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Chapter 89: Believe!

Translator: Lonelytree Editor: Lucas

Xiao Chen sat quietly to a corner of the room. If not for her quivering lips, she could easily pass as taking a rest…

But, it was true that she was shaking in fear due to her mild claustrophobia.

In her past, she would do all she can to keep her space open, and this was true for both when she was living in her tent and in her modest residence. The Hope had a record low criminal rate so she was not particularly afraid to leave the door open.

Even before that, when she was still sharing an apartment with her friends, the windows in the room would always be wide open, and that had landed her into multiple altercations with her roommates.

This was all thanks to the memory that had been haunting her since she was 9…

Hiding under the bed, she bit her tongue tightly despite her parents’ blood that was seeping through the mattress. When the police arrived 2 days later, they found an unmoving little girl caked in her parents’ fresh blood curling into herself…

Months before that, her mother had had an affair with a professional conman. During their pillow talks, her mother unsuspectingly shared her father’s company secrets with the man. The man instead repaid her with AIDS. Her family was thrown into dysfunction when her father’s company faced bankruptcy and when he received his own health reports for AIDS. He confronted his wife and in throes of despair, shot his wife before turning his gun on himself.

This traumatic experience became part of her life. As she grew older, she heard between family gossips that the conman was a translator for a French financial company. After that, she poured her heart and soul into pursuing an education in France and picking up the tricks for being a translator…

A cheer not far away pulled Xiao Chen out of her reverie. She stared vacantly at the crowd of people before finally getting up to ask a person near her what was happening.

"Haven’t you heard? It’s a miracle! Just when the acid bath was going to cross its limit, it stopped, but somehow the crystal reactor is still functioning! Yes, even without exhausting the acid bath, it’s still working! Thank God, it must be He who is looking over us!" exclaimed the middle-aged man.

(God?! No, not God. It’s that liar…)

Xiao Chen lifted her head upwards and swore she could somehow instinctively locate the spot Jay had planted himself as he started utilizing his powers…

(Humph! So what? He’s still a conman! I’d rather die than forgive him!)

Xiao Chen returned to her previous spot in a fit of rage. She knew her anger was unreasonable but if asked, she would say…

"Even his power is to deceive! It’s little wonder that he’s a liar!"

Of course this was all unknown to Jay who was in full concentration on the second level. As time passed, he got increasingly familiar with the ins and outs of his power.

He realized the key to activating his power was focus. Contrary to what many believed, it had nothing to do with his physical condition, being alarmed or relaxed was totally unnecessary. In other words, if he could maintain a sharp focus, his power could be activated in the middle of a fight. Therefore, Jay slowly slumped himself down the boulder, preserving his energy for what would be an extended affair.

(How long could I hold? 30 minutes? 1 hour? 1 hour and 30 minutes? Or… until I die?)

With his eyes still closed, Jay chuckled bitterly to himself. He wore an incredulous smirk.

(This is certainly unexpected, a hero’s departure… Those that I’ve conned must have cursed me aplenty. Their wish is going to come true but I bet they weren’t wishing for such a gallant death. How ironic.)

The air-insulation operation finally entered its final stage. After the third level technicians finished installing the parts on their end, the first batch of supplies could be dropped. After that, it was just a matter of figuring out a way to clear a pathway and transport everyone back to The Hope.

However, it would still take at least 20 minutes to finish this final touch…

At this moment, Jay was already breaking out in cold sweat. He had been lying to the plants for more than 1 hour. That had gone way beyond the critical limit for any Homo Evolutis and it was evidenced by Jay’s conditions. He could barely keep himself awake and he realized he would instantly fall asleep if he ever let his guard down. To prevent himself from drifting off… he had been biting his upper and lower lips.

Yao Yuan noticed the blood flowing down Jay’s chin but what could he do? Order him to keep going even though it might harm his life?

Yao Yuan was not above making necessary sacrifices, but to have others die for his own safety, that he couldn’t do! He understood life was precious, so he was always careful when it came to decisions like this.

As the leader, he would be the first to die for the majority. But to push others to their deaths so that his life could be preserved, that was to him the very definition of cowardice!

Therefore, even if it involved thousands of lives, he would not order Jay to challenge death. It was not his or anyone’s place to do so!

Unexpectedly, Jay opened his eyes and waved Yao Yuan over. Without waiting for Yao Yuan to come close, he said, "I want to talk to Feng Xiao Chen."

Sighing, Yao Yuan nodded a soldier over, informing him to contact the third level. Then he sat down beside Jay, listening quietly to the man’s labored breathing.

Then, Ying’s voice came through the communicator.

"Yao Yuan, request for private conversation," Ying said.

After switching over to a private channel, Ying continued, "Yao Yuan, we can’t allow him to talk to anyone else. If he could hold for another 20 minutes, the mission will be successful. This conversation will only be a distraction for his already drained mind and the repercussion could be devastating…"

Yao Yuan responded firmly, "I will not allow anyone to interfere with his decision to talk to Xiao Chen, even though it might fail us all… He has done everything that he could do, and I will not hold him responsible to anything else!"

After a long silence, Ying replied, "You’re the captain… If that’s your decision then I shall obey."

Yao Yuan nodded, "Then continue with the original plan, and ensure the project is continued until completion. Try to speed up the progress by cutting corners, now is not the time to be picky about quality. After it’s done, make sure to lower the batch of chemical potions first!"

Xiao Chen’s discontented voice wafted into Jay’s ear, "Giant liar… Is that you? What do you need me for, you liar?"

Jay felt comforted hearing her voice. He laughed lightly but that only worked to highlight the gravel in his voice. It required tremendous strength for him to even speak but still, he chatted nonchalantly with Xiao Chen, "Chen… Do you hate liars that much?"

"Yes, I hate them with a passion!" Xiao Chen screeched with a slight tremble, "I hate conmen the most! They con others’ feelings and heart, they are the worst scum! They should all just die!"

"Is that so? Your wish might just as well come true today…"

Jay chuckled slightly before adding, "Chen, how about we make a deal? If you survive, you’ll stop referring me as a giant liar, how about that?"

"In… your dreams!" Xiao Chen could barely mask the tremble in her voice then. Even Jay, in half his mind, could pick it up clearly.

"I will not suffer being saved by a giant liar!"

"That will simply not do…"

A rare smile blossomed on Jay’s face. In that instant, it was as if all his energy had been restored as color rushed back to his face. With his face burning pink, Jay roared loudly, "Chen, will you believe this?"

"Believe what?" Xiao Chen asked with a quiver.


"Believe that a giant liar will do everything to save you, would you believe that…?"

Jay shut off the communicator before Xiao Chen could respond. By then, blood was already pouring freely out of his ears and nose but it didn’t seem to faze him in any way. Jay only sat there laughing dumbly to himself…

20 minutes later, the chute was completed. The chemical potions were successfully lowered and added into the acid pool…

30 minutes later, an unconscious Jay was pushed into surgery…

50 minutes later, Jay was officially announced to be brain dead…

At the same time, swept by a sudden overwhelming grief, Xiao Chen, who was in the middle of putting on her spacesuit, started bawling like a child…

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