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12.85% Against The Gods with an Anime System / Chapter 12: The Scarlet Dragon Mountain Training

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Chapter 12: The Scarlet Dragon Mountain Training

After Jasmine and Mesa had lunch and Jasmine had her dessert they started to talk to each other.

"I believe we started of on the wrong foot. Let me introduce myself again. My name is Mesa Uchiha. And I hope you have enjoyed lunch." Mesa said to her first.

"It... It... was delicious." Jasmine said in a small voice while blushing in an attempt to hide her embarrassment at her earlier behavior.

Looking at Jasmine act like a shy little girl was making it very hard for him to keep a straight face.

'Damn you adorable tsundere girl. Why must your adorableness be so damaging.' Mesa thought to himself while doing his best to keep a straight face.

"Uhmm.... Well I am glad you enjoyed lunch. There will be much more where that came from with desserts more delicious than you imagine." Mesa told Jasmine who immediately perked up imagining all the delicious meals in the future.

"Well how about we first get to know each other. We are going to be together for a long time."

"I am the one who found you in the forest with that terrible poison in your body that the Sky Poison Pearl wasn't able to purify immediately, so I linked our souls together and put your soul inside the Sky Poison Pearl since your body was a lost cause."

"Thank you for doing that. I am Jasmine. Thank you for saving me from that poison. That poison is called the Absolute God Slaying Poison. Its a very rare very powerful poison that only the Sky Poison Pearl can purify. But as you have seen it can't be done immediately. As for the reason why I was poisoned. Its because I found this." As Jasmine says that she shows a drop of blood that is faintly radiating a mysterious power.

"This is a drop of blood from the Evil God. A creation god from the Primordial Era and one of the last gods to have died. This drop of blood is his legacy that he left behind in this world. Those who absorb this drop of blood will gain the legacy that the Evil God left behind in this world. Those who absorb it will gain the Profound Veins of the Evil God and this will eliminate the host' previous Profound Veins and cultivation making him start all over again with cultivating and I couldn't do that to myself. Because this is basically on of the greatest treasures in existence I was poisoned by those who wanted to take this away from me and I escaped to this planet in search of the Sky Poison Pearl."

"Thank you for telling me that. But I have no need for it." Mesa tells Jasmine eliciting a surprised reaction from her.

"What do you mean you have no need for it? This drop of blood will give Profound Veins from one of the most powerful Gods ever." Jasmine asked Mesa very curiously

"What I mean is that I have Profound Veins that, though normal, are absolutely unbendable and unbreakable. If the Evil Gods blood instead fused with my current Profound Veins that would have been fine but because the Evil Gods would instead try to erase my current Profound Veins and replace it, it's not possible for me to take it. And besides, I have a power right now with the potential to far, far, far surpass that of any known power right now. Both mortal and Divine."

"Yeah, right. And how would you, a weak mortal from this lowly planet, have gotten a hold of such an amazing power?" Said Jasmine sarcastically to Mesa with obvious disbelief.

"Its because I am not from this universe. I am from an entirely different universe. I died in that universe and was reborn in this one." Said Mesa with a straight face.

'Since I am going to become the strongest of this universe anyways and Jasmine and I will be inseparable for years to come. I might as well tell her the truth about me so that she will tell me everything about her and maybe even give me some of those powers she has.' Mesa thought to himself

After Mesa told her the truth about his origins. Jasmine couldn't believe what she was hearing. This is a story that nobody would come up with unless they are insane.

"I don't believe you. First you tell me that you have a power that can far surpass any power in existence and your telling me that you are from another universe. Do you think I'm an idiot. If you truly are what you say you are, then show me proof." Jasmine said to Mesa with a hint of anger at the sheer ridiculousness of his story.

Seeing Jasmine get angry was to be expected. His story was a story that nobody in their right mind would believe. In this world with nigh immortal cultivators, humans reaching divine strengths and dragons and other types of monsters, this story of Mesa was one that was truly the most ridiculous of all. But since its the truth and Mesa was here to shake this very universe down to its very core it would be hard to believe at first.

"Of course I can show you. I wouldn't tell this story without any proof. [ 'SYSTEM SHOW YOURSELF']"

Just as Mesa said that the system suddenly appears inside the inner world of the Sky Poison Pearl. It looked like a white colored sun suddenly appeared inside the inner world of the Sky Poison Pearl hanging overhead.

"System introduce yourself to Jasmine and tell her my backstory."

Thus the system started telling Jasmine the backstory of Mesa. How he came from another world and died. How his universe and this universe are all but part of an infinite amount of universes that all have their own gods, their own way of life, their own humans etc. How the multiverse has chosen him to go to this world and become the strongest for its own entertainment. How he is able to buy powers, weapons, healing items etc. from all kinds of different worlds and utilize them in this world.

(AN: In case you didn't know the system is forbidden from mentioning God so it has been replaced with the multiverse)

Suffice to say that Jasmine was pretty shocked by this entire revelation. Thinking about this whole revelation, multiple things started to make sense to her. His weird transformation ability, the weird pressure and armament ability and most of all his sword. She as the princess of the Star God Realm had access to a multitude of books and was very knowledgeable about the entire universe and its legendary weapons and gods. But this sword whose power was second only to 7 Heavenly Profound Treasures should have been known to her or at least there should have been a legend about it. But it was completely unknown, the demonic power it emitted, the ability to cut through space and everything in it. It started to make sense why she never heard of it. It's because it's not from this world. It's from an entirely different world and if this sword is only the beginning than this man would become a legendary figure on par with the very gods themselves.

