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I am still looking at the page. After clicking confirm the items description with images lined up in the e-store.

I nodded in satisfaction.

'This is good enough I guess' I said to myself

I already put the items that I got from clearing the cave in the auction site. I put about 10 items in the auction sites.

The other I will use it for strengthening my character. I also check a few places that said they want part time workers nearby.

Since I do not know whether I would be successful sing the game as a means for money, it is always good to have a second plan. I already sent my application letter.

I was resting in the living room looking at the ceiling fan when that girl face once again comes to my mind.


She really didn't like me. I don't know why it bother me so much.

Dan looks close with her. I shake my head and tries to get the image and my question about her disappear.

'I better eat something. This must be because I am hungry' I said to myself as I got up and went to the kitchen to whip something up.

After eating and taking a shower I call Michael.

"What are you doing, tonight? Want to go out?" I asked. There was some noise in Mike surrounding which makes it hard for me to talk

But he heard it perfectly.

"I thought I want to strengthen my character, but if it's you asking, let's go out"

I didn't tell Michael I was playing Brave World. After all, at the beginning I was still weak. I don't want to burden him and he does not play the game for the same reason I play the game.

His character in the game is a Builder. Brave World has a lot of class type that is unusual for an RPG game.

Builder is a class that, as the name says a builder.

They can build tent, houses, and buildings. Every class has their own respective quest that is unique to their class.

A warrior quest is usually about hunting monster but if for example the Builder classes its quest maybe about building a house or a place to rest.

Michael also told me something amazing.

When he returns to the real world, the things that he can build in Brave World he can also build in the real world. I heard of this before.

Before Vega Corporation creates the game they have many contracts with governments and research institute.

One research states that virtual reality can be used as an educational program that could help motor function.

Some study reported that they also used it as therapy to people who have low motor function.

That same study showed that the patient motor function increased after a month using the virtual reality program.

"Ok, let's meet at the usual place."

************************** *************************** ***************

Standing on the secluded corner of the shop which was designated as "their spot" Mike looked flustered as he almost shouted with his high pitch voice of shock.

"WHAT! You met someone who looks like her? Where?" Mike was really curios looking at me like he is impatient to know what happens next.

He reminds me of those drama addicts.

"Somewhere" I replied as cool as possible. Mike chuckles.

"So, what did you do?" He asked.

'I act mature' I said and there is a smile creeping on Mike face.

'Be honest' he said. I put my hands in a gesture of surrender and fess up.

"I acted like a child" Mike nodded knowing how Daniel really is. He did not say anything as his smile is gone and there is concern on his face.


There was silence for a while as Mike tries to form the sentence and give me an advice.

'You know it's not her right?" he suddenly said after finishing his coffee. I look at Mike eyes and drop down my head before replying

"...I know. I just …I don't know. Seeing that same face. And with that temper, it's almost li-" Mike did not even let me finish my sentence when he cut me off.

"It's not her, Daniel. Do you remember the last time you thought you see her? You were raving like a mad man. You told me to stop you if you ever in the same situation again .I don't want you to have a breakdown again."

There was silence. I took a sip of my tea as Mike bite his donuts.

"I still think it was my fault" I said. Mike shakes his head as he said

"It's not. You know it's not" Another moment of silence. Then I nodded.

"Thank you, Michael." Mike smiles as he pats my shoulder and grinning he said

"What are friends for?"


Opening my eyes like usual I take a shower, eat some omelet rice and then went jogging for a few laps on a park nearby.

Returning to my small home I went to my capsule and like usual, log in to my account. Looking at the forest area, I slowly walk once again across the swamp area and arrived at the white manor.

'I wonder what he wants to ask my help for?' I muttered to myself.

Anyway, I wouldn't know unless I ask wouldn't I? I knock the door and like always Danon opened the door.

'Nice to meet you again, Danon'

'Likewise' the elf replied smiling. I was escorted to the guest room and sit down onto the exquisitely carved wooden chair for a while as I wait for the Sage to be informed.

When will it be my turn to live such an enviable life in this game? I wondered.

Danon offered tea but I'm not in the mod.

Just a few minutes later and I could hear the rushing steps of someone from the second floor. The closed door opens as the Sage appears.

As a sign of respect I got up and bow as I said

"Nicolas, I'm here." The Sage nodded smiling as he approached me and took my hand like he was greeting an old friend.

"Ah, you have come, Aero. Do you want some tea?" I shakes my head and he nodded

"It's alright. I would like to know what your request is for me."

