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Chapter 25: Dragons are fighting

Alleria stared at the Horde ranks with hatred. In this, she was not alone; the other elves definitely shared her feelings. She wanted to thrust the sword into each of these creatures and then torture until they lost consciousness. The human warriors fully supported the elves in this. When they discovered how many of their kindred were turned into slaves, they stopped thinking about taking the orcs as prisoners.

Adjusting her quiver, Alleria spurred her horse a little and caught up with her sister Verissa. She, too, was burning with hatred toward the orcs. Even though the sisters wanted to stop Verissa from taking part in this campaign, they could not do anything since they understood that she would go hunting these creatures anyway. And if she is not with them, then the likelihood that she will run into problems will only increase. None of the Windrunners wanted to lose family members.

With her thoughts, the golden-haired elf went to her beloved. How is he there? What does he do? Deep inside, she felt some kind of excitement for him, but she could not understand why and what is the reason for this ... She looked at the ring and straightened it. It was not only an artifact but also a symbol of their love. Besides, she was very happy that none of her family had anything against such a relationship. Yes, even the other elves with whom she communicated were only happy about it.

"How do you feel?" Alleria asked her sister. Sylvanas was in a different place at that time, and it was almost impossible to reach her.

"Very unusual," Verissa replied, nodding her snow-white hair. "I never thought that I would participate in such historical events."

"Me too, but here we are," Alleria nodded. They spoke Elvish, and only elves and rare magicians understood them. The last one could interpret everything from the fifth to the tenth. To master Elvish, anyone needs to read it and have a lot of communication experience.

Alleria looked up to see the clouds drift slowly across the sky. They don't care at all that a major battle is about to take place. In addition, something more terrible hovered in the sky. Dragons. There were dozens of them, and they looked down on them like on a festive table. Dwarves flew on their griffins, creating a layer of space between the dragons and the ground army. Dragons were a formidable foe, and more and more of them were. It will be very difficult to resist this.

It is good that along with the army, there were several powerful archmages of Dalaran who could protect from the dragons' attack. There was even Archmage Krasus, one of the strongest magicians. Alleria knew him, but only superficially. And he gave her a kind of chilly sensation, and even fear.

The arrival of Chief Mage Dalaran has propelled Khadgar down the ladder of influence and power. Alleria, along with Sylvanas, watched him closely and contracted the most loyal elves they could trust. Those came with unhappy news, which fully confirmed the words of Aleister that he began to cooperate with the demons. And now one or two elves secretly accompanied him all the time.

The archmage could be seen on the highest mountain. He just stared into the distance as if expecting something. Alleria didn't really know what he was expecting. She had a desire to know, but she couldn't bring herself to ask him. For some reason, it seemed to her that this was a secret that did not need to be revealed since it would soon become clear anyway. It was a strange feeling ...

"This will all be over soon," Alleria said.

Then, somewhere in the distance, there was a loud roar, from which the elf shuddered. If the roar of the dragons was very scary, then this one was not just scary. In it, one could hear hatred, the desire to inflict death and destruction. For a second, he breathed hot air, with a smack of ash and death.

"Look!" Verissa screamed and pointed her hand towards the sky.

"What's going on?" asked Alleria.

"I don't know," Verissa replied. The Alliance army became agitated, and the heralds sounded an emergency alarm.

Alleria looked at the Alliance commanders. She was especially interested to see the reaction of the archmages to this. Ordinary people will not be able to understand anything, unlike magicians. Especially if they are archmages. And as she managed to understand, only one of them understood what was happening now. On his face, one could read a slight surprise, as well as joy. Why should this person feel joy ... Only if he knew before that this should happen.

A black dot appeared in the distance, which began to grow very quickly. People and elves looked at her, and with fear, they realized that such giant dragons existed in the world. It was not just a dangerous beast, but a super dangerous monster that the army would definitely not cope with. Alleria's bowels trembled for a few seconds, but she calmed this trembling and continued to look at the approach of this monster.

