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25.58% A technomancer’s journey in an apocalyptic world / Chapter 22: Departure (Part-2)

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Chapter 22: Departure (Part-2)

Ryan placed a total of five sets of gears in front of Ciara who inspected them like a hawk searching for any imperfection she could find.

"I have got a combat body armor, combat shirt with built in elbow guard and shoulder pads, combat pants with build in knee pads, tactical combat boots with leg guards, thigh and groin guard, forearm guard, hard knuckle globes, combat belt, tactical balaclava and last but not the least combat helmet with build in gas mask, flash light and headphone and microphone so this concludes the armor aspect of the gears."

Ciara nodded at that as Ryan continued to speak, "Now apart from that I have created combat knife based on the design of machete its spine can be used as a baton, radio with a range of around 30 kilometers, wrist compass that can be worn like a watch, water canteen, the lower part can be removed and used as a pan as well as it has a long line that can be inserted from one side of the mask and can be used to drink water without removing it, aside from that emergency fire starter, a couple of tents and cooking pots, ropes and hooks are included along with them."

"Why are you including the balaclava when you already have such a nice helmet?", a question came from his side.

Ryan turned towards to the speaker as he spoke, "Well I am making sure that not even a tiny part of skin will be visible otherwise the acidic rain would be a problem."

"Is that upper arm protector attached with the body armor?", another asked to which Ryan simply nodded.

Ciara picked and turned a few as she spoke for the first time since the display began, "How much does this weight in total."

Ryan frowned for a moment before he spoke, "A little less than 15 kilos without carrying any ammunitions and guns and any other items."

Ciara nodded at that as she spoke with a sigh, "An average soldier is tasked with carrying 30 to 5 kilos during combat.", Ryan nodded at that.

"Rayn wear it in front of us and model it."

As he heard his mother's words Ryan spoke red in embarrassment, "Mom I have to wear it in front of everyone?"

Ciara nodded as she spoke, "Yes you are and I hope you are wearing your undergarments?"

Ryuu spoke in indignation at that, "Of course I am."

Ciara titled her head slightly as she spoke, "Well then what are you waiting for? Your enemies would not care for your state of dress will they so strip and wear them."

Ryan nodded as he began to undress in front of almost all the female soldiers of Fort Genesis as his torso went bare he could practically feel their eyes roaming over every inch of his body, 'Is that what women feel when they are moving through the streets it is disgusting.', then he froze as a cat call came to his ears.

"The next person who whistles and makes such rude gesture I will make sure that for the rest of their miserable life that is the only way they would be able to communicate, I introduced Ryan to you all saying tyou are all like his family and you all accepted him as such make sure you keep the honor and prestige behind the word 'family' intact, now Ryan do not stop."

Ryan gulped as he stripped down to his underwear before he quickly picked up the combat shirt he wore it by pulling it over his head then he pulled up the zipper, he then went after his pants as he wore them, never in his life did he wear his clothes so fast, the armors went next and within five minutes Ryan was fully dressed in the combat gear, Ciara nodded in approval the armor looked intimidating before she spoke with a frown, "You took five minutes Ryan try to lower it to less than a couple of minutes next time, now that you have worn your armor please model it by doing a couple of laps and make sure to run as fast as you can then jump up and across any obstacle, climb on the wall then give me a full lap there and you may return."

Seeing Ryan did not move an inch she let out smirk as she spoke in faux happy tone, "Oh my someone is eager to have more training done I see then….", she did not get to finish as Ryan ran like hounds of hell was after him, as many broke into laughter.

A quarter of an hour later a huffing and puffing Ryan made his way back to where the rest of the group sat, he watched his mother in furious discussion with Zhan and Ruby while they looked at him every now and then while Ruby had managed to procure some form of paper and pen and was furiously writing on it.

As Ryan came back Ciara spoke with a smirk, "You may change your clothes Ryan."

Ryan huffed at that as he removed his helmet as he spoke, "So what is your review on this."

Ciara looked at him with one of her brow raised as she spoke, "How could I give a review when I myself did not try it out."

Ryan spluttered at that as he spoke, "But I modeled it for you."

Ciara shrugged as she replied back to him nonchalantly while peering over what was written on the paper held on Ruby's hands, "Yes and you looked nice, see I gave you the review."

Ryan's cheeks puffed up in anger as he quickly changed his dress and he was thankful that no one was looking at him like that as soon as he was full dressed he picked up his gear and placed them on the table.

As soon as he finished placing them CIara began, "Normally such a gear I would have not allowed for where speed and mobility is required as they would have proved to be hindrance well part of it but not all but the world you are venturing into will be not only unknown but dangerous as well there will be no backup and you have to solve everything by yourself yet the weight and all this is bothering me but it cannot be helped."

