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Chapter 51: [51]

Chapter 51

Title: The Aggressive Julie

After being pushed down by Julie, she immediately took off my clothes.

From there, I realized that her bed was bigger than usual, not for one person at the very least.

"Julie. Is this bed possibly a new one that you got for me?"

She gave me a big nod right after. But what surprised me was her following words.

"...I, I made it, so that Tomo and I could sleep together."

"Made made it by yourself? With magic?"

"Yes, with little magic assistance. I'm good at magic when it comes to plants..."

"Wow, amazing."

As expected of the one that singlehandedly supported the city's food supply.

Even though it's rattling around since a while ago, it hasn't moved an inch at all.

It's probable that only Julie, a Dark Elf, could do this.

To be honest, I was happy. I just couldn't help it. After all, she has thought about making something this awesome for our sex. 

In the meantime, I took off her clothes.

"...Tomo just needs to lie down."

Julie also lied down on my right side, laying half her body on top of mine.

Her large breasts got squeezed against my chest.

"Uhm, this is?"

Most of the time when she lays on top of me, it was usually in a cowgirl position, so this different approach made me a bit surprised.

"...First, there."

Julie stretched out her hand and reached for my meat stick.

My excitement has been rising on its way out since she started undressing me, and now, it was almost full.

After Julie held her hand in mine, I finally got a full-on erection.

Her hands felt nice and smooth.

", it's already this big."

Julie exclaimed as she stroked her hand over my meat rod.

"It was hoping to be with Julie, after all."

"Really? I'm happy..."

Then, as she stared at me one more time,

"...I'll do my best to make you feel good."

Julie grasped my erect member and began squeezing it up and down.

Her techniques are smooth. It was hard to believe that she's doing it this way for the first time.

The amount of force is exquisite as well, and because she was moving her hands delicately according to the shape of my cock, I felt amazed.

"Yes, that feels great, Julie."

"...Thank you. I practiced a bit."



Perhaps she noticed it in my look, she whispered it in my ear as if a person was about to tell something confidential. 

"...I was using vegetables. Of course, I ate them all afterward."

I see, with such a huge field, there must be some vegetables that are...shaped for other needs.

But, eating it afterward...

I imagined Julie eating my member after this. It sent a shiver down my spine.

"...? It became a little softer. You don't feel good?"

She looked sad, so I hurriedly corrected her.

"No, it's not that. I just imagined something weird so..."

"...I see. Ah, it's getting hard again."

My cock asserted its presence in Julie's hands once more.

Julie had practiced this just for me. Not getting excited by this is already a sin.

And that's an absolute fact.

"thank goodness. Only one thing left to do."

Julie, who was relieved upon seeing the erection of my meat pole, put her face closer to my body.

Then, to my surprise, she began licking my nipples.

"...lero, lerolero, chuuuu."

I went stiff for a moment, but the next sensation that flowed in made me feel relaxed.

Normally, being touched like this would just tickle me, but Julie's tongue gave a certain power that turned it into a pleasant sensation.

"How is it, is this one better?"

It was certainly much better than the last time we did it.

I wonder if she practiced this as well.

Did Julie practice her nipple-licking for me?

I already felt excited just how she gave her concern about me.

'Yup, it's good, Julie. It feels great."

As I said this, her face lightened up, then she resumed on the handjob and nipple-licking once more.

Her hand, which was caressing my meat rod increased in speed, and my nipples in turn got drenched with even more saliva.

"Ju-Julie, I'm about to come."

When I told her about my limit, Julie removed her mouth from my chest, and then, she said,

"...Come a lot. Tomo. Feel even better."

At those words, I gave in. I couldn't help but spit out what I already held back.

Semen soon splashed out of my meat pole, staining Julie's hands.

" much power, it's still coming out..."

Julie exclaimed, not stopping her handjob and nipple licking until I finished my ejaculation.

Because of that, the small amount that should have remained in my meat rod got squeezed out as well.

"Haamu...chuuu...lerolero. Tomo's very tasty..."

Julie scooped up the splattered semen in her fingers and licked them clean.

That figure was so beautiful and erotic.

Especially so since she has chocolate skin, the contrasting white semen complimented her tone, and it made me stand up right away.

"...Gokun. Tomo's penis is still hard."

Of course, it is. There's no way I could calm down if you show yourself to me in such a state.

"Now, let me use this for you."

Julie took out a bottle with some sort of liquid inside.

After opening the stopper, she dropped some of the golden contents into her palm.

