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A chance to be extraordinary.

A chance to be a pioneer.

A chance to show the world what being a Hero really means.

Aden Strong is whisked away from his normal life to one of the most terrifying universes, where alien invasion are a normal occurrence, Supervillains seeking to take over the world and powerful beings like Superman are not too out of place.

With his Avatar System, watch as he turns the world over on it's head and shows them what it means to be a hero.

So begins the Saga of Aden Strong: Avatar In DC.

*Cover Pic ain't Mine.

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................................................................................. You kill it why he have to tell the other he came from the world that loot at their world from commic book.

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The story is pretty basic and average there’s nothing special bout it it’s like most dc fanfic what makes it bad for me though is the mc theres nothing that makes me wanna read bout him

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It's a very good fanfic, the beginning wasn't the best, but with each chapter i feel the novel evolving, the system is "smooth", it's not unpleasant at all like most systems novels on this site, the MC's personality is relatively original, i feel like most of the MCs on this site are relatively similar so it's refreshing (to me) to read about a different mc, i hope that just like the story he will also evolve as a person. His relationship with other characters hasn't been very developed yet, but it seems to be going down an interesting path, not too forced and not ignored, although there aren't many interactions yet i feel that everything is going in an ideal way, it's "smooth "... I hope the author doesn't add more powers to the MC, i see some people complaining that he is weak and having the avatar powers is no big deal, but i believe that he can do amazing things with this power, especially if the level of power of the elements is greater than in Avatar (the anime), i imagine him being able to cause devastating earthquakes, summoning giant meteors (like madara), shooting lightning so powerful that Thor would be jealous, creating tsunamis of hundreds of meters, hurricanes so powerful that they can destroy entire cities, or even creating a new ice age! Okay, i got a little excited here, but what I mean is that the possibilities are endless, his power is fantastic and it will be amazing to read about his development. I love the DC universe, unfortunately there aren't so many fanfics about it and this is one that I'm most excited about it's future, i really hope that the author doesn't drop this novel, i'll be rooting for it. PS: MCxSupergirl (make it happen!)

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I was always for this book, even when people were against it, and they Were hints on him becoming a dark villan tyrant throughout the story even when he was considered to be a hero, but I ignored it because I hoped, and He explained, and it was interesting, but when he broke aangs spirit, that was the last straw for me, I don’t normally post bad reviews, but I don’t normally get so upset with a story either, when he broke aangs spirit,I couldnt read anymore, author I am sorry, I wish you luck, but I’m out.

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It's pretty average and generic Fanfic like others, MC got transported to DC universe and now he wants to greatest hero (anti hero more likely) he has the powers of Avatar but he still takes serum and comes across a power hungry individual (at least to me). There's nothing new or interesting in fanfic except the fact that he wants to form his team of "hero's" as he didn't like to work in Young justice. Character interaction is pretty good but interaction between him and Artemis is pretty forced and cliche. That's it, that's is all there in this Fanfic for now.

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Amazing. Even though I hate some decisions he made it was logical descissions. Make more plz…-.-.-.-./.-.-.-./.2,:-,…./…’xcvx,’clelvldmddndm

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It is really confusing to tell who is talking during character interaction. Making it hard to get into the story having multiple characters talking at once with indicating who is talking takes away from the story.

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if people can give 5 star without any reason why i can simple give 1 for not reason too. it's not like anyone who care about my review, so why not

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I mean, the DC characters aren't acting like different people and the writing style seems to be ok so I won't go below 3 stars, but the MC is just really unlikeable. He complains all the time, his quips are lame.... He just.... isn't likeable. To me personally, there are many ways a character can be likeable, he doesn't fit any of those ways. You can complain all the time, but at least be funny. It's really hard to like him mostly because he just feels lame. I didn't reach ch 10 so maybe I might be making early assumptions, but I just simply don't like MC. Feels like a big baby.

