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38% Adventure in the Xianxia Multiverse / Chapter 15: Ch. 15: Healing Wei Fu

Ch. 15: Healing Wei Fu - Adventure in the Xianxia Multiverse - Chapter 15 by Celestial_Demon full book limited free

Chapter 15: Ch. 15: Healing Wei Fu

Wei Fu finally decided to scold his granddaughter harshly, "You ignorant girl! Hurry! Kneel and pay your respect to Immortal Master Chen! Don't cause any more trouble—HOEK!"

However, he coughed up blood violently before he could finish his scolding.

Chen Fan blinked in a slight surprise when he saw another cliche of Xianxia.

Although it wasn't really like that, Wei Fu's expression looked like an angry person before coughing up blood! Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

That matched the 'so angry until coughing up blood' trope!

Inwardly, Chen Fan wondered if he would see more cliches in the future. When he remembered how the original story progressed, he couldn't deny the likeliness of it. There were so many assholes in this world, after all.

Seeing Wei Fu's distressed condition, Wei Ziqing and Xiao Qi reacted.

"Grandpa!" Wei Ziqing called out to her grandfather in worry and then went to help Wei Fu.

Xiao Qi did the same. However, he stood tensely beside Wei Fu and let Wei Ziqing take care of his old master.

Chen Fan watched this happen silently. Everything was according to his calculation.

"Don't worry, my granddaughter. Just old wounds acted up."

Wei Fu tried to calm his distressed granddaughter, after which he turned to Chen Fan. "Please forgive me for showing such a shameful sight in your presence, Immortal Master Chen."

Even though his wound acted up, Wei Fu still tried not to offend Chen Fan. He was really afraid of offending Chen Fan because of his status as an Immortal.

"Stop it, Grandpa. You need to calm down or else your injury will become worse!"

Wei Ziqing persuaded her grandfather. Then, she turned to Chen Fan and glared at him indignantly.

"This is your fault that Grandpa's injury acted up!"

'A young calf doesn't fear the tiger indeed,' Chen Fan thought while shaking his head helplessly.

Although he felt irked by Wei Ziqing's accusation, he couldn't really deny it. Everything was according to his plan, after all.

He'd baited them, acted in a manner that would make them dance in his tune, and intentionally aimed for this.

"You ignorant girl, cough! Stop it! Cough, cough! Don't offend Immortal Master Chen!"

Wei Fu scolded his granddaughter weakly while coughing. He then turned to Chen Fan.

"Please don't be offended, Immortal Master Chen. My granddaughter is truly ignorant. I pray that you can be broad-minded."

Chen Fan shook his head and approached Wei Fu. "Don't worry, Elder Wei. A small matter like this won't offend me. Moreover, I feel like our meeting today is fated! You and your granddaughter are the first martial artists I met after moving here, so I will try to help you cure your injury."

"Immortal Master Chen, you can cure my injury, you said?!"

"Can you really cure Grandpa's injury?!"

Wei Fu and Wei Ziqing exclaimed in unison, startled.

Chen Fan nodded with a faint smile.

"I can… It's a small matter with my power," he said and made a ball of condensed Qi visible to their eyes.

When they saw the light floating above Chen Fan's palm, their eyes glinted with awe and hope.

Finally, Chen Fan stopped in front of the Grandfather and Granddaughter pair. "Now, sit down and meditate. I will heal your injury," he told Wei Fu.

Wei Ziqing looked at Chen Fan curiously.

'How will he treat grandpa?' She immediately stopped her shallow thinking as she remembered who, no, what Chen Fan was, 'Is he gonna cure grandpa with some mysterious immortal's powers?'

She couldn't help feeling anticipation.

Today had been full of surprises for her. She never expected to meet a young immortal when she left her house to practice near Yangui Lake.

Not only her understanding of the world expanded but her grandfather would be cured of his injury!

She was excited and full of anticipation!

She didn't doubt Chen Fan after what he'd shown so far.

She moved away from her grandfather after he sat down cross-legged. Then, she alternated her gaze between Chen Fan and her grandfather, watching them attentively.

Chen Fan ignored Wei Ziqing's curious and anticipatory stare. He moved behind Wei Fu, bent down a little, and then put his palm on Wei Fu's back, after which he started sending his Qi into Wei Fu's body.

