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12.14% Against The Gods with an Anime System / Chapter 11: Meeting Jasmine

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Chapter 11: Meeting Jasmine

Arriving at the forests outside of Cyan Forest Town Mesa goes in looking for the waterfall that will become his training ground for the next four months.

As Mesa was walking through the forest he started thinking to himself.

'I am glad that bastard is dead. Anyone who looks at my Xia Qingyue like that and think they take her like she is some goat will have to deal with me. Who was that other guy again that tried to kidnap her from the Frozen Cloud Asgard. Ohh right, that was the son of the Sun Moon Divine Hall master Ye Xinghan. Pretty soon she wont be the only I have to defend like that.'

Arriving at the waterfall Mesa takes a seat next to the waterfall pool and start to access the system.

[ 'System, give me my status.']

DING* [ "

Name: Mesa Uchiha (Ray Williams)

Gender: male

Age: 17 years old

Bloodline: Uchiha bloodline (three tomoe Sharingan)

Level of strength: Level 3 Nascent Profound Realm

Abilities: Energy manipulation, Observation Haki (Advanced), Armament Haki (Advanced), Conqueror's Haki (Advanced), Tremor Tremor Fruit

Skills: Eternal Arms Mastery, jutsu's

Profound arts: none

Equipment: Dark forged blade Yamato, shurikens, kunai's

Miscellaneous equipment: 13 Senzu beans, 100 purple profound coins

Current amount of system credits: 499503000 "]

[ 'System what are the prices of the Shadow Clone jutsu, Flying Raijin jutsu, Joichiro Yukihara's cooking skills from Shokugeki no Souma and the Mangekyo Sharingan for Mesa's Sharingan?' ]

DING* [ "The price for the Shadow Clone jutsu is 50,000 system credits. The price for the Flyin Raijin jutsu is 250,000 system credits. The price for Mesa Uchiha's Mangekyo Sharingan is 250,000 system credits. There is an option to upgrade the Mangekyo Sharing to the Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan for the price of an additional 250,000 credits. This upgrade must be payed separately for every Mangekyo Sharingan powers. The price for Joichiro Yukihara's cooking skills out of the Shokugeki no Souma series is 5,000 system credits." ]

Hearing the system tell him the prices for these three jutsu's and upgrade option for the Mangekyo Sharingan Mesa was happy. Since he got so much system credits anyway he could buy these powers without having to worry about system credits for a while. Best one off all is that he can immediately upgrade his Mangekyo Sharingan to the Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan eliminating his concern about going blind using his Mangekyo Sharingan powers.

[ 'System, buy all four powers and buy the upgrade for the Mangekyo Sharingan.' ]

DING* [ "Confirmed, total cost for the purchase of the Shadow Clone jutsu, Flying Raijin jutsu, Joichiro Yukihara's cooking skills, Mesa Uchiha's Mangekyo Sharingan and it's upgrade to the Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan comes out at a total of 805,000 system credits. Host is advised to stay in a secure and isolated spot because the process of learning Joichiro Yukihara's cooking skills, the Shadow Clone jutsu and Flying Raijin jutsu and upgrading the host's Sharingan to the Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan is going to very painful and will take approximately

1 hour to finish." ]

[ 'System, I am ready. Initiate the process' ]

Suddenly Mesa head starts hurting as a wave of information was streaming into his head. His head felt like a sledgehammer was hammering all the information directly into it. At the same time it felt someone was drawing a new figure directly in to his eyeballs with a hot needle and taking really slowly to complete it. In the meantime Mesa didn't flinch while the sweat was pouring down his face enduring the pain.

After an hour the pain suddenly stopped as Mesa gained Joichiro Yukihara's cooking skills, the Shadow Clone jutsu and the Flying Raijin jutsu. Walking over to the waterfall pool Mesa took a look at his new Eternal Mangekyo Sharingans. His Eternal Mangekyo Sharingans looked just like his old ones except that a second set of three spiraling curves laid under the first ones but twisted at a 60 degree angle making it look like 2 spiraling curves on top of each other.

Looking at the world around him Mesa couldn't help but feel that his Eternal Mangekyo Sharingans granted him much greater clarity than his regular Sharingans and he could see the finest details around him. Looking at a dragonfly flying over the surface of the waterfall pool he could see the individual wing beats and the jerking of its head in slow motion as he looked at the dragon fly.

Finishing everything he wanted to do he took a seat and proceeded to enter the inner world of his Sky Poison Pearl to meet Jasmine.

