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37.66% Adventures With a Reincarnated Bush / Chapter 29: John's Cultivation Dilemma

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Chapter 29: John's Cultivation Dilemma

  John start's to feel sluggish, as earth energy overwhelms the sun energy, entering his trunk. It is important to keep the ying-yang flow of energy in balance. However, now the energy has become unstable. It's similar to when he'd tried to combine the energies previously. Like an army that ran out of fodder to throw into the fight, the sun energy gives way to the earth energy.

  Normally the solid earth energy would reinforce and solidify his core, like building up a wall one brick at a time. The yang sun energy would then fuse and purify his core, like forging a folded metal sword. If done correctly this should create a very solid foundation. However, now the core was being built as stable as a building with no mortar.

  'Damn, there isn't anything I can do.' John thinks frustrated by his lack of power. He struggles to control the wild earth energy to no avail. It was like trying to ride an enraged Joe. If only he could siphon it off somehow... 'That's it!' John thinks with excitement.

  As John struggled with his internal battle, a day goes by. Joe was badly injured and sleeping to recover his strength. Elanor locked herself away in Mellisa's house to apply the many concoctions she's collected from her master. "Like I'll get scars for that plant and bull!" She was often heard crying, from within the shack.

  Anna was still writhing in pain. Now back in her bed in her own shack. Franklin recovered after only a few hours of rest. Both Arron and Franklin were nursing the healed mother. Under the skin, they can clearly see the slithering movement, of internal organs and bones, reforming. Just watching the process causes, them to shudder and feel there own skin, crawl.

  Elanor after fully recovering exits, Mellisa's house stretching, happily. "Miss, are you alright?" Gregory asks worriedly. What would happen if Elanor had an accident, in their small village? Would her master let them off? He wonders. "Ha, something like that, won't stop me!" she replies energetically while patting the man, on the shoulder. Unfortunately for Gregory, she didn't control her strength properly, sending him stumbling.

  "Careful there," Elanor says laughing her mood lifted. At this moment she hears an annoying voice in her head. "Did you bring those mystic herbs I asked for?" John asks, expectantly. "What you stupid plant? Do you think I'm your slave?!" Elanor yells, over at the hill. Gregory looks at the crazy beauty awkwardly. "Are you sure you're alright? Maybe you should go home and have your master check you out." He advises sincerely as he stands back up.

  Flipping her hair irritably, she heaves a big sigh, causing her chest to bounce. "Look you don't have to worry about me, okay?" Elanor says with a scary smile. "Yes, mam sorry for overstepping my bounds," Gregory replies while bowing, with sweat dripping from his brow.

  "Why are you so scared?" Elanora asks, curiously. "I'm the hot and kind Elanor, there's nothing to fear!" She says puffing her self up proudly, this move also makes her large chest, puff out as well.

  "Stop showing off the goods and give me a hand." The exasperated bush again speaks in Elanor's mind. "Ha, fine," She says before looking at Gregory and continuing, "Well I have something to do."

  Upon the hill, John waits impatiently, for the fairy to extricate her self, from the villagers. Elanor didn't take long to jump up the hill, arriving in front of the sexual harassing bush. "Look, you can't treat me like some call girl," she complains, making a pouty face.

  "You think that will work on me? I'm a plant girl! How much libido do you think I have?" John lectures the young cultivator, "Also do you see flowers? I'm clearly not even seeding." "Fine whatever," Elanor replies to the bushes rant while plopping, unceremoniously onto her bottom. "What should I call you? You're clearly more than a bush." She says waving at the bush with disinterest.

  "I'm John. There's no reason to keep a family name, from a previous life." He replies. "Anyways nows not the time for that. Did you bring those mystic herbs?" John asks, hopefully. Elanor sighs while playing with her hair. "Yeah, I got your dying mystic herbs," she responds while sending them out of her interspatial ring.

  Five wilting mystic herbs are laying on the ground. John looks at them with his senses. Three are Limson herbs, used by most loose cultivators for minor injuries. They have a distinctive red color, with a big veiny leaf. The fourth is a Bleeding Pipe herb, usually used in non-lethal poison. The name stems from the effect it has when digested, mainly ejecting blood during urination. The herb has a bamboo shape to it.

  "This is!" John exclaims with excitement, as he takes a look at the final plant. It's a small needly looking plant. It borrows through stone and is mostly just roots, with small spiky needles poking out. It's called Stone Porcupine herb. It's well known for being useful for earth type cultivators. It collects the energy from the earth, to create its spiked stem.

  "Alright plant these four around the village," John tells Ellanor while pointing with his branches, to the Limson herbs and Bleeding Pipe herb. "Sure, sure," the poor student shows her lazy nature, by splaying her limbs out, while laying on the ground lazily. "Also go grab me a boulder for this little guy," He says pointing at the last herb.

  "Are you serious?" Elanor complains. "Yeah, I'd have this big oaf do it. But he needs time to recover," John says sighing. "I was hurt too you know. Shouldn't you give this beauty some time to recover?" She asks with a pouty face. "Hurt? If you put a little more effort we wouldn't be in this predicament," he replies annoyed. "What I got all burned up! You know how hard it is to heal burn scars?" She replies angrily while waving her arms, energetically as if she was going to fly away.

  With drooping branches, John reasons with the young woman, "Look I'm in rough shape here. I don't have the energy to argue. Could you please help me out?" "Fine, fine. You're as bad as Catherine. geez." Elanor says rubbing her head, causing her luxurious hair to fly about, wildly.

  The female cultivator completes her work while dragging, her feet as if she was carrying a huge burden. She plants the four herbs on the four corners of the village. Half a day later after playing in the forest, she finds a large boulder. She quickly stores it away and saunters back to the hill.

  Back on the hill, Elanor releases the boulder."Heres your dumb rock," she says with disdain in her voice. "Great! Now just place Stone Porcupine herb and put it into a crack in the boulder." John commands happily. Elanor gives a look as if she ate something nasty before doing as she's told. "Perfect! Thanks, a lot. We'd be in trouble without you." John praises.

Untolddead Untolddead

Woot, I'm a bit late once again. :/ Still I hope you all enjoy the more plant cultivation related chapter.

If you have some extra time could you guys add tags to my novel? I don't care what you put. Heres what I have on it currently though Reincarnation, Reincarnating, Plant, Bush, Comedy, Martial Arts. There needs to be 5 of one for it to actually work as a tag

Thanks for reading.

*******: https://www.*******.com/IDiedandReincarnatedasaPlant


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