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Chapter 16: The Possibilities

"With you, it's always something I can't even imagine. How did you even know about it?" Joon Ki turn his head to stare at the women cooking in his kitchen like she owns it whirl he sat by the table waiting for a meal.

"I want toxic people out of your life, even if it's your wife. Yes, it with hurt but it's better than hurting every fucking time you come home to see her and recall what kinda bitch she is behind your back." Akane replies, recalling how that the women almost spit at her before leaving the house last night. "And I sent Ran to school, she's taking it like an adult so chill out and be there for your daughter. You're a good father, just try to be there for her more. Emotionally if not physically, I know your busy as a bee but what phones are for? Always keep in touch with her. I'm telling you because I don't want you to make mistakes as a parent. Her mother wasn't there for her so you should. Oh Ran is a great kid with cool personality and she's way mature than her age. She's also very understanding, I really like her."

Akane put a plate of egg fried rice in front of the man and sat down on the opposite chair. "Eat." she said but the man just stares at her.

"Where were you? I waited years for you. You said you'll come back to me as long as you're alive. Why now? Why not fifteen years ago?" Joon Ki questions, eyes glassy with tears as he stares at the women across the table, "Eun Yoon, please answer me." he begs, hands on top of the table, palms up and waiting for the other to take. She didn't.

"It's better the less you know Joon Ki." Akane states with a sigh, she didn't dare hold the others gaze and just stares down at her hands in her lap. "It was a tight situation, 22 catch kinda thing. I wouldn't have survived even if I got out of that place. I tried twice and had to pay for it. Git thrown down to the pit of that place and had to get my shit back up. I needed to gain connection, allies, dirty money and power. It's the underworld, that's how it works there. You asked why now, what can I say? I just gained all of my shit just few years ago and I didn't want to get you guys involved. They faked my death years ago and it was a logical thing, I think. Good old me died eighteen years ago too, she couldn't handle the pressure. I'm Akane now, haven't you heard?" she smiles, yet hollowed and distant in her eyes.

"Yoonnie, I still-

"Joon Ki," Akane interrupts as she gaze back at the man, "Getting involved with me will lead you nowhere good and you have a family here. You have Ran to take care off and you just broke up with your fucking wife. Get your shit together before speaking ridiculous things. Ran needs you Joon, your daughter needs you right now. There's no place for someone like me in your world."

The way he called her name, so soft and sweet and full of affection that she could almost taste it. It was embarrassing how quickly her heart melted and skips a beat to a faster pace, it's like the old times. How one smile from Joon Ki made her day and how he use to call her using pet names just because she loves them. The time they were together were always bring joy to her heart. Now that everything has changed, Akane dont know if they could go back to how they were.

It could get messy so she got out of the house as fast as her feet could carry her and drove away from that place fast. Staying in their life and getting them involve with hers is meant to end in chaos. But she couldn't help how she yearns for them, for the only man she ever loved.

"I know that you said not to call you about this things but I can't move or dad will know it. I went out for the night and that shit was gone. You know how dad loves those shit so please I'm begging you."

"A favour?"

"Yes! a favour or whatever you want, just please get those back before this sunday."

"Send me some lead, I'll call you back if I caught the thief."

Akane ends the call and put the phone back on the night stand and lays back on her bed with a loud sigh. How could Dan managed to be this careless is irritating. Having hundreds of people under him and still managed to lost one of the few things his father treasures. And calling her in 2:46 early ass in the morning is just.... Akane sighs again and drags herself up out of her comfy bed towards the work desk across the other side of the bedroom plus office. She sat down, slouching on her chair and starts up her computer with half a mind to get started on searching for the said thief. If the person managed to infiltrate the mansion of a mafia, that person sure is no ordinary thief.

Dan had sent an email, giving her an information about the person. Zhou Yuan Yuan, Chinese female, age 26, who previously worked as a maid in the mansion for a month before stealing the precious treasure, a century old traditional Japanese sword, which Mr. Yamada really likes to use when practising his swordsmanship. Luckily, the women is in Seoul since the late night flight to Beijing got cancelled and she escaped to South Korea.

