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A Gift? - Alchemist Chat Group - Chapter 6 by Bymo full book limited free

Chapter 6: A Gift?

(I apologize for what I published as Chapter 6. I am truly mortified. I didn't think it would be a that big turn-off because I thought I should emphasize the world of Naruto too, but then I remembered, this is a chat group. I apologize for what you have read in that chapter, so what about if you forget it? *yes, this is a threat*) (I also edited the previous chapter so that the mc doesn't know Kurenai yet. Basically, he is Mr. Nobody.)

"Ugh ... how tired ..."

As soon as he got home, Hisashi couldn't help but throw himself on top of the bed. It is not yet night, but he seriously lacks in sugar and energy.

Hisashi can't help but enter the chat group with his consciousness to see what the members were up to.

Primo: "Hello there!"

Edward Newgate: "Welcome back, leader!"

Mad Scientist: "Welcome back, leader!"

Hisashi gave a little smile at what these two members said. They finally started to understand a little about how a chat group works.

After all, what is the most important thing? The repetitions! Exactly, what chat group would it be without a series of people repeating the same phrase?

Edward Newgate: "@Primo, I wanted to ask you one fundamental thing, how many points does it take to go through the worlds?"

Hisashi showed a surprised expression at what Whitebeard said. After all, he hasn't thought about that yet, he must admit it. He did not think about that at all. After all, it's not yet time to cross to another world.

For this reason, he cannot help but nod to this question.

Primo: "You're right, I haven't checked yet, give me a second, and I'll tell you."

Edward Newgate: "Take your time; I'm not in a hurry!"

Hisashi shook his head at what Whitebeard said this time. He can't help but check. After all, he too can't wait to visit those worlds he always dreamed of going to, such as the One Piece world, and visit some places like Fish-Man Island.

Without wasting too much time, Hisashi went into "Research Mode." His expression has become serious. This is something fundamental. For this reason, he can not help but raise his spirit exhausted by the day.

With his mind, he clicked on the Whitebeard icon and then clicked "Travel."

As soon as he did it, big writing all in red appeared.

1000 points!

Eh ?! These ?!

Hisashi was amazed, not because they are many, but on the contrary, because they are very few, too few to be able to travel indefinitely in the worlds of the other members.

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Primo: "I just checked. We need 1000 points!"

Mad Scientist: "1000 points ?! So many?"

Goddess of Middle Two Diseases: "Many? These are very few to travel across the worlds. You can get them in only a few days of log-in. I never expected such a good thing. Shocking."

Edward Newgate: "Gurarara! Thanks, Leader. I did not expect such a small number of points needed to travel."

Queen's Watchdog: "Exactly, they are not many at all. I would have expected exaggerated numbers, like tens of thousands, even hundreds, but only 1000 points ..."

Mad Scientist: "Right now, you are just showing your superiority !!!"

Edward Newgate: "Gurarara!"

Primo: "Hahaha!"

Hisashi has to admit, Rintaro Okabe has become the comedian of the group. After all, what is a group chat if there is not even one member who makes you laugh, or at least that his character makes others enjoy?

The behavior that Rintaro Okabe has shown up to now does nothing but fall into this category. He probably didn't even notice that he became the comedian of the group.

Obviously not in an offensive way.

Edward Newgate: "Leader, I wanted to give you something for this opportunity that you have given me in joining the chat group. I don't know what you think about this."

Hisashi showed a surprised expression, really surprised, who expected that Whitebeard would decide to give him something, and what he wants to give him will certainly not be something common, of that he is sure.

After all, Whitebeard is still one of the four emperors. Even if all the money he receives, he sends them back to his home island, this doesn't mean he doesn't have anything else to give. Money is a thing of that world, but he has things that can be used in other worlds. Whitebeard should be aware of this.

Primo: "Sure, but what exactly?"

