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17.14% Against The Gods with an Anime System / Chapter 18: The Banquet part 3

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Chapter 18: The Banquet part 3


After Mesa called out for his next opponent, a young man came out the crowd. With resolute steps he came towards Mesa until he was right in front of him and started to speak up.

"Iron Spear Clan's Tie Hengjun, seventeen years old this year. I'm not eligible to challenge you. But watching you defeat one foe after another with such a cool demeanor and ruthless efficiency, I had started to admire you; therefore, I'd like to exchange pointers with you...It's just because I admire you, there are no other intentions. Therefore, I would like to challenge you to an honorable duel."

Listening to Tie Hengjun challenge him to an honorable duel was quit the fresh change of pace compared to the rest of those arrogant disciples that came up to fight him.

"I would be honor to fight a warrior disciple like you in an honorable duel." said Mesa with a smile as he gave Tie Hengjun a small respectable bow.

Taking out a normal katana sword Mesa took a Te Ura Gasumi stance.

(A.N: This stance involves holding the katana with both hands horizontally next to the head with the tip pointed towards the opponent.)

Tie Hengjun took up his stance with his spear as well. Holding the spear next to his right side with his right hand on the lower side of the spear next to his chest and with his left hand at the middle side of the spear away from his body.

Locking eyes with each other for a few seconds Tie Hengjun starts the attack by thrusting the spear at Mesa who in turn deflects the blow to the right away from his body and closes in on Tie Hengjun. Tie Hengjun backs off and simultaneously swings the back end of his spear at Mesa halting his charge. Standing right across each other again, this time Mesa charges in with an overhead slash at Tie Hengjun who in turn blocks the slash with his spear by holding it overhead. Locking weapons with each other Mesa and Tie Hengjun push their weapons against each other to try and overpower the other.

As Tie Hengjun was fully focused on trying to overpower Mesa. Mesa on the other hand kept putting just enough pressure on Tie Hengjun to keep him focused on trying to overpower him. As Tie Hengjun tries to overpower Mesa, he suddenly gets kicked in the stomach breaking his posture. Using his broken posture Mesa swipes the spear down and quickly slams the butt cap of his sword into Tie Hengjun's face causing him stagger backwards. As Tie Hengjun recovers he looks at Mesa who just calmly looked at him before speaking up.

"Lesson number one: Always expect the unexpected. During a clash of weapons your opponent can use all sorts of ways to gain an advantage over you. Remember that well."

Hearing Mesa give him advice to be a better warrior, Tie Hengjun simply responds with a smile before getting back in his stance and launching a series thrusts at Mesa who responds by quickly dodging all of them and trying to close in for his own thrust only for Tie Hengjun to this with a quick swipe of his spear forcing Mesa back. Just as Mesa was forced back, Tie Hengjun comes in with a strong thrust. Mesa seeing this thrust dodges by stepping forward and just of to the side of the thrust. Taking quick advantage of the situation Mesa stomps on the spear with one foot bringing the spear down and quickly elbows Tie Hengjun in the face forcing him back. As Tie Hengjun staggers back Mesa quickly swipes with his sword and gives Tie Hengjun a small cut on his left cheek.

"Lesson number two: A spear is only strong as long as your opponent is front of it. Don't lunge forward with all your weight to thrust your spear. If your opponent gets passed the spear point you leave yourself completely open for a counter attack." said Mesa to Tie Hengjun.

Listening to Mesa's advice Tie Hengjun was smiling even wider than before.

"Hahaha.... It looks this was a good idea. I have managed to learn quit a bit from you and I must commend you on your excellent control of your techniques. There are not many people in the Iron Spear Sect who can fight toe to toe with me when it comes to techniques only, but you are much better. You must the best challenge I have ever had. But until now we only fought using techniques and no Profound Energy. I want to see how you handle my strongest attack. What do you say Mesa Uchiha?" Tie Hengjun asked Mesa.

