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6.97% A technomancer’s journey in an apocalyptic world / Chapter 6: A new home(Part-1)

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Chapter 6: A new home(Part-1)

Boom ratatatata boom, was heard all around as the group was forced to face a large horde of zombies, Ryan bit back a curse, "How did a horde of all thing appear all of a sudden?"

Donna gritted her teeth as she shouted back to Ryan, "I do not know, now shut up and keep firing, aim for the head and blow it to bits they fall faster."

Angela: "I bet it is that creep's fault, he suddenly appeared and told us to submit to him and when we scared him off with our guns he swore revenge….. ugh how many are still there."

Chloe who was nearby simply snorted as she fired from her gun as she spoke, "That is a sucker's bet, we scared him off and all of a sudden a horde appeared from the direction he ran off to swearing revenge and what not should have put him down before letting him retreat."

Meanwhile a hooded figure stood up from behind a boulder with a binocular in his hands as he laughed, "hahaha serve those harlots right, they should have chosen to become the part of my harem but NOOOOOO, I will make them understand they travesty of defying a God of the new world, and after I capture and break them like good little whores they are, then my dream of having Army Girl Waifu and Bird Girl Waifu will be complete, huehuehue.", a lewd grin spread on his face as he drooled a bit, only for his head to be blown to bits courtesy of a rather high powered sniper rifle.

"I got him", cheerful reply came from Donna's side as she nodded at that as she spoke, "Good work, now the zombies are disorganized we can easily deal with them now."

Ryan glanced at the Zombie horde as he sighed, initially under the creep's influence the Zombie's were using their fallen brethren as meat shield as they stepped forward in an orderly manner and because of that they were very difficult to kill but now it was different, after that creepy person's death they had not only dropped the dead bodies they were using as a shield but their movement became haphazard and soon the entire horde was no more.

Ryan sighed as he checked his stats,


LIFE-FORM TIER: 1 (0/200)

VITALITY TIER: 1 (0/200)

STRENGTH TIER: 1 (0/200) Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

AGILITY TIER: 1 (0/200)


Blood Points: 388

Soul: 60







Ryan smiled at his gain before he spoke "Well girls I am evolving to Tier2 watch over me. Upgrade Life form to Tier2."

Ryan's felt a slight tingling in his scalp nothing else, Ryan blinked a couple of times as the others watched him with a twitch on their eyes, as he turned towards Donna she slammed her fist hard on his head as she spoke, "You colossal idiot, why are you trying to upgrade before we reached a safe place, what if we were attacked while you had fainted it would be hard to keep you safe."

Ryan gave a sheepish smile as he mumbled out "Sorry", to an enraged Donna before he spoke again, "Distribute 46 Blood Points in Agility and strength, and 8 Blood Points in Vitality and Intelligence."

Chloe sighed as she shook her head in exasperation before she turned towards others as she spoke, "Well everyone good work but unfortunately we have bodies to dispose of.", she then turned towards Ryan as she spoke with a smile, "So Ryan be a dear and please do the honors."

Ryan groaned at that as he slouched forward slowly making his way to the nearest body before gagging at the rotten smell even after his face was covered by a cloth it was so unbearable he wanted to hurl he turned towards his elder sisters with a leading look on to receive a glare from Chloe as the others smirked from behind her, 'Why did not wait to upgrade', he picked the nearest corpse by its arm as he began to drag it.

Ciara was completely mentally and physically exhausted, she and the remnants of her battalion had been trekking towards the East for a few days, a decision she did not regret after all they had been under constant attack from various mutated animals and plants, their supplies were running low as more and more became injured with only a couple dead and if they had stayed back at their home base the broken 'Fort Rose' then eventually they would all have perished, she looked to the sky only for her to her view to be obstructed by the canopy as she silently mourned the death of two members of her 'family'

A few hours later much to their internal joy and relief they found themselves leaving the dreadful and dark forest behind with sounds of different beasts coming to their ears, a large plain with tall grasses like that of savannah was in front of them as they looked at that, Ciara frowned, 'tch it is a heaven for predators I do not know what kind of beings live here now, the last I remember this place was plains yet now it has not only it has tall grass but from the looks of it tall hills present.', she composed herself before barking out an order to her subordinates, "With non combatants and those injured in the center form a close knit ring, do not spread out, we are almost there, and remember by injured I mean those who cannot even lift their guns."

As they ventured through the tall grass every now and then they heard a growl and sometimes they felt as if someone or something was stalking them, when all of a sudden a dark figure jumped from behind the grass only for a large bang to be heard as it collapsed on the ground in front of them, "Welcome Major, welcome to our new home.", a voice came from above as they looked up to see a woman with wings outstretched behind her back smiling down at them.

