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Chapter 10: Disaster

Reed looked down upon his subject. "Have you carried out the orders already?"

"Yes Commander" The Spider which stood before him spoke.

"Good, although now that I think about it that doesn't sound like much of a challenge" as Reed spoke he rubbed his metal mandible," Why don't you send a few of the higher ranked insects just to make it a bit more challenging"

"Yes Commander"

"Oh but don't go too far keep him alive"


We trudged along behind Ka-el on the wet ground. The dew had been heavy that morning. Behind me some of the troops stared in awe at the sword on my back, it was especially dazzling in the morning sun. Then Ka-el stopped, we were in a clearing right in front of an ordinary house.

"That's it", he said, "Noire was taken there"

"Are you sure?"I questioned, "this doesn't look very out of the ordinary".

"Are you going to argue with me or rescue Noire?"

I stared at him menacingly.

I unsheathed my sword raising and it into the air.

"This time let me explain it when I say attack, then you charge!" I yelled, "Attack!"

With that our group of 54 ants charged towards the house. Within seconds we were under the door and into the wide open space of the house. the sight that was inside shocked even me. Lying on the ground covered in worms and flies was a family of three humans. By the look of them and the smell, they were giving off they were dead for more than a few days. On the table next to them was Noire tied tightly to a clear bottle filled with white crystals.

Ignoring the sight of the dead humans I ran forwards towards Noire.

"Stop!" Ka-el yelled I whirled around glaring at Ka-el, "Look up!

"Don't test my nerves now Ka-el"

"Just look up!"

Turning back around I looked up to see a gigantic spider spiraling down from the ceiling. I backed up quickly, keeping my gaze upon the spider, waiting to pounce the second it hit the ground.

Then the spider gave a shrill shriek then there was a low hum, it rose to become louder and louder, then coming from all over the house were swarms of spiders, hundreds and hundreds of spiders.

"Cover our backs, Goliath!" I yelled.

Goliath reared up, swiftly knocking away several spiders. Mordred led the attack on the right along with half of the troops. Belle, Amber, and Elbon fought on the other side with the other half of the troops. Ka-el came up next to me, unwrapping the tube for his flamethrower. The large spider landed focusing its pale yellow eyes on me while tons of small spiders came up behind it with nothing on their mind but our annihilation. The flies that were on the dead human's bodies suddenly flew up and began dive bombing at the ants in my troops even the worms began to advance on the ensuing battle. We had walked into a nest of killer insects. I flicked the switch on the hilt of my sword. A soft red glow came from the sword. Then I rushed forward thrusting the blade at the large spider, it raised its legs to defend but the second the sword touched them they were gone. I followed up with an extra thrust forward plunging the sword deep into its body, it turned red as it was burned turning into floating embers. I jumped backward allowing Ka-el to come forward, then flicking the switch on his own weapon a stream of flames came out bathing all the spiders in its fiery heat. Ka-el continued to step forward sweeping the flame from side to side until the flame died, leaving behind nothing but a few pieces of charred spiders on the scorched black floor.

"That's it, I'm out of charge," Ka-el said as he flipped back the switch," Lasted longer this time though."

I looked back and saw that the spiders had started to wrap Goliath in their webs turning him from a swift-moving killing machine to a much slower target.

"Go help Goliath!" I yelled to ka-el," I'll free Noire!"

While Ka-el rushed back to help Goliath I rushed forward cutting down the few remaining spiders. Then I scaled up the table leg. Reaching Noire I quickly cut through the strong web with my sword, making sure to flick back the switch so as not to harm Noire. He stumbled to the ground sore from being in the same position for so long. As he struggled to raise himself up from the ground I noticed that his wings were gone, replaced by two stumps.

"Noire, your wings!" I exclaimed as I stared.

Noire forced himself to his feet grunting in pain, he began to stretch.

"Its ok, I'm genetically engineered remember?" He said as arched his back," You didn't think that my power was flying, did you? Although it sort of is."

He crouched, yelling at the stumps on his back began to grow and expand slowly changing into large sleek jet black wings, instead of the soft clear material his wings were made of before, they were thick and leathery with spikes tipped at the corners. I stared in awe as he beat them slowly as if acquiring a feel for them, he grinned.

