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1.01% A True Beginning / Chapter 2: Ch.1

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Chapter 2: Ch.1

Death wasn't all it's cracked up to be, at least not for Zach Weston. There was no white light or seeing your life pass before your eyes. For him it was a sudden train crash, seeing a hand rail come loose and headed straight for him. When it plunged into his stomach, he groaned and expected it to be quick.

For six hours he lay there in agony, impaled and dying slowly. His only clear thought was that he'd never take the subway again. During those six hours, he struggled to pull the bar out of his body. It had pierced through him and into the bottom of train. Everything he did only brought on more pain, but it didn't stop his struggling.

When the paramedics and safety workers came to collect the bodies, they were as stunned as he was to find him still there, struggling to get free. -Thank Gaia!- was his last thought, as the second rail pierced his skull when they started moving and shifting things around to get to him.

Pain was all he felt as it permeated his entire being, as everything went black. He came to in a black void where two beings stood before him, giving off light. One was a goddess covered in green lights scolding a laughing red and black creature made of the stuff of nightmares.

"That was uncalled for Lucifer! He didn't deserve to go through that! He was the my last true follower!"

"Guahahaha. But did you see the look on his face? I'll be playing that memory over and over again for eternity!"The red monstrosity laughed on.

She scowled as I stood up before them. "What happened the last thing I remember I was-"

The green lady spoke up. "Shhh. Try not to dwell on it young one. Lucifer here was being mischievous again. He likes to toy with mortal deaths. He even pretends to be a truck every now and then."

I frowned. "Who are you, an angel? Because if so I don't want to go to heaven."

Lucifer grinned and spoke before she could. "Why ever not? Heaven's where good little boys go.."

I snorted. "Exactly, imagine being stuck in a place where nothing ever happens! Peace is overrated, I followed Gaia anyway, I don't serve God or his fat cherubs, I'd prefer life, but if I'm to be dead, even hell would be better."

The green goddess raised an eyebrow. "And why is that? Heaven could be exiting I'm sure."

I shook my head. "Gaia, my goddess, would never choose such a place and neither would I. I prefer hard reality over a predictable fluffy cloud. Nature, survival of the fittest, is where I belong. Hell is more preferable to a place without even those basic laws."

She smiled. "I understand child, but would you not prefer a different option instead? A door number three If you will?"

I nodded. "Personally I'd rather be reincarnated in a world where survival of the fittest was the highest law."

The burning creature grinned. "And if you could pick a world, what would you have as compensation for my fun. After all, your death will go up there with Dante's in my book."

I frowned and Gaia sighed. "Stop teasing him Lucifer. He's a follower of my ways. I shall be the one to send him on his way." Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

My frown turned to awe. "Gaia?"

She nodded sweetly and I kneeled before her. "My lady, I meant no disrespect!"

She smiled and I felt a hand touch my head. "Rise child, you do me great respect already. You served me well in life and seeing as you're the last of my followers in this world, I'll be leaving this realm when the humans finish off the planet."

I frowned, thinking back to all the protest rallies and forest saving tie ins I'd attended. I hadn't been able to make much of a difference in the end. Heck, I'd even gone vegetarian. Sighing I stood before her. "I'm sorry I failed you my goddess."

She shook her head. "You gave me more time than I would have had without you. Now it's time for your next life, one beyond heaven or even hell. Lucifer was right, I'll be using the last of my power here to send you off with your wishes."

I shook at the implications. "My goddess, you shouldn't weaken yourself-"

She shook her head. "It's no trouble young one. Though I hope you do limit your wishes and choose a natured world."

I nodded. "Then I hope for your blessing and to be a werewolf in the twilight movie and book world."

Lucifer spoke up. "A werewolf? What are you a Jacob fan?"

I turned to him and sneered. "Those are not true werewolves, merely skin walkers."

I turned back to Gaia. "My lady, I wish to be a true werewolf in the twilight world. I want to experience the change under a full moon and run through the forests, stronger than even the vampires there. I want to be the first of my kind."

She smiled, nodding. "So be it. You'll have your wish."

She came forward and kissed my forehead before sighing. "You shall be blessed by nature. You'll have control over the plants and vegetation in your surroundings for miles. It will take time for you to get used to it at first though."

Lucifer chuckled from the side. "I like you kid, tell you what, I'll give you a blessing as well."

It patted my shoulder saying. "You'll live an interesting life, just remember, you wanted survival of the fittest. This will help with that."