Seeing her many let out a visible sigh of relief as Ciara spoke, "How far is the base?"

The person replied back, "A couple of hours walk at least from here though I would request you to move from this place fast as I saw a herd of beast moving towards you all, one of our sisters is distracting them."

A couple of minutes later a large wall stood in front of them, at least a 5 meters in height with a few soldiers patrolling on top of it, as they approached a sound of bell ringing was heard as the door was swung open as most of the people who were send to construct the base stood waiting for their arrival.

Angela: "It is good to see you Major, welcome to our new home."

Ciara nodded as she spoke with a smile, "It is good to be here.", as she turned her head she was greeted with small houses that had been setup in front of her, but what gave her a shock was multiple container that was placed near the small mound as she got near to the conatiner she was greeted by a Ryan who looked as if he was taking a dip in the mud, who upon seeing her send her a small smile full of relief towards her.

Before Ciara could speak with him, Ryan found himself in a bone breaking hug courtesy of red haired woman, Ryan had a small smile on her face as he gave her a small pat on her back while he felt his bone creaking under the hug as he spoke with a grunt, "I am so relieved to see you as well big sister, but I think you would not like getting dirty because of me."

Michalina Kohanska O'Doherty, daughter of Ciara and Ryan's older sister, she was not only a member of Black Wolves but also one of the most respected and feared members of the unit, she was actually adopted by Ciara after her parents had passed away in an accident and was about 8 years older than Ryan.

Michalina sniffed the air before she made a gagging noise, "Eww Ryan you smell like a wet dog which had a swim in the sewer."

Ryan glared at her as he spoke, "Try working nonstop without having chance for a bath and then tell me how you smell", before he broke into a smile as he spoke, "Sis where have you been? When I had arrived in Fort Rose you were not there and when I inquired about you I was told you were out scouting and yet you were not returned back even when I was leaving towards our new base I was afraid."

Michalina smiled as she replied to Ryan with a pat on his head, "I was scouting dear and you should fear big badass sister can deal with anything but enough of that what is this that I hear about you, my fellow sisters were telling me that somehow you have gained the powers to create new things."

Ryan beamed towards her as he spoke, "Nothing but the truth I can create many things with my powers and as they grow may be some more stuffs but big sis did you also develop some special powers as well?"

Michalina smiled seeing the expectant look on his face she adored how her baby brother always looked at her with eyes shining she then send a jolt from her hand causing Ryan to yelp as the small lightning bolt hit him as Angela who was nearby spoke with a smile, "That's it finally we have our battery and now we are saved.", only to receive a small playful punch in retaliation as others smiled at their interaction.

Ciara cleared her throat as everyone's attention fell on her as they stood in attentive position while she began to speak, "So advance troops report everything that has happened here after your arrival."

Chloe nodded at that as she began to present her verbal report, ���Upon reaching a suitable site for our new home base we were forced to withstand a small siege by a single person who had launched an attack on us by controlling zombies and was disposed as such of.", as Ciara nodded at that as Chloe continued, "We then found the ruins of a nearby town which we investigated and found around 30 females of varying ages who had been sexually abused by the man."

Ciara rubbed her forehead in exasperation as she spoke, "Only a few days and humanity is on verge of extinction and people are falling into their depravation."

Angela snarled as she spoke with intense hatred, "Scum would not even be appropriate for that worm."

Seeing her speak like that made Ciara to raise one of her brows as she spoke, "Is there any problem private, if there is then please feel free to enlighten all of us."

Angela felt a bit embarrassed for speaking out of turn before she composed herself as she began speaking, "Sorry for speaking out of turn major but after learning what that fuc…."

"Angela language please.", a sickeningly sweet voice made a shiver run down her spine as she turned slowly to look towards Michalina who was smiling like a demon out of hell as she spoke, "I do not wish to pollute my baby brother's head with such a crass language."

Angela visibly gulped at that as Ryan spoke with a huff of indignation, "Sorry big sister but there are plenty of people out in the world who uses crass language and as for sister Angela's words well I can say there is no language that had any words to call that mongrel of a sick psycho shithead.", Ryan's face darkened as he spat out his word making many who knew him gain a surprised look on their face as they had never seen him speak like that but the look of those who were present with Ryan had gained the same dark look.

Ciara looked towards Angela who began to speak with anger in her voice, "When we rescued those poor women who had been taken as his sex slave using his zombie brigade we came across his mother."

Ciara gawked at her as did many others as she spoke with disbelief, "His own mother?"

