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93.1% AKANE / Chapter 27: Baby Bun and dungeons

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Chapter 27: Baby Bun and dungeons

She didn't mean to at first, but the chance was so damn good and she couldn't find it in herself to pass it up.

One of the board members were attending a private party held in a dungeon and she was overexcited to crash the event.

Since the party was exclusively only for the club members she had to seduce her way in through the back door. A little bit of money to the club monitor watching the door did a lot of help too. It's not like she was stranger to these kind of events so she was prepared for it beforehand. Her personality was quite dominant and strong already so she just had to wear a neat bloody red suit to add to her charm to blend in with the crowd.

BDSM community is a tight knit society and not many know where this fetish houses exist in the city without someone's introduction to it. But Akane does know where to look, since she was a part of the society back in Japan.

They were given a paper mask with a strap to cover the upper part of their faces so it was an advantage that Akane gladly took.

The common room was cleared or so it seems, for the event maybe, so that the place can accommodate more people. The dominants were easily recognisable and the submissive ones were all in suggestive clothing and accessories like collars and chokers. Pretty little things, they makes Akane want to ruin them, and the fact that most of the submissive are Asians with fair skin and pretty eyes were doing a good job of distracting her.

Did the event organiser only allowed pretty things?

Why does she have to have a thing for pretty things? Joon Ki will look so good in lace choker and tight highs.. ?

"Mistress, are you alone?"

Akane turn and came face to face with a prettiest bunny smile she had ever seen. The boy was a little taller than her, wearing black cashmere baggy sweater and grey tights with sneakers and a black leather collar.

"Why?" Akane questions teasingly, "Are you gonna keep me company baby, hmm?" she watch as the boy smiled shyly and nod his head cutely before holding out a leash. Again, black in colour.

a fucking leash. Fate gotta be joking right now.

Akane accepted the leash but instead of using it she put it in the jacket pocket and hold out her hand for the other to take.

The boy seemed so happy to hold hands with her and he smiles so cutely that Akane pull him along as she went to stand by the corner, away the the main crowd.

Her target was there in her sight so it was fine.

"Don't you have a mistress honey?" Akane ask and the boy instantly went rigid beside her.

"I don't like her." the boy whispers, "She's mean to me and not good." he added softly and move a bit closer to stand a bit behind Akane, as if to hide from someone.

"Are you in a TPE with her?" Akane questions and got a head nod as a reply, "Did you talk to her about your disagreements?" a nod again "What did she said about it?"

"She told me to find someone who will fight with her for me." the boy answers, voice so small and trembling a bit.

... interesting.

"And what makes you think I will fight for you?" Akane asks, eyes observing how the boy was clearly trembling in either far for anticipation, she can't really tell.

"Because I know you." the boy confidently says, nodding his head along quite determinedly.

"And how do you know me as baby boy?" Akane asked, curious to know what the boy knows about her. If he even knows who she really is. Now, that would be really interesting.

"Yooyoo-" the boy gasp when Akane turn sharp and put her hand over his mouth to prevent her from saying anything more.

"I was wondering why do I find you so much prettier than the others." Akane muses, a little overwhelmed to be faced with someone she only known fleetingly yet deeply. It makes her breathless and she chuckles lightly before she took a deep breath and compose herself from the little rush of adrenaline.

"How have you been, my little baby bun?" Akane asks, speaking in hush voice and smiling as she kisses the boy on the lips lightly.

"They did paid for me and now I work for them and my mistress is one of them," the boy informs, mumbling his words as he lets out sighs of satisfaction receiving the kisses on his cheeks shyly. "There's a fight, six days from now.. at the Blue Box. Will you come and get me?" he questions.. hesitant because the last time he saw the women, she was as helpless as him. "Can you?" he begs.

"I will my baby bun." Akane coos and wipes the drool off the boy's rosy lips and let the boy cling unto her arm and put his head on her shoulder. "I'm stronger than you last saw me and I will definitely get you out of there." she whispers, patting the boys head affectionately.

"Not now Bun, I came here for work and I can't play with you. I'm sorry." Akane coo at the boy as she push him off her and links their hands instead. The boy pouts but didn't complain and just let the women guide him to the corner where the other submissive were hanging out my themselves.

"Behave for me darling and I'll come and get you sooner." Akane kiss the boy on the head before making him sit by the cushions on the floor and getting up to mingle with the crowd, finally.

She knows that the boy is fond of her very much and would obey her but this situation wasn't great to begin with to involve him in her scheme.

There was a scene going on and people were watching it, but she saw her target making its way out of the room so she got herself on the move and started following them.

They went into a room but the door wasn't locked so Akane got in quiet and easy. Her target is quite the Dom if she says so. She watch their whole scene play out and the fucking. Yeah. Free porn for her. Cheers!!

The sex wasn't that good in her opinion and the aftercare was shit. Like zero care..

Her target was pulling it's clothes back on when she decided to approach them. She put a finger up to her lips and gives out a silent order for the submissive to keep quiet. She smacks the person unconscious and kicks the body away from the table the submissive was perch on, eyes wide and confused.

"Can you hear me darling?" Akane asks softly and reach out to caresses the boys cheeks, careful not to startled the sub than he already is.

"I can." the sub answers, short and clipped. Not out of his headspace then.

"I'm gonna touch you now alright." Akane was being careful, "I will clean you and get you dressed alright darling." she says and reach for the wet wipes from the other table. Damn, what the heck the dungeon monitors are for if this is how the Dom is able to treat the submissive in this place. The thought only makes Akane want to close this place down.

Akane help the boy clean and get dress than move to eat some chocolate bars she found by the table cabinet and some water. Than she let the boy go out of the room, finally out of his headspace and fully conscious.

Her target though, still out cold on the floor, so Akane pull the body up into the table and tied it's limps down tightly, tight enough to cut the skin if attempt to escape.

Akane pours a bottle of water and slaps the cheeks until they're all red, "Lim Ho Hyun, wake the fuck up!" she shouted at the man's ear and smiles in satisfaction when the man flinch awakes.

"You're quite the looker even if you're as same age as my late father, I'd fuck you if you were my age." Akane tilts her head to the side as she stares at the who was looking around the room in confusion and trying to comprehend the situation he is in right now.

"Who are you?!" the man, Lim Ho Hyun questioned, angry and confused to found himself being tied down on a table.

"Good question," Akane taps the man on his head with the wip she picked up from the other table, "I go by Akane Kim now," she watch the man getting more confused by the second so she cuts the chase short, "But you know me better as Kim Eun Yoon."

Ho Hyun looked at her in shock and his face went pale... then he started apologising, crying as he begs to forgive him and let him go.

"You look ugly with snot and tears running down your face." Akane made a face and hits the arm of the man with the wip who whimpers apathetically.

"Stop whining, I didn't even hit you that hard like you did to the poor baby you took today." Akane scoffs and hit the man for the fifth time, right on the arm she had hit several times now.

"Are you gonna start talking or should I force your mouth open?" Akane pull the stool over and sat near the man.

"I will but please let me go." Ho Hyun begged, crying so ugly that went gross.


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