Jasmine POV

I am Jasmine. The last thing I can remember is landing on the Blue Pole Star, a planet on the outer edges of the universe. I came to this planet in search of the Sky Poison Pearl because its the only way to cure myself from this infernal poison, the Absolute God Slaying Poison. I was poisoned with this hellish poison because I found a drop of blood of the ancient Evil God. I used all my power in order to obtain it and ended up getting poisoned. This poison is so incredibly strong that it will destroy my body and after which it will destroy my soul. The only way to cure it is with the Sky Poison Pearl and each time I use my Profound Strength the poison will rebound further destroying my body and soul while causing excruciating pain.

The last I remember is arriving on the Blue Pole Star in a forest before I lost my consciousness. I can vaguely remember a guy coming to me and putting his bloody finger in my mouth. After tasting his blood I immediately recognized the Sky Poison Pearl and proceeded to drink a little bit of his blood in order to link my soul to the Sky Poison Pearl. After that I lost consciousness and woke up many days later.

Looking out of the Sky Poison Pearl and into the real world I saw who was the master of the Sky Poison Pearl. It was a man with black raven hair in a single pony tail behind his head with two bangs at the sides of his head. He had two distinct diagonal tear troughs under his eyes and he wore a black overcoat with red clouds imprinted on them. My first impression of this man was that he was a weakling. I have basically linked my own life with this weakling and now I am forced to stay with him until the poison has been purified from my soul. But I can use this man to my advantage, I can have him collect all of the ingredients I need to rebuild my body and in the meantime make him stronger. This way I can practically make him my servant. Now to get out of here and confront him.

'Huh.... why cant I get out of here?'

It has already been a day since I woke up and I have been observing this man. He had been walking on the road when he arrives near a small town. Apparently it's called Cyan Forest Town. But instead of entering the town he stops a few km away from it and makes some weird hand signs. And suddenly he transforms into someone else in a puff of smoke.

'How did he do that?!!'

'Hmm.... very interesting. This man is not some ordinary weakling, he has become much more interesting. I should observe him and see what else this man can do.'

Seeing this man walk into an inn he is immediately taken by some weird guy to some spoiled little brat that thinks he is center of the universe. Let's see how this guy will solve this.

"So here you are again you good for nothing worm. You should curse the heavens for letting you run into me. Now it's time for your punishment. Get on the floor and kowtow 100 times and call me Great Master Xiao Kuangyun. Who knows maybe I will kill you quickly and painlessly." I hear that spoiled brat say to this guy. So that spoiled brat's name is Xiao Kuangyun. So he purposefully transformed to look like that to be brought before this brat. Let me see what your answer is this.

"Hahahahaha.... Ahh you truly are an ignorant fool. I throw out the bait and you immediately bite." This guy truly gives him the answer that he deserves. This brat basically walked into his trap and lets see how this guy springs the trap.

Suddenly a weird pressure is emitted from this guy that I have never felt before and everyone in the inn is knocked out except that brat and three of his bodyguards. They are basically frozen because of this pressure and this guy quickly moves in front of this brat and punches him in the face. It was clear to me that he used some weird power to reinforce his punch because it basically broke every bone in that brat's skull and killed him instantly. He quickly moves again to the old man next to him and punches him in the chest. Well that old man wont be cultivating anymore. This guy broke his ribs and his Profound Veins with it. The next thing this guy does truly gave me the chills.

He suddenly pulls out a weird lightly curved sword with a single edge that I have never seen before. What gave me the chills is the incredible demonic powers that this sword emits. Its like nothing I have ever seen before. Not even the God's Realm has a sword like this and I can see that the power of this sword is greater than any weapon I have ever seen. Suddenly this guy swings his sword in the direction of the other two bodyguards. He was nowhere near them but their heads just fall of.

Seeing the incredible power of this sword is mesmerizing. This sword has the ability to cut through space itself making attack range basically obsolete. That sword is truly powerful. It strength is probably second only to the seven Heavenly Profound Treasures. This man is truly interesting. He will surely be useful for me reach my goals. Now to wait for him to make first contact and I will make him my servant.

Mesa POV

After I got those new skills and got the Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan it was time for me to meet Jasmine. Knowing how Jasmine is going to act like I have a plan. I don't plan on kneeling in front of her. I don't need the Evil God's blood but her other techniques could be useful. But seeing as how prideful she is it's not going to be easy to convince to give me those techniques without me kneeling in front her. But I still have a plan to break her will and get what I want from her. Seeing as our difference in strength is worlds apart, I plan on using the the sole weakness of all womankind to break her will: "Sweets."