Ryan looked at his combat shirt and pants as he spoke with a huff, "Now I will have to wash them, I so do not want them to stink even before we leave." Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Were you not going to leave tomorrow early morning if you wash them now I do not thing it would be dry by then?"

Ryan shook his head as he spoke with a tired sigh, "Normally I would but things have changed, originally I was planning on venturing out alone, then Michalina figured it out and now Mom is forcing me to take another three with me, along with so much equipment I so do not want to walk anymore as such I will have to modify it a bit and I think I will be ready within a few days."

At his words everyone rounded him Michalina being the loudest, "What do you mean by that you do not wish to walk unless…", she was stunned for a moment before she spoke with her eyes wide, "You have means to create vehicles?"

Ryan frowned at that as he spoke, "I have means to create a single car, and the car if it gets damaged I will not even have the resource to repair."

Ciara growled in anger as she spoke, "And how did you decided to leave the base alone?"

Ryan turned pale at that his mother heard the one thing that slipped out of his mouth and the one thing that he did not wish for her to hear at all, he gulped hard as his mother looked towards him with her eyes narrowed he did not want to get scolded again as such he quickly decided to steer the conversation, "I need to salvage as much parts from the damaged cars from the town and then I would be able to build from the recycled materials."

Jessica frowned at his words as she spoke with a sigh, "So now we will have to haul cars."

Ryan shook his head as he spoke, "Not necessary I will dismantle them and bring back the scrap parts though I would appreciate if some of you guard me."

Michalina smiled at that as she spoke, "You do not have to worry brother we will protect you."

Ryan nodded at that as he spoke, "Well I think it is getting late and we should all head towards our dinner after all I would like to get some sleep and start preparing for tomorrow."

"Yes you are right everyone you are dismissed Ryan stay."

Ciara's words felt like nail on coffin making Ryan wince as she moved towards him with her eyes narrowed she then looked over his shoulder as she spoke, "Lieutenant I told everyone to leave why you are here?"

Michalina scowled as she spoke, "I was here with my brother Major if you do not mind."

"Yes I do mind now leave us alone.", but Michalina did not move making Ciara scowl in return as she spoke, "Now do not make me pull rank or you might miss you chance to accompany Ryan."

Michalina let out a huff and she stomped her way back making Ryan confused at that he was about to ask only to grimace Ciara's words came to his ears, "SO what is this I hear about you leaving by yourself?", Ryan swore inwardly at that, 'Me and my damn big mouth.'

Next day the group along with Ryan made their way into the desolate and abandoned town, whenever Ryan entered the town he felt shivers travel down his spine, he knew a few days from today he would be forced into towns that would be even more scary and dangerous for a moment he felt scared, for a moment he did not to leave the safety of the base but he knew he had to push forward or they would perish one day.

"This place is so creepy.", He could not help but complain out aloud as Michalina simply patted on his back as she spoke, "Me too brother me too."

Ryan gave her a small smile of appreciation before he could not help but ask out loud, "Hey sis did you have a fight with mom?"

Michalina stiffened slightly before she spoke with a small smile, "Why are you asking that Ryan?"

Ryan bit his lips as he spoke, "Well I saw you two acting cold and indifferent towards each other."

Michalina simply laughed loud at that as she spoke, "Silly brother no we did not just dealing with some female problems."

Ryan looked skeptical at her reply before he gave a small shrug, 'Well if they were having some problems they would surely tell me as well, o do not see any reason for them to lie to me.'

"So Ryan did mom tell you who she is sending alongside us?"

Ryan shook his head as he spoke, "No I do not know I was hoping she would say something yesterday, I just hope we make it through and return in one piece."

Before Michalina could say anything a shout of alarm came as they looked to the sky to see some birds, he was very familiar with he had killed one after waking up in the newly transformed world, he smirked seeing the birds as he shouted out, "Hey let me do it I am so itching to try on my new gun."

The soldiers accompanying them simply giggled seeing an excited Ryan who was literally bouncing on his feet even Michalina had a smile on her face as she spoke, "Brother calm down or else you would miss."

Ryan huffed at that before he turned his attention towards those birds flying in the sky, he took aim with his left eye closed as he looked down at his prey, and the world suddenly seemed to vanish as the only thing that existed was his prey.

Michalina looked at Ryan especially his eyes she watched as the mechanical structures inside his bionic eye moved making her shiver slightly at that every times she looked at those eyes her heart clenched in sadness and fear, fear that her brother would one day become a machine.

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