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66.66% AI Assisted Cultivation / Chapter 2: Cultivation world

Cultivation world - AI Assisted Cultivation - Chapter 2 by HoneyPotSekingPerv full book limited free

Chapter 2: Cultivation world

After the unpleasant sensation of the ugly bug crawling its way through his throat inside his stomach, Mo Fan no longer dared continued looking through the body's previous host's memories and instead made Jasmine directly send them to his brain.

Following this command, Mo Fan was spared from all the sensations of the body while still obtaining all of the memories which Jasmine had managed to obtain.

'Isn't that man my adopted father?'

[Replying to the host, the person known as Mo Yun is indeed considered your adopted father in this world.] Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

'Then why did he….'

Not finishing his question since he could guess a better answer, Mo Fan resisted the urge to start vomiting since he knew that there was a bug inside him.

'That bug, or Gu as he said, is it still inside me?'

[Replying to the host, the Gu is still inside your body. But, it is no longer alive.]

'Huh? Really?'

Not knowing whether to feel happy or more nauseous from learning this, Mo Fan asked, 'How do I get it outside my body?'

[Replying to the host, Jasmine has come up with three crude ways to remove the Gu inside your body after looking through your memories. However, I hope the host won't choose to remove the Gu.]

'What? Why?'

[Replying to the host, the Gu inside your body has been absorbing the essence of your Spirit Root for the past sixteen years due to which your Spirit Root is currently on the brink of being destroyed entirely. But, due to the previous owner of this body dying, the Gu after dying itself has begun releasing everything it sucked out of your Spirit Root.]

'I see. Does that mean my Spirit Root is recovering?'

[Replying to the host, your Spirit Root is not recovering.]

'Them what is happening?'

[Replying to the host, from what Jasmine has observed, the mysterious particles exiting the dead Gu are being absorbed by your internal organs, muscles, bones, and so on.]

Nodding his head, Mo Fan stayed silent for a while and continued lying on his head since his head felt like it was about to burst right now. Forcefully absorbing the memories of someone else why his head was already hurting, Mo Fan despite having expected this could only wait for time to ease his suffering.

At the same time, he who looked through all of the dead guy's memories was feeling that he definitely deserved everything that happened to him.

Well, maybe not the Gu which nearly destroyed his Spirit Root, but the rest of what happened to him was nothing undeserved.

After all, that was how stupid Mo Fan was. If he was born on earth, Mo Fan was sure that the dead guy's IQ would be below room temperature on a cold day.

If there was one redeeming quality about this dead noble trash, then it was how he wasn't someone who completely wasted his life by drinking and drowning in sex. He was an idiot who died while chasing after the sole woman he loved.

But, none of this could change how stupid he was to not recognize the golden finger he possessed.

Wearing it on his finger every day, Mo Fan could be considered as someone who was both lucky and unlucky. Lucky that he obtained this ring in a flea market and bought it due to how it looked, and unlucky at the fact that he failed to activate it and obtain whatever cheat ability it contained.

Well, enough about that.

Choosing to stop bothering himself with what kind of person the previous owner of this body was, Mo Fan found himself a knife in the distance on top of the sole table inside the room.

Standing up while holding onto the bed, Mo Fan very slowly walked towards the table while his head was filled with thoughts regarding the world he had entered.

A cultivation world. This place which Mo Fan opened his eyes was a world where people could cultivate and grow so strong that they could destroy mountains with a punch.

And in this world where a person's Spirit Root decided how far you would travel and how strong you could become, Mo Fan was already way behind the starting line due to it being on the verge of destruction.

Similarly, he possessed a greedy adopted father who was the root cause of this and would find him to take the Gu out of his body god knows when.

Feeling his headache increasing as he thought about this, Mo Fan finally arrived near the table and picked the knife up his slightly trembling hands.

Making a very small cut on one of his fingers since he wasn't the kind who revelled in pain, Mo Fan squeezed a single drop of blood outside his finger and onto the worn out black ring the body's original owner had already worn.

'Come on buddy, don't disappoint me! You're my only hope of not dying!'

Begging the ring itself while praying to all the gods of his previous world, Mo Fan showed a small smile when he saw that his ring was absorbing the drop of blood.

More accurately, it was the cloudy black image on top of the blood-red crystal which was absorbing the blood he poured on it.

Swimming around the same way fish did in their territory, the black creature other than looking more clear was travelling on the red coloured crystal's surface as if it was happy at what Mo Fan did.

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