Listening to Tie Hengjun made Mesa smile widely as well. This Tie Hengjun is one few people who treated his opponents with dignity and respect and knowing the people of this world, this character trait was truly worthy of respect.

"Yes. I want to see your strongest attack as well. I wish to see it for myself and measure my strength." Mesa said to Tie Hengjun.

"Hahaha..... Well said, well said. But just so you know I wont be holding back so prepare yourself to receive this spear of mine..... Dragon of the Rising Sun!!"

As Tie Hengjun called out his strongest attack, an enormous amount of Profound Energy was flowing through his spear and giving it faint red hue and giving of a dragons cry. As the red light started to get stronger the dragon cry started to get louder as well until the spear was completely red. Tie Hengjun then launched forward towards Mesa at top speed. Mesa brought his katana into a Hasso no Kamae stance ready to take Tie Hengjun attack head on. As Tie Hengju came in close Mesa swung his sword down with great force meeting Tie Hengjun attack head on. The force of their colliding attacks was sending great winds across the main palace but no one was willing to back down. As the katana was just an ordinary weapon and Tie Hengjun spear was a special weapon the katana couldn't handle the stress and broke down. Tie Hengjun attack then continued and went straight through Mesa chest, impaling him on his spear. Seeing Mesa impaled on his spear Tie Hengjun looked down to ground with a sad expression.

"I'm sorry it ended this way. You truly were a worthy oppon... POOF!!! ..... WHAT THE HELL?!?!"

As Tie Hengjun was praising Mesa for being a worthy opponent, he suddenly exploded into smoke. As the smoke dissipated Tie Hengjun saw that instead of Mesa being impaled, it was a block of wood. Not understanding what was happening he looked around him until he felt a knife against his throat and he heard Mesa speak who was standing behind him.

"You lost."

Looking behind him Tie Hengjun could see Mesa standing there completely fine as if nothing happened. Completely bewildered by this turn of events Tie Hengjun asked Mesa how he did it.

"But how? I say you getting impaled by my spear. How did you do that?"

"It's called the Body Replacement Technique. It's a technique used to quickly get out of a dangerous situation and catch your opponent of guard. And that brings me to lesson number three: Always have a back-up plan ready." said Mesa

Listening to Mesa give his pointers to him Tie Hengjun responded with a simple smile and thanked him for the match and the pointers. Returning to his seat he walked up to his father and told him that he lost the match but he was honored to have fought an opponent as worthy as Mesa.

Listening to his son tell him about his match with Mesa, Tie Zhangcan told his son that he was proud of him and his improvements and that these pointers will only help him get stronger in the future so there was nothing to be ashamed of.

Standing in the center Mesa called out to his next challenger. After waiting for a little while a challenger came up who introduced himself in a very arrogant and haughty manner.

"Lu Zhannan, a.k.a. the Seven Deadly Sword Pavilion's Cold-Blooded Lu, 18 years old. You are quit confident off yourself for beating those guys. But you should curse the heavens for encountering me, for I have crushed many geniuses before and you are nothing more than just another genius for me to crush. So I hope you have enjoyed yourself, because from now on you are gonna suffer a world of pain till you beg for the sweet release of death itself."

Mesa responded by closing his eyes and activating his Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan's and opening his eyes while he looked down. Lu Zhannan seeing that Mesa kept looking down assumed he had gotten scared and was just too afraid to admit it.

'That bastard got so scared, he is probably just pissing himself right now. I truly love breaking the fighting spirits of those so called geniuses and have them beg at my feet.' Lu Zhannan thought to himself as he watched Mesa who kept looking at the ground.

Soon after Lu Zhannan charged at Mesa at full speed with a creepy smile on his face assuming he had already broken Mesa's spirit and that this battle was his. Just as he got close to Mesa, he lifted up his head and looked Lu Zhannan in the eyes and activated his Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan's power.