Whitebeard on his ship showed a smile. After all, he understood that the leader is not a saint who does everything without anything in return. This is a good sign because it is possible to approach the leader by giving him some things, or so he thinks.

If it's like this, Whitebeard doesn't know, but it doesn't cost him anything to try.

Whitebeard, in this way, opened the small chest that was next to him. Inside there is one of the most important treasures of these seas, the Devil Fruit. A magical fruit that gives powers to those who eat it, the only flaw is that it tastes terrible and that you will not be able to swim anymore.

Whitebeard can't help but tremble at the thought of that taste.

Inside was a fruit similar to a pear. The whole fruit was a whitish color with a series of spiral-shaped repetitions, all almost blue.

Whitebeard held it in his hand for a few seconds as if to calculate its weight.

After these seconds, Whitebeard rejoined the chat group.

Edward Newgate: "It is a Devil Fruit. It's a magical fruit that gives power to those who eat it. For example, I ate the Tremor fruit, which allows me to create vibrations."

Goddess of Middle Two Diseases: "Is there such fruit in your world? I'm really impressed... after all, such powers are not at all conceivable in this world. There are specific rules, after all."

Edward Newgate: "Obviously, Devil Fruits are really powerful, some fruits have the power to destroy the world, mine is an example, which is why there is a flaw for those who eat a Devil Fruit. Anyone who eats these fruits can no longer swim in seawater."

Goddess of Middle Two Diseases: "Interesting, the name sounds intriguing... after all, Devil in my world has a specific meaning."

Queen's Watchdog: "Yes, I find it fascinating too. These worlds are really magical."

Mad Scientist: "Hello? Anyone there? No one saw that some fruits are able to destroy the world?! How it's everyone so calm!"

Hisashi, reading that what Whitebeard wanted to give him was a devil fruit, opened his eyes wide. He can't believe it in the slightest. After all, a Devil Fruit can give him the power to change his status no matter what it is.

Furthermore, Hisashi feels that this fruit is his chance to change, which is related to him.

Precisely for this reason, he has no reason to refuse. He is afraid that it is a useless fruit? No fruit is useless if brought to high levels, each fruit has strengths and weaknesses, but none is weak.

Primo: "There is such fruit in your world? Interesting, now I'm really curious about this fruit."

After that, Primo saw that on the chat group, a gift package appeared. Clicking it, Hisashi immediately felt a weight in his hand.

He never expected the Devil Fruit to appear directly in his hand.

This only makes him think, after all, if he received this gift in public? This thing is not good at all.

After all, if it gets to the ears of a certain blindfolded man inside Konoha that a civilian can make things disappear out of thin air without the aid of tools, Hisashi is certain that trouble will come to the front door in no time.

For this reason, a mental note was immediately made to never to open the gift in public, at least here in Konoha until he gets strong.

Primo: "Thanks, @Edward Newgate, I got the gift, thank you for it!"

Edward Newgate: "No problem, I hope you enjoyed it!"

Hisashi immediately left the chat group. He can't help but get out. He's too excited. The strange fruit on his hand is something he always dreamed of having if he ever went to the world of One Piece.

"Who knows what fruit it is ..."

Hisashi couldn't help but murmur, looking at that strange fruit.

His expression suddenly brightened, as if he had received a revelation.

Without wasting time, Hisashi reopened the chat group.

Primo: "@Edward Newgate, a little question, do you know what Devil Fruit is this?"

Edward Newgate: "I'm sorry, but I don't know this fruit at all. My sons have checked the book containing the information and illustrations of the fruit so far discovered, but this is not on any page."

Primo: "Thanks anyway!"

"What fruit will it ever be ..."

Hisashi is too curious. He knows he would not lose anything by eating it, but at the same time, he would not like to have a strange fruit. Who knows, he might transform into some strange animal or receive a power that will make him blush in shame.

However, after thinking about it for several minutes and seeing that he can't come up with a solution at all, Hisashi took courage and took a bite.

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