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The MC is way to inconsistent to be a good story. The author seems to sacrifice a lot if it leads him to be able to write a action scene and it leads to a bad story with questionable decisions all over the place

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What did I just read? I feel like at least half of my neurons died with what I just read XD 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😋😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😖

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well for starters the protagonist is named strong he is a guy with less gut and a the start of the story is a bit weak WQ 2stars SD 2stars CD 5 stars US 3stars WB 1stars

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The fact that the justice league knows that he was reincarnated and even that he remembers their universe as a cartoon is cringe af. honestly just the fact that he is in the young justice group is kinda lame.. the mc acts worse than they do. in case ppl dont know, they act like entitled 12 year olds. cuz they kinda are. robin is 13 and acts like it. Mc makes the same mistake every mission and recognises that, but just 'smiles at the others' and does it anyway like a retard.

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it's like I'm reading a 2nd rate Chinese character that the MC thrashes because he grew up on pills. Our MC just takes different drugs.

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The idea of story is awesome. But that how it looks.... Autor try to write like Chinese autor. More than 1k chapter. Too many water or empty chapters. Add new ? Ok, maybe there will be few interesting sentences that describe all chapter. Some aden actions - so bs ... Autor explain them... But ... Not in chapter. Only in comments. This story ruined from aden join to league. Its all that i want to say.

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boring, author tries hard to be funny but doesn't even come close........................................................................................

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I feel like I've been reading this past the point of enjoyment for too long so I might as well give my review on the way out. Writing quality: Pretty good, there aren't any grammar or spelling errors. Characters are able to portray unique personalities and have conversations without any awkwardness and fight scenes are able to be conveyed well. The quality does drop significantly at two points in the story though after the first time skip then an even more significant quality drop around chapter 258. Stability of updates: 5 stars very consistent updates over the course of several months. Story development: Here's one of the main downsides. The story started off a little rocky with adding a lot of drama in order to force antagonistic interactions between characters rather than juggle them all talking. Which is fine, it worked for the story then but they just had characters make constant blunders in order to justify certain emotional outbursts. That said until the time skip the story had a pretty great story going on. Then it feels like the author lost their drive for the story because everything just fumbled around for a few chapters trying to do something like how young justice did their time skip and explaining things that happened during the skip mid-scene leading to a lot of confusing things happening for no reason some of which were still never explained. The pacing also changed dramatically, it's not exactly a spoiler to say the main character learns the elements like the avatar, but the story is coming to an end and they only recently started on their 3rd element like the story was going for too slow pacing in order for the character not to be too strong then just started speed running the plot near the end. Random elements are now just being thrown in without reason or structure like they are just pushing it all out without any attempt at it making sense anymore. Character design: The problem here is all of the DC characters are certainly a version of their character. There are definitely emotionally incompetent DC league members but it's a bit disappointing to see them being THIS emotionally incompetent. The main character also suffers from this problem. They go through this mini-arc about helping their anger issues and achieving an inner balance that just never amounts to anything as the plot speeds up forcing them to make stupid choices again to make it move faster. That's sort of a common theme, characters never change or develop they stay just as emotionally horrible throughout the entire series. World background: It's a ff and they accurately depict a lot of characters, there are a few that are questionable about why there are there to begin with like lost plot threads that were never followed but overall it's pretty well done. Overall, this was a good story that just lost its soul halfway through and seems like it's being forcefully finished but in a really convoluted way rather than taking one of the multiple routes that would have let it end peacefully. It's a shame because besides the last 1/3rd ish the story is pretty good and even had multiple points it could have ended fairly nicely but chose to keep pushing like extra seasons of the show Heroes.

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I just don't understand why it's ratings just dropped suddenly. Is it because he revealed the world is a comic book? Come on, you got Batman there, of course he is going to ask Martian manhunter to read his mind sooner or later. Reason, appeared out of nowhere and powered himself to the avatar state after receiving a severe injury, destroying the whole place. THAT IS BATMAN. PARANIOA, INTELLIGENCE AND WISDOM IN ONE BEING. It is a good fic and keeps improving.

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the story has an interesting idea but that's all in some chapters i didn't know which character was talking about the outside that after a few chapters the story got worse

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Author Saintbarbido