comment steams started coming out of her ears and repeat in a low voice.


Ryu: Are you alright Mira?Are you sick here let me see your forehead!

*Ryu then puts his forehead on Mira awakening her from her shock*

Mira(Blushing):I-I I'm ok don't worry!

Ryu: Are you sure?

Mira: Yes I am fine let's just go in!

Ryu:Alright but I am still worried about your health because I would feel responsible because I made you go on a request with me.

When Mira hear this she was in shock because no one other than her brother and sister treated her like a girl and she is very happy about it her heart starts beating faster and faster while she is looking at Ryu.

Mira(thinking): What is this feeling? Why is my heart beating so fast? Is this Love? Am In love with Ryu?

*Ryu Smiles at Mira*

Ryu: Come let's go!

*Ryu then drags Mira inside*

Ryu: Hello I was wondering if you stitch a insignia on my clothes?

Tailor: Yes what and where do you want it?

Ryu: I want the fairy tail guild logo in two places, 1 I want it at the lower left side of my torso that is medium size, 2 in the center of the back of the torso.

Tailor:ok hand over the shirt please!

Ryu: Right here

Ryu takes off his shirt revealing his ripped body causing Mira to stare at his ripped body making her blush grow even more and in a deeper shade than ever before.

Mira(thinking): Wow he is so hot look at those muscles he must have trained so much to get a body like this.

Ryu releases that Mira is staring at him and he gets a slight blush on his face.

*After a couple of awkward minutes*

Tailor: Here is your new fairy tail shirt!

Ryu: Thank you here is your payment!

Tailor:Thank you come again!

Ryu then puts back on his shirt causing Mira to awaken from her staring then blushes even harder after realizing what she was doing for the last couple of minutes.

Ryu: Hey Mira?

Mira: Y-yes?

Ryu: I was wondering if you want to go out on a date with me for the rest of the day?

Mira is in shock about the suddenness of the question but after some thought she said yes

Mira: Yes, so what do you want to do?

Ryu: Hmmm? oh I know lets get some food from a restaurant take it to go and go to the park and have a nice little pick-nick?

Mira: Let's do that it sounds really nice!

Ryu: Ok let's go!

After stoping at a sandwich shop and a store to buy a pick-nick blanket they go to the park in the center of town and puts the blanket down on a side of a small hill for them to sit on and place the food.They talk and eat from telling stories about past jobs and where Ryu was from and how he grew up as a orphan and always training to improve himself.Little did they know hours have passed and the sun is near setting.

Ryu: Wow it is getting pretty late huh? Let me take you back home!

Mira pouts a little after hearing there date is coming to an end but still happy overall about it.

Mira: I have had a good time today, actually its the most I have had in a while!

Ryu: Who said it is over?

Ryu then grabs Mira hand and teleports them both to the top of a tower to watch the sun set.

Mira: Wow what a view!

Mira: Ya it looks so beautiful

Ryu: It does look Beautiful but it pales in comparison to you

Mira blushes heavily after hearing that. As the sun is setting they look into each others eyes and kiss

Ryu&Mira: Wow

The sun then sets, it then becomes night as they walk to Mira's house.

Ryu: I has a great time today it's probably the best day I have ever had in my entire life!

Mira: I also had a great time with you today We should do this again some time!

Ryu: Ya we should!

Mira: See you later Ryu!

Ryu: Bye Mira!

As Ryu is about to turn around Mira gives him a little peck on the cheek and she runs inside her house.Ryu stands there in shock with his hand on his cheek where Mira kissed him.

Ryu: Wow what a women.

Mira(Thinking): I can't believe I just did that!, I also kissed him earlier on the tower! But they both felt amazing AHHH! What is going on with me!!!

Lissana: Mira? Is that you?

Mira: Y-Ya I am here!

Lissana: Hey are you ok? Did something happen?

Mira: Yes I am fine!

Lissana: I heard that you when on a job with Ryu?

Mira: Ya we did what about it?

Lissana: What did you both do after the job?

Mira: we when't to get his shirt tailor then we ate together in the park in a pic-nick. She said with a slight blush.

Lissana: Wait did you go on a date with him?!??!?!

Mira: Yes !

Lissana: I so happy for you Mira you finally when on a date with someone!

Mira: What is that supposed to mean?

Lissana: well I mean you have a very hard exterior and I glad someone was able to over look that and brake you out of your shell!

Mira: I do not act like that!

Lissana: yes you do.

Back to Ryu

Ryu: Today was amazing! But I need to find a place to stay for the night! I guess the infirmary again! I was supposed to get a place today but I guess that will have to wait.

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