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68.75% Aiden 2.3 / Chapter 11: CK's Aggressiveness

CK's Aggressiveness - Aiden 2.3 - Chapter 11 by KuyaSitan full book limited free

Chapter 11: CK's Aggressiveness

IT WAS PAST FIVE in the afternoon when I decided to leave the main laboratory. This day really had my mind drained with loads of works. I really want to give myself a rest it deserves.

"Is Enzo really need to leave now?" Aiden 2.3 inquired when he saw me packing and cleaning my things on the table as I am already preparing myself to go home.

It was such a relief to meet the end of my work for today's task. I sat on the same chair for nearly eight hours straight and it was really draining and tiresome though I am not that moving a lot.

In spite of the tiring work, it was still a beautiful and satisfying day. I worked through the chips and I could proudly say that the whole process went smoothly and quite swift with the help of this metal man beside me. He really got the big portion of the whole process due to his advanced intelligence. Thanks to the inventor, he really created a breakthrough-worthy invention that world would surely love.

"Yeah," I answered without sparing a glance. Aiden was just standing beside me, near the table that I was working on.

"Will Enzo gotta go here tomorrow again?" his face was still emotionless whilst staring at me, furtively.

I tried to resist my smile but it was hard so I let it out. I smiled because of his innocence and naivety. Though he is a metal man, he really needs someone to babysit him.

With that being said, I stood up from my sit and strode the space between us and stopped in front of him. I riffled his hair using my fingers while showing him my genuine smile. You can't really deny how amazing this creation was.

"Of course, I will go back here. Don't worry." after muttering that promise, I went straight to the door to leave when I had this sudden feeling to look back at Aiden.

I turned my head back to him, only to see Aiden standing there still. With plain and dull face, without shaking any silicons, but still looking fine as hell. For some reason, his physique settles an unfamiliar feeling inside my stomach.

He looks like a statue standing there with only his eyes moving. How cute.

"Aiden!" for some reason, I suddenly feel pity for leaving him so I called his name. I gradually sauntered towards him while him slowly looking at me with his eyes blinking in calculation.

I exhaled deeply for multiple times until I reached his position. Without uttering any words, I took my cell phone out and handed it to him.

"When you feel sad, just message me, okay?" and I curved a smile.

"But Aiden doesn't feel anything," he responded with an innocent intent in his voice.

Instantly, I chuckled only to realize that he is indeed a humanoid robot and not a real human being.

"I am so sorry, got forgotten. Anyways, just play with Johnson and Jawhead when you feel tedious," I said in between of my chuckle.

"Aiden will do that, thank you, Enzo. Aiden was surely ecstatically grateful."

I didn't say any more words instead I just gave him a smile before leaving the main laboratory.

7:00 AM

I woke up as early as possible so that I won't be late going to my work at Gomez Robotics. Knowing how bad the traffic is in the main roads, it will certainly affect my time so getting up early is surely not a bad thing.

After all, I really need to get use to waking myself up especially now that I had no one with me to be my alarm clock. I was staying at Aiden's mansion in compliance with my job's descriptionㅡlive under the same roof as Aiden to protect him 24/7. However, I am now all alone here because Aiden was still in the hospital trying to retrieve his life. I wouldn't know what kind of life I will have here but one thing is for sure, it wouldn't be easy.

Frankly, I asked the chairman to allow me to go home but he refused my inquiry. He left me with his reason that staying away from my family for now will keep them safe from the unknown killers and traitors. It is better to keep our loved ones distant from our league for a while to evade involving them in this internal problem.

It was a quick travel from Aiden's house to Gomez Robotics. It actually made me awe when there is no heavy traffic on my way. What a miracle, indeed.

As I entered the building, there were some employees who were giving me greetings while passing the lobby of Gomez Robotics, and nodding is my only way to give them my response.

I strode the way through the Technical Department which I am part of to start my jobㅡtechnically, I already started my job in main laboratory. With that metal man whose name is Aiden 2.3.