Taking a seat on the floor I start to concentrate on the Sky Poison Pearl and shortly thereafter I enter it.

"Took you long enough. First you kidnap this Princess and then you lock her up in this place. You should be ashamed of yourself for treating this Princess like some animal. But I am willing to forgive you if you kowtow now in front of me and beg me for forgiveness." Jasmine tells Mesa.

"Well good to see that you are finally awake. My name is Mesa Uchiha and it was my pleasure to save you from your imminent death from that poison." Mesa tells her sarcastically.

"Lunch will be ready in an hour or two so I hope you have worked up an appetite. See you when lunch is ready." After Mesa tells Jasmine that he leaves the Sky Poison Pearl.

Watching this Mesa guy treat her like that Jasmine immediately got angry.

"How dare you treat me like I am some child you picked up from some roadside ditch!!!

I am more powerful then you can imagine!!!" Jasmine was fuming with anger at Mesa's attitude towards her. She wanted to kill him for his insolence if she had the choice.

Two hours later Mesa came back inside the Sky Poison Pearl with lunch ready. He bought the ingredients for lunch, cooking utensils, some cutlery and a dining table with 4 chairs in the system shop for this occasion.

Placing the dining table and the chairs and setting the table, Mesa placed lunch on the table. For lunch he made paella with seafood and for dessert he made chocolate fondue with marshmallows and strawberries.

"Come take a seat. You must be hungry after everything you have been through." Mesa pulled the chair back to let her take a seat.

Looking at the food on the table, Jasmine was a bit apprehensive at first. First he treats her without the respect a Princess like her deserves and now he made her lunch. While she was hungry she wouldn't admit it to him. And as a Princess she was used to eating the most luxurious meals so how could this food of his compare to that.

Taking a seat at the table she picks up the spoon and take a spoonful of food and puts it in her mouth. Tasting the food her eyes went wide with shock at the incredible taste of his food.

'THIS IS SO DELICIOUS!!! HOW IS THIS SO DELICIOUS?!?! HOW CAN ANYTHING BE THIS DELICIOUS???' Jasmine thought to herself as she took her first bite.

As she was savoring the delicious taste of the food she suddenly thought to herself

'I can't tell him that this food is so delicious. I have to show that I am on top here.'

"Hmmp. This food is acceptable. Though this Princess has had better food than this but I will begrudgingly accept this as your apology for your rude behavior earlier." Jasmine said.

All of a sudden Mesa stands up and starts to take away the food from the table. Jasmine who was enjoying the food suddenly had her food taken away from her. This made her much angrier than before and she was ready to outright kill him if he didn't have a good reason for this insolence.

"Heyy!!! I was eating that. How dare you take away this Princess's meal!! You better have a damn good reason for this." Jasmine said fuming with anger ready to explode at any time.

"How can I allow a Princess of your illustrious caliber to eat food that is just 'acceptable'. That I find unacceptable. Your great highness shall only enjoy the most delicious food there is. Anything less than that is basically an insult to you your highness. I shall dispose of this food immediately and start making a new portion that is much better." Mesa said as he took away the food from the table. As he was doing that he could see that Jasmine was getting angrier and angrier by the second. He knew that this food was more delicious than anything she had ever tasted before. Even he was surprised by the incredibly delicious taste of his own food.

As Jasmine was watching Mesa take away the food she was getting angrier and angrier at both herself for insulting his cooking's and at Mesa for taking away her food. This was the most delicious food she had ever tasted and now because of her big mouth she was losing it. Just as Mesa was about to take away the chocolate fondue Jasmine's anger had reached its zenith. She immediately put her hand on the fondue pot and started to release her killing intent at Mesa.

"If you dare to touch that chocolate I will make you see hell like none have ever seen before." Jasmine said to Mesa with expression of pure unadulterated rage.

Instead of showing a fearful expression Mesa started to grin. He knew he had her against the ropes but she still hadn't given up, but it would only be a matter of time.

"Next time don't insult the cooking's of the Yukihara master chef. I take great pride in the Yukihara style cooking and I won't accept anyone calling my great masters food 'acceptable'. " Mesa said to Jasmine making it very clear that any insult to his food the next time won't end like this.

After this little back and forth they continued their lunch. Seeing the look of pure enjoyment Jasmine had on her face from eating his food Mesa was truly satisfied. This was their first meeting and he knew that she basically couldn't leave him anymore if she wanted to keep eating delicious food like this.

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