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20.71% Against The Gods with an Anime System / Chapter 23: Off to the Phoenix Trial

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Chapter 23: Off to the Phoenix Trial

After using the Flying Raijin Jutsu, Mesa and Jasmine arrive at the place where the Purple God Crystal is.

Looking around he could see that they were in a clearing in the middle of the forest. The exact place where the Flying Raijin kunai was placed there was a scorch mark on the ground. It was just merely 2 cm across so it could very easily be overlooked. But looking at the scorch mark Mesa could sense a dense amount of Profound Energy coming from it. And looking at it even the system and the Sky Poison Pearl were giving of signals that there was treasure here. Putting Jasmine down he told here that this is the place of the treasure.

"Here it is. Under this little scorch mark here is the treasure. Now stand aside, I'm going to dig up everything here and see what we got." said Mesa to Jasmine as she stood aside to give him some space. Moments later the other Mesa clones also arrived but they quickly dashed off in different directions to provide lookout while Jasmine and the original Mesa dig up the treasure.

As Jasmine backed off and gave Mesa enough space, he stood there and activated his Mangekyou Sharingan.


All of a sudden orange colored Profound Energy started exploding out of Mesa's body before forming itself into a spinal cord with a rib cage and two skeletal arms attached to it. Mesa then used the Susanoo's arms to dig up the soil underneath him. As Mesa was digging, Jasmine was staring at him with wide open eyes shocked to suddenly see a orange colored skeleton made entirely out of Profound Energy emerge out of Mesa. After Mesa finished digging he went into the hole and saw an enormous amount of Purple Veined Divine Crystals. Quickly going to work, he absorbed each and every purple crystal into the Sky Poison Pearl eventually ending up with 50 kg of Purple Veined Divine Crystals. Coming out of the hole he looked over to Jasmine just to see her staring at him in shock.

"Hey Jasmine, you okay in there?" said Mesa as he was waving his hand in front of Jasmine's face.

"What was that?" asked Jasmine to with wide open eyes.

"What was what?" asked Mesa

"What was that giant orange skeleton made of pure Profound Energy that suddenly grew out you." said Jasmine

"Ohhh that. Well that was the Susanoo. The third power of the Mangekyou Sharingan that I told you about. You have seen me use the Amaterasu against that True Dragon and the Tsukuyomi against that Lu Zhannan guy during the banquet. The Susanoo is the third power of the Mangekyou Sharingan. What you saw was the first of five stages of the Susanoo. The first stage is where the rib cage and its arms are formed. The second stage forms a complete upper body skeleton that is 20 m tall. The third stage forms muscle and skin tissue over the skeleton and gives it armor and weapons, at this stage the Susanoo become 40 m tall. The fourth stage is were the lower body of the Susanoo is formed making the Susanoo 100 m tall. As for the fifth stage, you'll have to wait for it. And every time I use the Susanoo I get more proficient at using it allowing me manifest the higher stages of the Susanoo until I've reached the fifth stage." said Mesa to Jasmine who was getting more shocked by the minute.

"If your Susanoo gets bigger and stronger with every higher stage, what else can it do?" asked Jasmine who was getting more curious.

"Well the Susanoo first ability is to be the user's shield. It's also called 'The Ultimate Shield', for it can take an enormous amount of attacks and still wont break. And second, it acts as the extension of users body. The Susanoo will fight on my behalf and I will be anchored to it. Wherever I go, the Susanoo follows me always keeping me at its center. At the fourth stage I will be suspended inside the Susanoo and I will move the Susanoo around as a second, much bigger body. As for the rest of its abilities, you'll have to wait and see." said Mesa with a smirk on his face.

"Ok.... well those powers aside for now. What did you find down there? I didn't really pay much attention after I saw you use that Susanoo of yours." said Jasmine.

Hearing this, Mesa couldn't help but smile as he told Jasmine the good news.

"Well good news, you can cross 35 kg of Purple Veined Divine Crystals of your list, cause I just found 50 kg of this stuff down that hole." said Mesa as he brought out all of the purple crystals he collected in the mine. Looking at this small mountain of Purple Veined Divine Crystals appear in front of her stunned Jasmine.

"How is this possible? This many Purple Veined Divine Crystals shouldn't be here unless black lighting struck this place many times, but why should it strike this particular place so much then? Heey Mesa, can you ask the system what's so special about this place?" Asked Jasmine curiously.

"Way ahead of you. I've already asked the system and even the system doesn't know why this place is so special. But heey - silver lining - we no longer have to look for those Purple Veined Divine Crystals to recreate your body, am I right?" said Mesa

"Yeah, I guess you're right about that. So where are we going next?" asked Jasmine.

"We are going back to New Moon City and from there we'll go to the Ten Thousand Beast Mountain Range. Apparently there is a Phoenix Trial grounds in that forest and I am gonna go there and get the Phoenix Bloodline." said Mesa while he was rubbing his hands together and smiling.

"How do you know there is a Phoenix Trial Ground there?" asked Jasmine

Instead of answering Mesa just pointed to his head, signaling to Jasmine that the system told him. Getting the hint, Jasmine just went back into the Sky Poison Pearl before Mesa teleported back to the alley that was marked with a Hiraishin-mark in New Moon City.

Arriving back at New Moon City Mesa just walked out off the alley and in the direction of the city gates towards the Ten Thousand Beast Mountain Range. Walking around the city he was noticing that a lot people were running around the city in a hurry. Listening in to to the people around him, he heard them talking about how Mesa had beaten and half crippled Xiao Luocheng and how the Xiao Branch Sect guards are looking for him. Listening to these conversations him, Mesa knew that Xiao Tiannan has obviously kept the theft a secret and used the fact that Mesa had half crippled his son as an excuse to have his guards look for him.