This dragon growled once more. But much louder this time. A slight panic began to rise among the Alliance army. It will be impossible to cope with such a monster, no matter how much they want.

But then something happened that many could hardly believe. The immense reddish-brown dragon made a sharp turn over the head of the Alliance army and, in a second, was near the Horde army, and then a thick column of fire burst from its mouth. It rained down on the Horde, incinerating a fourth in a second. It was a terrible and overwhelming power that no one had ever seen before. It is impossible to survive this. This is the ultimate weapon that everyone would like to have.

The dragons, who had previously carried their riders, went berserk and charged the Horde army. Their fire was not as strong and dangerous as the fire of this huge dragon.

"Tu-tu-ru-tu. Tu-tu-ru-tu "

It was the sound of a bugle calling for an immediate retreat. In such a situation, this was the only correct decision. No one wanted to step between the dragon and its target. But also, no one wanted the dragon to change its own priorities and attack the Alliance. They definitely won't be able to handle it.

The warriors began to retreat slowly. This was not easy, as everyone watched as the once dangerous Horde slowly turned into embers. The red dragons knew no mercy. The fire flooded everything around. It burned everyone who dared to resist. And it killed those who did not dare. The Horde had no way out. It was only destined to accept its death.

The Horde began to scatter very quickly in all directions, like cockroaches. They had nothing to oppose to this force. Alleria rejoiced, despite the horror of the inevitable death that befell her enemies. She didn't even think to help the orcs, especially the trolls. They came to her house with the intent to kill and do not deserve forgiveness.

There was another roar in the distance. A giant black dragon appeared from the ground. In a second, everything turned into an indescribable battle of two huge, fire-breathing monsters who used magic to the right and left.

"Retreat!" shouted people all together and began to retreat very quickly, leaving behind tents and personal belongings. It is not easy for a huge army to quickly move away from the disaster's epicenter. People crushed each other. The elves immediately broke away and began to retreat to the side. The magicians began to cover those departing from the magical waves, which sometimes overtook them. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

In one second, the sky was covered with black thread, as well as large lightning. Space seemed to tremble for a second. And then another dragon formed right out of thin air. It was in no way inferior in size to the red dragon, and only the color differed. The scales were bronze-yellow and shone in the sun.

The next second he slammed into the black dragon, pushing it away from the red one. The battle continued. The black dragon fought against two at once. The earth trembled, burst with fiery streams. Shards of stone flew in all directions. A mighty wind rose and drove around the cloud, threatening to very quickly turn into a storm.

The smoke rose up. Alleria looked at it all with wide eyes, aware of her helplessness and weakness. What could she do to these dragons? That's right, nothing. She's just a little bug compared to them.

It seemed to her that she saw some kind of ghostly cart for a second, which instantly dispersed. Then they all saw the remnants of words that slowly fell to the ground. It was very scary but exciting at the same time.

"Fuck," one of the magicians swore. The elves retreated in an orderly manner from the Alliance forces in the other direction. "These are magical anomalies. I never thought that I would see such. We need to move even faster."

Sylvanas, who commanded all the elf troops, nodded in agreement. The other elves heard the whole conversation, and if not, they were ready to do whatever they were told to do. They quickly picked up speed to retreat even further. Sounds of explosions, tremors of the earth reached them. Over the place where the dragons fought, black clouds began to gather, within which green-purple lightning was already flashing. For the first time, Alleria became very scared.

The elves continued to move, absolutely not going to stop. When they have withdrawn some distance, they can contact the Alliance leaders to make plans for further action. Here, just in front of the first bands of elves, a huge stone fell, almost crushing them to death. Fortunately, they managed to react in time. The stone was not just big ... It was a whole rock.

There was a crash, and a wave spread in all directions. None of the elves managed to hold on to their feet, and they all fell to the ground. The battle between dragons threatened to develop into something more monstrous. Something that will forever change the surrounding space. A giant shadow covered them, and the elves saw on the blue dragon, another monster that flew at full steam into the thick of the battle.

