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A White Snake original

A White Snake

Author: albimo

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Chapter 1: Passing

A young girl with snow white hair was laying on a bed inside of a hospital room. Her skin matched the shade of her hair, being deathly pale and almost hugging her bones. If not for her sickly appearance and being covered in medical equipment, she would be a spectacular beauty.

For her entire life, the girl had been stuck inside of a hospital. Her parents, who were quite well off, continued to hire doctor after doctor to attempt to cure her, but none ever succeeded. She was once again scheduled for another attempt later on in the day, though it would probably end in failure just as all the other ones had.

The girl sighed bitterly and muttered to no one "I'll always be thankful that father and mother continue to try, but I wish they would just stop.. If I'm going to continue being a burden, I'd rather they stop and let me die.."

As if answering her prayers, the girl suddenly couched up a handful of blood. She stared down at the small puddle of blood on her hospital gown with a weak smile. Even though this was a common occurrence for her, she knew. She could feel her strength leaving her body, as her vision began to fade. After all these years of going from hospital to hospital, she was finally being freed from her metaphorical prison.

The girl felt no pain in her passing, though that would likely be because she lost the ability to feel pain a while back. Her head fell backwards onto the pillow, as her eyes slowly drifted shut only to never be opened again..


Unexpectedly, the girl actually opened her eyes again. However, she didn't appear to be in the hospital anymore. Looking around the girl realized that she was in a lush forest with extremely tall trees, almost blocking the sun light.

She continues to look around with almost scary calmness. She thinks to herself 'This is unexpected. I can.. I can feel my body. I also don't recall any forms of the afterlife being a forest in the books I read..'

Another thing she noticed was that the everything around her seemed to be much larger.. or rather she was much smaller. Looking down, she saw that her head was almost touching the ground. She attempted to do something she hadn't in a while; move her arm.

She wasn't able to do so. In fact she seemed to lack arms at all. Turning her head to see the source of this issue, and was slightly surprised at what she saw. Her originally human lower body had been replaced with that of a long and scaly body ending with a sharp tail, similar to that of a snakes.

She quickly calmed down and thought 'Hmm.. I'm no longer human. I may not be a human, but at least I can still move now.. I almost forgot the feeling of moving.' She slowly slithers forward across the grass covered in shadows. She was starting to get annoyed at her lowered perception.

She spotted a small pond a few tens of meters ahead and decided to use it as a reflective surface. Taking a minute or two to get used to her new body and slowly slither towards the pond, she stops right at the border of the water.

Peering over the edge, she confirms her suspicions. She was indeed a snake. She stared at her reflection, a white snake with sapphire blue eyes. She stops staring at her image and dips her head into the pond, going for a drink.

After a few moments she pulls her head back and thinks 'I've got water confirmed.. I could probably scavenge for berries and nuts but how long would that last me? I should look for shelter first..' Slowly pulling away from the pond, she looks around her surroundings for something that could be used as shelter.

Her vision crosses over the many towering trees, until she spots a large cliff face behind them. As it was only around a hundred meters away, she took another minute to slither her way up to the cliff face. Once she arrived there, she saw that there was a cave not far from her.

Standing in front of the cave, she stares inside looking for signs of something having the same idea as her. She spots muddy foot prints on the rocky floor, but didn't understand. 'A Child? Why would a child be here..' She inwardly though, as the foot prints looked to be that of a human child.

She decided to go in and check out what actually created these foot prints. The cave led for a for 30 meters or so until she arrived at the end where a large semi circle room was situated. She also seemed to find what had created those foot prints.

At the edge of the room, two small green creatures were sleeping on the rocky floor. If she still had eyebrows, they would be furrowing right now. 'Those look to be.. Goblins. Either earth was exposed to the supernatural after my death or I'm in a fantasy world.. The latter is more likely.'

She pushes those thoughts to the side for now and silently slithers up to the goblins before taking a place right behind one of the creatures necks. With cold indifference, she places her fangs right over its neck and clamps down. The goblin abruptly woke up and started squirming around in pain. Any noise it tried to make only came out as gurgles as she had destroyed its vocal cords.

The blood of the goblin spurted out of the wound in large quantities. As the first goblin was slowly and painfully dying out from blood loss, the other goblin had awoken from all the noise. It grunted and slammed its hand onto the rocky floor.

Not hearing the other quiet down, it grudgingly opens its eyes and looks over to its friend. The goblin grunted confusingly seeing the other squirm on the ground, but was startled seeing that a puddle of blood was slowly pooling under it.

It quickly stood up and grunted before looking down and spotting a white snake. The goblin instantly put the blame of its friends suffering on the white snake and slowly stomped up to it. The snake, or the girl thought 'These goblins aren't very intelligent.. It's probably a bit stronger then I am though..'

As the goblin was trudging up to her, she flies forward and bites into its ankle. As she had superior speed and had the advantage of surprise, the goblin didn't react in time and jumped back in pain. After getting the snake to release its leg, the goblin falls back onto its rear and holds its leg in hopes of quelling the pain.

Taking advantage of this, the girl slithers up behind him and bites into its side. The goblin grunts in pain, and places a hand on its side where she had bitten it. It looked down in rage to find the snake, but was confused when it didn't see her anymore.

The goblin didn't have any time to react as the snake pounces and latches her fangs onto its neck. It waves its hands around, not having any clue what to do, and tries to grab the snake. It put its hands on the snakes body and pulling trying to pry it off.

The snake didn't let up and continued to bite into its neck. The goblins grip on the snake got weaker and weaker as the moments passed, until its grip faltered. The goblin let go of her and fell back onto the rocky floor next to its friend.

The snake finally lets go of its neck, and pulls away. 'That was tricky.. I also had a few difficulties killing for the first time, and especially since its a humanoid.. Oh well, I'll get used to it I suppose.' She didn't have the necessary physical strength to move the goblins, so she had to just leave them there.

She was about to leave the cave again when she heard in her head [2 Goblins killed! 2*5 EXP earned!] She abruptly stopped in her tracks and stared at the small opaque strip in her vision. 'Notification? Exp.. then that means.. Status' Her test was successful as a see through screen appears in her field of view.

[Name: Kaguya

[Race: White Snake

[Level: 2/5 LVL ↑ - XP: 0/20

[Hp: 12/20 - Mp: 0/0 - St: 17/20

[Strength: 2

[Agility: 3

[Defense: 2

[Resistance: 1

[Magic: 0

[Abilities: [Property][Weak Bite][Common Snake Scales] ]

[Property: (Active) Allows the host to take 1 single property of most things. If the thing host wishes to take the property of is a living being, it either needs to be on the verge of death or already a corpse. Ex; the web creation of a spider, or the magic of a human mage. If host wishes to take the property of an inanimate object such as a weapon or an armor set, that is also acceptable. (The property stolen will always become a skill, passive or active.)]

[Weak Bite: (Active) Using your fangs and biting your opponent, host can inflict 30% extra physical attack damage.]

[Common Snake Scales: (Passive) The scales of a common snake are a lot harder then that of goblins skin or a birds feathers. Take 15% less physical attack damage.]

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