"I just listened in to what those people were saying and its obvious that they are looking for you because you robbed them, but how did they know it was you. You were disguised at that time and you didn't show your true self to them, so how do they even know its you?" asked Jasmine.

"Ohh very simple. I left behind a letter saying it was me who robbed them." said Mesa as he took out the note from his Inventory and gave it to Jasmine in the Sky Poison Pearl.

Jasmine who started reading the note almost immediately started laughing from its content.

{ Dear Sect Master of the Xiao Branch Sect.



Mesa Uchiha



( A.N.: this Eric Cartman iconic 'making fun of you laugh')

"Hahahaha..... No wonder he is so desperately searching for you. First you cripple his son, then you rob everything he had in his vault and now you're rubbing salt in his wound with this letter. I honestly would have just killed them with but a flick of my wrist, but this is so much better." said Jasmine as she was laughing.

"Ohhh Jasmine. You are wrong about one thing. I did not just rub salt into his wounds, I rubbed a ton of salt into his wound while I was laughing at him. But anyways, I sense that one of those Xiao branch sect guys is coming this way. I guess one of locals must have told one of those guards and now they're coming for me." said Mesa as he was walking to the city gates at a faster pace.

Walking out of the city he could still sense that Xiao guy was on his heels and was deliberately letting him walk out of the city in order to avoid any attention. As Mesa walked into the forest outside of town, out of sight of everyone, he came to a stop.

"You can come out now!! I know you have been following me since New Moon City!!" yelled Mesa at the person following him.

Just as he said that, a guy showed himself from behind a tree some 50 m behind Mesa looking absolutely mad. Looking at his clothes it was obvious he was from the Xiao branch sect.

"I remember you from the banquet night. You're Xiao Zaihe, aren't you?" said Mesa with a cocky smile that only further infuriated Xiao Zaihe.

"Correct. I am Xiao Zaihe. And now that we are here, away from everyone else, it's time for you to suffer the consequences for daring to steal our treasures, you filthy little rat!! I suggest you hand over everything you stole from us right now and kowtow a hundred time before me now and I may just decide to spare your life and just leave you crippled for the of your life!!" yelled Xiao Zaihe.

"Pffffttt.... Hahahahaha.... Ohh man you are funny. You are like a 5-year old trying to act like a tough guy. How about this, you turn around and go back to where you came from and forget all about me. This way we can both go home, so what do you say?" said Mesa

"YOU'RE COURTING DEATH, YOU LITTLE BASTARD!!!" screamed Xiao Zaihe as he used the weapon that he brought with him.


A flicker of fire burst out of the weapon and right towards Mesa. Mesa, instead of dodging or trying to protect himself, just stood there and smiled looking at the attack approach him.


Upon impact the flicker of fire exploded into a big cloud of fire, smoke and dust. Xiao Zaihe just stood there and saw how Mesa didn't even try to dodge or do anything. Thinking that he was most likely severely wounded or perhaps even dead, not that it mattered, he would go up to him and take his storage rings and take back the treasure he stole. As he was walking to him the cloud was dissipating and he was seeing an orange light shining through the smoke and dust. As the smoke and dust completely dissipated, Xiao Zaihe was rooted to the spot. Instead of seeing Mesa being on the ground wounded or dead, he instead stood there perfectly fine. But what terrified him beyond belief was the upper body of a 10 m tall orange skeleton made out of pure Profound Energy that surrounded Mesa. Looking at the skeleton, Xiao Zaihe felt like he was looking at the very personification of death itself looming over him.

"Tssk...tssk...tssk...tssk. Ahh Xiao Zaihe, you should have taken my offer when you had the chance. And now it's to late. Well it has been nice knowing you. Bye Bye." said Mesa as the Susanoo lifted it right hand in the sky ready to come smacking down on Xiao Zaihe.


And just like that Mesa stopped the Susanoo's hand from coming down on Xiao Zaihe. Seeing this opportunity Xiao Zaihe wanted to make a break for it, only to find out his body wouldn't move no matter how hard he tried.

"If you think this has a happy ending, you haven't been paying attention. You people really are a bunch of pathetic little pussy's. When you people believe you have the upper hand you act like the most arrogant pieces of shit and expect other to just sit there and let you do whatever you want with them. You let those people beg for mercy and bask in the feeling of superiority over them. But when the roles are reversed you immediately start acting like a bunch of fucking cowards and start begging for mercy and run away only to come back with other people to do your fighting. You really disgust me. If you stood tall and accepted your death like a real man I would have made sure that there was no pain, but now you are gonna die slowly and very painfully." said Mesa.

And like that Mesa made the Susanoo grab Xiao Zaihe and slowly started to crush him with the sounds of his bones being broken and his screams of agony ringing through the forest. After breaking nearly all of his bones, Mesa brought Xiao Zaihe down to eye level. Looking at Xiao Zaihe, his face was covered in blood pouring out of his nose, mouth ears and even his eyes. His body was crushed until it was nearly as thin as a noodle, but Xiao Zaihe was still not dead, he was just barely breathing and conscious.

"Huhh...You are quit persistent, like a cockroach." said Mesa.

And like that the Susanoo lifted his hand and slammed Xiao Zaihe into the ground, crushing him like an insect.

"Hmmph.... Filthy coward. Well time for me to get to the Phoenix Trial and get myself the Phoenix Bloodline." said Mesa to himself as walked towards the Ten Thousand Beast Mountain Range.

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