Then a portal opened near Alleria, and a familiar person appeared from it. It was Alistair.


Coming out of the portal, I stared at the elves who were all lying on the ground. And I instantly understood why. The battle between dragons was visible even from Grim Batol. I decided to teleport to Alleria; I need to be sure that everything is fine with her.

I digress for a second and created a small shield that took on a small lightning bolt that flew at the elves. It was not aimed specifically at them ... It is not a very fortunate coincidence.

"What's going on?" dsked me Alleria.

"The dragons have come together in battle," I answered the obvious. "You need to get away as quickly as possible and not lie around here."

"Do you think we don't understand this, human magician?" some elven mage chuckled. He is not familiar to me, but I have seen him several times in Silvermoon. "But it's not so easy ... What made these dragons come together in battle?"

"They're not just dragons," I told him. "These are the Aspects."

"Really?" asked one of the magicians, who looked old. Elves don't have gray hair when they are young, like humans. - I thought they are a long time gone.

"They were," I answered him. "Only the Horde found one artifact that helped control one of the Aspects. That is why they got the ability to control dragons."

"But now something has changed," Sylvanas, who approached, stated the fact. During this time, the elves continued to tidy themselves up to continue their journey.

"This is true," I nodded to her. " One of the Aspects is no longer under control. This is all very difficult to explain."

When the elves were ready to continue on their way, I hugged Alleria and then said:

"I have to go. See you soon."

Before she had time to say something, I already teleported closer to the battlefield, preparing for what I would need to do. Destroying the Dragon Soul is not so easy. I've already tried to do this, but it didn't work. I do not know how to do that.

Once on one of the hills, I met Krasus there. He watched closely as the dragons fought. I saw that he was so eager to join this battle between the dragons, although he is weaker than these dragons - I can say that with all certainty.

"Alistar," Krasus said. "It's not easy to destroy the Dragon Soul. I did some research in this regard and concluded that for destruction, it is necessary to use a part of the body of a dragon that did not take part in this."

"Part of Neltharion's body?" I asked him and squeezed the staff harder. "But how do we get it? How do we get at least a scale of him? It won't be easy."

"Right," Krasus nodded, and then looked at me with a calm gaze. "That's why you'll saddle me."

"Saddle up?" I asked him with a surprise.

In a second, instead of the man, a large red dragon shone with strength and power. So this is it ... Now everything becomes clearer. Now I understand how he became so powerful and how he knows so much. Everything is due to the fact that he is a dragon, and, probably, a very ancient dragon. Perhaps he even took part in those events that are now considered legends.

"Climb," the dragon growled in a changed voice. There were a lot of growling notes in it now that made my hair rears up. Let's just say I was not ready for this. A small saddle appeared on the dragon's neck, and I did not oppose his words. If necessary, I can always teleport to a safer place.

"Hold on tight," the dragon growled, and then I felt myself being pushed into the saddle. The stomach pressed against my pelvis for a moment; it was a very unusual sensation. Opening my mouth, I tried to overcome the pressure drop. My ears were buzzing like in some cave by the sea.

A few seconds later, we were already in heaven and approached the fighting.

"Be prepared for you to jump on top of the black one and rip out its black scale," ordered Krasus in dragon form, then added. "After that, you must teleport to Dalaran as quickly as possible."

"How to destroy an artifact if you die?" I asked a fair question. This whole conversation was very difficult, as we had to shout over the sound of the wind.

Krasus, in dragon form, turned his head towards me, and I felt the familiar searing pain. I had that when Medivh taught me how to drive a griffin. But now everything was a little different. The knowledge of how to destroy the artifact instantly appeared in my head. I only closed my eyes for a few seconds to absorb this information better.

Then the dragon twisted such a turn that I barely managed to stay in the chair. And then I realized why. It took much longer to comprehend the information received than I thought. After all, the array was not small.

Krasus approached the black dragon in a second, which attacked three other dragons. He stabbed him in the back with his claws and jaw. I almost bit off my tongue. The magic protection was activated, but I still could not tear my hands off. The next second we twisted in the air. Then one more time and one more time.