On the other hand, Wei Fu calmed his mind and attempted to sense Chen Fan's energy. However, he couldn't sense it unlike the Internal Force he cultivated. Even though he couldn't sense Chen Fan's Qi, he could feel that his lungs slowly and surely got better.

'What a miraculous technique! But, I can't feel the energy he uses to heal me… Talent, huh? It seems that I have no talent to cultivate Dao of Immortality,' Wei Fu lamented.

Wei Fu felt amazed by Chen Fan's mysterious ability but also felt bitter and unwilling because he couldn't sense Chen Fan's Qi.

He wanted to cultivate the Dao of Immortality too?!

Who doesn't want to be an Immortal?

Unfortunately, he had no talent to do it. He could only lament his lack of talent.

Of course, Chen Fan knew what Wei Fu did. The corners of his lips moved up slightly.

"Elder Fu, I discovered that you also have a Fire Element Spiritual Root like your granddaughter. It's not as good as your granddaughter's, but it should be enough to give you the talent to cultivate Dao of Immortality. Unfortunately, your defective technique has damaged your Spiritual Root too," Chen Fan said as he slowly healed Wei Fu's lungs.

He could quickly heal the old man, but he decided to drag this for more benefits.

When Wei Fu heard that he had the talent to cultivate Dao of Immortality, he was elated. However, his elation turned into bitterness when he heard that his talent was damaged.

However, Chen Fan wasn't done yet. "I can repair your Spiritual Root. However, it will not return to its previous state. It's up to your fortune to make it better. Maybe, you will gain a fortuitous encounter that will help you in the future."

Wei Fu was startled when he listened to Chen Fan's words. He couldn't believe that he would be this lucky!

Unbeknownst to him, Chen Fan was lying through his teeth. He could repair and even upgrade his Spiritual Root, but he wouldn't do this.

He wasn't a selfless do-gooder!

Wei Ziqing and Xiao Qi were also shocked when they heard that.

In Wei Ziqing's case, she was elated when she knew that her grandfather could cultivate Dao of Immortality, meaning that her grandfather could live longer. She was also slightly envious of her grandfather's luck.

On the other hand, Xiao Qi also felt envy for his old master's fortune. He hoped that Chen Fan would teach him how to cultivate Dao of Immortality too.

However, he could only have wishful thinking. He didn't dare shamelessly request Chen Fan in fear of offending him.

The temptations of immortality are so hard to ignore. Who doesn't want to be an Immortal?

"I will transmit a cultivation method directly into your mind and then make it so that you can sense Qi. Use this chance to familiarize yourself with the sensation of my Qi. After I cured your lungs, start practicing and familiarizing yourself with the method I gave you," Chen Fan stated.

Wei Fu silently nodded. However, he was internally screaming like a little boy finally getting the toy he always wants!

He was so damn happy!

So happy that he wanted to wrap his granddaughter in a wedding dress before throwing her into Chen Fan's room for the bridal night…

Alright, that comparison was too much…

However, Wei Fu would gleefully support their union if his granddaughter agreed and was willing to marry Chen Fan.

And so, Chen Fan healed Wei Fu's lungs, after which he moved away and let Wei Fu practice the cultivation method he made. This cultivation method was an upgrade of the defective method of the Wei Family.

When Wei Fu realized this due to the similarity, he was extremely moved. He silently swore to repay this favor with his life before immersing himself in cultivation.

Meanwhile, Chen Fan gave Wei Fu a space to cultivate in peace. He joined Wei Ziqing and Xiao Qi.

"Do you have questions?" Chen Fan asked bluntly.

Wei Ziqing and Xiao Qi felt awkward. They wanted to be taught the Dao of Immortality as well. However, they didn't know how to express it without sounding impolite. They didn't dare offend him!

Although Wei Ziqing could be spoiled and demanding like the typical rich girls, she knew that Chen Fan's status was above her.

Meanwhile, Xiao Qi could be shameless if he wanted, but he didn't dare to act shamelessly in front of Chen Fan. He didn't want to die because of offending an Immortal like him.

Seeing their awkward faces, Chen Fan was amused but didn't let it show on his face. "Do you want to cultivate Dao of Immortality too?"

Hearing Chen Fan's question, they perked up and silently nodded in response to his question. They were unable to trust their voice at this moment, afraid of looking like a fool in Chen Fan's presence.

Celestial_Demon Celestial_Demon

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