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100% AI Assisted Cultivation / Chapter 3: Mutation

Mutation - AI Assisted Cultivation - Chapter 3 by HoneyPotSekingPerv full book limited free

Chapter 3: Mutation

Staring towards his ring while not daring to look away for even a single second due to what might happen next, Mo Fan's eyes turned wide from shock as he witnessed the black shadow which was swimming through the red crystal come to life.

Starting with the creature's head which popped out of the crystal, its thin body followed behind the head and soon exited the red crystal as well.

Wrapping itself around Mo Fan's finger, the pitch-black creature which was undoubtedly a snake crawled across his hand and arrived near his wrist.

Doing his best to not move, Mo Fan bared with both the fear of the snake and the creepy sensation of something with scales scraping against his skin.

Looking towards the small snake with trembling breath, Mo Fan gulped hard as he saw the snake open its mouth wide and bit down. Piercing through his veins and meridians as it bit on the underside of his wrist, the black skin visibly turned paler.


Hastily covering his mouth with his free hand since he couldn't afford to make a huge ruckus and attract the attention of others, Mo Fan's heartbeat turned dangerously fast and caused his blood to flow faster.

Unfortunately, all this did was cause the pain which was limited to his wrist to spread around his entire body.

Biting down hard to not let any voice leak outside his mouth, Mo Fan couldn't look away from his reflection inside the mirror. With black lines appearing all over his body and covering almost every inch of his skin, Mo Fan was filled with terror thinking that he had been poisoned.

'JASMINE! What's happening?!!! Have I been poisoned?!'

[Replying to the host, Jasmine is still in the process of analyzing.]


Screaming on the inside, Mo Fan clenched his chest because whatever the snake put inside him finally reached his heart.

Thinking about the snake, Mo Fan looked towards his ring and spotted that the snake had gone back inside the ring and was resting as if it had done nothing.

[Analysis complete! Jasmine has detected that the host's blood is mutating.]


Not doubting Jasmine since she was capable of analysing the insides of the human body she had been implanted on, Mo Fan desperately hoped that it was mutating in a good way. After all, he didn't want to end up with black scales on his body and a forked tongue.

[Replying to the host, yes. Jasmine is assuming that the black snake has injected a very potent drop of unknown blood inside you which has taken over your bloodstream and is forcibly changing your bloodline.]

Continuing to grit his teeth, Mo Fan no longer said anything and just waited for the reducing pain to completely disappear.

With seconds feeling like minutes, and minutes like hours, Mo Fan didn't know how long he had been lying on the floor, but looking towards the sun which was still high in the sky, he knew that he had spent very few minutes trembling as if he was having a seizure or maybe an entire day.

But, considering how he wouldn't be in this place if he had been unconscious for an entire day, Mo Fan assumed that it was the former.

'Analyse my body and inform me of the changes Jasmine.'

Staying silent for a while, Mo Fan's AI finally gave him a reply.

[Replying to the host, Jasmine has finished analysing the host's body and found two changes. Excluding the host's blood which has mutated and obtained the qualities of a snake's blood, the host's Spirit Root has also mutated.]

'My Spirit Root? What happened to it?'

Not waiting for Jasmine's reply, Mo Fan who was lying on the floor closed his eyes and moved according to his predecessor's memory.

Submerging his consciousness inside his body, what Mo Fan saw next was a huge black spherical space which had something attached to the centre part of the convex bottom.

Spirit Root!

At the same time, Mo Fan looked up to see an insect floating at the centre of this entire space which was known as his Dantian. Releasing beautiful white particles continuously, the dead insect inside his Dantian was creating a beautiful scenery which made it seem as if he was watching fireworks.

[Replying to the host, your Spirit Root which was once white in colour is now black.]

Looking back towards the thin branch like item which seemed like it would break at any moment due to how dried up it was, Mo Fan hastily asked, 'What does that mean?'

[Replying to the host, due to how limited the knowledge Jasmine obtained from the recovered memories, Jasmine cannot understand what the change in your Spirit Root means without further research.] Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Clenching his fists, Mo Fan rained down curses on the dead Mo Fan for being a good for nothing who spent the entire day doing nothing good despite possessing great potential.

Due to how lazy his predecessor was, Mo Fan now had to suffer from not knowing what the hell was happening to him.

Despite hoping that what happened to him was good, and even desperately convincing himself to not panic, Mo Fan was filled with fear from seeing the dried up black coloured Spirit Root which looked like it would turn into dust at any moment.

Opening his eyes in the outside world in a hope to not continue thinking about it, Mo Fan focussed on his ring which no longer looked like a dull artifact from the past. Instead, it now looked as if something which had just been crafted

Sighing loudly, Mo Fan didn't show any huge excitement as his consciousness began trying to interact with the ring due to how tense he was regarding his Spirit Root.

'Evil God's Ascension Ring?'

What a mighty name...

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