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18.57% Against The Gods with an Anime System / Chapter 20: Talking with Jasmine

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Chapter 20: Talking with Jasmine

Getting back to his room Mesa decided to do some things first before he went to sleep.

[ 'System give me my status' ]

DING* [ "

Name: Mesa Uchiha (Ray Williams)

Gender: male

Age: 17 years old

Bloodline: Uchiha bloodline (Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan [Mesa])

Level of strength: Level 7 Earth Profound Realm

Abilities: Energy manipulation, Observation Haki (Advanced), Armament Haki (Advanced), Conqueror's Haki (Advanced), Tremor Tremor Fruit, String String Fruit

Skills: Eternal Arms Mastery, jutsu's, Geppo(moonwalk)

Profound arts: none

Equipment: Dark forged blade Yamato, shurikens, kunai's, assortment of weaponry

Miscellaneous equipment: 112 Senzu beans, 600 purple profound coins

Current amount of system credits: 499,543,000 "]

[ 'System, is it possible to deploy a barrier around the Blue Pole Star and if so, what is the cost of putting up a barrier around the entire Blue Pole Star in order to protect it from danger from the God's Realm practitioners?' ]

DING* [ "That is impossible." ]

[ 'Why is that impossible?']

DING* [ "According to God. That would be cheating."]

[ 'What!? But my entire existence in this universe is already cheating. How is that considered cheating?']

DING* [ "Because God has put you in this universe as per your own request, but your existence in this universe also serves as his entertainment. God has the power of unparalleled Omniscience, Omnipotence and Omnipresence across the entire multiverse. In this case, God has turned off his Omniscience and is watching your every move. In this case God has decided that putting a barrier around the entire Blue Pole Star is too much cheating and wants to see you overcome this hurdle with luck and smarts. Who knows, maybe in the future you will be able to obtain a power/artifact/weapon that will allow you to protect this planet and its people from those of the God's Realm that want to destroy it. "]

'Alright then, I guess you're right. It would be kind of cheating if I barricaded the Blue Pole Star from those of the God's Realm. Seeing as how those of the God's Realm don't even know about the existence of this planet, I guess I'm safe for now to get stronger and gather more power.' thought Mesa to himself before he called Jasmine

"Jasmine, can you come out for a minute." said Mesa as wanted to talk with her.

As Mesa calls out to Jasmine, she came out of the Sky Poison Pearl whilst eating some chocolate cake. Seeing Jasmine come out of the Sky Poison Pearl whilst eating again made Mesa sigh with a small smile on his face.

*sigh "Are you ever going to stop eating for once?" said Mesa

"Hmmph.... This princess will stop eating whenever this princess wants." said Jasmine while she kept eating her chocolate cake.

"Alright then. I actually called you out to tell you about something. I have just attempted to place a barrier around the entire Blue Pole Star. Unfortunately, it did not work. Though this means that those of the God's Realm who are after you can still find you here on this planet, it is no cause for alarm. It just means you'll have hide for a little while longer. Seeing as how you can't use your Profound Energy because of that poison it didn't leave you with much options in the first place." said Mesa to Jasmine who was just staring with her mouth wide open at the fact that Mesa knew she was from the God's Realm.

"But how? How did you know I was from the God's Realm and not from the Blue Pole Star?" said Jasmine as she was on the verge of breaking down in tears.

"Because I analyzed the poison that your body was infected with. The poison was so incredibly powerful that it couldn't have possibly originated on the Blue Pole Star. And unlike the people of this planet who think the God's Realm is just a myth, I already know about the existence of the God's Realm. And so with some simple deduction, I was able to figure out that you came from the God's Realm." said Mesa.

"But.... what if someone from the God's Realm comes here looking for me and kills everyone in the process?" said Jasmine meekly.

"Than we'll deal with it when it happens. There is no use thinking about stuff that we have no control over. And besides, the level of strength on this planet is so low compared to the God's Realm that those of God's Realm probably don't even know it exists. That fact alone can probably buy us a lot of time. Time that we will use to help you get rid of that poison and for me to get stronger and collect more powers and treasures that will help us fight against them." said Mesa.

Hearing this from Mesa made Jasmine worried that he could possibly be mad at her for not telling him. She was most afraid that Mesa would take this as a form of betrayal and abandon her. She didn't want to abandoned again, not after losing so much and almost being poisoned to death. The thought of being abandoned again was frightening her to no end and she felt obligated to tell Mesa everything about herself, but at the same time she felt she couldn't. This dilemma was eating her up from the inside. Steeling her resolve, she planned to tell Mesa everything about herself.

"Mesa I.... I...." said Jasmine.

Just as she was about to tell Mesa everything, he suddenly pulled her into a hug. Widening her eyes at this sudden action she wanted to resist but couldn't. Instead she hugged Mesa back.

"Jasmine, if you feel obligated to tell me everything about yourself then don't be. You are not obligated to tell me everything about yourself. If one day you feel like you can tell me than I will be here for you. And don't worry about me being angry or anything like that. Because I am not and I will not abandon you, no matter what happens." said Mesa to Jasmine.

Hearing Mesa tell her that, Jasmine couldn't hold her tears back anymore and she started to bawl her eyes out while hugging Mesa even more tightly. After a while she lets go of him and starts thanking Mesa.

*sniff *sniff "Thank you." said Jasmine at a barely audible tone.

Hearing her thank him, Mesa gave her a wide genuine smile before he used his sleeve to wipe away her tears.