I felt a straining in my head but thanked him none the less. Gaia frowned but sighed. "It's time to go my child, may you always find nature an ally."

She hugged me and my world went green. I found myself in a dark and swirling liquid. At first I thought I was drowning, until the liquid went away and I felt the walls closing in on me. Moments later I heard screaming and laughter. The world went bright as the laughter quieted.

I saw a strange man and woman holding me. My world became a blur as I passed out. Time mattered little as eventually I awoke in a woman's arms. She was muttering something in a language I'd never heard before. Time passed like a river and before I'd even thought to look back, six years had gone by.

It turns out the strange language was a nomadic Nordic dialect. I'd grown up hearing and learning it. The man and woman were unique as well. She was the daughter of the man, and he was the local Druid. He told me of my father on my sixth birthday.

He'd been a strange creature in and of itself, a being that fed off of blood and was faster than the eye could see. I frowned when I heard that, cursing Lucifer in my head. He'd somehow screwed up my wish. Or so I thought.

My grandfather raised me as the woman wanted nothing to do with an abomination. The creature had killed the village warriors and raped her to spite my grandfather for not helping him 'see' better.

When I asked about that he'd shook his head and asked me. "Have you not already experienced it yourself? Those visions you seem to have all the time. He wanted something that I couldn't give, a way to turn them on and off at will."

I sighed, he was right. I'd experienced blinding headaches that showed me the consequences of each action I'd decided to take. Sometimes barely in time to avoid them.

Ever since my rebirth I'd been in pain, I'd found out why a little later than I'd wanted. It seems reincarnation is painful on the soul, add to that the fact that my brain isn't developed enough to hold my thoughts and I'm surprised I haven't had a stroke or seizures.

After I'd mastered the basic language I focused on runes and other writings to learn. I hadn't a real clue when the time period was, but I'd been living in straw and mud huts all my life. My grandfather was more than eager to teach me everything I'd asked to learn though, so bonus.

On the eve of my thirteenth birthday I was hit with a bout of dizziness and that night I was sicker than anything I'd ever experienced in both lives. I thought for sure I'd be back with Gaia when it happened. The next morning I awoke covered in blood and feeling weaker than I'd ever felt.

I stood up and found myself in my grandfathers hut. Frowning I became apprehensive and went outside. My horror grew at the sight of a massacre. No one had been spared. Everyone, old, young and even family hadn't been spared.

I threw up blood and chunks of meat I knew to be flesh of my victims. I cried and cried holding my grandfathers corpse. He'd been so kind to me and had even taken me in when my mother wouldn't.

After a day had passed, I felt hollowed out. I stood up as night came and pain racked my body. For the next two days it repeated like a cycle and when it finally stopped, I'd felt stronger than I thought humanly possible. My body had grown a little but the big difference was the muscles and strength I'd gained.

I had the strength to bury the leftovers of the dead as there wasn't much blood in them or even flesh on there bones. I buried them all and packed up the supplies I'd need to move on. I had actually found that nearly a dozen of my tribe had went missing amongst the dead.

Leaving it, I burned the village and left. My travels took me south-east heading to warmer climates. I passed other tribes but didn't stay to talk. I'd heard them whispering, calling me a demon. And found those that had survived had become demons themselves.

It seems I'd started the werewolf line as my bite carried no vampire venom while in wolf form. While I was human though, I found that I sparkled in the sun like any other vampire. I'd found a cave deep in a mountain forest where I stayed. I practiced all I'd learned to control myself. From there I'd gained an awareness while in my wolf form but no control.

I'd stopped aging at seventeen and hadn't grown beyond that. I found I looked handsome as far as I could tell. My piercing golden eyes had replaced the vibrant green I'd been born with. My physical appearance resembled a teen wolf cast member named Daniel something.

It had become harder to remember my past life as time went on. I spent entire years in meditation when I wasn't hunting in wolf form or for blood when I felt it beginning to slip.

After many centuries or millennium, I couldn't tell which as time blurred together in the dark caves, I'd formed a mind palace and retained everything from there. While I still couldn't remember what I'd long since forgot, I was able to stop time from taking most of my memories. When I left the cave I was so starved I drank the surrounding forest dry of animal blood. Not even the birds escaped.

I began to travel after that, I'd decided while the woods is where I felt most at home, I couldn't truly live a fulfilled life as a hermit. I traveled to what I'd found to be ancient Greece and Rome after swimming from what would later be the Scottish isles to the mainland.

