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29.41% Adventure in the Xianxia Multiverse / Chapter 11: Ch. 11: End Of Seclusion

Ch. 11: End Of Seclusion - Adventure in the Xianxia Multiverse - Chapter 11 by Celestial_Demon full book limited free

Chapter 11: Ch. 11: End Of Seclusion

A new day has come. It was the last day of the time dilation.

Soon, Chen Fan would be kicked out of the Cosmic Brick.

If he returned to this place before the cooldown ended, the time inside the Cosmic Brick would flow the same as the time outside.

Sitting on the soft bed of grass and resting his back against the rock where he usually meditated, Chen Fan waited for the time to go out while eating a sweet, delicious golden peach.

This peach was not ordinary. It was filled with Qi and could advance cultivators' progress.

If ordinary people ate this golden peach, their lifespan would get extended.

The immature one could extend an ordinary person's lifespan by ten years, and the mature one could extend their lifespan by 100 years.

It also had healing properties. It could cure ailments and heal old wounds.

This Golden Peach is truly a treasure of heaven and earth!

After discovering this peach, Chen Fan decided to use this to heal Wei Fu. He would also cultivate this peach to prolong the lifespan of his women who weren't cultivating for whatever reason.

Other than that, he had made a breakthrough regarding his mindset. He wasn't beholden by the common sense of his old life anymore.

In the past month, he had thought over his life in the universe of the Rebirth of the Urban Immortal Cultivator carefully. He realized that he could not use the common sense of his old world here.

He expected to kill people in the future. There would be a reason for this.

Although he liked the original story, he had a few moments when he was annoyed by the typical Xianxia cliche it kept repeating.

In the original story, there were too many arrogant young masters and experts that ended up being killed at worst or having broken limbs at best because of Chen Bei Xuan.

He could see himself getting fed up with that thing as well.

Don't get him wrong… he liked the face-slapping routine because it felt satisfying, but too much would make it boring!

He had hardened his heart for when he was going to kill his first human. He had desensitized himself with the gore and brutality from fighting against the beasts on this planet.

He also expected to get servants and slaves in the future.

There might be those who accepted being his servants like Lu Yanxue, Yukishiro Sa, etc.

However, there would be women who surely crossed his patience as well and ended up becoming his slaves such as Tang Yifei, Violet, etc.

He would decisively enslave them if they didn't want to die.

Moreover, he had already made up his mind about Wang Xiaoyun. But, the details are for another time.

"Hm? It's time," he muttered as he jerked his head up. He gave his living place in the past forty-one days a last look before readying himself.

He counted quietly, 'Ten…three, two, one, zero!'

At zero count, Chen Fan disappeared from the universe of the Cosmic Brick and reappeared in his apartment on Earth.

"I'm back and ready to shake the whole world!"

After returning to his apartment, Chen Fan found that it was still night. Even though he had been in the Cosmic Brick universe for forty-one days, only an hour had passed.

After that, he tried to summon objects from inside the Cosmic Brick. What he summoned were several pairs of martial art outfits and an immature golden peach.

When they appeared in his sight, he nodded in satisfaction. Then, he returned the golden peach to the space inside the Cosmic Brick. After that, he put his martial art outfit in the cupboard in his apartment room.

After putting his outfits in the cupboard, Chen Fan decided to wait for dawn and watch television to kill time.

"It's been a long time since I felt modern comfort," he said, switching television channels with the remote in his hand. He was sitting on a couch facing the flat-screen TV.

"Wut? This shit also exists here?"

He raised his brows in interest when he found a certain show televised.

"The Comeback of Eagle Heroes? Is this a parody of the Return of Condor Heroes?"

He shook his head to clear up his mind and decided to enjoy the show.

Time passed. Dawn finally came.

Chen Fan went to the spot where Chen Bei Xuan restarted his cultivation in the original story. He'd left early to reach there before Wei Fu and Ziqing.

Today, he planned to heal Wei Fu, fix his family's defective cultivation method, and get the villa on the top of Yunwu Mountain as payment.

