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10 seconds - adamo // Jung Jaehyun - Chapter 2 by milli0n_of_dreams full book limited free

Chapter 2: 10 seconds

Cho-Hee screamed and walked a few steps back,forgetting that her shower was right behind her.

She lost balance and fell into the bath tub,the curtain ending up in her face.

Scared she trashed her arms around,trying to escape the curtain.

Her heart pounded even harder than it did when she looked behind the curtain.

As soon as she was able to see again,she saw nothing.

The face was gone,the face with the red eyes but Cho-Hee was sure it was there.

She took a deep breath,in and out.

Her heart still beating like crazy in her chest.

'It was just your imagination' she told herself, 'you just get in too much'.

But her own words wouldn't calm her down.

As fast as she could she stood up and walked out of the bathroom with fast steps.

She was sure she wouldn't use it for today anymore.

Again and again she told herself that she just imagined the face and the red eyes,she could still see it clear in front of her when she closed her eyes and thought about the situation.

'Your head did this to you...' trying to comfort herself was hard,everytime she tried it she would have a shiver down her spine and feel watched.

'Why would my head did this to me? To himself?' why would her head scare her?

Her heart was still beating faster than usual when she sat down on her desk and continued her homework,she didn't feel like doing anything else anyways.

The burnt smell was still in her room,even though her windows were still wide open and she felt every gust of wind that would enter her room.

Cho-Hee was getting cold because if it,but she really didn't want to sleep with this burnt smell.

Why wasn't it going away?

She sighed and tossed her head back,she was done with her work. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Tired she looked at the clock that was standing on her desk,it was evening and she became hungry.

She would probably just cook noodles with a random sauce,but it was enough for her.

In the kitchen she filled the bowl with water,but it was heavier than she expected and out of reflex she grabbed the bowl with the other hand.

For a moment she forgot about the injury on her hand but she got painful reminded of it when the handle of the bowl opened her wound again.

It startet burning and Cho-Hee sat the bowl down.

Her hand started bleeding again and she,all of a sudden,noticed the burnt smell.

'The smell of burnt paper is so strong..' she thought and looked up to her room.

Her door was open,but she could swear she closed it on her way to the kitchen.

She took a few steps back to get a better sight of her room's door when she tripped and tried to get back her balance by swinging her arms.

When she got her balance back she stood back straight,her arms still facing away from her.

A cold hand grabbed hers and she looked to her side with shock wided eyes.

A man was grabbing her hand and he sniffed on her injury,inhaling the sniff of her blood.

The face was familiar to Cho-Hee,the red eyes were and the burnt smell crawled into her nose making her nearly unable to smell something else.

She screamed and tried to move away her hand and push the stranger away.

"Why are you screaming? You summoned me."

Cho-Hee stopped screaming and looked the 'creature' in the eyes.

'10 seconds brave' she told herself,it was something her dad would tell her.

"If you're 10 seconds brave for something,it will be enough. And you may be brave enough for another 10 seconds" was what he used to say.

Cho-Hee was a shy child and even as a teenager she would still be sometimes.

"Go away! Let off of me!" she yelled with a voice,both powerful and scared.

"No. You called and I answered. I won't just leave with nothing" his nose was still on her injury but his eyes were focusing her.

"Be happy I answered,other demons would have already kill you" he smiled saying those words.

Again Cho-Hee tried to move her hand away,ucnsuccessful.

"Please let go!" she said,but the stranger gave no answer.

"Seems like you didn't know that we demon's can only walk on earth when we get summoned. And it really seems like you haven't read the warning noir how to get rid of a demon like me" he pulled Cho-Hee on her arm to him.

"Demons are people who done bad things in life and are cursed to live in hell,we try everything to stay in earth. Like, sabotaging rituals who would bring us back to Satan" he grinned.

"The paper.." she whispered,the demons grin turned into a innocent smile.

Cho-Hee tried to escape his grip,but he was too strong.

"My name is Jaehyun."

After those words he started sucking on Cho-Hee's wound,drank the blood.

It was a disgusting feeling for her and she shook her hand,hoping he would let go.

It burned and the demon named Jaehyun,who she summoned on 'accident' , bit in her injury with his sharp teeth.

She told him to stop,again and again but he didn't.

Cho-Hee felt how she got dizzy,how her sight started to disappear and right before she faded she fell into strong arms who held her up.

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