I traveled at night and slept in caves or huts as a village guest when I could. I stuck near wooded areas and for a while everything was good. I kept track of the moon cycle in my head as it was instinctively there. A ever present reminder I wasn't human.

Being near humans was hard at first as they smelled like prey even in my human form. With practice though I had gained full control over my senses and body while not on the full moon. One eve in ancient Romania two vampires appeared before me.

I could smell the difference and so could they. The first asked in a Romanian accent. "What are you? We've never come across one who smells so different from both human and vampire."

I shrugged, deciding to answer truthfully as they were probably my only shot at any sense of normality. "I'm a werewolf, I turn into a wolf on the full moon and the two days surrounding it. As far as I can tell, I'm slightly stronger than newborn vampires."

That intrigued them I could tell from their looks. "I am Stefan and this is Vladimir. We are the Romanian coven leaders. Would you like to join us as gods. We plan to make the humans here into our slaves and we, their gods."

I chuckled. "Thanks for the offer, but I'm not a ruler nor am I a god. I'm just passing through."

Stefan smiled. "Not today your not."

Before I could move Vladimir disappeared. I felt a crack as my neck snapped. I passed out into darkness. I found myself chained to a floor naked. Six chains firmly held me in place as I woke up. I came to realizing my mistake. I'd been indecisive on wether to pass through or stay in Romania and since I made no decision, I couldn't see the outcome.

I roared as I saw my two captures. Vladimir spoke up. "Give it up dog, those chains could hold several newborns. We had them especially made to hold you. You'll become the proof of our power now."

I growled and tried pulling at a single chain to try and free myself on one at a time. I'd failed as they were all linked together. I roared as I saw my future of misery. For the next thousand years I was their entertainment as they would feed me the bodies of their kills while in my wolf form and torture and brand me for kicks.

I retreated into my mind palace and let the beast protect my sanity. I began fortifying my mind to be an impenetrable fortress under ground. I'd followed the fallout theme for defenses while the entrance was in a forest on the surface of my mind scape. Wolves and creatures from my oldest memories of fiction roamed up there. Even some of Lovecraft's wet dreams were alive and roaming the world up there.

I'd turned my mind into a world in and of itself with every horror creature I could think of roaming the surface. While there was a single entrance below, guards from every sort of fantasy game were protecting the maze that was my bunker. It would take a mind reader years to traverse the maze, assuming they could survive and find it.

Surrounding my world was a barrier I'd made with the technology from stargate and Star Trek. Just inside it was an armada of every spaceship I'd heard of in fantasy and sci-fi. Even the iron giant inside was a mecha and ship at the same time.

The death star took the place of the moon while my surface thoughts were its barrier. Anyone that entered my mind would be in for a treat, and in this day and age it would confuse the ever loving crap out of them. The wolf, my wolf, roamed space and guarded my mind as the first layer of defense.

It was my protector and savior from everything but the agony of what they were doing to me. They would give me regular beatings to ensure I knew my place, but the wolf in me snapped and attacked each time they tried. It had become a game to them, an amusement to see how long it would take before I broke.

Finally one day while I was giving my wolf a break from their recent torture, a group of vampires attacked their empire. I watched with hope and horror as the Volturi dethroned the two Romanian monsters and they fled freeing me in the hopes I'd attack the Volturi, weakening them for the insult.

When Aro and his brothers turned to me, I threw off the shackles Vladimir and Stefan had placed on me. I growled and fled as far as my feet could take me. For the next century I stayed hidden from all beings not animals. I'd swam across the ocean to what would eventually be called Africa. I stayed in Egypt and only went out when I was fully clothed or hunting crocodiles.

My eyes eventually went back to gold from their burning red. I'd been forced to feed and eat humans for a millennium and I was sick of it. I spent my time in Egypt recovering from the trauma with my wolf. It was the more primal side of me and we'd both refused to be the victim anymore. This world was about survival so we took it a step further.

I began grave robbing and treasure hunting for gold and diamonds. I hoarded all treasures I found and dug up Africa's diamond mines. For the next two thousand years I studied cultures and collected priceless artifacts.

Occasionally I fought in wars for exercise and to relieve the boredom. I never partook of human blood again, even when I'd smelled a singer. It was a lot stronger but with the help of my wolf, I used my memories as a deterrent.