A wave of magic passed over my head, and I ducked even tighter against the dragon's neck. Then we tumbled forward. The sounds were deafening, but there was nothing I could do about it. So, fear aside. I have to wait for the moment. After calming myself a little, I began to watch the battle more closely.

Two dragons, blue and red, pounced on black. At this time, the bronze one was preparing some kind of magical attack. Deathwing screamed and then flapped his wings, creating an irresistible storm of lightning. But they could not harm, as a bluish barrier lit up around all of us. Alexstrasza and another dragon charged forward, aiming for the black dragon's throat.

He was not going to give up so easily. And he himself was ready to tear apart his relatives. He grabbed the blue dragon with force and threw it into the ground. It must hurt. With a jerk, Krasus flew downward in a corkscrew and then did a somersault, starting to fly upward at breakneck speed. The next second, his body slammed into Neltharion. They twisted in the air. An artifact appeared in my hand, its blade glowing. It had already reached a phenomenal temperature, and when I had the opportunity, I slashed at the dragon's body, leaving a cut burn there.

Neltharion growled and pushed us away. But I wasn't going to give up so easily. Reckless excitement flooded my mind. The instinct of self-preservation, which said that one should stay away from here, died down. I ran up Krasus's neck and then pushed off his nose, leaping onto Neltharion's body, thrusting the artifact into his body. He twisted in the air and tried to throw me off.

At that moment, I pulled out another artifact that is used to pick locks. Its blade glowed white and drove, on the other hand, fixing its position. My hands gripped the artifacts forcibly. I don't want to fall. I still have something to do.

"Ruar!" loudly roared the dragon, and then I felt that the world once more reared up and turned over. Grabbing one of the artifacts, I drove it elsewhere. If not for magic and telekinesis, then everything would be much worse, and so I pressed myself to the body of the dragon and moved like some kind of insect.

After doing this maneuver five more times, I grabbed one of the huge horns. At this time, some kind of attack fell into the stomach of Deathwing, which threw him through the air. He kept himself on the fly, but I managed to look into his eyes. I have never seen such hatred and madness.

Okay, I need a scale of it. As I plunged the artifact deeper, I elicited a cry of pain from his throat. Ignoring him, he prepared to pull out one large scale. The next second I jerked it out.

Deathwing turned over in the air, and a wave began to go in all directions from him. It looks like I need to leave now, or I won't survive this attack. Now he is insanely angry and ready to destroy everything around him. The teleport flashed, and I was in Dalaran. I had a black scale in my hand.

Several mages jumped up to me at once, but I just showed them a sign and headed for the Violet Tower. I need a place where I can perform the ritual. I need to be faster; if I continue to move so slowly, nothing will work for me. Faster, faster, time is ticking.

All the time, I felt, behind my back, the shadow of a huge dragon. He is far away, but what are such distances for him? He can get here very quickly. Exhaling, I stopped in the square and threw off my bag with the artifact. The scale was still in my hand.

A staff appeared in my other hand. I hit it, and a figure appeared on the stones. It was very difficult. The surrounding people almost instantly jumped away from me in apprehension. The screams attracted more attention, but I paid no attention to them. I need to quickly do this business, and only then I can explain myself ... Well, or not at all.

Magic circles began to fill with magical energy. It flashed with silvery lightning that spread out in all directions, creating extraordinary magical fluctuations in the air that was visible to everyone.

"What are you doing?" loudly asked me one of the mages of the guards. "I order you to stop now."

I cannot be interrupted from casting this spell. If I do this, I get a very powerful rollback. There is no interruption. Need to work.

"Come on," I whispered to myself. "Come on, come on."

"Stop!" said the magician and banged his staff. A wave of magical energy went in my direction, which was supposed to swaddle me. But I'm not up to it now. Light flash, and this spell is dispelled. How good it is that I can cast spells around me even without concentration.