Angela nodded as she spoke with a tired sigh, "Yes his own mother, he had turned his own step-father into a zombie and then he had his younger step-siblings barely 6 years old held captive by the zombies and forced his own mother to have sex with him while threatening her that her refusal would cause her two youngest death, he then proceeded to **** her in front of his siblings then after deed was done he had them killed, now the poor woman her mind is broken from the ordeal she is hallucinating and is acting as if her family is still alive and she is acting her day to day life as if it was normal, she is such a nice woman she did not deserve her fate."

"Neither did the others do you know the youngest girl we rescued was only 7 what kind of deranged and depraved person would do that, I regret killing him and granting mercy.", said the sniper that had killed him during the zombie siege.

The others who were with her gave her small pat on her back to comfort her although all of them had shared the same feeling the person received a very merciful death for his crimes.

Ryan looked at her with warm eyes as he spoke, "Sister I know you wanted for him to suffer, but by ending his life you not only freed the people he had taken into captivity but also have managed to save our life remember how we were being pinned down by their formation and it was only because of sister's Donna's impromptu bunker creation we survived and you lessened the pressure by taking out that whatever abomination it was."

Michalina looked a bit worried at that as she spoke, "Brother even so I do not wish for you to speak in such an unsightly way it is not proper decorum."

Ryan looked at her a bit crossed as he spoke, "Decorum what is rules and regulations when the civilization itself has fallen apart and why should a few curse words cause any trouble."

Michalina frowned as she spoke with a small sigh, "I do not wish for my baby brother to grow up with as much innocence as possible."

Ryan's gained a glazed look as he spoke with a hollow chuckle, "Sister since the apocalypse started I am responsible for the deaths of over a hundred zombies, each of them were a former humans if it were any other time I would be an internationally famous deranged mass murder and now I have to kill just to live so please do not tell me about my innocence I discarded and lost it a long time ago."

Michalina looked as if she was physically slapped where as Ciara simply pinched the bridge of her nose as she ordered her subordinates, "Please finish the report.", while inwardly sighing with a heavy heart, she knew that no matter what kind of training no matter what kind of conditioning a person went through a human being will always feel the burden of taking another human's life. The soldiers not matter how glorified they are portrayed by the silver screen at the end of the day all of them not matter whatever reason they fought for will feel the burden the veteran's might have found way to suppress is but at the end of the day it was still trying to cover an open can of surstromming with a silk, only anyone truly depraved and had forgone their humanity would feel nothing, she knew that the anger at being exposed to the harsh reality was making them want to torture and kill the person who had enslaved the woman of the village normally they would never speak like that.

Chloe went on with the report for a few minutes and if it were not the presence of others he would have left he did not like the look his over protective and border line obsessive elder sister was giving him, to him it look like she was contemplating and placing him in vault inside a fortress on a remote isalnd and keep him isolated from the real world, you it was totally it as he came into realization he slowly began to move towards his mother.

Ciara nodded at her report before she spoke with a frown, "Good work though how many woman have you rescued and how have you placed them."

Chloe gave a short sigh at her question as she continued, "Well we have rescued 15 woman and we have them a little bit isolated from us especially our weapons, who knows how those women would react if they got near any weapons as a couple showed signs of 'Stockholm syndrome' not to mention a few of them are having trust issues near any male as such Ryan is staking as far away from them as possible though we are not taking chances as they couple of them might attack him, their town is ruined as such we are using any and all resources that we can find from there and also Donna has made them some temporary shelter using her power to control earth which they are occupying currently."

Ciara frowned as she spoke, "I see well all of you take a break and then we can see what we can do about our base, also who made the wall."

Donna step forward as she spoke, "I did Major though I want to point out that it is made up of dirt even if it is thick it might not hold for real threat, also I would like to mention the door was created from scrap metal by Ryan."

Ciara nodded as Michalina spoke with a smile, "I want to see Ryan creating something."

Ryan gave her a small smile as he spoke, "Sure", then he turned towards his mother as he spoke, "Mom I am working on something and if it works we might have much more sturdier walls than before."

Ciara nodded at that before she spotted at couple of woman peeking from mud huts at the distance as she spoke towards her welcoming party, "Well I hope one of you would escort me and introduce with those woman, Ruby, Michalina both of you follow me."

The sniper by the name of Nigella stepped forward as their guide as the trio left alongside her as Ryan stretched as he returned to his work post with a sigh, 'Back to mud pit back to mud pit under the scorching sun.'

SagelyDaoist SagelyDaoist

Hey Everyone I hope you are all well, if you like my novel do not forget to give constructive comments, reviews and most importanly recommend to others as it would help me to not only grow but also improve the novel.

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