I turned away from that path and wished them the best. By the seventeenth century I had to take my stash and leave Africa. They were being raided for slaves and I wanted no part of it. I moved to where America's would eventually be founded and laid low. I began studying all I knew from my past life and at the turn of the nineteen century I enrolled in college.

I helped to further medicine and learn all different fields I'd missed out on. I stayed inconspicuous as time passed. It became harder and harder to stay in one place. I had to begin moving like a certain coven. When southern vampire wars started eventually, I met a young major Jasper Whitlock in passing.

I studied him and determined his powers would be useful during the full moons as being near him helped ease the aggression I felt from my wolf already. For a while I joined the southern army and protected him in battle.

We became great friends until one day he told me. "Zach my brother, I've been assigned a currier mission to take sensitive information to our allied camp. It looks like we won't be seeing each other any time soon."

I made the decision to help him and saw an entire ten years of protecting him before found a love he truly couldn't live without. I'd stand in on his wedding day and he'd marry a human woman named Anna. I sighed. "What if I told you I could ensure you found your true love at the cost of potentially a different form of happiness."

He frowned. "I'd take it. True love is meant to be and while happiness is great, I want to experience something greater."

I prayed I was doing the right thing before apologizing to Alice in my mind. I went with him on his delivery and sent him on his way while I killed the vampires that had wanted to start the southern war.

For the next ten years I took bullet after bullet for him all the while saying I was lucky and that I'd help him find his true love. One evening, long after we'd lost the war. I'd just taken a bullet for him from a bunch of thieves that rode into town when a waitress at the pub came over to help him and me get up.

He'd been beaten and shot in the arm while I'd taken the last bullet for him. I shrugged it off and growled while the thieves fled. Anne helped patch him up and when I heard him call her darlin, I chuckled. "This is it my old friend, I've done what I set out to do."

His eyes went wide and he looked back and forth between me and her. I nodded and helped him up. The bullet that hit him only winged him a little so it was fine. The next day I stood in at his wedding as he'd convinced her they were meant for each other. I couldn't see past this so I knew I wasn't meant to stay.

I gifted them several gold bars I'd melted down and a sack of diamonds and gems. I knew they'd be fine some how but from then on I couldn't stay. He already knew I was different and hadn't asked how for fear of losing a good friend.

I left him there and moved on. For the next sixty years I traveled the states and Canada in search of something more. My wolf pushed and egged me on as it knew something I didn't. I used my visions to avoid confrontation with anyone violent and simply traveled. As trains were eventually built I decided to steer clear of them and focus on horseback.

I was in Boston in the late nineteen twenties looking for whatever it was that called me south so urgently. I sat at a pub looking around for whatever it was that called me here. My wolf wouldn't even let me leave once I'd entered. It felt something and knew I was needed here.

I gave up looking after a while and ordered a bottle before heading to a booth. When I sat down and poured myself a drink a figure joined me. "You and me are going to be so happy together. I've never been more sure of anything in my life."

My head shot up and saw none other than Alice in the flesh. My mind went into recovery mode as I mulled over her words. "And who might you be darlin?"

She smiled. "You know already, I've seen it."

I sighed. "I'm sorry about-"

She shook her head and took my hand. "He deserved his happiness. I don't know why I needed to say that but, there, I did."

I took a small swallow of my whiskey before sighing. "His name was Jasper Whitlock. Like you I can see the future, but only when it pertains to decisions I make. I saw two outcomes when I met him, I either let things be and he eventually turned and went through hell before meeting you and sitting here in my place, or I protected him and he found true love, or as close to it as I've ever seen."

She nodded. "You gave him the choice."

I sighed. "I apologized to you when he made his choice. I wasn't sure when or where you'd have been born or met him either. I only hope you can forgive me for taking that choice from yo-"

She kissed me, effectively shutting me up. When we broke apart she took my hand. "Let's leave the past in the past, we have a family to join."

I saw myself in Jaspers place and deeply in love with her from the looks of it. She must've seen the same thing because she smiled and went for another kiss before dragging me out of there at vamp speed. While we traveled I told her about my past. I left the reincarnation alone and told her everything else.

She convinced me to board a train with her and tell her everything on the way to Washington. We sat in a passenger compartment as I talked non stop for hours. She was shocked at first and even shed tears for me when she heard the worst of it.

After that I spoke of my years gathering fortunes and bidding my time till the humans learned to build better means of transportation. I told her I was essentially the richest man alive now as I'd gathered a lot of wealth. She only smirked saying it was a good thing to as she liked to shop.

