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16.42% Against The Gods with an Anime System / Chapter 17: The Banquet part 2

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Chapter 17: The Banquet part 2

Yun Che POV

After arriving at the banquet hall I was ready to fight the disciples from the other sects and win back the honor of the New Moon Profound Palace. As usual the minor sects arrived on time and were talking with the new palace chief Qin Wuyou and great elder Sikong Han. Taking my seat at the end of the row next to the aisle and a few rows down from the front with Xia Yuanba sitting down next to me, I waited. After the banquet has started only then are the major sect entering in a blatant show of disrespect to the New Moon Profound Palace and its new palace chief. Closing my eyes I focus my strength and calm my emotions in order to be as ready as possible to fight those other sects disciples. Ever since I've arrived at the New Moon Profound Palace 5 months ago I have done nothing but cultivate. First is to get back at that bastard for stealing my treasures and my wife from me. If I can use my strength to win back the honor of the New Moon Profound Palace against those other arrogant sects than I'll consider it a bonus. Arriving at the New Moon Profound Palace I was lucky to encounter Xia Yuanba, at least I'll have a friend to talk with and someone to cultivate with. Right after I arrived I went to cultivate in isolation and Xia Yuanba came with me.

Listening to the speech of the new palace chief and the subsequent 'idea' by Profound Heart Sect elder Xuan Duanao to have the New Moon disciples fight the disciples of the other sects in a match to exchange pointers. Knowing that this is just a front to beat down the New Moon disciples and rub their so called superior strength in the new palace chiefs face and show that the New Moon Profound Palace is beneath the major sects, I was starting to get angrier but I had to control myself. I can't let my anger cloud my judgement, I need to keep myself composed, only then do I stand a chance against those arrogant sect bastards. The first one to go to the center is Xuan Yu from the Profound Heart Sect. He was just 16 years old and already at level 2 Nascent Profound Realm.

I then hear Elder Sikong Han tell Li Hao to go up and fight. Li Hao himself was also 16 years old and at level 1 Nascent Profound Realm. It wasn't long till Xuan Yu had beaten Li Hao and left him severely injured. Seeing him severely injure Li Hao and act so arrogantly while his sect elders defended his actions infuriated me, but I can't let those bastards get to me. With Xuan Yu looking over the crowd I could see his eyes looking on to Xia Yuanba. This I will not allow, if Xia Yuanba fights him he will definitely end up like Li Hao. Just as I was about to say something about it, I hear....HIM!!!!!

"I wish to come up and fight."

Looking over to that bastard nearly sent me into a rage induced anger attack. Seeing me suddenly get enraged Xia Yuanba asks me what's going on and why I got so angry all of a sudden.

"Brother-in-law what happened, why are you so angry all of a sudden?"

"Yuanba, that is the guy I told you about. It's because of that guy that Xia Qingyue has broken our marriage." Yun Che said with venom laced voice.

Hearing Yun Che tell him that that guy is the source of the broken marriage between his sister and his best friend he couldn't help but look at him. He looked weird in those weird clothes that he was wearing. His large black coat with red clouds on it. Looking at him he didn't seem any stronger than Xuan Yu himself. He was merely at level 2 Nascent Profound Realm. What good would he do for the New Moon Profound Palace. Looking at it from the bright side, maybe he will be beaten up by Xuan Yu and I can see it happen in front of me.

"Mesa Uchiha, New Moon Profound Palace disciple, 17 years old, please advise me!"

So that's his name. Mesa Uchiha, what a ridiculous name. Now let's see what you can do. This fight is good for me either way. Either that Mesa bastard will beat him and I can see his techniques or Xuan Yu will severely beat up that Mesa bastard and I can just enjoy the show.

Soon after the fight starts and Xuan Yu immediately goes on the offensive and that Mesa dodges him pretty well. Looking at this fight proceeding on it's clear that that Mesa guy is much better. He dodged every single attack from Xuan Yu with minimal effort. It's like he knows when and where Xuan Yu is going to attack him. Those eyes of him. Before the fight started they were black and now suddenly became blood red. It must be those demon eyes from him that lets him fight like that.

Looking at that Mesa guy dodging all of Xuan Yu attacks is really making him angry, well at least he is making him angry and lose his cool.


"Alright then. I won't dodge your next move. But you better make it count."

Now this is getting interesting. Let see how he will take his attack. Looking at Xuan Yu, I can see him charge all of his strength in both his fists ready to to annihilate that Mesa. What happens next is truly dumbfounding. Instead of trying to protect himself or attacking back, that Mesa just catches Xuan Yu strongest attack with both his hands and just as quickly he crushes his hands with his own bare hands and then kicks him in the stomach making Xuan Yu fly in the air.

"What happened? How did he do that? I didn't even see him charge his own Profound Energy. Don't tell me that this is just his pure raw power?"

Just as quickly as that fight started it ended with an overwhelming victory for that Mesa guy. And then just as quickly two Profound Heart Sect practitioners come up and try to heal Xuan Yu.

And soon enough a new challenger came up.

"Yan Ming, Cloudy Sun Sect, sixteen years and seven months old. Remember my name because I will teach you to show your superiors the respect a junior like you should give them." Yan Ming said with great arrogance in his voice.

Let's see how he will fare against this guy.