The Sage nodded understanding that my character is straightforward.

'Please sit down as I told you' The Sage said. I sit down and then the Sage started telling me about the situation of the kingdom, the palace and many internal things of the world.

I was already shocked at this point of the topic of the conversation. But my shock did not end there.

He would like me to help the King solve his problem. I was hiding my anxiety the more and more I heard his explanation but I didn't let the anxiety shows on my face.

The Sage must believe me a whole lot to tell me about the problem of a monarch that ruled this kingdom and this also proves my intuition that choosing this class will get me access to important people.

But I ask myself….can I solve it. I balled my fist and nodded to myself.

'I must believe I can solve it. Hesitating will not bring me anywhere'



The Sage of Trethelm Lake has asked you a favor to help the King of Vanheim. If you could help the King you will be looked favorably by the King and his loyal servant. You can also ask help from Vanheim Kingdom in the future if you succeed. Meet the King and help him

Reward : Fame increase

: Reputation increase

: Contribution points

: Gold 30,000

Difficulty level: A

Aero looked and almost gasped. He could already this kind of quest? And an A level quest at that?

There are six levels of contribution towards a Kingdom that has been publicized.

Peasant, Baron, Lords, Noblemen, Hero and Savior. When your contribution towards a kingdom increase, the kingdoms in the Vilajeri Continent will look at you differently.

They will give you good quest; they can also at times offer themselves to help you in your quest and opposing kingdoms might even give you a hard time.

There are pros and cons to increase your contribution towards your kingdoms but there is a lot more pros than con.

Aero also can buy things more cheaply from merchants approved by the kingdoms if his contribution is high.

But to raise your contribution points isn't easy. There is usually a quest.

Either saving a kidnapped princess, solving a political problem, backing a noble endeavors or joining a war.

There are only few players that reach Hero level contribution.

The one that Aero has heard is Zeus the Supreme Commander of Zeus Clan. As Aero look at the quest windows he realized something.

This time I can choose to decline or accept.

Aero sit down, calming himself first before making any rash decision and try to remember from the book that he has read if there is anything that could help solve the problem of the king.

After contemplating for a while, Aero believes he can solve this. His rise of prominence will begin here, he thought to himself.

"I accept" And the Sage smiles contently


There is a large building in New York. Hundreds of people go in and go out every seconds of that buildings.

It belongs to the King Corporation

The King Corporation, one of the nine most influential corporation in the world.

On the 45th floor a man is seen reading many reports from the holographic report inside his office.

Looking at the data he creased his eyebrows. He was sitting on his chair as he sighed looking at the information he got.

He squeeze his forehead trying to alleviate the pain in his head area.

The man was young tall and handsome with short blonde hair and green eyes.

Wearing branded clothes from head to toe, he looked elegant and dignified.

He is Alexander King the heir to the King business empire. He was reviewing the data about the Vega Corp.

'There is something suspicious about the company' Alexander King muttered to himself. The more he reads about Vega the more he felt something was wrong.

He just couldn't pinpoint what is wrong. But his instinct has never failed him.

'I have to investigate this.' The Vega Corp rises up so suddenly shocking all business insiders emerging as the most influential and wealthiest group in just a few months.

That was shocking and nothing short of miracle.

But most importantly the King Corp had to deal with the loss of revenues now that the military has switched many of their contract with that of Vega Corp.

'Vega Corp. What are you hiding?' Alexander asked to himself as his hand swipes across many of the holographic records as one articles interest him

It was a photo of three men and a woman. Two of the man inside the photo Alexander recognize.

It was Matsuo Sugihara and President Takeshi. But it was a woman that was putting his hand on the shoulders of Takeshi and Matsuo that he was curious about.

Looking at the name tag of the woman, he read the name

'Julia. Who's that?'

Then forgetting it from his mind, he calls his assistant as he orders a lot of things. Most of it involves the agenda of the shareholders for this year and at the same time he told his assistant to call upon the Concierge.

He wanted to be introduced to the Wolf. The Concierge was a crime lord whose main trade is information.

And the Wolf was the most famous tracker in the underworld. He wanted to find someone as his mind once again preoccupied with that mysterious photo.

After finishing his order he stand there inside his office looking down at the people coming and going inside the King buildings from his high rise office as he saw the potential of humanity to rise above themselves and be better.

'The drive to be mythic drive us to tomorrow' he muttered inaudibly.

Meanwhile. Somewhere in space, a huge meteor from outside the Milky Way galaxy is heading towards Earth.


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