The dull liquid immediately spread in Julie's hand.

"...this is the sap of the tree I recently grew. It should make yours feel and taste better if I suck your dick with it, I think."

I stared at Julie's hand, then made a gulp to clear my throat.

"You're looking forward to it...I'm glad."

She smiled, then quickly put her now sloppy hand on my anticipating flesh rod.

Soon as her fingertips touched the tip, the sap dripped down along to my shaft.

That act alone tensed my cock up. It was really painful to endure.

"...then, here I go."

Julie grabbed my meat rod.


I almost jumped in place for a moment there... when my whole rod was touched by the creeping sap.

Then, when I was almost getting used to it, the warmth of Julie's palm made the sapless viscous, and then transferred to me started to become more slippery.

"Julie, this is amazing, ugh..."

The more the sap got slimmer the faster the speed of her handjob, which also, in turn, increased the stimulation I received as well.

At one minute, she moves her hands slowly, squeezing out my semen like a cow being milked, but the next minute, I get a fast hand job that intensely impassioned my entire body.

She's even moving her fingers around the tip as she does it all. My hips couldn't help but tremble.

As it also created a sound so obscene, it almost felt like I was having sex for real.

If I didn't grit my teeth, I would have summed.

"...fufu, Tomo's face looks really good. I want to see it more."

Julie smiled and said in a soft voice as she observed my face.

But in my ears, her voice seemed so loud that it almost rattled my brain.

"...I guess, this too as well...right?'


I was so excited and breathless that I wasn't able to understand anymore what Julie had said to me. 

But the next second, I realized what she had done, with the new pleasure that ran through my chest.

Julie, who had smeared her other hand with the sap, was tracing her fingers on the nipple opposite of where I'm being licked.

Then as it is, Julie resumed her attacks on the previous nipple that has already swelled up by her tongue techniques, once again.

"leroleroro...jururun...chuu chuu."

"Fuu, guu, aaah!"

Julie's skillfully three-point attack made me let out an unconscious gasp.

"...haa, haa. Tomo's voice, I want to hear it more. Chuuu"

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My cock and both my nipples were violated simultaneously, producing unbearable pleasure. Thankfully, I have taken precautions of this, or else I might have ejaculated already.

However, because I have let it come to this, I have lost my only chance to fight back.

Julie played with me as she pleased, and I could only scream in shame.

"No good, cumming."

After a while, I reached my limit. However, before I came, Julie's hands stopped moving.

"Eh? W-why?"

Then, she who was still slurping at my nipples, said as she stopped her tongue.

"...Not yet. I can make it feel even better."

The way she stared at me with her cheeks flushed was arousing.

Could it be that she's awakening her sadistic-ness here?

"Oh no...Ahuu."

After that, whenever I feel like about to come, her movements stop at the final moment, and because of that, my mind gets closer and closer to the edge.

This process is repeated over and over. After god knows how many minutes have passed, I was already in a state where I couldn't even orient myself properly anymore.

"Aaah, aaaaah, please let me cum already, Julie!"

"A little more, just a little more..."

"I, I can't, uuugh."

I already lost count of how many times she refused my request.

It was subtle torture. It kept on and on, and before I realized it, my meat rod was already hard as steel, while my body was already limp as a vegetable. A state which was the exact opposite of each other.

"...we're good now."

"Ah, eeh?"

"Come. You can let it out now. All of it"

All of a sudden, the slow torture earlier intensified at once.

Squish, slick, and lick.

Three different obscene sounds reverberated at once, and like a dam that has reached its limit, everything overflowed.

"Aaah, aaaaaaaaaaaah!"

I put out a large amount of semen, an amount in which even I couldn't believe that it came from my body. 

The vigorous white stuff reached Julie up to her chest, some even stained at her face as it squirts.

" much, amazing."

After ten seconds or so, Julie, who was still holding my jittery but rampaging cock, stooped down and sucked out the semen that was still inside like a straw.

I collapsed without being able to put a comeback.

"That was terrible..."

I had never been this tired from cumming from a handjob before.

"...I'm sorry."

"It's alright. I just need to get some rest and I'll be fine."

I said it in a joke but Julie shook her head.

Then, she straddled backward and showed me her genitals.

"I can't take it anymore."

From there, Julie showed me her pussy, which was dripping love juices like an overly wet towel.

=======================To be continued


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This book is nearing its end on my page so another project is needed and I already have one on my desktop and just compiling chapters for my supporter and after I reach a certain number, I will also post it on WN so you lot can enjoy it too 😉


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