Mesa POV

Seeing this new challenger come up it's just another one of those cliche arrogant disciple pricks who think they're on top of the top world and they can just do what ever the hell they want. Guess it's time to knock him of his throne. Listening to him boast I don't react to it instead I just tell him to fight.

"Just fight already."

"Fine. If you so desperately want me to teach you that lesson, than I shall oblige.


Yan Ming lashes out with both hands. Within a split second, two waves of scorching energy shot out from his palms; as two flaming chains toward Mesa.

Seeing his attack come towards him Mesa flips through a few hand signs and expels a large quantity of water in the form of a powerful torrent from his mouth towards Yan Ming.


After the both attacks collided with each other a large amount steam was formed between the two fighters engulfing them. As the steam dissipates the two fighters are still standing on the spot. Mesa was still looking very calm and collected while Yan Ming was angry. Angry that his attack had failed and at the fact his arrogant display of power was so easily thwarted.

"How?!?!..... How did you do that attack?!! Nobody should be able to use water in an attack like that?!!" said Yan Ming enraged after his attack had failed.

Instead of reacting Mesa just stood there and looked at him for a few seconds until he flickered away and instantly appeared in front of Yan Ming and punched him in the face with a Haki infused punch. Yan Ming was sent across the hall right into a wall and knocked out cold.

"Fuck you, that's how."

Everyone in the hall was looking at Mesa fight with wide eyes. First he dodges Xuan Yu attacks like an expert and takes his strongest attack like it was nothing and beats him in one attack. Now he spews water from his mouth like a geyser and on top of all that his movement skill was so fast that nobody could keep up with him until he punched Yan Ming so hard that he flew across the hall and right into a wall. All the while he looks and acts completely composed almost like he is used to fighting. Their stupor was soon broken when they heard Mesa yell out again.


Yi Zizai elder of the Cloudy Sun Sect was enraged at the loss of his disciple and the humiliation that it brought with it. But unlike the Profound Heart Sect he decided to avoid a public show of humiliation and had ordered a few disciples to get Yan Ming back for treatment and had ordered them to keep their mouths shut.

Soon after Mesa had called out for his next challenger a figure suddenly appeared in the center.

This figure was the youngest disciple from the Stormy Profound Palace.

"Feng Guangyi! From Stormy Profound Palace, sixteen years old!

I originally didn't want to bother with you because you're not even worthy to be my opponent; it's just that I simply couldn't stand your arrogance anymore. You only won by luck against a second rate Xuan Yu, and even more luckily won against a joke of the Cloudy Sun Sect. Do you seriously think that you're someone important now? Unfortunately, in my eyes, you're also just a joke!"

As he spoke, Feng Guangyi completely opened his half narrowed eyes all of a sudden. The clothing on his body started to flutter as if they were being blown by a fierce wind…. And around his body swirled a powerful whirlwind.

Feng Guangyi raised up his gaze, and disdainfully spoke: "Stupid little brat, remember this well; the profound skill that will make you roll off the stage, is my Stormy Profound Sect's 'Storm of Nine Forms'!!"

As his voice fell, Feng Guangyi's charged toward Mesa at top speed, until he was just a few inches from Mesa when he suddenly stopped. Feng Guangyi's face was full of confusion. He didn't understand how he suddenly stopped moving and why he lost control of his body. As Feng Guangyi tried to gain back control of his body with all his might he heard someone laugh. Looking at the source of the laughter he could see that Mesa was laughing at him and this only made him even madder.


Feng Guangyi yelled at Mesa while he was just continuing to laugh.

"Hahahahaha..... Well, well, well. Look who just became the joke. Whats the matter? Losing control of your body? Because I can move your body with ease. Let me show you." Mesa said with a smirk that was getting on Feng Guangyi's nerves.

As Mesa said that he stuck out his right hand to Feng Guangyi and started moving his fingers. To Feng Guangyi and everyone else's great confusion and shock Feng Guangyi suddenly started to move. Feng Guangyi was shocked beyond belief. First he was overconfident that he could beat this Mesa guy who had just beaten Xuan Yu and Yan Ming. He charged up his of one his Stormy Profound Palace proud Profound Arts: "The Storm Piercing Arts." Just as he was about to hit this Mesa guy with his Profound skill, Storm of Nine Forms, he just stopped moving. At first he was confused what happened and wanted to continue his attack. Until he discovered to his great horror that he couldn't move his body, no matter how much he tried he just couldn't move it. And to add insult to injury, it turned out that this Mesa guy had somehow taken control of his body and was moving it like how a puppeteer moves a puppet.

"I know a little game we can play. I will slap you in the face and count down how many slaps it takes before you're knocked out cold. That sounds like a pretty fun game to me." Mesa said to Feng Guangyi with a smile that caused him to just get even more enraged.


Infusing a tiny bit of Haki in his hands Mesa proceeded to slap Feng Guangyi.










For the tenth slap Mesa decided to infuse a good amount of Haki in his hand. Looking over at Feng Guangyi, his face was swollen to twice it's original size, he was bloody all over his face, his right eye was closed due to the swelling and on his cheeks were two blue-purple hand prints. While Mesa was slapping Feng Guangyi, he didn't stop glaring at Mesa and cursing at him. Mesa just took it in strides the whole time.

"And for the finishing blow. Number 10." said Mesa

SLAP!!... THUD!!

Immediately after the tenth slap, Feng Guangyi body went limp and he was knocked out cold on the floor.

Looking over to the crowd Mesa called out for his next opponent.


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