Thinking about the implications it became very clear that this man is the best suited to help her get her body back and get her revenge but that making him her servant isn't going to work. Seeing as how he has saved her life and told her his entire backstory meant that he was not entirely untrustworthy. Maybe he will help her if she asks him instead of demanding it. Maybe she can tell him everything about herself and trust him completely. If it works out she could gain an ally that would stand on top of everyone in the universe or he could betray her just like those she used to trust. Facing this dilemma she didn't know what to choose until she hears Mesa speak again.

"You don't have to say anything you don't want to say. I told you my backstory because I wanted to tell you my backstory. If you don't want to tell me your backstory because you feel you can't trust me enough then you don't have to. I trust you completely but if you don't trust me then no harm done. I will show you that you can trust me. It's like they actions speak louder than words. Besides we can't betray each other since our lives are linked with one another." Mesa said easing the turmoil in Jasmine's heart.

As Jasmine was listening she knew that he was trustworthy but that she isn't ready yet to tell him her backstory. But she knew that he can help her collect the ingredients she needs to rebuild her body.

"Thank you for your trust in me. It's not like I don't trust you yet but I just can't tell you about myself. Just not right now. But I have two requests. The first is that I need a stalk of the Netherworld Udumbara Flower, three Profound Beast Cores no lower than that of the Tyrant Profound Realm, and at least thirty five kilos of Purple Veined God Crystal. The second is that I need you to reach the Sovereign Profound Realm within thirty years so that I can rebuild my body. Will you help me with these requests?" Jasmine asked Mesa hoping that he would say yes.

Looking at Mesa thinking about these two request Jasmine started to have hope that he would help her. While in actuality Mesa just looked like he was pondering her requests. He knew about these requests from the very beginning and he wanted to do them but to make it look more believable he looked like he was pondering. After a few minutes he told Jasmine that he would help her. Jasmine was happy hearing Mesa say yes.

After that Mesa and Jasmine got to know each other better and that Mesa would honor her requests he finally started his training regime.

Four months later.

In these four months of training Mesa had gone from level 3 Nascent Profound Realm to level 5 Earth Profound Realm.

In these four months he was training just like in the mountains north of Floating Cloud City but this time with shadow clones.

After purchasing the Shadow clone jutsu he was able to create 9 clones. Jasmine at first was shocked that he could create clones but soon got used to it.

The real Mesa would spend all the training time cultivating on top of the waterfall pool. Four Mesa clones would battle each other. Two Mesa's would fight with their hands coated with Haki and Tremor Fruit powers. The other two would fight using an assortment of weapons that Mesa bought in the system store. In order for his body to get used to fighting using multiple types of weapons Mesa bought every type of weapon from daggers and short swords to great swords, great axes and everything in between. The other two clones would enhance the weapons with Haki to get used to enhancing weapons with Haki.

The other five Mesa clones used to go out in to the Forest and hunt Profound Beasts to get stronger and collect additional ingredients for meals. The first days the real Mesa would be making the meals but after a few days Jasmine started asking Mesa to keep one of the clones back and let him make the meals. It eventually ended up with Jasmine demanding Mesa to keep one clone with her so that one clone could make her all the sweets and candy's she wanted to which Mesa relented and assigned one of his clones to keep Jasmine company and make her all the food she wanted.

Mesa also bought a Gigai for 100,000 system credits for Jasmine to walk around in. Because she lost her previous body and was only a soul he bought her a Gigai so that she could enjoy the outside air and not have to constantly stay inside the Sky Poison Pearl. This allowed Jasmine to stay outside of the Sky Poison Pearl and eat hear sweets in the outside air. Mesa brought the table and chairs out of the Sky Poison Pearl and he and Jasmine were having their meals outside the Sky Poison Pearl.

After explaining to Jasmine that the system can absorb treasures and turn them into system credits that can be used again to buy more sweets for her she gave him the drop of blood from the Evil God. After handing it in to the system Mesa earned 1,000,000 system credits with it.

One day Jasmine was outside the Sky Poison Pearl enjoying her tea with cakes as she would be these last four months. A clone Mesa was sitting with her at the table drinking tea and enjoying the peaceful atmosphere. In the middle of the waterfall pool on top of the water was the real Mesa cultivating. On the other side of the waterfall pool were four Mesa clones fighting each other and in the forest another four Mesa clones were hunting strong Profound Beasts.

"Hmm.... The tea is as delicious as always Mesa. I am very surprised. These past four months your strength has exploded. I never heard anyone going from level 3 Nascent Profound Realm to level 5 Earth Profound Realm in just four months." Jasmine said to the clone Mesa next to her.

"There is an answer to that. It's because the shadow clones accelerate time spent training. If for example I would be training with 1 clone for 1 hour it would be like I trained for two hours. So using eight clones and my real body makes it so that each 1 hour of training equates to 9 hours of training." After Mesa explained this to her he could see that she was surprised.

"So that's why you got so strong so fast. I had an idea those clones would boost your cultivation time but never thought they'd boost it this much."

While Jasmine was enjoying her tea, she suddenly felt five cultivators come closer. Focusing on those five cultivators she sensed that they were at the Sky Profound Realm. Mesa was also looking in the same direction as Jasmine was looking and also sensed those five Sky Profound Realm practitioners approaching. Mesa immediately lowered his own cultivation realm to make it feel like he was just at level 5 Elementary Profound Realm. Mesa knew why they came here and it was time to get another treasure for the system.

"Why do you think those 5 Sky Profound Realm practitioners are coming here?" Jasmine asked Mesa.

"They are probably coming here to hunt some beasts. I heard that there is a dragon somewhere in these mountains. Those practitioners are probably her to kill that dragon and take its corps. So I suggest we go after those 5 practitioners and let them fight the dragon. In the meantime we will sneak in and take everything that dragon has and get out there. What do think about that plan Jasmine?" Mesa asked Jasmine

"As long as we can avoid a fight with those 5 practitioners and that dragon than its a good plan."

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