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20% A Shinigami in Naruto / Chapter 1: Prologue

Prologue - A Shinigami in Naruto - Chapter 1 by Accel00 full book limited free

A Shinigami in Naruto A Shinigami in Naruto original

A Shinigami in Naruto

Author: Accel00

© Webnovel

Chapter 1: Prologue

"Arrgh! This boredom is killing me… I hate this damn pandemic."

It's been more than a year since the start of my life of working from home due to the current pandemic. At first working from home was a blessing, online meetings here and there, and submitting my works online without having to suffer the naggings of my superior face to face was just a really damn blessing.

I get to relax and do all the lazy stuff I've not done since my school days. Watching movies, tv series, animes and reading books most of the time was a bliss. But then when I got bored of such a lousy lifestyle, I started missing the stressful life of a working adult.

"Fuck… Did this damn isolation period for so long made me crazy? Hahaha…Seriously? Me missing that damn hellhole of a place called workplace? What a damn lunatic…"

*click* *click* *click*

I've been browsing this anime streaming site for about half an hour, but to my annoyance I couldn't find a single damn show that piques my interest. Suddenly a freaking porn pop-up ad appeared in my screen when I pressed for the next page of the anime list.

"Argh! This damn illegal streaming sites and their ads. Just please… let me browse in peace, I already beat the meat earlier this morning!"

Closing the ad while nagging loudly at the screen another freaking ad pop-up and made me more pissed than I already am.


I gave up and just leaned in my gaming chair while reaching out for my soda.

"Ahh… That's a bit better…"

Going back to the monitor, I laugh a bit while reading the most ridiculous looking anime ad I've seen.

"Hahaha! 'Join us in the first ever anime isekai fanfic', who made this damn ad? Like hell you've been the first to think of this stuff. Hahaha!" Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Its ridiculous design looked like it was designed by a chuunibyou. Seriously, the damn screen was packed with every famous anime character like Naruto, Ichigo, Luffy, Eren, All Might, and many more famous anime main characters all packed into that damn single page. I couldn't even read the text properly.

"Let's see… let's see… Ohh 'Spin this wheel to obtain your physical prowess.'" I pressed the Spin button and waited while grinning. A few seconds later, I got confused as instead of some specific anime powers like Devil Fruit, Saiyan body, Quirks or things like that, it just landed on an anime title; Attack on Titan.

"Huh? I don't ge—"

Suddenly the spin wheel disappeared as the attack on titan banner zoomed in while showings a shuffling card of titans that appeared on the anime. But then it stopped on the image of Levi and Mikasa and a text of Ackerman Bloodline, then another Spin wheel replaced it quickly prompting me to spin the wheel again.

"Ohh! This website might have trashy design but it works pretty well. Anyway, too bad I didn't get to get a titan power. Well, Ackerman bloodline should at least be an A+ rarity, right? This got me interested hahaha, lets continue…"

This time a blue glowing text above the spin wheel was 'Spin the wheel to get your spiritual prowess!', I nonchantly click the spin button again while drinking my soda and waited for the results.

I got a bit exited at first when it almost stopped at the Jujutsu Kaisen anime banner, but it slipped past and then Fullmetal Alchemist, Soul Eater… But then, I got a little nervous when it seems to have come to a crawl between Konosuba and Bleach, and the stop arrow was slightly favoring Konosuba more than Bleach.

"O-oi… Not that troll anime please…" Somehow I got drawn much into it that I was even wishing for it badly to go to a better one.


"Huu! Thank goodness!"

Thankfully it landed in the Bleach Banner. Then it transitioned to a cards of anime characters from bleach, shuffling swiftly due to the number of cards… strangely though, somehow, I closed my eyes and wished for a good power to come out.

I waited patiently for the shuffling to end, when a sound fx of a card being drawn sounded, I opened my eyes and saw a scorched and broken fragments of a katana instead of a bleach anime character like Ichigo, or Aizen.

"Fuck? Bad roll…"

I was about to refresh the page to reroll the game but the electricity power suddenly gone out for a bit as the monitor blacked out then turned on once again.

"And… there goes my fun…" I waited for the monitor to turn on for the computer boot up, but instead of a familiar windows bootup, a life like live image of earth appeared on the screen, with a creepy text that looks alive reading 'Spin to live in another world', the button for Spin even looks real on screen that I unconsciously reach out towards it and pressed on the monitor.

Surprisingly I felt it clearly on my fingertips, the feeling of pressing on a button instead of the flat screen of the monitor.

"What the..." I retracted my hand in reflex and stood in shock as the hair in my whole body stood up. The life like image of Earth begun spinning rapidly as it changes like a freaking matrix has broken it, then it slowly came to a stop as a similar looking earth with different continents appeared on screen.

I stood there; gob smacked as I tried reading the text that slowly typed in the screen…

"Beginning…anime…isekai…project?... What the he---"

I wasn't able to finish what I was about to say as the last thing I felt was being sucked inside the Earth like planet inside the screen.


"It's ironic, isn't it…?"

"Yes… It is said that long ago, two men fought here. From the scar caused by that fight, this river was formed."

A silver haired man carrying a child on his back and a small dog talk amidst the rain while looking at the giant statues of two men on each side of a waterfall valley.

"If you observe the flow… It continues flowing, without ever stopping. To mark that battle… Konoha village was built. The ones who share the fate of these statues… Naruto and Sasuke… Your lives are remarkably like theirs…"


A sudden loud thunder struck the waterfall between the two statues, alerting the two.


"I know! Summoning Jutsu!"

A huge puff of smoke appeared as a huge black dog appeared.

"Bull, I'll leave Naruto to you. Pakkun lead them, make sure to send Naruto back safe to Konoha and report this as fast as possible."

An enormous amount of chakra was released from where the thunder struck the waterfall and a flame appeared in the bottom of the waterfall, Kakashi looked at it with caution and amazed by the enormous chakra he's feeling from the flame.

The flame wasn't put out by the massive amount of water and rain but instead grew bigger and bigger as the searing heat of the flame started evaporating the water of the huge waterfall and raindrops.


Pakkun and Bull with Naruto secured on his back nodded gravely as they followed Kakashi's order and left the place in a flash.

"…What is this flame…This heat… is dangerous, even up here I can feel my skin burning."

Suddenly a deafening sound of a dragon like roar reverberated the valley, Kakashi had to cover his ears as he almost lost his balance by the force of the wave that accompanied the roar.

Then like a passing swift gust of wind the sound of the blazing flame quieted down, Kakashi looked down in full alert and saw a child no older than 10 appeared from the remaining flickerss of the huge flame from earlier.

The child feel started falling down as Kakashi had to act fast when the water of the waterfall started falling once again after the flame disappeared.

Catching the child in his arms who was hugging an ancient looking Katana sword in his chest, Kakashi looked in wonder at the mysterious child.


"Hey kid, you're alright now."

Kakashi saw the child slowing awakening, as he comforted him while reassuring him with an 'eye-smile'.

"H-Huh…Where… am I?"

The child was not in a good condition as his eyes wondered groggily, clearly weak and doesn't seem to remember anything.

"Hey, you'll be fine."

"U-uh…Hmm?!" The child finally looked at Kakashi as the child's eyes widened like he saw a ghost and muttered in shocked weak voice. "K-Kaka-Shit!!!"

Kakashi was extremely surprised when the child said his name and cursed at the same time. But he wasn't able to question the child as he fainted in his arms and fell back to unconsciousness.

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