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The sun shows it faces as morning came. The warm sunlight shining brightly as the birds flies out from their nest to search for food.

The forest also comes alive with the sound of people packing things. And there is joy in the faces of the soldiers….after all they are now returning home.

These usually deserted forests, devoid of people are actually full of Vanheim soldiers and Veranis soldiers.

On the way to the Capital of Vanheim, they all rested here last night. Now morning has come and they must move.

Daniel on the other hand wakes up from his sleep in the real world. He remembers what happens yesterday in Brave World and to say he is not excited would be a lie.

He first takes a bath and eats his breakfast.

Feeling it is too early; he went to a supermarket near his house and bought some food to last him for the next week.

After that he log back in in to his account.

He arrives back at the army camp and seeing his army is all refreshed Aero also nodded in satisfaction.

There is nothing that restores morale more than a victory.

He then orders his carriage to be prepared for the return home.

After the scouts making sure there is no ambush in the vicinity Aero departed to the Capital.

Aero went inside his horse carriage and sit down on the cushion seat inside the carriage.

He then think about a few matters.

Amongst all the other things he needs to ask from the King, he decided he also needs to ask for a vacation from the King.

'Haish' he sighed as he rub his forehead.

After the stunt he pulled in restoring George from the throne, other Kings are also interested in employing his service.

He has received the letters from one of the messengers after his return from the battle. King Fjord of Asgaro asked him for help.

Details of the job will be given if Aero decided to accept King Fjord offer. Aero could only shakes his head.

He is flattered, yes, but he knows he could not be like a grass being blown by the wind. Helping George means fighting everybody else.

Why would he strengthen the enemies of his friend while weakening his friend for his enemies?

Aero is not stupid.

Aero has decided to go all in with King George. Why would he risk that for some temporary gains?

But while he did not want to help Asgaro, he would still go there. After all, even though he is not on Asgaro side, the King of Asgaro didn't have to know that.

And he smirk.

To defeat your enemy, you first need to know what they think about.

There is also the fact that to reach Asgaro it is faster to use the sea routes. And Aero also wanted to see the sea.

The moment Aero enter Brave World, he has spent all of his time on land. Maybe if he travels to the sea, he might broaden his horizons of Brave World.

As they move through the forest, Aero could hear yelling behind his carriage. Aero frowned.

'Now, that is also another matter' he said as he closes his eyes and tries to think of a solution.

He is referring to the prisoner of war that Vanheim had capture. Usually they would ransomed or executed.

But last night Aero got an idea.

But he needs to ask for the King's permission first before doing it. Else he would be accused of overstepping his authority.

Aero is now relaxed after the war.

He leave all military matters to Bradheim and begun thinking about things that is more worthy of his attention.

He could not leave the military to Bradheim if he did not confirm Bradheim loyalty. Aero has confirmed that Bradheim is truly loyal to the Kingdom.

Not the crown, but the Kingdom.

'A complicated and a stubborn man but alas useful.' He wistfully said as his thought veer off to the Silmar campaign.

With the combined force of Veranis and Bradheim they will attack Silmar and wait for instruction.

Aero is convinced that Vetten III hearing the result of the war is now asking the troops to station at the capital of Vetten.

This will leave Silmar practically undefended.

Bradheim and Alexander accepted the order and so without hesitation Aero transferred his troops to him.

He wanted Bradheim to become the sword of Vanheim and conquer lands for Vanheim Glory.

Sarah on the other hand after successfully persuading Veranis in joining Vanheim attack in the Vanheim-Vetten war will now accompany him back to the capital.

Sarah is also using her newfound fame to interact with many high level NPCs. Between the talking and playing a game of chess they are inching closer to the Capital

Not before long they reach the border of Vanheim.

Sarah then join Aero in his carriage. The moment she enters and sits down opposite him Aero smiles and said.

"Pretty good, Sarah" Aero complimented Sarah for a job well done.

"I told you didn't I, that I could do it" Sarah bragged.

Aero did not say that if not for the circumstances, Sarah would not be able to get the Veranis King to agree so easily.

"Yeah, yeah" Aero replied nonchalantly

Sarah just continued talking

"Who would imagine a druid like me could lead thousands of troops?" Aero only chuckles. Then he said

"Don't get arrogant. The only reason the Veranis troops let you lead the armies is because you are Vanheim's ambassador. They could hardly refuse."

'It's better to not be overconfident, Sarah' Aero said

"Well, yeah... But I did good right?" Sarah asked while looking at Aero with that puppy eyes look.

Aero turned the other way

"Other than yelling charge I didn't really see you doing anything else"

Aero will not let Sarah see his flustered face

"Ouch, I'm hurt." Sarah said jokingly

"Did you know that during the battle I used my mana to create ten barriers simultaneously? All for you" She winked at Aero

She's teasing him.

During the battle after Kyle was dead Sarah decided that to inflict the most damage to the Vetten troops, she needs to use her mana.

She managed to create ten barriers that blocked the Vetten troops from running away. It was a magnificent barrier.

It was Strong and high. That kind of barriers are something that not many Vetten troops can break or even scale it.

Aero believe that in Druid type player there is no one better than Sarah. He never thought Sarah could become this powerful.

This makes Aero happy.

This means he also has strong allies.

And strong ally makes me solving quest easier. He thought to himself

In a few moments he will arrive at the Royal Capital.

From afar he could see the fireworks and hears the cheering. Music could be heard filling the streets.

Poems celebrating the victory are spread around and the poems of Aero of the East and Zeus of the North has already spread to Vanheim.

No doubt the Kingdom is celebrating after the news of victory being spread.

Aero then curios looked out of the carriage. He then saw it. The flag of Vanheim Kingdom is being waved by all the citizens, smiling and looking proud

Some maidens could be seen throwing some furtive glances to some of the officers of the army

Some of the officers blushed while some of them smiles and seems to enjoy the attention and the flirting glances.

Looking amidst the crowds he could see banners bearing his name, Dan, Raina, Amy and Bradheim.

The only way Aero could describe what he is seeing is this: A hero welcome. Even Sarah looked astounded.

"Sir Aero thanks for saving us!!" a citizen was yelling

"HAIL, SIR AERO" the citizens were chanting

'Aero of the East!' Others shouted.

"VANHEIM, VANHEIM, VANHEIM" were being yelled by the citizen on the squares with fervent fanaticism

The name Bradheim is also being screamed out. So does Dan's name.

"I knew him you know." Aero could hear the instructor from the training hall yelling among the crowd

'Yeah, right. Keep telling yourself that' a person rebutted

"He once worked in my library." Aero could see Valeria the Head Librarian was bragging to anyone who would listen.

It is because he worked on that library he got to meet the Sage of Trethelm Lake.

Aero smiled.

The newbie players are also in a festive mood. The biggest crisis since Brave World launched has finally ended.

And they also happy because Vanheim wins the war which means there will be many more quest after this.

After all it is always good to be on the winning side.

This is the time for celebration. Aero somehow being enveloped by this festive atmosphere, smiles sincerely unconsciously.

"That's a good look" Sarah said staring at Aero face smiling like a kind older sister. Aero got startled.

"What look?" Aero asked trying to hide his flustered expression. She smiles and then shakes her head and said.

"Nothing" she said wistfully.

"I guess you're a hero now, Aero" Sarah was beaming at him as she also look at the outside, hearing the crowd cheering Aero name, seeing the happy faces on the citizens of Vanheim

Aero smiles again.

"I guess I am. Though I don't like being called one" Sarah chuckles

And then Aero scanned the surrounding filled with people celebrating and chanting.

And for some reason, Aero is sincerely for the first time ever smiling without a care in the world.


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