We took a slow route to Washington and hit one of my many hidden stashes so she could buy things. She insisted I dress in fashionable clothes and told me she'd buy spares in case my furry little problem destroyed them. I asked her why she'd even accept me after finding out what I was and she pointed back to the visions saying. "I want that, no matter what you are. If you were human I'd still try, there's something about you that draws me in."

I sighed and accepted it for now. My wolf had been curiously silent since meeting her. It seemed to be waiting for something still, but not from me. We took things slow as we moved from state to state. I took her out on strolls and dates meant to let us become more at ease. By winter we'd arrived in Forks Washington and found the Cullen Coven.

It was New Year's Eve and we showed up at their door. Alice strolled in like she owned the place to the covens surprise. She introduced us and even told them what our powers were. I carried the bags in and set them down while the family was in shock. When I joined her she took my hand and she told them our past.

I stayed at her side at all times while they took in my scent. Carlisle spoke first. "You don't smell like a human that's for sure. And while I can smell vampire, there's a wild forest smell to hit."

I raised a hand and flowers bloomed from the wooden cabin like walls. "That would be my secondary gift and my animal nature. I'm aware there's a pack of wolves in the area, they aren't the same species as I am. They are skin walkers. Humans that can take the form of a spirit animal. I'm a werewolf/vampire hybrid. The first of my kind from what I can tell. It's like being born a wolf verses choosing to turn into one with the help of nature and spirits."

Edward spoke up. "So you're soulless like us?"

I shook my head. "Souls don't work like that little brother. Souls are the consciousness. You'd be a mindless killing machine unable to think for yourself if you were soulless. You rely to much on religion for your answers and yet miss the biggest part of it. Religion is made by humans. God didn't right the book man did. As for everything else, that's on you to take responsibility for your own actions. Trust me, I know what it's like to be a killer."

I felt Alice squeeze my hand and I sighed. "Just have faith if that's what you're worried about."

I turned back to the family as a whole. "We're here to stay it seems. We've seen our future here and we're willing to let Edward see for himself."

Edward spoke up. "It's true, although I can't see inside Zach's mind more then he lets me, I can see the truth of his words. As for Alice, she's an open book."

I frowned and turned to her. She smiled. "You'll teach me eventually."

I nodded before sighing. "So, I guess that makes us family?"

Carlisle smiled. "An unconventional one but family none the less."

Alice jumped up and down and I smiled. "I'll build us the house she's been wanting. It shouldn't take but a few days."

Alice led me to the spare bedroom and we lay there in each other's embrace for a few hours. It was nice even if we didn't need sleep. When the sun came up, she watched me work while drawing up the plans for the house.

I grew the lumber we needed as not to harm the environment. After laying the foundation, I added in the plumbing for sinks and bathroom showers. All in all it took three days after Edward and Carlisle started helping. Esme worked on the furniture with Rosalie while Alice critiqued my work.

When we were done, we had to install the windows. It was a challenge in and of itself to order them. The humans were payed well to keep their opinions to themselves. When we were done it looked almost like the home from the movies and books.

I kept that thought to myself though and went to our room. Alice insisted we have a bed even though we never sleep. She said it made the room feel more like home. After the house was made we arranged for a smaller cabin for the two of us in the woods. There, I installed a bed for the two of us.

When she saw it, she made sure we used it. As my eyes met hers she rushed me and hopped on me. I landed on the bed from the force she'd used. The bed broke as she kissed me. Our touches became like electricity as our bodies came alive with need.

I tore the clothes off of her and she returned the favor. When I broke us apart I bit her neck and kissed my way down to her breasts. She moaned and I felt my wolf stir for the first time since I'd met her. I moved like lightning and changed positions. With her under me our hands interlocked and I kissed my way down her body.

When I found her wet for me I applied my mouth and sent her over the edge. It turns out the heightened senses really do help. I took my time driving her crazy all over again before she returned the favor. She rolled us over and took me in her mouth. The beast inside of me growled in appreciation then.

When I felt my release coming I warned her and she promptly ignored me. I felt her enthusiasm as she drained me of my seed. While I was enjoying the feeling, she released me and slid on top of me. She took me inside herself and I felt her barrier give way.

With a moan, she began a pace that would put the energizer bunny out of business. When she hit another crest, the wolf made its move. While she was still cumming I rolled us over and pulled out of her. I put her on all fours and entered her from behind, the beast egging me on.

