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0.47% Abyssal Lord of the Magi World / Chapter 1: Third life

Chapter 1: Third life

In his first life, Zatiel had been an ordinary individual with a mundane existence. In a world devoid of magic or supernatural entities, advanced technology reigned supreme, shaping the lives of every citizen.

The A.I. Chip represented the pinnacle of technological achievement in that civilization. It possessed unparalleled data analysis and storage capabilities, allowing for experimentation and simulations to generate valuable insights and information. At birth, every child received an implantation of the A.I. Chip, an ever-present companion throughout their entire lifespan.

Zatiel's life had been simple, devoid of great ambition or remarkable achievements. As he approached the end of his mortal days, he believed that his existence would simply cease to be. As an atheist, he held no belief in concepts such as the soul or an afterlife. Thus, when he closed his eyes for what he thought would be the final time, he anticipated nothing more than eternal darkness.

However, upon opening his eyes once again, Zatiel found himself in a decrepit and desolate realm. The air was filled with burning winds, and a fiery red sun loomed ominously in the sky. Dark pits marred the landscape, while an immense river meandered through the land, accompanied by the anguished cries of countless souls.

This place was the Abyss, the birthplace of demons, a chaotic plane steeped in pure evil. It possessed numerous layers, each one more treacherous than the last.

Confused and frightened, Zatiel attempted to move but found himself burdened by an unfamiliar heaviness. Full of apprehension, he examined his body, only to be confronted by a grotesque sight. His hands, several sizes larger than those of a normal person, sported claw-like nails. His skin was a sickly white, marred by scars and deformities. His mouth had transformed into a gaping hole, filled with rows upon rows of teeth. Zatiel had become a "Mane."

Manes were the lowest level of demons in the Abyss. They were typically human souls transformed by the corrupting influence of the plane's aura and natural energies. In the eyes of other demons, Manes were nothing more than cannon fodder or even a source of sustenance.

Terrified and bewildered by his circumstances, Zatiel's thoughts were soon assailed by an overwhelming and savage will. It was the nature of every demon in the Abyss to become a wild killing machine, driven solely by their base instincts. The chaotic aura and natural energies of the plane corrupted their essence, leaving them prone to impulsive and violent behavior. This inherent chaos also made demons vulnerable, especially the weaker ones, as they could easily fall victim to traps set by cunning adversaries.

However, the chaotic nature of the Abyss aura had its benefits as well. It bestowed incredible power upon demons, both physically and in terms of spirit defense. Demons became as formidable as dragons within the same ranks, their strength augmented by the plane's chaotic energies. While some demons possessed greater intelligence and control over their impulses, the influence of the Abyss aura diminished as their power increased.

Zatiel, being far from exceptional, found his thoughts succumbing to the corrosive influence of the Abyss aura within minutes. Fortunately, his soul was accompanied by the A.I. Chip on this unexpected journey. The chip not only aided him in resisting the mental corrosion but also provided him with survival strategies and methods for ascending the ranks.

Over countless millennia of unending massacre and destruction, Zatiel not only grew immensely powerful but rose to the level of an Abyss Lord—a being of laws with a lifespan as eternal as the universe itself. However, even such formidable beings were not immune to the inevitability of death.

In his third life, Zatiel found himself an orphan, consigned to a life of hardship and uncertainty. He was sent to the magic tower, not out of benevolence but as a result of an apprentice spotting his talent for becoming a Magus. The apprentice's motivation stemmed from the task of recruiting new talents for the Magic Tower.

Life within the tower was a constant source of anxiety for Zatiel. He had been thrust into an environment that resembled a dungeon rather than a sanctuary, filled with individuals harboring sinister intentions.

During his first year in the tower, Zatiel focused on gradually strengthening his spirit and voraciously absorbing knowledge from the numerous books available to him. He also undertook menial tasks to earn meager sums of money.

One day, three Apprentice Magi of Rank 2 approached Zatiel, offering him the opportunity to join them on a task assigned by the Magic Tower. Their mission was to retrieve a magic herb known as shadow sorrow, which had the power to enhance the spirit of an apprentice with an affinity for darkness.

Initially skeptical, Zatiel hesitated due to his low rank and limited battle power. However, the apprentices reassured him that his role would be that of a lookout while they procured the herb. Eventually, enticed by the promise of a share in the herb's rewards, Zatiel agreed.

As they journeyed toward the location of the shadow sorrow, the three apprentices exhibited warmth and friendliness, effectively lulling Zatiel into a false sense of security. However, upon arriving near the herb, they betrayed him, ambushing him and casting him aside to distract a nearby Shadow Wolf—a magical creature possessing the power of a Rank 3 Apprentice Magi. The apprentices intended to claim the herb for themselves.

Zatiel's realization dawned too late. He became the unwitting bait to divert the Shadow Wolf's attention as the apprentices seized the herb. Frantically, he fled, evading the creature's attacks, but what could a Rank 1 apprentice truly accomplish against such a formidable adversary?

Within a mere three minutes, Zatiel found himself teetering on the precipice of death. If not for the creature's unexpected detection of something awry and its subsequent return to guard the precious herb, Zatiel would have met his demise.


Lying motionless beneath a tree, Zatiel closed his eyes, delving into the memories of his previous life. After a few minutes, he opened them once more, his gaze burning with newfound determination.

"I am Zatiel, Abyssal Lord, Ruler of Death and Destruction, Nightmare of Dys—and I have AWOKEN!"

"AI Chip, scan me."

Redsunworld Redsunworld

I want to thank all that read my novel.

It´s the first time a wrote any sort of story so I appreciate every opining that can give me.

I will try to release at least 4 chapters a week.

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