"Don't bother me," I hissed, making sounds with air as I continued to work on the spell. I was already entering the final phase when an archmage appeared near me and tried to stop me by instantly casting spells. It was Kael' Thas. Without thinking, I instantly put him in stone shackles so that he would not interfere with me.

"Done!" I screamed and then put in the middle of the Dragon Soul. The artifact began to be covered with silvery sparks mixed with green smoke and fiery waves. Space slowly changed around him, braking, transforming.

Then I continued to chant the spell and again hit the ground with my staff. A formed magic circle appeared over the golden artifact, which caused a sense of danger. The stones shook slowly around me. I felt that the surrounding gravity began to decrease, forcing me to work even faster. When the spell was over, I made the scale from Deathwing's body hover in the air and directed it towards the created magic circle.

I was already running out of energy. Without thinking twice, I drank a mana restoration potion in one gulp and continued to cast. So, I need to act faster, much faster. Time is running out. The next spell was even more difficult and much more dangerous. With the amount of energy that was there now, half of the city will fly into the air if I make a mistake. Strange ... why Krasus told me to go to Dalaran I don't understand.

The spell was created very easily and quickly. The magical energy was immediately sent to it, feeding this entire structure. The light shone like a rainbow. The stone blocks that rose from the ground slowly turned a different color and immediately began to glow. Snowflakes, mixed with flowers, fell around, and then rose up in swirls of space, which touched time, pulling out ghosts very similar to those seen by me in Karagane, near Medivh. Figures intertwined words, and then into animals.

When everything was ready, I clapped my hands, and then all three layers of magic circles connected around. The artifact heated up and fused with Deathwing's scale. Then an iridescent bubble of energy appeared around them, as well as some kind of window into another space. A large, bloody eye looked at me through it. But then it all disappeared, and the Dragon Soul simply spread out with magical energy. It started spinning at high speed, and slowly the golden color began to turn into four other colors. They escaped from there and rushed upward at tremendous speed.

A second later, the spell simply dissolved, and a single colorless scale fell to the ground. The magic around began to calm down, and after a few seconds, nothing reminded what was happening here. Exhaling, I leaned on my staff and then looked up, looking at the crowd of mages who were about to attack me. They all looked at me, warily.

How tired I am of this ... I just want to lie down and sleep. But now is not the time for that. Perhaps my help is needed somewhere.

"What was that?" asked me Kael' thas is the clothing of one of the advisers.

"My assignment is from Archmage Krasus," I replied in a tired tone. "It's not over yet."

"Yes?" He asked in a cold tone. "And you had to expose the inhabitants of Dalaran to unknown danger?"

"Less danger," I corrected. "If I didn't succeed, Dalaran would be in even greater danger. What am I going to explain to you? I still have a business to finish."

The next second, the teleport took me back. None of them expected such agility, and therefore no one had time to stop me.


Krasus fought alongside the other Aspects desperately. It was clear that they would not be able to deal with Nelatrion if nothing changed. The dragon, who in his human form is an archmage and a member of the Council of Six, mentally prayed that Alistair would be able to do what he had to do. The young magician was not from this world was right; from this battle, he may not return.

In the next second, he felt the magic spin around the black dragon and then turned into a deadly beam that turned the nearest top of the mountain into nothing. Until the Dragon Soul is destroyed, none of the Aspects will be able to fight at full strength. Neltharion himself may, but he hasn't yet.

The roar from all the dragons turned into a frightening cacophony, and then they collided in the air again, only to land on the ground a few seconds later, raising waves of earth and dust. Roar and roar and powerful blows, everything merged into one whole.

Alexstrasza ducked on all fours, then flapped her tail, throwing Deathwing back. He tried to do something, but he failed. In the next second, Krasus exhaled a huge fire stream, which covered the black dragon along with the earth, instantly transforming it into a red-hot stream.