"I'll get these flies off your back, you can sound the retreat" with that he flew off with new vigour, his powerful wings allowing him to move much faster and maneuver more quickly, on top of that instead of having to beat his wings at a fast pace to stay in the air he beat them slowly merely gliding along. I turned back to see the troops holding a defensive line against the soldiers however the flies kept breaking the formation trying to snatch up my troops. There was a yell as a fly flew up clutching an ant. Noire swiftly approached the fly ripping off its wings in a quick dash; the fly fell to the ground allowing the ant to completely take advantage, killing it in one blow.

I rushed back to join the raging battle calling loudly for a retreat. However, the spiders hearing this order began to maneuver themselves until almost all of them stood between us and the doorway. The worms had joined the battle to and though there was fodder they kept the ants busy enough for the spiders to do some damage. Though it was quite clear to me that we would win I could also see that even if we were to win I would probably be the only left standing. Slowly all around me, my ants were being snapped and gutted by the spiders. Ka-el struggled to keep himself alive long since abandoning the task I gave him of protecting Goliath from the webs. Goliath now appeared white as he was covered from left to right in spider web barely being able to stop the spiders from overrunning him. Amber lay on the ground frightfully as Belle desperately tried to keep them off her. I forced myself to ignore them assuring myself that Belle would protect Amber at all costs; I was trying to cut down as many spiders as possible in order to save my troops, an army of ants isn't much of a threat without the numbers to back it up. Another ant fell to the ground; I was beginning to become desperate.

"Red!" A shout rang out.

I looked up in the air and saw a rather strange sight. Sitting on top of a large green praying mantis was an almost equally large yellow ant. Upon closer inspection, I saw that it was Dean and surprisingly Blade. I stared at them in partial awe forgetting to focus on the battle. I was brought back when I was dragged on the ground by a spider's web it stood menacingly over me preparing to strike but I deflected the bite then proceeded to cut the spider in two.

Dean and Blade landed right next to me. Dean had a big grin on his face.

"We'll talk later," began Dean," But for now let's take out these spiders."

With that, he rushed forwards ripping one spider in half with his mandibles then crushing another's head with his sheer power. Blade gave me a glance before beginning to slice and dice the spiders that approached him. With Dean and Blade joining the battle the spiders fell even more quickly raising the chances that we'd get out with at least some of my troops.

With renewed energy, I began to fight again still focusing on protecting the troops. I grabbed a spider and prepared to run it through when it chuckled. I cocked my head to one side in a bit of disbelief that the spider had spoken, they hardly ever spoke and when they did it was never in the general insect language only strange spider language.

"You think we're all you have to deal with" he spoke in a raspy voice," the lieutenants will be here soon"

I plunged my sword into his mouth and sliced him in half. But only moments later there was a loud noise. Coming from under hissing loudly were three huge beetles each at least half the size of Goliath following closely behind them were two stick insects both as large as the beetles. And if I thought things couldn't get any worse, with a large crash of glass in flew 5 enormous black wasps. Immediately the two stick insects began to run in opposite directions at a great speed, they quickly encircled us spraying a foul-smelling spray around. Though I continued to fight I could feel myself weaken. The wasps flew low to the ground as if picking targets then they flew quickly stabbing their huge stingers through the bodies of my poor ants giving them a swift death. I yelled for Noire to get out of the air there was no way he could take them on. I rushed up to one of the Wasps trying to cut it down but it hovered just out of my reach taunting me. I rushed after it trying my hardest to reach it but it was only keeping me distracted. Something grabbed on to my sword pulling it from my grip and breaking the tube that connected it to my metal leg. I turned swiftly to face one of the large beetles. Throwing the sword away it grabbed me with its powerful mandibles and began crushing the life out of my life out me. I screamed in pain struggling to get out of its grip, my eyes half closed.

"No! No! Let me go!" I cried as I pounded my four front legs into beetles face. I was fading fast.

"Nooooo!" I gave one last desperate swing with my metal leg, it shot out blue sparks and when it connected a surge of blue light, which I came to know was electricity, blew through the beetle. I forced myself from the dead beetle's grip, I half collapsed on the floor. I looked around and saw Blade fall to the floor after receiving a hard blow from one of the beetles, everyone else was already down.

"Noooooo!" I yelled, once again my leg sparked, blue filling my sight.

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