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10% Against The Gods with an Anime System / Chapter 8: Getting to know each other & The start of the main story

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Chapter 8: Getting to know each other & The start of the main story

'Why the hell does she look like Saeko Busujima from High school of the Dead?' Mesa suddenly thought to himself until he heard the distinctive system sound.

DING* [ "Message from One Above All has arrived. Does host wish to open this message?"]

'This cannot be a coincidence. The One Above All must be behind this.'

[ 'System open the message.']

DING* [ "Ahh I see you have finally uncovered the second part of my surprise for you. You are not imagining things. Xia Qingyue really looks like Saeko Busujima. I made it so that the harem targets all look like female anime characters but which one looks like which one character is for you to find out. Good luck on your journey and show them hell.


Enjoy your otaku dream come true. HAHAHAHA."]

Hearing this message from the One Above All himself he was both ecstatic and embarrassed at the same time. Meanwhile Xia Qingyue was watching him being silent and looking in her direction.

"Hello. I said who are you and what are you doing here?" said Xia Qingyue

Hearing her again Mesa immediately snapped out of it.

"Ah my apologies. I kinda zoned out. But back to your first question. I am only here because it's a most peaceful place for meditating. It's not too remote and yet very quit. I apologize, I did not know that this place was taken." said Mesa while giving a small bow with his head.

Looking at Mesa handsome face and hearing him speak Xia Qingyue wanted to tell him to leave but at the same time not. He was dressed in a weird overcoat she had never seen and he didn't look at her with a lustful gaze like other men and he didn't sound arrogant. This sparked a flame of curiosity.

"Well this place belongs to the Xia clan. This is private property so you are actually trespassing." said Xia Qingyue curious to see how he would react.

"Well I apologize for trespassing. I just arrived in this town yesterday and saw this nice secluded spot that was perfect for meditating. I didn't know it was private property. I will leave right now." As Mesa was getting up he heard Xia Qingyue calling out to him.

"No you don't have to go just yet. You are a guest in our town and it wouldn't be nice to kick you out like that. But if you just arrived yesterday in town, can I ask you where you came from. I never left town and we never have people from outer town here so I wanna know more about the outer world."

'Hook, line and sinker.' Mesa thought to himself as he knew his plan worked.

"Well to start us of. My name is Mesa Uchiha. And what might be your name?" Mesa started of introducing himself

"I am Xia Qingyue." Xia Qingyue introduced herself while thinking to herself that Mesa's name is an weird name she never heard of before.

"Mesa, that is not a name you hear every day. Where did you come from." Xia Qingyue asked curiously.

"I am from a land far away from here from a village named The Hidden Leaf Village. I come from one of two most exalted clans from the Hidden Leaf Village. The Uchiha clan."

"The Hidden Leaf Village. That's not a name I have ever heard of before." Xia Qingyue asked even more curiously. Every time Mesa spoke she would be more and more curious.

"Well my village wasn't very open to the outside world, hence the hidden part of the Hidden Leaf Village."

"What makes the Uchiha clan so famous than?" Xia Qingyue asked.

"The Uchiha clan is famous because we had the Sharingan." Mesa said.

"What is the Sharingan?"

As Xia Qingyue asked this question Mesa activated his Sharingan and turned around to look at Xia Qingyue. He could see suddenly seeing his eyes turn from black to red was a surprise

"This is the Sharingan. The exalted of eyes of the Uchiha clan. The Sharingan gives us the power to see through illusions as well as cast illusions ourselves. The Sharingan gives us the power of insight. It allows us to comprehend many a techniques at a much faster rate and gain great insight into our enemy techniques and copy them. And that is just the tip of the iceberg of the Sharingan's powers."

As Mesa was talking about the Sharingan he could see that he had completely captivated Xia Qingyue.

"Well I will be going now. Seeing as how this is private property I won't be coming back here again. It was nice speaking with you. Who knows maybe we will meet again in the future." Just as Mesa was about to leave he heard Xia Qingyue call out to him.

"No you don't have to leave. I am to be honest actually curious about the outside world." Xia Qingyue said hoping to keep him here and hear more from Mesa.

From that day on Mesa and Xia Qingyue would meet at the pond everyday and Mesa would talk about his life in the Hidden Leaf Village, how he was the youngest academy graduate ever, how he was a prodigy. He would talk about the history of the Uchiha clan, the history of battle between the Uchiha and the Senju clan and how the Uchiha and the Senju came together to set up the Hidden Leaf Village and their dreams of keeping children of the battlefield. About his decision to leave home and go on a journey to get stronger.

(A.N.: Just in case you didn't know I had Mesa tell her his history without the whole Uchiha massacre and how he became a wanted criminal, seeing as how that doesn't make for a good first impression)

Xia Qingyue would tell Mesa about her life, about her family and how her mother left when she was young and ever since had been cultivating to get her mother back. When she heard that Mesa had died she felt a lot pain in her heart for him how he was all alone in this world and how he remained optimistic despite all odds. She also told Mesa about her marriage with Xiao Che and that the only reason she would marry him was because her father and Xiao Che's father had agreed to marry their children with each other before Xiao Che's father died and her father had decided to keep honoring their agreement.

Just like that two months had passed and it was the day of Yun Che reincarnation and the day that the main story finally began. Mesa was watching the wedding procession from a distance and he could see Yun Che on his horse riding to go pick up Xia Qingyue for their wedding. Looking at Xia Qingyue from the distance and seeing that she was cold against Yun Che he knew that he had gotten into her heart and that Yun Che wouldn't. After that he went on to explore the Xiao clan's mountain where he and Jasmine would show up at night and he could finally get started with the story. With nothing to do than to wait Mesa sat in a meditation position patiently waiting for nightfall to come around and Yun Che to come.

At night he could hear footsteps in the forest and knew that this was his moment.

'There you are. Like a fly into my web.' Mesa thought to himself

Yun Che/Xiao Che POV

Because my wife Xia Qingyue wouldn't let me sleep in the same bed and told me to sleep on the floor I decided to come to the mountains behind the Xiao clan manor. Walking around my Sky Poison Pearl's treasure detection ability had detected something. Looking around the dark forest floor I finally stumbled upon it. It was a batch of Star Concealing Grass. With the Sky Poison Pearl I can refine this into a Star Concealing Pill that lets you become invisible to people. Just as I picked up the Star Concealing Grass I hear a sound behind me. I turn around and I see a weird guy standing behind me in black clothing with some weird gray chest armor and hand guards. But the weirdest thing was his white dog mask and the last thing I saw where these two red eyes looking at me before hearing a single word before everything went dark for me.



Well guys after nine chapters the main story finally begins. I am truly excited to write the main story and make Itachi a legend among legends of the Profound Sky Continent. Hope you have enjoyed this chapter and I hope you have a nice day.

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