Nozdromu, bronze dragon, created a spatial distortion that released a myriad of strange lines that sliced ​​through space. They pounced on Nelatriaon, trying to cut him into several dozen pieces. Malygos, the blue dragon, continued to weave some kind of spell. As Krasus already felt, this spell was to be the pinnacle of magical thought. And if it doesn't kill Neltharion, it will at least harm him. In the next second, Krasus felt himself flying in the air. Rolling his wings, he tried to minimize the damage he took. Falling on his back, he twisted and stopped the movement, sinking his claws into the ground.

"I will kill you all!" roared Neltharion, and then closed his wings to make another magical attack. The next second, he spun and opened like a flower, throwing everyone away from him at a fairly large distance. This knocked Malygos out of concentration; the spell is now disabled.

Alexstrasza did not wait long, and a wave of magic spread from her in all directions. Taking a step forward, she stretched out her neck, and in a second, a magic beam burst out of her mouth, leaving a large hole in the ground, but the black dragon did not care about this attack. She could do nothing to him and only made him growl and attack in response.

The dragons were thrown again, leaving more and more wounds on their bodies. They wanted it to end quickly with their victory. Then everyone felt a strange tremor of space. Not even so ... not just a tremor of space, the sound of freedom, strength, and pride. It was a strange sensation, but it was familiar to each dragon.

Three beams flew across the ground, piercing each Aspect. They trembled as if it was their strongest orgasm. But that was not the case ... The Entity slowly returned to them, restoring energy, magic, and powers. It has been a long time since each of the Aspects felt this way.

Magical energy was restored to everyone in full, making them an order of magnitude stronger, thereby almost comparing with Neltharion. This did not affect Krasus, since he was not an Aspect and did not give part of his essence to the creation of the Dragon Soul.

"The end will come to you now!" rumbled Malygos. Magical energy surged around him, and then he fired a blue beam.

"Not so fast!" answered with a roar Neltharion. "The fact that you have regained your powers does not mean that you have become equal to me."

A black sphere appeared around him, absorbing the attack, and then it burst, releasing a wave of death. This wave quickly passed around, destroying everything around, leaving only a deep crater. He lunged forward at the nearest dragon. That was Alexstrasza. Neltharion now had a full-fledged intention to destroy these dragons.

Krasus saw this and immediately breathed out a wave of fire, but it turned against him in a second, dealing damage. But it's good that it was a native fire, and it couldn't do much harm. But that didn't mean there was no danger from him. No, the danger even from his own fire was there, but not fatal.

Then the battle went to a different level. One that the world has not seen for a long time. Or rather, ten thousand years of such destructive battles did not take place. Krasus was preparing for the fact that he would only be left here to be a support and that it would be difficult not to substitute himself. Neltharion would definitely not be going to fight half-heartedly. He will also give his best.

The dragons froze for a few seconds and then jerkily began to approach. Magical energies beat in all directions, violating all the laws of nature, leaving only magic around. Krasus was a very experienced dragon, and therefore he managed to avoid being exposed to such attacks. But each time it became more and more difficult. If there was another Aspect here, Neltharion would have to retreat already. But this Aspect is very strong ... She decided that it would be superfluous to leave the Emerald Dream.

In general, Krasus understood that some Aspects began to go a little crazy. It was difficult to notice, but if to compare their reactions to this or that action, then the picture is drawn not very pleasant, but on the contrary, somewhat scary and unattractive.

Lost in thought, he hit his chest with a clawed paw. Pain pulled him out of his stupid thoughts. Blood dripped slowly to the ground. Fortunately, the wound was not very deep. The regeneration had already begun its work, tightening the edges and stopping the bleeding. In the next second, he had to dodge the powerful fiery breath, which would have scorched not only his skin but also his bones.

Neltharion grew more and more furious and insane. He tore at his opponents, sometimes tore out whole pieces of meat from them. But the other Aspects were not made of cotton either but gave a worthy answer. The black dragon's body was adorned with torn scars and burns. He was slowly losing. The Three Aspects slowly crushed their black counterpart, forcing it more and more on the defensive.