I quickened the pace and her orgasm continued to get stronger as it crashed over her. Moans and sounds of wet thrusts could be heard from miles around I'm sure. When I felt my release about to crash over me, I pulled her up to my chest and held her as I buried myself in her, spending my release deep inside. Her voice hit an all time high as my seed was scolding hot inside her.

The wolf took over completely as I bit her shoulder and we shuddered together in an hour long explosive release. From there we spent the next year working it out of our system between full moons and hunts. We found out the hard way one evening that my wolf, no matter the form wouldn't harm her.

I'd ended up beginning to shift during sex and hadn't even realized it. It came as a shock to both of us when my wolf merely lay down next to her and let her pet us. The wolf itself was satisfied inside from the smell of my seed all over her. It wanted to hunt a little while later and she'd even joined me.

She fed on the blood of the bear we caught and I'd eaten it. When morning came I shifted back feeling slightly weak as usual and revealing in her nude form as she lay on the bed of snow next to me petting my now hard physique. I took her there as well causing animals to flee from the nearby woods at the sounds of trees falling and boulders cracking.

Our lovemaking was anything but typical during that year. It never really went away either but we forced ourselves to stop for a while and rejoin the family. Carlisle was surprised to see us while Esme just smiled saying. "We half expected you'd be there another few years. Rosalie almost ran into you in the woods on a hunt. You certainly did a number on the trees."

Alice grinned and slapped my stomach. "He's a bit wild and very virile. I had to help him blow off some steam or he'd have hunted the forest to extinction."

I grunted and smiled while rubbing my head. "What can I say, Alice just brings out the beast in me."

She smiled and took my hand while the rest of them laughed. Five years later we had another addition to our family when Rosalie found Emmett and from there I had a brother I could have fun with. He was a big lug and a sweetheart if you listened to Rosalie's words.

Edward continued to be stoic while Emmett learned the diet. He, unlike the rest of us had never tasted human blood. We had to treat him fragilely for the first decade but then he mellowed out and got the hang of it. We had some great times moving from place to place while going to school. It wasn't always ideal but it worked for us. Decades passed and eventually the era of computers and technology came about.

I invested all my gold and jewels in company's like IBM and Microsoft while joining Apple and many others to my portfolio. Alice eventually donated the rarer antiques to museums as they'd only be melted down or sold on the black market for extra cash we no longer needed.

We made sure to own forty percent of every company we invested in and I say we because we married the same year Emmett joined us. I took her all over the world and even to France where I knew she'd want to shop.

I made sure to break a bed in every country we visited as thanks. We were currently moving back from Alaska to Forks for the new transfer. We'd stayed with the Denali coven for a while and it was time we moved back.

Alice and I entered our sophomore year of high school again while Rose and Emm were Juniors. Edward joined us as well as a sophomore. I made sure to buy an impala for mine and Alice's use. I didn't want to ride with Edward all the time and Rose insisted on no feet on the console so riding with her wasn't as fun.

Alice liked to drive and I didn't really care so long as it was her. One morning I tried driving and she insisted if I drove she'd at least get to drive stick. The impala I own is an automatic. 😎

After a quickie on the way to school, I felt far more on edge then ever and she now had wet panties from leakage. She took them off and cleaned up, deciding to go without for the day. When I saw that she smacked my arm saying. "Shush, your growling love."

I hadn't even realized it but I sighed anyway. "Tomorrow's the full moon, I'll be out for the next three days, you should join me. We need a release more than we need perfect attendance."

I felt a vision hit me and sighed. "You'll be out the next two days anyway, it's going to be sunny."

She nodded and saw it herself. "I'll join you, I need to hunt anyway."

Smiling I kissed her before getting out of the car. After the next three days of passion and fun we came back to school only to see a new girl in town. Once I saw her I froze. Bella Swan was here. Alice came over to me and took my hand. She must've thought I'd had a vision because she spoke as well. "Interesting, I get a new friend."

I chuckled. "She's a shield, Ed's going to have so much frustration. Don't tell him."

She nodded and kissed me before sighing. "It's kind of freeing not to have him invade my mind like that. I know it's not always intentional but it's kind of personal. Thanks for that by the way."

I shrugged and smiled. "For you love, I'd do anything."

She hugged my arm as we walked to the school. The humans watched us with a weird fascination and wonder while we passed as usual.

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