Lu Zhannan seeing the weird spiraling curved star shaped figures in his eyes was getting a feeling of dread like he had never felt before. Just as he wanted to look away he heard a word that would forever be etched into his mind.


After that the world turned black and a moment later Lu Zhannan woke up. The sky was completely red and he and the ground were completely black. He himself was wearing no clothes and his arms and legs were tied to the ground. Looking around he saw nothing but black grass as far as the eye could see.

"Where am I?!?! What is this place?!?! What is happening here?!?!" shouted Lu Zhannan who was confused and terrified of his current situation.

"You are in the world of Tsukuyomi. In this world I control reality, time and space. For the next 72 hours you will be staying in this world. So I hope you have enjoyed yourself, because from now on you are gonna suffer a world of pain till you beg for the sweet release of death itself." said Mesa as he materialized himself next to Lu Zhannan.

Lu Zhannan seeing Mesa suddenly appear next to him was completely enrage and started screaming at him.


Instead of reacting to him Mesa just crouched next to his face and started talking to Lu Zhannan.

"Do you know how lions eat their prey that they have just caught. They open them up by biting at the body's soft spots. Predominantly the lower abdominal area and the genitals. Once they've made a hole, which they do by ripping of the male's genitals, they proceed to eat the intestines and then the rest of the flesh of their prey. But first they kill their prey by suffocation. In your case they wont have to kill you by suffocating you. You are going to be eaten alive for the next 72 hours."

Listening to Mesa tell him what is going to happen to him frightened Lu Zhannan. Just as he wanted to say anything about it he heard a rustle in the grass. Looking around he could see 5 lions come out of the grass with their eyes locked onto him. Before he even knew what was happening one of the lions jumped on him and started biting him in his right thigh. Feeling the lions teeth sink into his flesh Lu Zhannan was feeling pain like he had never felt before. And just then the other lions pounced on him. One lion was biting him in his genitals, two lions were biting him in his arms and the other lion was biting him in his left thigh.

"AHHHHH!!!!!....AHHHH!!!!!....AAAHHHHH!!!!!!...GET THEM OFF!!!!....PLEASE!!!!!.....STOP THEM!!!!!.....AHHHH!!!!.....PLEASE!!!!!" shouted Lu Zhannan in agony as he pleaded with Mesa to stop all this.

Just then the lion biting his genitals had ripped it of completely and the other lions were then digging into the abdominal cavity hole that opened up and ripping out his intestines and ripping of his legs. Lu Zhannan in the meantime was screaming in agony and was pleading with Mesa to stop all this to no avail until he closed his eyes as body couldn't take it anymore and he died.

'Ohh... Thank you heavens for ending this nightmare.' thought Lu Zhannan as he finally closed his eyes one last time.

As he opened his eyes Lu Zhannan was petrified. He was still in the same spot tied to the ground and Mesa still stood next to him.

"Just 71 hours, 59 minutes and 59 seconds left to go." said Mesa to Lu Zhannan great horror.

"NOOOOOO!!!!!!.... THAT CAN'T BE!!!!.....NOOOOOO!!!!!!!" shouted Lu Zhannan.

Looking around him he saw the lions approach him he started screaming again and trying to get out of his bindings but to no avail and then the lions pounced on him and everything started again. After being eaten alive over and over again for what seemed like an eternity the world suddenly returned back to normal.

Lu Zhannan seeing that he was back in the main palace and that he was just about to reach Mesa stopped and saw that he was just gone for a split second in the real world.

'How?? I spent three days in that horror world. It wasn't even gone for a second in this world.' thought Lu Zhannan to himself.

As he looked at Mesa he saw those eyes that pulled him into that world. Knowing just how much terror those eyes brought to him he was more afraid then he ever was.

"You... you.... monster." said Lu Zhannan as he collapsed on the floor without ever reaching Mesa.

Mesa just looked over to the crowd and shouted out for his next opponent.


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