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2.22% Across 9 Skies / Chapter 2: Dying for nothing

Dying for nothing - Across 9 Skies - Chapter 2 by LeftPinky full book limited free

Chapter 2: Dying for nothing

Rohan Wells sent his nephew and niece away with a strong gust of wind, He looked in the direction they went and could only sigh.

He knew he had to do it one day that was the whole reason he stayed with them but it felt different from what he imagined.

He leaned on the side of his empty butcher shop and took out a handmade cigar.

"Life's a bitch ain't she junior?"


A couple of seconds passed and two people that seemed to be in their late teens walked out from behind a nearby tree.

They were wearing a sky blue uniform with a badge with grey clouds on their chests, as they directed killing intent toward Rohan.

"Sky God has ordered your death under the sky who can defy that?" The male shouted with ridicule heavy in his voice.

Rohan placed the outed half-smoked cigar in a small rag with a cat design on it.

He looked at the poor souls that offered themselves up to him and saw one male one female, he wasn't in any kind of hurry to kill them but with a sorrowful voice, he sighed and spoke.

"Only the young ones can infiltrate the Sky warriors, such a pity I don't fancy killing young ones you see, my nephew will soon be around the same age soon".

Rohan's eyes looked as if he truly detested what he was about to do to these children.

"Haha!, shut up old fart-! kill us….you? You and what army!".

The psychotic look on the young man's face was complimented with hateful killing intent.

"Come on, It's my code to kill those who seek death" Rohan seemed like he did this a million times and kicked himself off the butcher shops walls.

Something he said nonchalantly shouldn't have made someone feel fear but the shiver in their spin ran up and down but this was dismissed with cold wind circling them.


The male sky warrior roared and flashed toward Rohan with a razor-sharp short sword as the shortsword rapidly approached his chest.

Rohan took his machete and matched the strike with his own power.

The impact of the wind blew the butcher shop right into oblivion and the already mutilated trees were blown out of the ground.

The young man looked at Rohan like he was an unbelievable lie.

"What's your name son"

"My names Rion Leonidas"

The man found himself like Joey was a while ago, answering questions like he had no choice.

"At least ya died fighting but I can't say it was worth it"

Rohan clenched his fist and raised his hand as the winds coalesced around his hands and he hit the man in his ear smashing his head directly, the man only felt his world go blank.

His body fell to the ground and then Rohan turned his gaze to the young lady with a pale expression, his partner.

On a Road miles away.

Joey was only 15 years old was left with too much process, most of whatever was packed were lost when he was 'teleported'.

Apart from Joey wished to see his Uncle come back and say it was all a joke or that this was something some sort of dream.


But it wasn't the harsh cold winds blew against the two siblings as it was getting closer to winter.

Joey had nowhere to go holding back his tears he wandered down the dark street following the moving to the lights like a moth to a flame.

Joey had nowhere to go and went bobbed from door to door hoping for somewhere to stay.

Countless times he asked around the time wasn't too late so Joey was hoping someone could allow him to stay somewhere for the night.

Joey walked up to a house that seemed to have been there for ages, there was no lighting for the house as Joey stepped up onto the creaky steps and his body unknowingly followed his thought as he trodded.

Before he could knock on the door the person took the liberty to open itself, when Joey looked up in surprise he saw a lady that seemed to be in her 30's in a lewd red robe garment. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.


The lady gasped as if she was expecting to see someone else and not a kid with his sister, she covered her shameful appearance and let him in the house.

"Little boy, what wrong!?" The lady looked genuinely concerned for his health and starting looking around his body searching it she was searching for wounds.

"Come in! little one let's get you settled down and cleaned up" She took Joey in, with open arms oddly enough she kept wiping down Joey with a towel and brought him to an already readied room.

Joey let Rayla lay in the bed to sleep and allowed her to have a good nights rest, he needed to think about how things had just gotten flipped upside down in the span of a couple of hours.

The house had a lot of candles and the mood felt like something out of a vampire movie and Joey went back into the hall with the lady, the two of them sat around the table "Thank you for taking us in Ms".

"Ms Moore" she took the liberty of finishing is a sentence she looked at Joey with a half worried expression eye.

"Boy, what is your name?" The gloomy faced joey looked into her eyes with a distant gaze like he was looking at the wall through her head.

"Joe….Joey Wells"

The woman looked surprised but then gave a sincere smile she then asked "Well Joey where are your parent?" Joe was lost for words for the umpteenth time tonight.


He had none!

He wouldn't even know that he had a father if he didn't have his uncle to remind.

"Uhm, I have no parents and nowhere to go it has just me and my sister since day 1" Joey lied as he had never thought much about it.

Was he really telling a lie?

The lady hugged Joey with her bountiful peaks pressing against his face with tears dripping down her eyes.

She started hyperventilating making Joey wonder if she was the one without a roof over her head.

Apart from the candles she had, she had a lot of expensive-looking paintings around the house as she surely wasn't struggling, and on top of all that, she had no kids at her house.

As for the room Rayla was in maybe the house just came with it, somehow Joey found the perfect opportunity to find a for him to ask her to allow him to stay here for a couple of days.

Joey was in survival mode and he feigned sadness with the lady and grabbed her arm and tears started to flood out of his eyes but these tears weren't far from his eyes it didn't take much for him to let them flow.

In a sorrowful voice, Joey clamped the women back.

"Please aunty allow us to stay here until so my sister can be safe, I promised to pay you I'll pay you back someday.".

"Ohh Joey, Of course, stay as long as you need to " This went exactly how Joey had hoped.

"C'mon let's go get you washed up" she found it odd that Joey still had his backpack on his back. He carried it to the bathroom and set it down himself, she just took it as him being careful.

"I can wash myself up so please don't worry" Joey gestured for the woman to leave him alone she took it with a hint of embarrassment and left the room.

Joey got into the bath and started to shower himself "Most of it was just him standing in the shower allowing the water wash all the first and grime off his face."

Joey felt calm for the first time in a long while and started calculating his next move. He couldn't believe he was just in bed relaxing a couple of hours ago but, all that went through the window because of his stupid challenge.

But the wait wasn't his Uncle the one that kicked him out?

But... He said it was his dad's fault...

My fault or my father?

Joey couldn't even make sense of what he remembered as he was thinking a plume of gasses spewed out of the shower.

The sudden change made him gasp...but that did more harm than good as he feels his world spinning and laughter started swirling in his head.

The most he could do was save himself from falling and hitting his head and he passed out.

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