That villa is important for his plan to conquer Tang Hongyu.

He was also curious about Wei Ziqing.

If she caught his interest, he would pick up this girl as well.

Chen Fan waited for his targets while sitting cross-legged and leaning his back against the trunk of an old willow tree.

His eyes closed, he spread out his Divine Sense to monitor the whole area.

A while later…

"At long last…" Chen Fan opened his eyes and muttered with a smirk and excited glints in his eyes.

His target finally came. He had waited for them for two hours!

He started meditating and breathing vigorously. This was a breathing technique he'd devised to bait his target.

He made this breathing technique because the breathing technique of his nameless cultivation method was no different from normal breathing. He thought that only the supreme expert in this universe could scratch the surface of the depths of his masterpiece.

A few moments passed. Chen Fan stopped meditating and opened his eyes.

"They stopped halfway and started practicing there." He muttered with a wry smile. "Looks like plan A is useless. Time to move on to Plan B."

Plan A was to wait for Wei Fu and his group to pass by so they could watch him practice. Although Wei Ziqing and Xiao Qi wouldn't know of the magnificence of his breathing technique, Wei Fu would surely know it.

Wei Fu wasn't as ignorant as Wei Ziqing and Xiao Qi.

After Wei Fu believed that Chen Fan was a martial artist, Chen Fan would use this opportunity to make a connection to the Wei Family.

Alas, this old man and his group hadn't drawn closer to Chen Fan's location.

Fortunately, Chen Fan had a backup plan: Plan B.

Plan B was to approach them, watch Wei Ziqing practice, and shake his head in a disapproving and ridiculing manner. This would trigger Wei Ziqing.

That proud girl would get offended and then demand an explanation from him.

Following that, he would have an opportunity to show off before her and Wei Fu.

Finally, Chen Fan got up and headed to their location. He soon saw them and carefully examined these people.

Although there was a wide distance between them, Chen Fan could easily see them clearly with his improved sight. If he focused slightly, his sight could zoom in like a telescope.

First of all, his attention was on the only girl in the group.

This girl was a tall, slender, and buxom young woman with long purplish red hair pulled back in a ponytail. Her martial art outfit was light pink with a floral pattern.

This girl's characteristics indicated that she was Wei Ziqing.

Like when he saw Tang Hongyu and Jiang Churan, Chen Fan had to admit that the manhua's 2D art did her real appearance injustice!

He also used his Divine Sense to check her more carefully. Then, he found that he would not have to act like a jerk to get their attention.

Although he knew that Wei Fu's technique was defective, he was still shocked by how bad it was! Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

'What a trashy product! It slowly accumulates damage in the lung!'

Chen Fan was amazed by the idiocy or desperation of the creator of this defective technique.

Only idiot or desperate people created a defective product like this!

'As a magnanimous person, how can I let such a beautiful girl unwittingly kill herself slowly? It's time to be a hero saving a princess!'

Before Chen Fan followed his decision, he turned to the old man of the group.

This old man wore a light purple martial art outfit and had slicked-back white hair and a neat beard and mustache. His expression was stern and dignified.

This old man was Wei Fu.

When Chen Fan checked Wei Fu with his Divine Sense, he easily found a wound in this old man's lungs.

'This wound is really bad. Modern medicine cannot heal this wound, but it is not a problem for me. In fact, I can treat it without using the golden peach!'

He pondered for a moment and then made up his mind.

'I suppose I'll heal him myself. No need to waste my golden peach.'

Finally, he turned his attention to the last person. The bodyguard, Xiao Qi.

This bodyguard had short dark blue hair, a stocky build, dark skin, and a scar near his chin. He was wearing a dark turquoise tight t-shirt, dark army pants, and army boots.

Chen Fan also saw the gun holster hanging on his waist, but it didn't bother him.

A mere gun wasn't a threat to him anymore.

You have to drop a nuclear warhead to threaten him!

Chen Fan stopped his examination and continued walking forward.

Celestial_Demon Celestial_Demon

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