As much as possible, I was trying to finish all my tasks before the deadlines so that Aiden wouldn't be that cringeworthy when in conversation. Once I am done with the chip, he will finally have the emotions to portray when in talk.

He may not have the feelings and natural understanding yet towards the world just like us, humans, but the moment we took him out of the glass capsule was also the time we gave him space in the world. He's an existing human already. His naive ignorance was caused by our own decisions just to fulfill our hidden and controversial agenda.

I was cut to my reverie when someone just suddenly poked my right shoulder.

"Good morning, Enzo!" Yulo greeted me right after his poke to my shoulder. He was in the entrance of our department when his voice echoed inside the office.

Yulo is one of the member of our department. Though we haven't talked enough that yet, I could say he really is a good workmate. Whenever I need something he is always one call away just to extend his help.

"Good morning, too." I offered a fist bump to him but before he could even give his response, I have eavesdropped my other workmates talking about me.

"Enzo is lucky, right?" one of them said behind my back. But at least, that wasn't something would tick me off.

All I could do was to shake my head while chuckling inwardly. I dawned myself to my computer to continue my work so that I could distract myself from their words. But, no matter how much I tried to be this adamant, their conversation was still fanning my focus.

"Who would have thought that a rookie like Enzo can easily get the Chairman's trust considering we're working here for years already than him?" I can sense in her voice the enviousness. Well, I can't blame her or them for feeling that. It just happened that it was me who got the good luck card.

Without giving myself a time to glance at them when I say, "Stop that, guys. I'm telling you, you wouldn't like to be in this position if that was something you were envious about. You would never wish to be trusted by our beloved Chairman. This is not something you would dream to have in your life." I mustered without tearing my eyes on the computer. I wasn't scaring them though but at least they already stopped talking about me being the apple of the eye amongst the Chairman's employees.

I didn't waste any more time giving them my attention instead I released all my focus to my work. I need to at least finish some of the important features of the said chip.

"By the way, have you seen Chairman?" then I spun my swivel chair and halted when I opposed Yulo's direction. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=";s-aggressiveness_55520569621276323">;s-aggressiveness_55520569621276323</a> for visiting.

"He's in his office, just go in there." I tapped his shoulder as my thank you response before heading out of the Technical Department.

I immediately went to the Chairman's office to inform him about the reports I made for my today's task.

When the elevator reached the floor I inputted in the number keypad, I was halted from walking when I saw Sir CK scolding and hitting the Chairman's personal assistant, Janus. My blood boils in a sudden making me run hastily so that I could stop him from hurting Janus.

"Sir CK, what are you doing to him?" I asked in between of my heavy breaths with my face contorted in confusion.

"You stupid, employee!" my mouth went parted when CK forcibly pushed me to my chest leaving me livid. With my jaw tightened and fist clenched, I went near him while giving death glares.

"Oh, wait, that's so fool of you! What are you expecting? I'm not gonna fight back?" my teeth gritted while trying to repress myself from exploding in rage.

I fixed my coat in hipness showing that I wasn't even scared of him, that I didn't even budge a move. I don't fucking care if he's one of the Chairman's grandson. I know when to defend myself and now is one of them.

"Fuck you! You, motherfucker, don't even dare to act like you're above me because you will never be!" the veins were bulging out through his neck and forehead indicating he's in dire rage now. He almost wants to kill me to death.

"No doubt why your own grandfather doesn't want you to inherit his company! It's so obvious that you are in no level to Aiden. You have no bearing." I was just smirking while uttering those insulting words.

What was he expecting? Someone like me wouldn't dare to fight back? Oh, how wrong he was, I am not that kind of person. Jinx to him.

"What?" he baffled. Wasting no time, CK quickly grabbed me by my collar while his jaw tightened. "Where did you get the courage to tell me that, huh?!" then he punched me to my jaw making me fall to the ground with a whomp.

In no seconds, I suddenly tasted the rust-esque flavor inside my mouth. It's blood. Was that really hard to make me bleed?

"Next time, check whom are you fighting to!" He's pointing his finger to me while jeopardizing me.

<a novel written by kuyasitan>

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