The women was easy to locate since Dan had sent her the profile they has of the every maid in the mansion and it includes their photos. The thief didn't even stayed hidden and went out a lot in public and that's why it was easy to trace her through matching up her face from the video tapes she hacked from the local stores around Seoul. It was 8:23 in the morning when she got the current location of the women. Akane quickly pull on her long cardigan and left the house with her laptop and her phone and wallet in her track pants pocket.

Hongdae, busy and packed but Akane managed through the rush and got herself to the right cafe where the thief is suppose to be as shown in the radar. She got herself a pastry and sat down near the women who was leisurely sipping coffee and having sandwich for breakfast. She guessed.

Akane followed the women the whole day, all through the hours long spa visit and then shopping all evening till the night fall. Maybe she already sold the sword or maybe she's just thinking that she's out of trouble. Then the Zhou women finally head back to her hotel room and that's when Akane followed her inside, lazily slipping into the room right after the women.

"Hey pretty," Akane caught the women by the waist and hold her still, restricting from turning over in her hold.

"Who are you? Are you after the katana?" the women questions, she was definitely shaken up but still trying to stay calm and collected. Akane would give her that.

Akane hums in acknowledgement as doing the girl in her hold to face her. Zhou Yuan Yuan was rather on the short side and only reach up to Akane's chin, but she was cute and pretty.

"You're pretty, can I kiss you?" Akane asks with a smirk and the Chinese girl gave an hesitant nod of her head. But she easily gave in when Akane started kissing her. Maybe she was thinking of escaping, but Akane got her both wrist in her one hand while the other reach to take off the girls shirt to tie hands with it. There was no escape if Yuan Yuan thought about it.

Yuan Yuan hands were tied up behind her back with her own shirt, tissue papers stuff in her mouth, her bra unhooked and her bottoms naked as Akane continues to kiss her, marking her neck and chest. How did she went from fearing the unknown women to getting feel up by her was a mystery on its own. And the tall Korean looking women knows what she's doing because she keeps on stimulating her with sensual kisses and touches which is driving her up insane. She couldn't even speak up since her mouth is gagged by the tissues.

"Wanna come?" Akane ask and the women whimpering under her nods almost frantically, eyes glassy and tears rolling off her red cheeks. Akane pulls out the tissues from the mouth and stuff her fingers in it instead. "Lick on them like the good kitty you are." she coos.

The girl seems embarrassed from how fast she reached her orgasm by getting her body played by Akane, though Akane herself didn't mind and just hold out her wet hands in front of the girl's face and told her to lick it clean. "Aw, such good pet you are, makes me almost wanna keep you." Akane moves away from the woman's wide open legs and got up from the bed. Then she pull out some wet tissue from the night stand and further clean her both hands, she was still in her clothes despite fully pleasuring the other women who was in a state of undress. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Can you untie me please?" Yuan was still breathing a little heavy when she said it.

"No," Akane winks at the other, "You've been naughty and deserves this punishment." she adds and started going through the drawers in the room, the nightstand and the little closet were the first.

"If you're searching for the katana, it's in my luggage. The black one." Yuan said and watches the women cautiously open the case and look through the clothes there before coming up with a katana still in its hold.

"I'll say I loose you but don't come again showing your face to Kyoto, or they will drag your corpses across the city." Akane unties the knots and let the girl lose. "You can still get your life together, you're still young. Don't get involve in the underworld anymore."

"I know." Yuan replies softly while Akane was walking away, she heard it though and glance at the girl one last time before finally walking out of the hotel room and disappearing down the hallway.

_pick up your fucking katana_

Akane sent Dan a message while walking down the stairs. Dan was a pain in the ass and Akane was never really fond of the man, while it can be opposite for the man himself. Dan relays on Akane too much and had always liked her ever since they first met in the club that unfaithful night.

Akane thought Dan might sent his men to get the sword but he himself showed up at her doorstep a day later, smiling too wide early in the morning and disturbing her sleep, again.

"I hate how early you are," Akane grumbles and hold out the sword, "Let me sleep." she slams the door closed and waddles back to her room and fall face down on her bed and went back to sleep, not caring of the continued knocking on the door for ten minutes and the man outside her house.

Akane actually miss the man, deep down without anyone knowing. She didn't saw Joon Ki for two weeks. Not until she got a frantic call from Ran, saying her father just fainted in the middle of getting her from school.

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