"You cannot defeat me so easily," Neltharion burst through, and then a powerful wave of magic spread from him in all directions, turning the clearing into rocks, through which it would not be very easy to pass. Neltharion flapped his wings and rose sharply into the air. Another magical wave flew from him in all directions, throwing three other Aspects away. This time was enough for him to fly away. He left behind drops of blood, and, of course, he was wounded. But no one began to pursue him.


I watched the battle of dragons as if enchanted. That was really a power, to which I still have a long time to go if I ever reach it. When Neltharion started to run away very quickly, I even thought about attacking him for a few seconds. Still, then I came to the conclusion that it was stupid. Even with such wounds and so weak, he will be very dangerous for me. In general, let him fly away.

After a while, Krasus came out of the teleport near me. He looked bad but still not critical. There were wounds on his body, but I saw that they were slowly healing. Still, the same norms cannot be applied to him as to an ordinary person. He's a dragon ...

"I never thought you were a dragon," I said to him and shook my head. "But oh well, do you need any help?"

"No," Krasus nodded and closed his eyes. "But still, thank you."

"No problem," I told him. "What are we going to do next?"

"We won this battle and may have won the war against the Horde, but that doesn't mean there are no more dangers," Krasus said sadly, and then added. "The Burning Legion will definitely not leave our world alone until we are either subdued or destroyed."

"Well, that's understandable," I nodded to him, thinking about whether it is worth disclosing information about Khadgar now or perhaps not. "I have more information that may interest you."

"Yes?" asked Krasus, distracted from observing the dragons, which flew somewhere together. "And what about the information?"

"It about your protege named Khadgar," I told him.

"Oh, don't tell me here," Krasus said. "He is an adequate young man who would never break the law."

"Well ... it looks like demonology is no longer considered a forbidden art in the Kirin Tor, "I nodded. "Then, can you tell me where I can learn spells from this direction?"

"Do you have proof?" asked Krasus frowned.

"Not only I have them," I answered the magician, looking straight into the eyes. "The elves also have them too."

"Grr," Krasus growled. His pupils stretched out for a moment, turning into a dragon. "What the hell is he doing… This Khadgar. Okay, I'll check everything myself."

"Uh-huh," I agreed. "You just need to do it quickly, as he can do a lot of things."

"Time is not running out yet," Krasus said, then added. "Although it will be necessary to think well about it, and do everything right."

"It's up to you," he answered. "But it could happen that he will be killed before the Council of Six makes a decision.

"And who will kill him?" Krasus asked me.

"Elves, for example," I answered him. "They know he's summoning demons. It seems to me that they are not very happy about this."

The archmage nodded his head in agreement with me. In general, everything was already clear that the Kirin Tor sorcerers would secretly investigate this information, and after they collected enough data, they would simply bring this young man to justice. And it won't just be imprisonment.

"I want to thank you for destroying the Dragon Soul," said the archmage.

"Not only you," said a rough voice behind us. There were three beings in humanoid form. One of these reasonable ones was familiar to me. It was Alexstrasza. The other two, logically, should be different Aspects. "What is your name, magician?"

"Alistar Bumblebee," I replied to the bronze-robed dragon's question. It looks like the color of the skin transferred to the color of the clothes. "I am also glad to meet you. And yes, I did what any other person would do."

"Of course, of course," - said the elf in blue clothes with a grin. "Anyone would do what you did, definitely. But come on, we're not here to praise you, but to offer a reward from all of us."

I looked at the Aspects with interest. They looked at each other as if they were communicating mentally. Although, perhaps I'm right, and they really communicate mentally.

"In gratitude for the destruction of this artifact, we would like to offer to study with each of us for two years," said the dragon in blue clothes. "And Alexstrasza offers four years of apprenticeship after that."

"Now, do you agree?" The elf in bronze asked me.

"Yes," I nodded to them, "I agree."

Only a fool would refuse such an offer. And I may not be the smartest representative of humanity. Still, I am not going to miss this opportunity to learn. Moreover, these are dragon Aspects, whose magical knowledge goes beyond the usual.

alchoz alchoz

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