"Let's go to bed. Tomorrow is a new day for the both of us." said Mesa as Jasmine nodded and went back to her bed in the Sky Poison Pearl.

As Mesa went to bed himself he couldn't help but think that he forgot something important.

'Just what is this gnawing feeling at the back of my mind that I keep forgetting something super important. Until now I have followed the canon story and I'll wait till tomorrow to see whether those Xiao branch sect douche bags are gonna try coming for my head. If they do than I will follow the canon and rob those fuckers blind. I could use those swords in their vault for Hong'er anyway and if they don't come than I'll just go to the Phoenix Trail Grounds and obtain the Phoenix legacy. But what is this feeling that I'm still forgetting something super important.'

As he was lying in bed, he just couldn't shake the feeling no matter what. Just as it was driving him insane, he suddenly remembered. The very fact that he forgot an important issue of this magnitude caused him to curse himself for being such an idiot.

'I AM TRULY, TRULY, TRULY THE BIGGEST FUCKING MORON ALIVE!!!. How the fuck could I forget the fact that there is a whole fucking mine filled with Purple Veined Divine Crystals right next to Floating Cloud City. That whole goddamn mine was the reason why the Divine Phoenix Empire would invade the Blue Wind Empire. Because of that mine Cang Yue's father was killed and because of that she had to take the throne because those pathetic cowards of a brothers of hers were to scared to do it themselves. Well no harm done I guess. I'll just have to change my plans a bit. If those Xiao branch sect assholes come for my head tomorrow than I'll just rob them blind. And if not than I'll go back to Floating Cloud City, get those Purple Veined Divine Crystals and than go to the Phoenix Trail Grounds and follow the rest of the canon story.'

As Mesa had made his plans for the future he went to sleep.

Meanwhile in the Xiao branch sect manor, Xiao Tiannan head of the Xiao branch sect was fuming with rage. His son Xiao Luocheng was partially crippled after his match with Mesa Uchiha. And what made it even worse was that his son was betrothed to Xiao Yuerui, granddaughter of Xiao Wuji Chief Elder of the Xiao Sect Medicine Hall. This was an incredible opportunity for his son to join the Xiao Sect and for his Xiao Branch Sect to gain much prestige. But thanks to that Mesa Uchiha, his son was partially crippled and his marriage with Xiao Yuerui would definitely be called of.

"DAMN YOU MESA UCHIHA!!! I swear I will have your head!!" said Xiao Tiannan who was fuming with rage. As he looks over to one of the branch sect elders he orders him to gather a 100 disciples for he would march with them to the New Moon Profound Palace and demand Mesa's head.

Xiao Baicao, Xiao Sect's Branch Sect Medicine Hall's Head Elder, was at the moment trying to treat Xiao Luocheng. As he was listening to Branch Head Xiao Tiannan's plans for tomorrow he was smiling. After the banquet he quickly brought Xiao Luocheng home to treat him. His father had heard about what happened and was understandably furious and wanted revenge. He warned him about Mesa and the weird pressure he exerted during the banquet that suppressed the entire hall.

But Xiao Tiannan assured him that he would not be affected by it and that he would get justice for his son and show everyone in New Moon City what happens to those that mess with the Xiao Branch Sect.

The next morning as Mesa got out of bed he took out two chairs and a table out of the Sky Poison Pearl. He also took out a coffee grinder, some coffee beans, milk, sugar, two kettles, two portable gas stoves and a couple of spoons. He put some water in one kettle and placed it on one stove and turned one the gas stove to heat the water and he put some milk in the other kettle and did the same to heat up the milk. Whilst the water and milk were heating up he put some coffee beans in the grinder and started to grind it up. After the coffee was ground up he took out two cups, two coffee filter papers and two holders for the coffee filters. He placed the filter holders on the two cups and put in both a filter paper. With a spoon he scooped the coffee in the filters. As the water and milk were heating up he took the kettle with milk and started to whip the milk until it got the right thickness and the right amount of foam. Just then the water was boiling and he took it of the stove and put both stoves back into the Sky Poison Pearl. He poured the water in both of the cups and waited till the coffee was done filtering before adding the foamed milk. After he did all that he put one teaspoon of sugar in one cup while putting three teaspoons of sugar in the other cup and stirring both cups.

Just as he finished preparing two cups of cappuccinos Jasmine came out of the Sky Poison Pearl still looking tired.

"Good morning Jasmine. Here you go, just the way you like it. Cappuccino with three teaspoons of sugar" said Mesa as he placed Jasmine's cup of cappuccino in front of her at the table whilst he took a seat opposite of her.

"Good morning Mesa. Thank you for the cappuccino. You know, ever since I met you I have started nearly every morning with a cup of coffee." said Jasmine as she was enjoying her morning cup of coffee.

"Well, what can I say. That's just the magic of coffee." said Mesa as he took a sip of his coffee.

Just as they were both enjoying their cup of coffee a loud banging was heard on the door. Jasmine immediately returns to the Sky Poison Pearl with the rest of the stuff. Mesa goes up to the door to open it. Immediately after he opens it Cang Yue barges in panting and with a panicked look on her face.

"Mesa you have to run!! Xiao Tiannan the head of the Xiao Branch Sect has come here for you with a gang of 100 disciples!!" said Cang Yue in panic.

Mesa on the other hand was just smiling and thinking to himself that his prediction has come true.

'Well, well, well. Would you look at that. It would seem like I have a vault that's screaming for me to empty it out.'

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